Lavender + Blue Girl’s Room

By Kate Riley March 17, 2013

Hey everybody, I finally finished up my nine year old daughter’s room – a makeover I started back in October of last year. Over the past few months I’ve worked my way around the room, adding different elements here and there. You may recognize some of the projects I’ve posted about in the past.

My daughter just turned nine and is crazy about the combination of purple and blue – predictable for that age but sweet nevertheless, so I used those two colors throughout to make sure she really loved the space and would have fond memories of it when she’s all grown up.

lavender and blue girls room


As you can see we did go ahead with the bunk beds I asked you all about that she wanted for her ninth birthday. I’ll share some thoughts on this particular bed set and how we’ve adjusted to bunks in a follow up post.

girls room bunk beds


The nightstand we’ve had for years, I found it at a garage sale for $3 many years ago, it still fit the space and provided a perch for a lamp to read by at night. Even though the palette is very young and feminine, I do like that most of the accessories and fabrics are sophisticated enough to last for many years as she grows older.

nightstand and lamp


flowers on nightstand


There’s a little bench under the window I found years ago at a thrift store and reupholstered in a lavender geometric. The flower pillow was a DIY project.

window panels and bench


lavender flower pillow


Up on the second story of her bunk beds are a series of framed leopard print fabrics – my animal loving daughter’s favorite critters are cheetahs and leopards and another one of her requests was to use that pattern in her room so this was what I came up with – it’s a pattern I designed several months ago.

framed leopard print


I also used my leopard print to make her some cotton pillowcases in a pale blue and gray – the fabric will be part of my children’s collection available this summer in various colorways. The purple and blue medallion quilts I bought last year, they were the jumping off point when it came to a color palette for the space and I love their reversible pattern from large scale to small scale repeat.

blue and lavender linens


You’ll recognize the dresser and mirror from a that makeover last month.

dresser and bunk beds


pb mirror


I removed her closet doors years ago and I’ve always used curtains instead for a softer look. The panels used to be velvet in her old pink and green room but I replaced them with a lavender geometric print.

curtains on closet


A few rolls of wrapping paper add the cherry blossom pattern to the back of her closet where we hang her dresses and her dollhouse. Matt built that dollhouse for our oldest daughter 16 years ago – too bad there were no DIY blogs around back then, it would have made a great post!

wrapping paper in closet


Next to the closet are those bracket bookshelves I built two years ago and below the little cabinet I found at a thrift store and painted white.

bookshelves and cabinet


Up above is a new chandelier I found at Lowes in bronze but spray painted it so that it would better suit the space, I absolutely love its shape!

blue orb chandelier


On the wall opposite her bunk beds she has a desk that used to be green but I repainted it in an aqua blue color.

girls blue desk


aqua desk girls room


As I was snapping pictures of her room I caught this one of her looking in the mirror. My oh my how time does fly – she’s six months in the framed picture (which was yesterday in my mind) and nine years old in the reflection. She has her own dreams and ideas and it’s amazing to watch her grow and change. *sniffle sigh*

nine years and six months


So glad it’s all finished  – she loves it and I do too, it’s perfect for her at this age.

blue and lavender girls room


Sources: Paint color: ‘Jade Frost’ by Glidden; Bunk Beds: Cinnamon Twin in White from Simply Bunk Beds; Quilts:  Brooklyn by Pottery Barn Kids;  Gray and white shams: Linden by Crane + Canopy; Lavender Fitted Sheets: Percale in Wildflower from Company Kids; Underbed Storage Boxes: Canvas White by One Step Ahead; Lamp: Threshold in Minty Green at Target; Mirror: Blossom by Pottery Barn Kids; Rug: Safavieh in Lavender purchased at Joss & Main but available at Plush Rugs;  Cable Knit Pouf in Lime: purchased on sale at Joss & Main but available at WayfairOrb chandelier from Lowe’s.

To read more details about this room and the projects in it, see this follow up post.




  1. Love it! It’s beautiful and sophisticated and I definitely see it growing with her for years.

    So I know you’re not MY mom, but if you feel like you need another room to do over, I have one available. I’m just generous like that :)

  2. What a beautiful room for a young lady – and what a perfect combination of paint colors!
    LOVE the bench and the light – ( love everything actually – absolutely everything )

  3. I commented on your Facebook post, but I’ll post here too just to be safe!

    The curtain panels… source please?

