Girl’s Room In Bloom

By Kate Riley June 1, 2009

Over the weekend I finally finished my five year old daughter’s bedroom.  Take a tour through this bloom filled room with me, and remember all of the DIY projects that contributed to the final result.

The window panels shown below are simple sheers in blush pink and in white to allow for plenty of light, with a glass knob rod from Target.  She has a inside mount shade underneath that blocks light for naps or bedtime.  The silk covered tufted bench you’ll remember from this thrift store transformation.


The bedding was a bit of a splurge.  It is the Bedding of Roses from the Land of Nod, with matching euro shams.  I had contemplated making my own version with two flat sheets and some ruffle trim, but because this was the perfect shade of blush pink, I bought the set instead.  The personalized bolster pillow I embroidered myself, then added some ribbon detail.  The paisley pillow was $10 at Marshalls.

Next to her bed is a nightstand that I bought for $3 from a yard sale last year.  I painted it white, and then spray painted the decorative pull a soft pink.  The jewelry holder I made last week with this project.  I bought this handmade doll several years ago at a local shop.

Next to the nightstand sits a dollhouse, built by Mr. CG many years ago.  It sits on my old coffee table from college.  The table is not attractive, so I hid it under the gathered tablecloth I sewed from some Waverly fabric, again in paisley print.  We hide toys and shoes underneath the skirt.  All of her dollhouse furniture is kept organized in some baskets from Michael’s and some hat boxes from the Land of Nod.


Then there is the girly glamorous closet I featured in this post.  I just love the beaded velvet curtains, the striped wall, and the green ‘Dresses’ sign above.

Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses


Next to the closet is last month’s painted cabinet project sitting below, with the oak painted mirror from this project hung above.


On the dresser is an antique milk glass vase with some peonies.  The fringed table runner is made from just a bit of toile I with a simple sew project.  Behind the door are some sweet little hooks for holding all things girly, like purses or ballerina tutus.  I will use them to hold sweaters and her robe as well.  In the corner is the cherry tree mural from this project.

On the cherry tree wall is the sweet little green painted desk from this project that I bought from a local thrift store for less than $10.  The vanity stool is from this project.  She has two of them, and uses them for impromptu tea parties.

And I cannot part with the little ballet slippers that she has long since outgrown.  They make great decor !


So here it is, finally finished.  The bed was a floor sample I picked up at a local shop for $300 when she was only one (and it was in storage for a year).  I couldn’t resist the look, and the price.  And if you’re curious, the chandelier I made myself in this project many months back.  The canopy was made with last week’s Velcro solution.

This one’s pretty happy with her lovely little space!



  1. OMG!! What a beautiful room, you daughter must love it!! You did such a wonderful job…Ok about the bird cage. I like it with out. The bed is such a statement, I don’t think you need anything else.
    This room has given my some great ideas. Thank you.

  2. Oh that room makes me feel pretty just looking at it! What an amazing job you did! I get so much inspiration from your blog!! Thank you! Oh – and I like it without the birdcage! :0)

  3. Beautiful beyond words! I remember revamping many items with a coat of paint when my child was young!! It was so much fun to see her reaction. Your daughter must be thrilled, any girl would be! So sparkly fresh and pretty. Love the color combination's!! She'll treasure it I'm sure!!

  4. It is like a dream room!! Love all the colors, ruffles (specially) and all that soft pink. Simply beautiful!

  5. It is beautiful, you deserve an A-that's alot of work to pull that together. I'd let the bird cage go, there's already another one in the room and it detracts from the bed.

  6. That has to be *THE* loveliest shade of pink I have ever seen. The room is truly beautiful. You did an absolutely wonderful job with it.

  7. You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Great job you sassy DIY queen! That girl must be FLOATING! Love how you brought it all together with such a wonderful pink satin bow! Hee hee! The suspense was worth it! Awesome!

  8. Looks awesome! I love all of the ideas!! Thanks for sharing. I think the bird cage is cool but overkill.

  9. Oh.My.Gah. If I had a room like this as a child, I probably would still be living @ home. It's like a charming English rose garden!

    You certainly have an eye for details, K. What I esp. love is that there are so many DIY elements so Belle truly has a one-of-a-kind room!

