Bathroom Remodel Complete

By Kate Riley June 8, 2015

This is the story on how I remodeled a bathroom on a budget!

Here’s the tour on this completed bathroom remodel:

When tastefully remodeled, bathrooms and kitchens sell homes faster than outdated spaces so we took the extra months to do that. I didn’t go with a dramatic color or bold wallpaper since this remodel is solely for resale and instead made choices that were appealing to a large market.

I completed this bathroom makeover yesterday by painting the walls and hanging the new mirror. After the shower remodel, the vanity seemed dingy and dated by comparison so I decided to replace it and along with it the flooring, mirror, lighting, and baseboards.

Here is an image of the bathroom before the remodel. It had a cultured marble top and dated lighting and the top of the vanity had a pinkish hue to it and just didn’t look right so I replaced it.

bathroom before

Here it is completely remodeled and staged for sale:

bathroom remodel


I wrote about the plan for the vanity in early March. I had ordered this gray vanity from Lowe’s for the bathroom with a projected delivery of 3 weeks but that never happened.

gray vanity

March went by, then April, then May arrived and the vanity still hadn’t shipped. I was incredibly frustrated and started calling the store every other day tracking its arrival. It finally arrived the third week of May almost two months late but the day our contractor went to pick it up we were informed a Lowe’s employee had accidentally backed a forklift into it. *Ahem*.

I wasn’t willing to wait for a replacement so I canceled the order and I went in search of a new vanity that could be shipped immediately. I found this white vanity on Wayfair, it came with a marble top and faucet and shipped within 5 days and after all that agony, I was sold.

katharine vanity


In person it’s a beauty! I’m always nervous ordering furniture or cabinets online but this one is really nice, the paint job is flawless and the marble top is gorgeous, I love the raised molding detail on the sides and drawers. At 48” wide, it fits the bathroom space perfectly and I prefer the white finish against the gray floor so this is a happier ending.

vanity close up

I love the shapely chrome faucet and the carrara marble top; the pull out soft close drawers provide extra storage for toiletries.

faucet 2

marble top vanity

vanity pull out drawers


We got rid of the old flooring and just like in the kitchen, installed budget friendly modern vinyl plank product. These are Trafficmaster Allure in Grey Maple installed in a random offset pattern like hardwood.

vinyl plank bathroom floor


Across from the vanity is the walk in shower, I wrote about how it was converted from an old tub into a walk in shower, find all the details about the marble look tile and fixtures in that post. You’ll notice we also installed a grab bar since this is a retirement community and the residents are all 55+, the local association also requires it.

walk in shower side view

walk in shower marble tile

The carrara marble top has the same marbled pattern as the tile in the shower so the two feel cohesive. It also shares the same gray and white palette as the recent kitchen remodel.

The white framed mirror is from Lowe’s, the chrome light fixture is from Lamps Plus, and the paint color is Glidden’s Chelsea Fog which is a pale gray blue, much better than the yellowish cream that was on the walls before.

Now the remodeled bathroom feels fresh and modern!

More remodeling projects remain, not at this house but at the Las Vegas house, I’m headed there tomorrow for a week with the fam, I’ll have more updates on those spaces soon.


  1. LOVE IT! Every last bit of it! Can you share what the total cost was to renovate this space? And I’m curious how the flooring feels underfoot? Does it feel “plasticy”?

    • Just Re did our main bathroom . Very similar to this. We bought the vanity and mirror at Loews and love it. My flooring looks similar to this but it’s porcelain tile. Feels like real Barnwood . Very easy to maintain . Always looks clean. Our total cost was 9 K, but we did a complete gut . It was like building a whole new bathroom . Have a mix of Harwood and tiles in all other rooms. Would love this floor in all of my other rooms.

  2. That vanity is gorgeous! I am willing to be that Lowe’s and Home Depot lose A LOT of money due to product damage. When my husband and I were remodeling our bathrooms, we had to reorder 3 TIMES to get a vanity that wasn’t damaged. Such a waste. I will have to keep Wayfair in mind when we upgrade our bathrooms next year.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bathroom. You did an amazing job and I especially love the cabinet. We will be renovating a bathroom soon and I will certainly bookmark this blog. That house will sell pronto!

  4. The bathroom looks stunning. Can you give some detail on the shower door? Was that redone? We have a shower that needs a door just like the one in this bathroom, but we are nervous about the cost. Thanks.