    I am planning to purchase the same rug, it is available cheaper at Overstock than at Plush Rugs:

    Funny, if you browse my pinterest board for my daughters room, you will see a lot of similarities with the colors, bedding, accessories. But I’ve decided to go with purple + pink…pink instead of blue. She’s very much a girly girl, so it was more fitting. Her room is actually being built and should be finished this week. Can’t wait to get in and decorate it! This is my Pinterest board of her room ideas (you’ll see the Brooklyn bedding, same rug)…

  4. What a lucky little girl! I love the color combinations and the chandelier. The bench was a great find too.

  5. wow…this room is chic and sophisticated and I can not believe you got that nightstand for $3…perfect color combination. everything is so perfect…..and well put together…

  6. Great job Kate! Love the $3.00 bed side table! I will be re-doing my 10 year old daughter’s room soon. She wants to add a Juliet balcony with a purple, pink & orange palette. Should be fun! Hope it turns out as well as your daughter’s. Hope you had a nice St. Patrick’s Day!

  7. Love love love it! Would you mind sharing what color spray paint you used for the orb Chandelier?

  8. So beautiful I love it! I need a bench just like that for my daughter’s room. Those bracket shelves are the first post I read of yours and then I knew I was hooked.

    Great job!!

  9. Hi Kate.. long time follower. You have such a wonderful sense of design. I cant get over any of your room reveals. Each palette you choose, however crazy in my mind, you make it look all ethereal. This is absolutely beautiful. I am sure she loves it, I would too.

  10. Wow, that is one gorgeous room! I think there are definitely things that she will love and like for many years to come (or at least, I would)! The colour palette is beautiful! I’ve once seen a room that was way to purple and meant to be lavender… Horrible. This worked out beautifully!

  11. Hints on pattern and color mixing. You are bold in your pattern mixing and it looks great here. I’m always nervous if I try it then I’ll make it too busy but yours just looks fresh, full and fun. Also, with colors. Do you just say, “okay blue +purple. LET’S GO!” and then just use all shades/variations as you find something you like?

  12. It’s an adorable room! I have been eying the light fixture for a while now and absolutely love it painted blue. I was wondering if you would share the brand and color spray paint you used?

  13. So beautiful I just love the color combo! Your posts are so inspiring and I love your blog! Since I have started reading your blog I have repainted three pieces of furniture that I have been able to share on my own blog! You are so talented and have a wonderful eye — I look forward to what you share everyday!

  14. I love the color combination. So pretty! I love your idea of spraying the light from Lowes. I’ve seen similar lights there and have had the same idea for our study makeover. Your daughter must love her new room :)

  15. What do you use to stick wall paper to the wall? I’m renting a house with textured paint, would it work on that? Also tell us about the tree branch, I love it!

  16. That’s such a wonderful room for a 9 year old girl. So pretty yet sophisticated. I love the idea of the wallpaper in the closet – did you say that was wrapping paper? Do tell! How do you fix it to the wall?

  17. Beautiful!!! I love the color combo. Just so adorable. I would love to know what color you painted the chandelier! It is so fresh and clean looking. Love everything snout this room:) thanks!!

  18. Gorgeous room – I’d love to dream in there. I noticed that the bottom hardware on the desk in the third last picture is upside down. I only noticed ’cause I have a desk very similar with the same hardware. Kate, did you do that to see if we’re paying attention to detail?? LOL

  19. I love the whole room–it’s just darling. Would love to know where you found the window panels. I’m looking for something similar in an aqua color. Thanks!

  20. So pretty! What color spray paint did you use for the fixture and desk? I’ve been looking for a soft aqua with no luck.

  21. Is the bedside lamp the “Minty Green” edition from target? Or is that the other, smaller lamp on her desk? I would love it for this (slightly older) girl’s room!

  22. Loving the flower pillow that you mentioned was DIY….will we see a tutorial for that?

  23. Is there some short of molding at the ceiling where the chain comes down? Thanks!

  24. This is one of the best children’s rooms I’ve seen in a long time. It’s is a perfect mix of things she can use for a long time and things that suit her personality right now. Excellent job!! I would have loved a room like this when I was a kid!

  25. So cute!! My 8 yr old daughter also requested this same color pallet with cheetah or leopard. lol I found a great cheetah duvet cover at Urban Outfitters on clearance for $25! she also has some small pops of green in her room. I love how you removed the closet doors. I think I may do this as well. I can’t stand her small bifold doors. I am sure your daughter will love this room for a while! Super cute!

  26. Oh, Kate, it’s beautiful!! Seriously, this is the room I have always wanted when I was growing up but never had. Lol. I’m 35 and I would Rick a bedroom like that! It feels pretty and cozy, yet airy! She’s lucky to have a mom like you :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Thrift Diving

  27. Such a pretty room. I love the color combination. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of her new bunk beds. Such a fun idea.