    And I actually love the whimsy of the birdcage so I vote keep.

  10. The room is FABULOUS! So girly and adorable.
    I vote for without the birdcage.

  11. It's absolutely beautiful! I wish it were my room!

    I can't decide about the bird cage. I think I like it better without.

  12. Wow wow wow. Just absolutely adorable. I wish I was your neighbor! My vote is for 'no' on the birdcage.

  13. It's a little girls dream room! I love it and want one of my own! LOL :)

  14. Love the room!! Wish I could do one for my granddaughter–she'd love it. I like the bed without the birdcage.

  15. Can I please move in? She cannot truly appreciate it like I can. ;) It's a girl's dream.

    I am not a huge fan of the birdcage, but I think its cause the color makes it pop too much. I wonder if it were a softer color, woudl I like itmore? maybe a pale, muted green?

    PS – Hit us with the before, sister.

  16. That bedroom is absolutely beautiful! It would be perfect for me if I were 5. Okay, I'd live in it now! I'd move the birdcage personally, but it's not bad where it is.

  17. Hi Kate, I had to come out of lurking and say that this is absolutely fabulous!!! Your eye for detail is astonishing.I think that the bird-cage would have to go…

  18. Absolutely beautiful Kate! Wow. Stunning. What a lovely space.

  19. I'm a puddle of girly ooze. This really is a little girl's dream come true. It's sooo unique. You are the sweetest momma ever, too, with those bells that you get for her each year. I hope that she has them forever, and can show them to all of the girls in her life for years and years.

    We totally need to see the before pics. And I vote no on the birdcage. I actually went back and forth, but the bed is so beautiful… It's really cute, but I like it better in the picture without it there. *Sniff*

    And *whew*! You're almost at 200,000 hits! Congrats! ^_^

  20. What a perfectly darling little girls’ room! I love the birdcage. You don’t necessarily miss it when it isn’t there, but when it is it just completes that space. Great work, Kate. Really.

  21. gorgeous! i love this little room – it’s perfect for a little girly girl and to grow with too! i’m loving the tree mural!! what is the paint color?

  22. Kate. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Love it…way to go. I love everything about it. I vote for no birdcage. ADORABLE.

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE ROOM and I really like the birdcage a lot. Please bring on the BEFORES. ^_^

  24. Fantastic room!! It all pulled together so beautifully. I vote no on the birdcage, but think it’ll still look great even if you leave it.

  25. What a beautiful room! Any little girl would be happy to call that home. :) I’m saving the closet in my idea file. ;)

  26. Absolutely adorable. I wish my little girls could be spoiled with a room like this. Unfortunately, their Momma has no skills. I do think you should nix the birdcage though. It really detracts from the gorgeousness of the bed.

  27. Her room is absolutely glamorous!! I love it, the only think more beautiful than that room is your little girl. Rock on!

  28. I love the birdcage, just not over the bed. Can it sit on one of the tree limb shelves? The room is sugary sweet and very well executed. I like things so clean and streamlined I would have a hard time letting my imagination take me far enough into my feminine side to create a room like this. I guess that’s why my daughter’s room is shades of brown and sage green. Poor kid :-)

    Congrats on completing such a beautiful project (series of projects!)

  29. it’s incredible. so soft and feminine! i especially love the closet.

  30. This room is beautiful through and through. I love the chandelier and the little touches like the flower on the pillow. The bedding was worth the splurge…darling. I say no birdcage. Like it better w/o. Nice job!

  31. So…where do I start?!! This room simply~Stunning!! I love the soft pretty colors and all the details! The bedding…love it! Canopy, dresser, closet, bench all the details! It turned out so great and I am sure your daughter loves her room!! Thank you for sharing your great photos and such creative talent~Your blog has fast become one of my favorites!! Oh, thank you for stopping by and becoming a follower on mine! I am looking forward to knowing you better. Have a great week!


  32. I love the birdcage – it’s one of my favourite things in the whole room. That and the desk – fantastic. :)

  33. I totally heart this room, I wish I had kids, especially a girly girl so that I could decorate something as fabulous as your girl’s room.

