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By Kate Riley June 26, 2013

I feel like somebody has taken away my favorite toy. Or ripped the carpet out from under me. Or sipped the last sip of my favorite Syrah.

I’m so upset about the death of Google Reader and a bunch of you have jumped on this weeks ago but I waited till the very end. I loved it because it sat on my iGoogle home page and I could get all the latest posts popping up right away and much to my delight, like Melissa’s fab new lamp and vignette from yesterday. I’m so set in my ways that change in this arena is difficult, but necessary. 

dashboard pop up


After much procrastination, I migrated my feed earlier this week and now I use two: the first is Flipboard for when I’m thumbing through on the iPad or iPhone. I like that it “flips” like the pages of a magazine and you get an image teaser – this is my favorite way to read articles at night on the iPad or when I’m stuck somewhere and on my phone.

flipboard for ipad reader

The downside is I can’t Pin from Flipboard unless there is a ‘Pin It’ button, so I have to email myself anything I want to pin or mark it to read later. If you’re on Flipboard too, here’s how to migrate your Google Reader feed in the next few days.

I tried Pulse but didn’t like the black background or the limited settings, maybe I’m missing something but it wasn’t very user friendly to me.  I tried Bloglovin’ and it was pretty good, the import of my favorites was easy. 

bloglovin import

Pinning worked only for the blog url, not the article url for me, is that true for any of you?  The whole blog can be viewed inside Bloglovin so you can see the entire blog layout if you prefer that.

Oh and I found out you can download through Google Takeout all of your Reader subscriptions just in case you want a backup.

google takeout


I tried the Feedly service and it’s the one I like best – it has a clean aesthetic and sensible settings and feels the most like Google Reader.



I also like the “preview” function, which allows you to comment on a post inside the Feedly, yay!  Google Reader didn’t have that so I consider that a bonus for Feedly.

preview reply

And you can create categories (woot!) for the different kinds of blogs you read, travel, DIY, design, whatever!

If you follow this blog with a reader, you can subscribe in Feedly or Bloglovin or your reader of choice – or subscribe via email too (see Subscribe tab on blog home page). The posts automatically post on Facebook as well if you like CG there.

So friends, there’s still time. Five more days. What about you? Where did you send your feed subscription?  What do you like or dislike about your new reader? Any convenient settings I should know about?




  1. I am heartbroken that Google Reader will disappear and I really don’t want to change.

    The BIG problem with the replacement services is that they are all quite slow. Update frequency is depending on number of servers, and very few can compete with Googles power.

    Apart from that issue, I’ve tried:

    Feedly – didn’t like that I had to install something. They’ve since launched a web-based version, but I am not very found of the desing.

    Netvibes – is ok, but I don’t like the magazine-layout, I prefer something more similiar to Googler Reader.

    The Old Reader – looks very good, and very similiar to Google Reader. Main problem is the update frequency (and that it is all run as a hobby project, so who knows what will happen)

    G2 Reader – also very similiar to Google Reader, but with the same update issues as The Old Reader. These two are my favorites.

  2. And igoogle is going in November… I’m testing out ighome and netvibes right now as replacements.

  3. I went with Feedly and I’m VERY happy. I think it’s much better than Google Reader ever was in terms of maneuverability and features. I like the categories function and being able to delete blogs easily. (Don’t worry, not you!) It took me a while to get it set the way I wanted but now it’s all good!

  4. I went with Bloglovin but after reading what you have said I think I am going to try Feedly. I would like to be able to share a post and comment all in one area. AND Google better not do away with their photo hosting site. Thanks, Kate for the informative post. :) Vikki in VA

  5. One problem I have with Feedly is that links within the blog posts are colored bright green and almost impossible to read. I’ve seen other people complain about it, but I don’t see any way to change the color.

  6. I tried Feedly for a bit but then decided I didn’t like the way it asked to access my Google info each time I logged in (does it do that for everyone?). Now I am using Bloglovin and I like it a lot!

  7. Thank you for the reminder…I just switched to Bloglovin. I think I’m going to like it better than Google. I also did Flipboard and like that as well. I notice it list “Google Reader” and wonder if that will be there after Google goes away.


  8. I switched to feedly as well–I tried BlogLovin but didn’t like that my categories weren’t there and a few other things. I just wish there was a way to get all my starred posts out of Reader!

  9. i have mostly been using good noows, but i find that sometimes it doesn’t seem to update, so all of a sudden i’ll have posts from 2 or 3 days ago that i haven’t seen yet. i’ve also used the old reader some, but i’d like it if i could group blogs into categories, which i don’t seem able to do (or at least i haven’t figured it out). maybe i’ll give feedly a try.

  10. I use Google Chrome, and Feedly is available from the Chrome Store, so I use it there. And there is is okay. BUT I will say for my mobile enjoyment, I prefer Feeddler. I don’t like the mobile interface of Feedly…it is too touchy and I have to keep flipping and swiping and end up odd places in that app. Definitely prefer Feedler for mobile viewing. I tried Flipboard, and it wasn’t as intuitive, and I never seemed to be able to get to MY preferred blogs, only suggested reading. Very frustrating.

    • Thanks for the suggestions and tips everyone, I’m so grateful, and it’s nice to hear about all of your alternatives.