  28. It is just darling! You did a great job and we can see she feels grown up in it. I love the fact you gave her color without going over the top with it. Her room will grow with her nicely.

  29. Wow Kate, this is such a great room. I love the color combo. Also, the flower pillow is AMAZING! Is there a post on that here on the blog or is it a future post? I must make it for my stepdaughter!!

  30. Kate, I’ve been following you for almost two years now. The room looks beautiful!! Great job!

  31. Oh my goodness. I adore this! Nevermind that I’m almost 30 and married with two kids. I want that room. But seriously, that would have been my dream room as a kid. Purple is still my favorite color, and this is just perfect: feminine but not girly; young but not silly. Gorgeous. You’re a genius, and that little girl is lucky to have you for her mom.

  32. I love the space! I have been trying to find round chandelier bulbs everywhere. Where did you find yours?

  33. The room is beautiful. I have four questions please. 1. Fabric source for panels 2. Color and brand of spary paint used for chandelier 3. Where do hanging clothes go if no closet 4. Source for closet wp


  34. Beautiful! I love the unexpected ways that you repeated patterns and colors throughout the room…the pillowcases that match the prints; the chandelier color matching the print frames, lamp base, and vase on the dresser; the small pops of fuschia here and there; and I doubt I would have ever thought to repeat the bench geometric on the closet curtains…love it. I’d have gone with the expected repeat of the window panels, but your choice is so much more interesting than that would have been. Inspiring…I must remember to think beyond the expected!

  35. Super gorgeous room Kate!!! A room she can be inspired and grow-into with ease! love every detail!

  36. Wow, I love how the room feels perfect for a 9 year old girl, but I can completely see each piece transitioning as she grows. Your bunk beds look a lot like the ones the girls I babysit have! If its the same, it’s a very sturdy piece (important in case it becomes a jungle gym)

  37. Oh how I would love to have a girl to give a room like this to! Or wouldn’t it have been nice to have had a room like this myself! You really outdid yourself in this one!

  38. Kate, Room looks wonderful! Can’t go wrong with lavender and blue, dilly, dilly :) Your bench under the window is lovely and I especially like how you mix/match (or not) the accessories. You are one smart lady and I so enjoy reading all of your posts. Now that Google has decided to do away with reader (in July) I’ll need to find another place to have all my favorite blogs sent.

  39. i absolutely love this room. So delicate, feminine, lovely, and sophisticated! I would have loved to live in this room as a nine year old. Did I notice that the ceilings were also a light shade of lavender? I would love to see more pictures of that tree! is there a separate post on it?

  40. I love her new room! The bunkbeds are perfect and I’m sure she loves them, they are every kids dream I think! I love your DIY flower pillow too, it’s beyond adorable. You said she hangs her dresses in the closet, does she store all her other clothes in the tall dresser? I’m always looking to better utilize closet spaces but sometimes I feel like the clothes just need to be hanging in there but then we end up with an empty drawer or two in the dressers!

  41. You stated that this fabric will be apart of your children’s collection this summer. Do you have store where we can purchase your fabrics now? I love your fabric designs and would love to buy some!

    This room is so beautiful! I would love to be able to put something together like that.

  42. Beautiful room! I have the same questions as a couple others: 1-what color did you use on the chandelier and 2-I noticed also that you use many variations of the basic room colors. Do you not worry about that? I always try to do that and then maybe it comes out too matchy-matchy looking. What are your thoughts on that? Thanks!

  43. Just wanted to clarify- I tend to try to stick to all the exact same shades of the color and don’t use all the shade variations like you do- and then sometimes things come out too matchy looking.

  44. What a beautiful girls room! Definitely a girls room but mature enough that this will grow with her for many years. Every bit is so creative. Love the leopard design prints and the pillow case that you designed. The colors are wonderful and I really love the pop of green with the pouf too. The picture of your daughter is so sweet – my one and only son is a senior this year and I have been so sentimental knowing he is ready to leave for college in the fall. Time does go by so quickly and it’s great to capture these moments! Sharon

  45. Love! But the REAL question I have is how do you get her to keep it CLEAN?

  46. Oh, Kate, I LOVE the room!! My girls have a very similar looking bunk bed set, and the same color palette in their room. I got some great ideas from your photos. This is a lovely, feminine room…perfect for a young girl without being baby-ish, yet not too grown-up either. Just fabulous! :)

  47. I just recently did my daughter’s room and used the same exact color palette using the same Brooklyn bedding as my inspiration! I was looking for a rug to anchor the space and will be purchasing the one you used here, thank you! And thank you to the reader who found it cheaper at Overstock! I would love to know where you got the purple and aqua baskets next to the desk.