    Yes on the birdcage, it looks so cute up there by the bed. You could even get a pretty bird on Etsy to hang in there.

    I’d love to know what color/brand paint the walls are. Gorgeous!

  34. I think I like it without the bird cage. It’s too dark for that corner and steals some of the lime light

  35. You did a fabulous job with this room! It’s beautiful. I vote no on the bird cage – it takes away from the bed.

  36. Kate, this is about the prettiest little girl's room I've ever seen. Lots of personal details & special things that you DIY'd, I just love it. And I love the birdcage too. Great job on a special room for your daughter!

  37. Simply Stunning!! When I saw the first photo of Bella’s room, I thought for sure it was from a high end magazine. You did an outstanding job! I’m going to show my daughter-in-law. We’ve been trying to come up with ideas for Dahlia’s room.

    What is the wall color? A pale mint green or blue? It’s the perfect backdrop.

    Bella is just precious!! I know you’ve heard this a million times, but cherish every moment. They grow up so fast. Before you know it, she’ll be as tall as you are and borrowing your clothes. =)

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Your encouraging words are much appreciated.

    Have a blessed day!


  38. That is the MOST BEAUTIFUL little girls room! I love it! I don’t have any kids yet, but if I had a little girl, that’s exactly what I would want her room to look like!!

  39. Amazing! I’d LOVE to see before photos. And I thought I really liked the bird cage, but then when I saw the picture without it, I think I like that better. Does your little lady have any input?

  40. The room is beautiful! Oh to be 5 again :) I love the birdcage…not usually a fan of birds and birdcages but I seem to be coming around with an appreciation.

  41. Love the room!! – My daughter no longer loves pink and girly so I am living vicariously through you!! Definitely want to see the before pictures!! No to the birdcage!! You did a great job. I especially love the the dresser – as solution to the home of the stuffed animals.

  42. I like the bircage – especially since there is a tree in the room. Whichever way you decide to go – it will still be a divine room! I would have loved to have something like this when I was a litte girl!

  43. Love the birdcage. The color completes the hollow space behind the bed. Keep it!

  44. Stunningly beautiful still falls short as a descriptive for this room. I love it all, especially the bedding and that great closet makeover.

    Lucky, lucky little girl….and pretty darned cute, too!

  45. Wow! What a dream bedroom for a little girl. You have given me lots of inspiration for my 2 year olds new big girl room.

  46. I like the birdcage…but then, its beautiful either way…give it one week with and one week without and see how you feel each time you walk in the room…

  47. Time for a magazine shoot!

    It’s simply lovely and she is a VERY lucky girl.


  48. Oh. my. word. You are AMAZING!!! This seriously belongs in a magazine. I think the birdcage is a nice touch. This really makes me want a girl! :)

  49. It’s adorable!

    I think the bird cage is cute, and so open that it isn’t much of a visual distraction.

    But, that said, the room also looks adorable without it.

    Which way does your daughter prefer?

  50. I need a bib because I’m seriously drooling! I can’t even think of all those things – it’s perfect!!

  51. Stunning!
    Absolutely stunning.

    I would so keep the birdcage as well.

    As for before pics, bring em on sister!

  52. This is such a beautiful room. I have 3 boys and would have loved to decorate a room like this for a little girl. I just love the colors. As for the bird cage, I like it better without. I think it takes something away from the bed but thats jmo. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

  53. Keep the birdcage.
    Love the closet!!!

  54. Oh my, this truly is a fairytale room. I just absolutely LOVE all of it. You have completed so many beautiful projects and your attention to detail is fantastic. I know she must love it and be really happy here. I have enjoyed seeing all the projects and now to see the finished room. STUNNING!!!!!! When you can, check out my blog, I am taking a poll to see who would be interested in joining a Cloche Party. Let me know. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  55. Perfect girly girl room. I want to live in it! Lose the birdcage above the bed.

  56. What a sweet room for your girly girl! re: the birdcage, I think less is more, but everything you've done is lovely lovely lovely – as if I expected anything less :-)

  57. I would love to see before pictures. Love the room, loads of respect for the amount of work that went into it. My favorite part of the room is the tree mural. I absolutely adore it.

