Girl’s Room: FAQs + Projects

By Kate Riley March 26, 2013

Thanks so much everyone for the kind comments on my younger daughter’s room, it was fun to pull together a space with a lot of pattern in color palette she chose. You asked, so I’m here to answer… here are a few more details on the projects that went into her young and feminine bedroom.

lavender blue girls room


Many of you wanted to know about the color on the chandelier – I used a spray paint in the color ‘Catalina Mist’ by Krylon to change it from dark bronze to a minty aqua blue. The round light bulbs can be found at Home Depot. I used the same spray paint to cover the three frames that hang above the bed (frames found at Michaels.)

aqua blue orb chandelier

framed leopard fabrics


The fabrics on the window panels and bench were a simple design I created last year for her room and printed over at Spoonflower. I’m not sure yet if these patterns will be available this summer. Thanks to Camille for sharing that the Moroccan print lavender rug is also available at Overstock.

lavender print fabrics


The little flower pillow was a simple sew DIY project made with some scrap fabric, lavender ruffle trim (purchased from Gollidrops on Etsy) and a purple craft flower.

pillow supplies

The technique is simple, start in the middle edge of one side of 13 x 13” fabric and wrap the ruffle around and around in a circle working inward with a sewing machine until you get to the center. Piece the front flower piece together with the back pieces with an envelope closure (see this pillow tutorial for details). The craft flower was attached with hot glue.

sew ruffle in circle

floral pillow on bench


For toy storage we use a combination of bins including the series of white canvas ones that hide under the bed. I’m probably going to order a few more because they’re great for all the little stuff.

doll clothes


The paper leaf tree mural is behind her door to the left of the desk – you can find the details here and also the free printable too.

paper leaf tree mural


I found the wrapping paper for the back of closet by accident when I was at Papyrus, and just liked the idea of introducing another fun pattern on the rear wall. It’s applied with double sided tape and a few staples in the corners, nothing fancy. Her hanging dresses hide behind the curtains.

cherry blossom wrapping paper

wrapping paper in back of closet


A bunch of you cautioned me that bunk beds are both hard to make and keep made and I have to agree, especially the top one. For now, the upper quilt stays tucked in all around and she uses it for a reading nook with her favorite blanket. (That gray one was from “Santa” but really Ballard Designs…)  She falls asleep up there some nights too, it’s really cute.

top bunk reading nook


Someone asked how she keeps it so clean, but truth is she doesn’t keep it perfectly organized, she’s a pretty normal kid that way. Most days her bed is unmade and there are toys and clothes on the floor because she lives and plays in here all the time.

unmade bunk beds


Thanks again for your kind comments, I think it’s a perfect room for her and I know she’ll always treasure it as a special space when she grows up.  All the additional room sources can be found here.




  1. Kate, you’ve done a beautiful job. I always love your colour palettes – different to mine but i love your look all the same. it’s a great girls room!
    Fiona xx

  2. Me encanta la paleta de colores!!! generalmente las nenas de esa edad quieren el rosa… evidentemente lo vive en la casa.
    Hermoso tu blog!!

  3. I don’t usually leave comments but I absolutely adore everything you’ve done in this bedroom; the colors, the designing, the creativity!

  4. The room is so calming and lovely. I love all of the soft touches and the color combo.
    I mean, how sweet are those little roller skates???

  5. Hi Kate,

    I just pinned a picture of your pillow on Pinterest (credited you of course and put a link to the blog in the description). But then I started wondering if that’s ok? Do you mind people posting an individual picture to pinterest if it refers back to the site?

    Thanks, Ally

  6. This room is so pretty. My Mum went crazy with the pink when I was a little girl and of course the bunk beds! I love this colour pallete its not too young and something she can grow into. My favourite bit is framing the matching papers you’ve turned something so simple into works of art. :D

  7. This is a beautiful room! I’m in the process of coming up with ideas for my daughter’s bedroom so this post is perfect! Her favourite colour is purple, and she’s been begging me for a bunk bed. I love the dollhouse in the closet! Actually, I just love everything in this room :)


  8. Her room is great! This makes me look forward to decorating my two year olds room again in a few years. We did a nursery, then moved, so went right into a big girl room because I didn’t want to re-do for a third time in about three years when she was ready to out grow the crib. I just love your blog and thought I should let you know. The You are Loved print is just waiting for the perfect frame to be found to go right next to her bed at eye level so she can see this message last thing as she goes to sleep, and first thing as she wakes up! Thanks for sharing all your sources.

  9. The room is beautiful! I was especially excited to see it because I recently bought the same quilt for my daughter’s room and we’ve been brainstorming how we should decorate. She really wants a pouf just like your daughter’s. Where did you get the green on in the room? Thanks for the room inspiration!

  10. Love the room! One of my favorite ideas is using the wrapping paper in the closet. GREAT touch! Easy to change, inexpensive and doesn’t have the permanence of wallpaper.

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