  48. I love everything about it; bedding, colors, furniture, lighting…
    Terrific job! Lucky girl!

  49. What a sweet room Kate! I love the colours that your daughter chose and how you put it all together. Do you have a specific technique for how you applied the wrapping paper to the inside of the closet? It looks great!

  50. Where did you get the window panels? Room is great!I am using the same bedding, but fo our nursery and Ihave been looking for window panels.

  51. This is perfection! SO, so gorgeous. I especially love all of the different patterns you used. They work together so well! Any tips you could share on pattern mixing? Thanks so much for showing us this room!

    ~Abby =)

  52. Her rooms looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest of your children’s collection! Heading to get that orb chandelier right. this. second.

  53. I also wondered about the curtain panels on the windows and the closet. THey are both so cute and I can’t ever seem to find curtains I like. The other question I had was the color paint you used on the chandelier. Everything is beautiful. Love the colors.

  54. LOVE IT! I bought bunk beds for my girls, ages 8 & 7, that share a room at a tag sale last summer. I painted them white and bought that exact bedding months ago! Due to other spiraling diy projects (refinishing stairs, needing new carpet, etc), we haven’t put the room together yet. But hopefully it will look somewhere as beautiful as the room you made! : )

    I also loved how the blue and purple should get them through quite a few years and was beautiful but not too cutesy.

  55. Love the room! Where can I get the pretty cherry blossom wrapping paper? Also, please show more photos of the tree mural on the wall and provide the DIY instructions. It looks beautiful from the glimpse of it I can see in the photo of her desk. Bravo!

  56. You are truly the queen of “repurpose”. I love your mix of vintage/older with new pieces. Your daughter must spend countless hours in that beautiful space. What a lucky girl!!!

    My questions, how did you attach the wrapping paper to the wall in the closet? I would love a little DIY tutorial posted.

    The pillow is fantastic. Hopefully, you’ll post the DIY on your blog as well.


  57. This is kind of weird, but I`m rather inspired for my own room/apartment, and I`m in college! I just like how the room is grown up, but there are a few tiny touches here and there that add a bit of zing. I will skip the dollhouse, though!

  58. i dont like to gush but wow. this room is so sophisticated and timeless. i love how modern the patterns are but the furniture is more classic. this is really over the top, something perfectly appropriate for a young lady but with plenty of style to grow. and thrifting/refinishing. im really impressed.

  59. Cutest room ever! Even at my age, I would love a room like this : ) My 13 and 11 year old think this room is beautiful too. Awesome job!

  60. Your daughter is a very lucky little girl to have such a talented mother who can make a dream bedroom like that for her! It is so pretty!

  61. I love that I see you put a rug on top of carpet….I have always wondered if that was acceptable or not!

  62. Beautiful colors! Beautiful fabrics! The room is youthful but sophisticated and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it for many years to come. Great job!

  63. You are amazing! I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to making any of your projects, but I LOVE seeing what you’ve created!

  64. Can you please tell me where you bought the curtains or fabric for the window treatments? LOVE!! Need to do that for my daughter’s room. Thanks

  65. Stunning room. When you post again, I’m very interested in the source of the curtain and bench seat fabric–the lavender and white graphic. I love all your color palettes.

  66. I love everything about this room! Could you please let me know the source for your geometric curtain panels? Thanks!

  67. Where do you get Glidden paint? It looks like HD and Walmart carry it but I didn’t see ‘Jade Frost’ on the Glidden website. I’m having a paint crisis in my daughter’s room and this might just be what I need but I want to get a sample first. Please let me know as soon as you can if you see this comment. I will be very thankful.
    PS. This room is stunning and perfection!

  68. What a pretty room! I bet your daughter absolutely loves it. I look forward to seeing all your fabric designs Kate. The leopard ones are are fun in your daughter’s room as well as all the others.

  69. What’s interesting is that lavender is one of my least favorite colors, but even so, I absolutely love this room! I guess that just goes to show how well designed this space is, with the perfect amount of color and pattern all beautifully arranged. You did such a great job on it! I think my favorite thing is the new light. I love that you spray painted it, and the color is just perfect! Beautifully done, my friend!

  70. I absolutely adore every aspect of this room, it is so sweet but sophisticated for a girl growing up. I have three girls of my own so I know the feeling of them getting older. I always enjoy your posts. Your house and taste is just impeccable.

