Dressed Up French Doors

By Kate Riley April 29, 2014

*This post is sponsored by America’s trusted lock brand, Schlage.

Our oldest daughter (my stepdaughter) is 22 and she is graduating from college in June – she will be moving home for a year to work and get some experience in her medical field before continuing her education the following year. We’re all excited around here, it means she’ll be living with us again while she works locally at her new job. We have a little studio above our garage she will be moving into when she returns home in June from UC San Diego and I’m getting it ready for her arrival in 6 short weeks!

One of the things I wanted to do was spruce up the entry to that studio. There are two French doors on the balcony that lead to the unit, so when Schlage asked me to participate in their “Dress Up Your Doors” campaign, I said “Sure, perfect timing!”

balcony french doors

A few plants and an outdoor rug were also added to freshen for spring and summer.

potted plants on balcony

These doors are a few steps away from our balcony’s sitting area, the accents on the other side of the balcony are blue so I continued the palette here.

balcony before and after


The old hardware was looking shabby so we welcomed the opportunity to replace it.

old hardware


I chose the Camelot Keypad Lever Door Lock for the bottom for our door hardware swap. I loved the idea of a keypad entry for the studio and the dark bronze to add contrast against the white doors.

schlage 2


I ordered the Addison Deadbolt for above because I thought it was really stylish (hello square decorative plate) but unfortunately…

schlage 1

too big decorative plate

#diyfail !

The square decorative plate was too big for the space between the new keypad and the deadbolt, so we’re replacing it with this smaller Schlage Bronze Deadbolt instead. replacement deadboltFor now, a little of the metal behind the old deadbolt is exposed, but when a new deadbolt arrives it will be perfect. We’ve never had a keypad entry before so this was a great opportunity to try out this style and I love the classic dark bronze finish, a great upgrade!

replace with new deadbolt


The studio above the garage is accessed privately from our rear yard, and you can see in the reflection the view of our hill where our grapevines grow. It’s a lovely place to sit!

balcony french doors outdoor rug

french doors and chair

new hardware reflection of yard

   sources: outdoor rug / striped planters / lantern / pillow


*Thanks to America’s trusted lock brand Schlage for sponsoring this hardware swap and inspiring the entry makeover. All opinions are my own.  .


  1. Oh, it makes me want to change out my brass/gold doorknobs..wow, what a huge difference.
    That rug is lovely…brand?? Does it come in other colors?? Love the blue but alas, I have no blue..
    Great job!!

  2. We had a similar issue and just switched which holes we used so the deadbolt is on bottom. No one ever seems to notice or care. Lovely space also!

  3. That is the cutest entryway I have ever seen! I love everything about it.
    May I make a comment though, about your locks? Any lock within arm’s reach of a glass panel/window should be the kind that has a key lock on both sides. All anyone has to do is break the glass, and reach in and unlock the single cylinder type, making it basically useless.

  4. Kate…this is so beautiful and yet such an easy concept. I keep our back sliding door space pretty empty but how simple it would be to add a few potted plants and a chair. Literally things I could do right now! Thank you for this idea! I am off to the backyard!

  5. Perfect mix of colors and patterns. I get caught up in trying to match colors but this example shows that it’s so much more interesting to expand the palette’s range.

  6. I was just looking at these locks a couple weeks ago — the keyless entry would be great for our kids so they don’t have to keep up with house keys. My cousin put one on his new house and loves it.

    Hope you and your daughter have a great year together — what a treat for her and y’all to have this time together. :)

  7. Adorable! Kate, you are just GOOD!
    Please tell us the name of the rug and where you purchased it.
    Many thanks.
    You always inspire me.

    • Link at the bottom of the post Catherine, it was on sale at Pier One last week, I think they might still have a sale, love the Monacco blues!

  8. What a beautiful space to return home to! A keypad lock is PUUUURFECT. Our boomerang college boy keeps losing the keys to his(our) little apartment.

  9. I think she will stay longer than a year! The space looks great and I love the new bronze knobs! I may do the same with the lock that leads to my patio.

  10. We had a keypad lock on the house where I raised my kids. It was the only thing I was sad to leave behind! It really is a great product.

  11. Beautiful transformation! I agree with Maria. With such a cozy place to sit and relax or study, your daughter won’t be leaving any time soon! :)

  12. I absolutely love your color scheme, Kate! Also love the other part of your patio! Your daughter will love it! On another note, thank you so much for replying to my question in a previous post about where you got your mirror over your fireplace. With your busy life, I so appreciate your answering questions!

  13. Awesome idea. We just installed one on our back door and I love it. It’s so easy to hit the lock button as you are leaving the house. And all of the beautfiful colors outside of the door, I’d never want to leave.

  14. Looks great! How about a review of the lock? Is it easy to program? Does it open smoothly? Were the installation directions clear and did they work? Can it be hacked?

    • GREAT question Cindy, the hardware installed easily within 30 minutes and the keypad comes with extensive but easy to follow instructions for programming, we love it!

    • Hello Dylcia, that’s a Foxglove in the big blue planter and a dry grass/petunia medley in the striped planter. Blue lobelia in the hanging planter and smaller striped planter. I prefer cooler colored floral annuals!

  15. Hi Kate! It looks so lovely! I love the hardware that you chose. The pictures with the reflection of your vineyard look like a beautiful painting of an Italian countryside. I’d say it’s a #diysuccess!

  16. I love everything you have done with your home. I am obsessed with finding turquoise side tables for my patio. Where did you obtain yours? Thanks and have a wonderful year with your daughter.

    • That little side table is from Kmart Peggy, they have them in stores and on their website!

  17. Not sure if you have pets or kids around, but that potted Foxglove can be poisonous if eaten by either. Beautiful re-do. Would love to have some of that inspiration around my place.

  18. That is one lucky college grad to come home to THOSE doors and that awesome studio. Can’t wait to see more of this project!

    x Lily

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