  58. This room is PERFECT! What a lucky little girl….I say keep the birdcage. Can we look forward to a redo of your son's room soon? You are so talented!

  59. Well, tried to comment yesterday, but couldn't for some reason. Soooo… here's what I wanted to write:
    LOVE the room! It's so beautiful and well-planned. That is one very lucky girl you have there!
    About the lamp, I'm not crazy about it, but what if you painted it white, made it a low-wattage hanging reading light, adding some florals like with the chadelier? I think that would look absolutely adorable and be functional. So, there's my thought on that.
    Thanks for the site! I love it!

  60. Amazing! It's pulled together perfectly. I hope you submit this to magazine or HGTV! I'm sure it will be a great inspiration to those with little princesses ;)

  61. Stunning! Every little girl should be so lucky to have such a beautiful room!

    The $3 nightstand cauaght my breath…it matches the bedroom set I had as a child! (I'm 28 now.) My nightstand is long gone, but I have my head- and foot-boards in the attic, saved for my future daughter.

  62. Absolutely gorgeous! Down to every little detail! I *love* it. My friend sent me over to see this~Just a fabulous blog as well! Hook some of your lovely paint colors up with my favorite paint party tomorrow on my blog~ I would love to know what they all are!

  63. I love love love this room!!! And your blog too! You are so talented….with or without the cage it is so great, so i would not bother. cute little girl happy in such a marvellous room!!!

  64. Oh, I just love it! My daughter would feel so special if she had that room!

  65. I just found your blog. You did a fabulous job on your daughter's bedroom! I love everything about it, the colors, the cherry tree, the bedspread, the pillow, the whimsical birdcage … I am sure she feels like a princess in that gorgeous room!


  66. Hi m from India ….. wow this is beautiful just like a fairy land …. You have done everything very beautifully … but you know the bedding of Roses are being supply to land of nod by my a friend :)


  67. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know where you found the awesome "Dresses" sign?!!! This is a gorgeous space. Your little lady is one lucky girl :)

  68. What a fabulous room! I love that so many items were thrifted and DIY. Amazing what a little fabric and spray paint can do!

  69. this is so beautiful!!! i love it! i can hardly wait until we are in a place where my daughter can have her very own room to be decorated. yay for pretty little things!

  70. Hi – I love what you’ve done with the room! I’m doing my daughter’s room now and would love to know where you got the window panels (pink and white) and the beaded velvet curtains on the closet. pls let me know =)

  71. Hi Kate! I’ve seen this room 1000s of times, but now that I’m doing my girl’s room I’m coming back for more detailed looks! :) I can’t get the link on the closet to come up…keeps erroring out. I’m sure it’s my computer, but wanted to double check. Same was true for some of the other links assoc. with this room.

    Your blog is organized so fantastic, I’m def taking notes!
    Hope you’re having a fab weekend.
    xo, c

  72. I love this room!! Everything is SO georgeous. The details are fabulous and I am definitely using this as inspiration when I decorate my girls room soon. Can you tell me what the name is of the wall color you used? It’s such a lovely shade! Great job!

  73. What an amazing room! I have a 1 year old son so this won’t do me much good right now… but if I ever have a daughter I’m determined to come back to this page for inspiration. Just gorgeous!

  74. Hi from Holland! Love this room. Don’t know if you’ve figured out what to do with the birdcage… but I’d say keep it! But, SPRAY PAINT it white, or that lovely green shade the dresser has. Taht black is just too… black.

    Natascha xoxox

  75. Love the tree ~ any tips on how to create the same tree ~ I tried the link but it redirects me to page not found etc. Thanks

  76. Absolutely love this beautiful, whimsical room! You did such an amazing job! Stunning! I was wondering how you hung the curtain rod for the closet? Thanks so much!

  77. dear Kate- I was browsing through the web about girls rooms ideas for my little pumpkin and run across this room – I was pleasantly surprised it was yours- Love all your ideas!! Thank you for sharing!-Helen

  78. Just gorgeous! What is the wall color? I’m trying to do something similar in my baby’s room and I can’t find the right color. The painter is starting on Monday and I can’t nail something down that I think is perfect. Can you please share the wall color? Many thanks!

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