    • Hi Lynda, the shower door was manufactured by a local glass company our contractor recommended, they are pricey, this one was $1000 I believe but I’ll ask Matt, he’s kept the log of each expense.
      Ack Kathy, you too? Frustrating!
      Debbie, this is my third time witnessing the install of the product, it’s a grip adhesion method and surface preparation is key, but it’s not too complicated and does look great when installed properly (we didn’t install it, our contractor did and I watched Home Depot employees install it a few months ago). You can download the installation guide from that link I provided, it has all the details. It does feel like vinyl underfoot, it’s smooth but not as warm as real wood some might find that “plasticy” but I recommend feeling the product in the store so you can tell for yourself :)

  5. Do you know easily the floors were to install? Home Depot’s site seems a bit mixed. Those floors are beautiful! I’m considering for a beach house rental, so any tips you have are appreciated! Thank you!

    • Hi Shannon, yes I’d use these in a beach house rental, not sure how well they hold up over time but the reviews are good. Also consider wood look tile, we installed that in the Las Vegas house that will someday become a rental, a more expensive option but great for moisture, tenants, pets, kids, etc. and so far they’re indestructible!

  6. Looks so beautiful! Do you know how tall the ceilings are in this room? I’ve always wanted to do the same to our tub and use glass doors exactly like you’ve shown here – but I wasn’t sure if I would need higher ceilings than what we have.

    • I don’t know exactly to the inch Liz but I’m going to say 8 feet, based on the height of the vanity, mirror, and top part of the wall.

  7. You guys are amazing! It looks so beautiful, fresh and calming. I am continually amazed by your ability to transform spaces.

    • Ha yes urban slang “sick” = very cool so thank you Sharon ! :)

  8. Hi! I LOVE the paint color you put in this bathroom! I went to the Gladden website and tried to find the Chelsea Fog but nothing came up? Is this an older color that maybe they don’t advertise anymore? I’m really hoping to find it and put it in my master bath! :-) Thanks!

    • Hi Molly, it’s on their fan deck but not on the website, they can make the color sample for you to test in your home at Home Depot.

  9. Ooops when re-reading my post I meant to say “Glidden” but apparently spell check autocorrected for me. :-)

  10. very nice,love the floor color.i,personally,would not pay 1300 for a vanity,but it is pretty.the lights and mirror really make it.

  11. If bathrooms sell, consider it sold. I like it better, way better than the Lowes one. Great job.

  12. That vanity is to die for but my hubby would have a cow if I spent that much money on one when ours is “fine”. Gorgeous reveal.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! I think the vanity you ended up using is way nicer than the one you originally chose and I agree that the contrast looks better against the floor than the grey vanity would have. We’re about to do our main bathroom, which is very small, and this bathroom is the closest I’ve seen on the blogs I follow to what we will be ending up with, so I’m really happy to see how great this bathroom turned out. I chose vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood as well. I think it is way better in a bathroom than tile, easier on the feet and softer if someone slips and falls. My flooring is more of a beige colour with tiny white and grey streaks, like limed oak. We are also putting white beadboard on the walls up to just past the top of the light switch and we had planned on painting the walls above a greige colour, but I’m really loving the colour you painted the walls in this bathroom. I’m definitely going to have to see if this colour goes well with my flooring. The whole bathroom is very spa like and the wall colour you picked definitely contributes to that feeling. Thanks for posting all the great pictures of this bathroom!

  14. I absolutely adore this bathroom, its so bright, fresh and airy and the white and gray…o my decorating heart be still. That vanity is a blessing in disguise and it is so unique and beautiful it fits the space like a glove! I would buy that in a second just because of the bathroom hehe, one of my favorite designs/renos is Kitchens & Bathrooms and I agree with that those sell a house in a second.

    Awesome reveal and great job!!

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

  15. I have been following your blog for some time, and greatly appreciate your love of beauty, and attention to function and detail. We will be finishing our master during this next year…Living in Colorado, warm floors are appreciated on winter mornings. Do you know if the vinyl planks that you used will tolerate radiant floor heating (recommended by our realtor).

    • Hi Joan, that is a great question, I’m not sure but I’d guess no since the material isn’t designed for heat exposure underneath, plus it’s rather thin so I’m not sure it would lay flat! I think radiant heat is for tile only.

  16. This is beautiful! Very similar to what I have in mind. I love the Allure planks and am thinking of doing the Weathered Stock Chestnut which is light brown and grey tones with a lot of variation. My concern is, we want to do laminate flooring in the bedroom. I’m worried the two wood looks nect to each other will not look right. Any opinions or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

    I thought about running it in the bedroom too but it’s a bit pricey (for our budget) and I’m not sure about vinyl in the bedroom, living room, etc anyhow. Carpet would prob look better against it but we really want to switch to laminate. If it doesn’t mesh, I’m afraid I’ll have to do tile or sheet vinyl in the bathroom and forego the planks :(

  17. Hi! Beautiful bathroom, we are getting ready to redo ours and was wondering what the dimensions of the room were?

    Thanks! Meghan

  18. I have bookmarked this post because it is awesome!! and am now ready to redo my guest bath. Are the tiles 10×13? That is what i found at home depot. Also do you know the price difference between shower and tub/shower plans?