  71. I begged my mom for bunk beds around that age, I got them and it was the best gift ever!! Perfect for sleep overs! I slept in them till I went to college and loved every minute! Then of course in college I also got stuck sleeping in bunk beds and that wasn’t as great….

  72. There are those curtains again…you’re killing me, Kate…I want them so bad!!!! hahaha! I think I’ll be your first customer when you start selling them. Hurry up….LOL! BTW, your daughter’s room is absolutely beautiful. I love all the little details. I’m about to redo my 4-year old’s room and she loves purple but I was going to go the yellow/pink/green route. After seeing this room, I might need to rethink things…

  73. Absolutely love everything in and about this room! I was wondering what the brand and color is of the spray paint you used for the chandelier? Great job!

  74. What a great room! I was hoping to have a better look at the wall opposite the bunk beds. I am curious to see the full effect of the 3 shelves. My daughter’s room is quite small, so any space-saving ideas are greatly appreciated!

  75. What is the detail around the shelves? It looks like tree branches- so pretty! How did you make this?

  76. I’d love to know more about the fabrics, I love all the patterns… did you design them yourself?

  77. Just wondering where you got the purple and blue/green storage bins that are next to your daughter’s desk in the pictures?

  78. Wow! Such a sophisticated, yet age appropriate room. And I love the bunk beds!

  79. Would love to know where curtain fabric is from and details about the tree on the wall with paper leaves?

  80. I love this color scheme.
    I saw that rug for a killer deal at Overstock yesterday. I believe it is listed under Cambridge Rug. Anyhow, just adorable! :)

  81. Just beautiful! I always wanted bunk beds when I was a kid for the exact same reasons! To have friends sleep over and build a tent!

  82. Curtains…need them like, immediately. Are they yours Kate? If so when can I get my hands on some?

  83. I love the photo of your daughter looking in the mirror. How sweet! The colors look really fabulous together for a young lady and I love the light fixture! Great job! Meghan

  84. The room turned out beautiful. My daughter turns 9 in a couple weeks and wants to update her room. This is a great inspiration. Where did you get the thick white drapery rods? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find them.

  85. Absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me the brand and colour of the spray paint you used for the chandelier?

  86. Her room is beautiful. Perfect for a growing up girl. Love the picture of her in the mirror with her baby picture right beside. Great pictures as always.

  87. I have a nightstand that is very much like that in the original white with gold trim. I would love to paint it. It has formica on the top. Do you have a suggestion for painting the top? I would love to repurpose it.

  88. This room is so pleasing to the eye..the colors, the fabric, the layout of it…it is so serene,
    I love it. You did a fabulous job..your daughter is sure to have many happy memories here.
    Love the honeycomb (?) mirror too.

    Kelli Girsch

  89. What a gorgeous room! Even as an adult, I’m feeling a little envious ;). The chandelier is fantastic and the floor cushion/pouf is stunning too – a really awesome pop of bright colour against the dreamy pale scheme.

  90. Can you please please share where you bought the curtain rod? Ive been looking for a nice white one forever! Looove the room. She is one lucky girl!

    • Yvonne, the curtain rods are from Lowes, they have nice white ones.

  91. Hi!! First I´m going to tell you that I love this room. And that I had read and I had seen it on Pinterest other looks of this room. Where I can find them?


  92. such a beautiful room! it’s sophisticated, but still fit for a child/tween. beautiful!

  93. I love the color of this bedroom, however I went to Home Depot and glidden no longer makes this color. I was wondering if you knew the paint # for jade frost so they can duplicate it for me.

    • Hi Alexa, the color is still available and the formula is in their computer!

  94. This might be a weird question, but where do you find those tulips? The only ones I can ever find look WAY fake!

    • Tulips are always available at the market in spring around here Amy!

  95. I’ve been collecting ideas for my own daughter’s room, your blog is always a starting point for me because I love your style. I noticed that you layered a rug on top of the carpet. Do you have any trouble with it coming up and people tripping over it? How do you keep it in place? Or does it just stay there on its own? Also, I had to chuckle at the bottom right pull on the turquoise desk. It’s upside down, did you know? I had one on my daughter’s dresser that we lived with for years before anyone noticed it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  96. Yes, you’re not the first to notice that Debbie! It took me a few months to fix it :)

    No problems with tripping on the rug, it stays flat, sometimes it will get nudged a bit by the bunk bed ladder but other than that it’s fine.

    I’ve had rugs on top of carpet in other rooms and sometimes they need tucked or pulled back into place but not regularly.


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