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By Kate Riley June 3, 2009

Friends, you are awesome.  Thanks for all of the positive feedback on my girl’s room.  I am feeling very fortunate today. 

Many of you asked for ‘Before’ photos of my daughter’s room, so here is one from last year, after I had, quite frankly, given up on the space.  Notice the dollhouse was in need of a major remodel with its old fashioned decor and skirt, and the kid clutter was everywhere !    Before the green desk, there was a park bench from our rear yard in her room (on the left).  That just makes me laugh. 


bella's room before

   The After, featured in yesterday’s post

room final

On another topic… 

sharing scissors

In the future, don’t be shy sending me your inspirational projects to add to this Links Library, just in case I miss it, heaven forbid.   Let’s build an encyclopedia of DIY projects and crafts for the world to appreciate (with all of the credit given to you, of course, with a link to your blog).  

On a final note, I found some particularly tacky brass decor at the Goodwill today.  I’m going to work my spray paint magic for an abracadabra superb makeover.  Stay tuned.


  1. Wowza wow wow…I just went hrough your little girl room transformation! Amazing…I am sure it is like a princess dream room to her! What a great job you did, with each find and detail!

    I love your idea of project links!

  2. Love the before shot with the kids playing (they look like they get along better than my two girls!). :) I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with kid clutter.

    I got your email and will go find that glass froster ASAP for you. :) I am psyched about your new "Library." I don't have many projects, as the whole makeover thing is relatively new to me, but I might have a couple to submit. :) I think this is a fabulous idea, esp. for girls like me who need some inspiration to get started!

  3. Love the buckets woth your scissors in them. Where did you find them?

    The girls room is also amazing- great work!

  4. I love the DIY link library. I can't wait to see the ideas everyone has!
    Beautiful room!

  5. I gotta gather my projects! love it! Now, come on…I can't wait any longer to see the brass transformation! Let me see,let me see!

  6. How did I miss your post yesterday?? Her room is beautiful! I should have something soon to add to the Link! YAY!

  7. Adorable!!! I bet she loves it!!!

    (Love your blog…I just found it!)

  8. What a pretty room! I can't wait until we own a house so I can do up my daughter's room. Paint makes such a difference!

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