  19. This post is inspiring! My husband and I are buying a house right now that needs some MAJOR renovations. I found this post through Pinterest and Pinned it for future use. The master bathroom is BLUE (toilet, tub, walls, vanity top, sink), from 1969. The basement bathroom is disgusting and dark. We’re going to gut them both and do something like this.

  20. Do you recommend TrafficMaster flooring for bathrooms? I’ve installed it throughout the house except the bathrooms because I’m afraid it won’t do well with water (ahem, little kids).

  21. I am currently remodeling my bathroom and I want to purchase this exact vanity so gorgeous. I’m worried it won’t fit though. Can you share the dimension of the wall? Our toilet and current vanity are placed the same as yours but I think you might have a bit more space on that wall. Thanks so much I’d love to order it now but nervous it won’t fit.

  22. Love everything about your remodel! I need to look into that type of flooring. Did it come in planks like hardwood?

  23. Love this and using it as a guide to my master bath remodel!! Quick question – is there a reason you opted for a shower pan vs a tile floor other than cost? I know you were just updating this to sell so I’m assuming it had to do with cost. If you were to have used tile for the floor vs a pan do you know what tile you would’ve used for this project? Just wondering bc we’re going to use this tile for a shower but opting for a tile floor. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!

  24. This bathroom is gorgeous!! I just found you so I haven’t seen your other bathroom but I love this one.
    Too bad I’m a renter. Luckily our landlords let us put in laminate flooring and paint the vanity white but it’s nothing like this.

  25. Hello! Sorry, I tried to read through the comments to see if someone else already asked, but didn’t see it. We are doing a very similar remodel: gray wood-looking tile floors, white vanity and marble top, and now due to the cost of glass tile we are looking at similar shower tile. Thank you so much for linking these tiles!! Do you remember what color grout you used? Were you happy with it? Any extra advise on the grout? Thanks!!

  26. Hi Kate! I’m so glad I came across your blog! We’re renovating our master bath and your design choices are almost exactly what I’m trying to accomplish in our bathroom. I just hope mine turns out half as lovely as yours! We’ve done a bath renovation before (we did everything ourselves) but this time we’re converting the standard tub into a walk in shower like you did here. I was wondering if you guys did the shower pan installation yourselves and if you had any helpful tips or insight to share. We’ve found a shower pan at Lowe’s, as it’s a pretty standard tub replacement size but it looks like there might be small adjustments we’ll need to make to the drain. Just curious if you bought one and installed it/had it installed or poured your own, as I’ve seen that too. Also, any tips when it comes to the frameless glass enclosure? We’ll definitely have to let the professionals handle that part but thought I would see if you had any wisdom to share. I’ve never had glass and I’m terrified of getting a bad install and having water leak into places it shouldn’t. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, thank you for sharing online, it’s been a great inspiration!
    Lizzy B

    • Hi Lizzy, your remodel sounds exciting! This was a project where I picked all the fixtures, surfaces, flooring, paint, etc but it was all professionally installed by a contractor we hired for the project. He sourced the glass door from a local company. The shower pan was custom too.

  27. We recently replaced all the carpet in our home with the Trafficmaster Allure flooring from Home Depot. After replacing approx 2400 sq ft of carpet in 3 weeks, we were exhausted BUT the flooring is INCREDIBLE!!!! It looks gorgeous!! It’s so easy to clean up after 5 dogs and 4 kids! The wear is amazing and the ease of laying it is beyond imaginable!!!
    I can’t say enough good things about this flooring!! None of our friends can believe it isn’t wood look ceramic tile! It looks so elegant and expensive but is very budget friendly!

  28. Im telling you now I never, ever want to see a clear glass shower door in my house again, ever….i went through pure misery for 11 years after building my dream house in Florida….Way too hard to keep clean, no one would clean
    but me……soap scum,. water spots, and don’t tell me about a squeege, bologne….if I would be looking at a new house and it had a frosted shower door, then I would buy the house. bahaha…

  29. Hi there, we are just starting a kitchen renovation with a beach theme. Looking at a grayish floor like you see, off white cabinets (will paint current ones, slightly darker ceiling and a brighter wall. Suggestions?

  30. HI!
    Love the updates.Can you let me know roughly the total budget for the updates…with supplies and labor being separate? Thanks!!

  31. Love the bathroom. Doing a remodel of new home I purchased. Do you have and suggestions for a light grey paint color that doesn’t have a blue tone?

  32. Hi Love the remodel. I was wondering if you changed the hardware knobs on the drawers in the vanity? From the picture it looks different than what it comes with!

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