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By Kate Riley August 10, 2015

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Relaxing I hope! I spent mine visiting some friends I haven’t seen in a while, also painting a dresser and working on some new fall fabric patterns, I’ll share both in the coming weeks.

As you know I’ve written for Glidden’s My Colortopia blog for several years, also I’ve used their paint on so many occasions. Several of the rooms in my home have Glidden paint on the walls: Touch of Grey in the guest room, Jade Frost in my daughter’s room, and my favorite go to grey that works everywhere: Oyster Bay which I used in the study and the recent shelter family room.

glidden neutral paint colors

Today Glidden asked me to spotlight the product I use most and that’s their DUO Primer + Paint formula for ceilings and walls. I follow the standard formula for sheen, flat on the ceiling and eggshell (or satin) on the walls, semi gloss in kitchens and bathrooms.

duo paint and primer

I’ve used Glidden colors in most of the spaces in the Las Vegas fixer too, such as Quiet Light in the master bedroom and European White in the guest room. The entire downstairs is coated with White on White which is a fresh pure white. Since we retextured the walls we were grateful that the formula contained primer which saved a step, the product will cover in a single coat if your color change is subtle, although two coats is recommended for more dramatic color changes.

master and guest room

Glidden has been so kind to donate paint to the many charity projects I’ve completed over the years. I featured their Soft Meadow in the shelter kitchen and Sand White in the playroom. You’ll also see Glidden’s Chelsea Fog in the recent bathroom remodel at grandma’s house.

Today Glidden is offering three lucky winners a $100 gift card to purchase Glidden paint, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


* This post was sponsored by Glidden paint, all opinions are my own.


  1. I don’t think that I have ever heard about this brand of paint but for the looks of your pictures it seems that it does a great coverage. This will be good for me to paint my mud room :)

  2. Can you use wall paint to redo furniture? I’ve got a dresser I want to repaint for my little gal’s room. I’m hoping to do a navy with white knobs. Suggestions?

  3. I have been procrastinating painting over the large open living/dining/kitchen area that I decided to paint Caribbean Coral on a whim a few years ago. I’m ready for something new!

  4. Thanks for the great giveaway. I just moved into a house and have tons of painting to do!

  5. That coverage would be amazing — it took me 3 coats + primer to cover my textured kitchen walls. Wasn’t looking forward to the living room!

  6. I’ve never really liked grey as a wall colour, but you’ve convinced me with Quiet Light and European White to try it in my house!

  7. Thank you for the opportunity! We are repainting our bedroom, and this would be a great help.

  8. My youngest daughter is moving out in December, and I will need to repaint her room. Since she has a dark pink on one wall, I sure could use the Duo Primer+Paint! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. This is a great giveaway. I have an orange room that needs some serious help! This would be perfect!

  10. Love that you can save a step with this two-for-one!
    – Amanda

  11. Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win some amazing paint!

  12. How fantastic! I love Glidden paint, and I am in the middle of re-doing our master bedroom! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  13. Oh man, w are moving in to a new house and are currently working on priming the miles of wood veneer paneling and new walls we had put in after yanking down plywood covered in paper… we could REALLY use some paint!

  14. This is perfectly timed – we’re closing on a house later this month and I have big painting plans!

  15. We just bought our first home, and we’re planning to paint the entire downstairs grey! Definitely nice to see what it looks like on your walls!

  16. Wow I’d forgotten how pretty the colors are. I moved into my house in 2003 and nothings been painted since. Could use a freshening up all over. Especially the kitchen and baths. Thanks for a chance to win and maybe get some of this done!

      I’m emailing everyone above to clarify.

  17. I have two bedrooms that really need a new paint job so, I’d be quite happy to win some paint! Thanks for offering this give-away.

  18. I just bought my first house and it’s a fixer. This gift card would be AMAZING and go a long way to helping this house become my home :)

  19. Oh! i have been wanting to repaint my bedroom ever since I painted it a too bright aqua 5 years ago. Great give away!

  20. I just moved into a new rental and the paint job they did after the last tenant is TERRIBLE! I’m talking some rooms painted up to the top but not the edges, some rooms painted half-way up the walls, and some not painted at all, with patched holes. It’s truly bad and I could definitely use some paint to fix it up.

  21. It is past time to refresh the guest bedroom’s too tan walls. The paint/primer duo would help the transition to a soft grey. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I’d love this! I have a dog who loves to lay propped against the wall. Need I say more?

  23. Great giveaway. The primer/paint sounds like it would be so much easier. Kathy

  24. This would be great. I am redoing my kitchen and would love to update it with a nice coat of paint.

  25. thanks so much for this giveaway my house needs it as we are redoing sheet rock as of now. this would be lot of help .

  26. This would be a great opportunity to get paint to refresh my daughter’s bedroom!

  27. I noticed you said that Glidden covers with 1 coat of paint over subtle paint color differences. If going from a medium taupe to a cream color, in your opinion, would 2 coats cover? I just painted a room and after 3 coats of a Valspar paint and primer, it still doesn’t look completely covered. So disappointing. I don’t know how they can advertise it as having primer in it if it does such a lousy job of covering.

  28. We can buy Glidden in our area at Home Depot. I have driven further than our local Home Depot, though, to a Glidden retailer. The manager was very helpful mixing color for a project I had. I would love to try the store again, as I have many projects needing paint.

  29. I’ve always used Glidden, it’s my go-to paint! Paint is so expensive now and this is the best paint with the best price. I tried Valspar a while back but it was watery and just did not give me the coverage I would expect at the price. Just finished both of my bathrooms and the laundry room and will start on the downstairs area soon so the gift cards will come in so handy!! Love the blog and thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. Pick me please! I have a couple of paint projects the wife wants me to do but we haven’t even purchased paint yet.

  31. Our living room could use a fresh coat of paint and this would be amazing to win.

  32. We’re getting ready to paint the entire interior of our house – walls, ceilings, trim, doors. Buh-bye rustic colors of Italy – hello, coastal calm!

  33. When I lay in bed, I keep thinking of how I need to paint the whole room, so winning would be wonderful!

  34. Kate, I can’t seem to find Oyster Bay anywhere on the Glidden website. I know it is a SW color. Do you have the numbers for it so I can check it out at the store?

  35. I love Glidden paint and I love to paint. Thank you for the giveaway. Their paint is awesome.

  36. Our master bath is the most hideous green. I’m dying to paint over it, and winning a GC would be the perfect excuse!

  37. Great giveaway! I would love to win this as I have been trying to get most of the rooms in our house painted this summer!

  38. I haven’t used mucH Glidden pain over the years, or ever in my current home, but after seeing your amazing spaces and based upon your recommendation of the great coverage – I would LOVE to give it a try!!! the color in your daughters room is gorgeous, anD I LOVE both the soft colors you used in the fixer bedrooms!!!

  39. I could use paint to transform our 1960s house. I really like the Oyster Bay for my living room.

  40. The recommendations for neutrals are so helpful. There are so many out there it’s hard to start. I’ve never tried Glidden but will definitely check them out!

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