  11. I moved over to Bloglovin and I lov it! I find it much better than Google Reader and especially like the button to mark all the posts from one blog as read – those that post ten things a day can’t always get my attention.

  12. I signed up for Bloglovin and Feedly so I could see which I like better. So, when checking yesterday, I noticed that Feedly did not have all the posts show up. In fact, some I read on Bloglovin only appeared this morning, which is sort of strange. And two still haven’t shown up…but I have their older posts so I know I am subscribed. Strange…

  13. I settled on Feedly too and it hasn’t been so bad; I was also shattered by the news of Google Reader’s demise :( but I’ve gotten by for more than a month now with Feedly. But I didn’t know about commenting within preview! I’m doing it now ;)

  14. I went to Feedly. It was the first alternative I tried and I liked it so much I didn’t even look at any others. I wonder why I didn’t sign up for it earlier.

  15. As soon as I get used to something it seems to change! Thanks for the post, I bookmarked it (yes, old school) I guess it’s forward march!

  16. I tried 3 options back in April.
    The Old Reader caught my eye, but was hard hit by demand from me and others looking like me.
    “Drag & drop feeds in the menu to reorder them or to create new feed folders.”
    their blog: http://blog.theoldreader.com/
    tips: http://theoldreader.com/pages/tour
    I really expected to like this one and was sad when I realized it became my backup reader.

    Newsblur- never really made sense to me and it is more a paid service than free.

    This is my go-to reader. It is not exactly like Googlereader, but that may be a good thing.
    They too were hammered by new wandering users and may be hit by another wave now.Importing feeds can take time. Is true for likely any option this week and next.
    The “Organize” item in the left pane near the top of the reader screen has an “add new category” at the bottom of the categories you already have from import.
    The “Today” option shows you everything new today only.
    All gives you everything since you last used Feedly.
    You can also work your way through each category/folder.
    For any of those options, you can view titles only, magazine style, card style, or full article and those options can be set individually.
    @ Linda M.: asking permission before accessing your google data is considered good manners and proper security for non-google apps/software. greader would even do so after a computer shutdown for me.
    @Christina: link colors: here is the settings page to change those for yourself http://cloud.feedly.com/#preferences or scroll down the main feedly page until you see “Preferences” on the left.
    @Marie: Bottom left column, “Themes” and also look at “Preferences” to change the looks to suit.
    Feedly blog: http://blog.feedly.com
    Feedly help:

  17. I use Feedly and like. Thanks for the tip on using Preview to post comments – I didn’t know about that!

  18. I like Newsblur aside from the spacing (needs more padding space between headers, words, and titles), but the functionality is good, it has sharing, and it has apps for android and ios.

    On the iPad I like Reeder or Flipboard.

    I’m hoping Digg’s reader alternative is decent.

    I soooooo don’t want to switch. I feel like a kid, I just want to stomp my feet and wail.

  19. I really did not like Google Reader. I have always used MyYahoo! to follow all of my blogs. The only drawback to me is that there is no app for my phone.

  20. Oh my gosh, you said exactly how I have been thinking! I’ve been in denial and have waited til the last minute too. I even put it on my calendar for this week to move to a new reader. Thanks for the tips on what you’re using. I’ve been thinking about bloglovin’ and will probably move to that this week, like, the very end of the week! I’m holding on to Google Reader’s leg not letting it go yet until the end! :)

  21. Feedly rocks. Plus I can pin directly from Feedly by clicking the image. The Pin is connected to the actual source, not the Feedly feed Also works perfectly on my Android. I’ve been using Feedly since Google made the announcement about Reader and I haven’t had a single issue.

  22. I moved to Feedly too, after an appropriate mourning period for poor Google Reader. I miss the Search function, but apparently it’s on Feedly’s to-do list. I like that it has a super simple Reader-style layout option (just a list of text links) rather than forcing you into a flashy magazine-style layout. And I also love the Preview option.

  23. I am holding out to ’til the end with Google reader. I still have not made up my mind! 5 more days ugh!

  24. I tried Feedly and didn’t care for it. I tried Bloglovin’ and wasn’t crazy about that, either. I am still trying to come to terms with losing igoogle,too! I am sure that something will work out…… It is a little frustrating, though :(

    • I agree Susan iGoogle + Reader has kept me happy for years! Frustrated along with you.

  25. Thank you for doing this, I still have not figured out what I want to do, I think I’m still in denial. But I wanted to let you know, I visited Sonoma two weeks ago and hit some of the places you recommended in previous posts. What a charming place, and I loved that you played my virtual tour guide!

    • How fabulous QendyKay, so excited to read you were nearby and enjoyed some favorite spots!

  26. I switched to Feedly just a week or two after the announcement of Google Reader leaving us. At first I didn’t like it. It felt weird to me but once I figured the settings out and got everything set to my preferences I fell in love. I love it more than G Reader. The preview option is fantastic. Great for reading truncated blog posts and commenting. I actually wrote a review about it on my own blog – http://www.ourlifeindesign.blogspot.com/2013/03/google-readers-going-bye-bye.html.

  27. I am newer to the idea of RSS feeds and Google Reader was the one I started with and became accustomed to so it was hard to see it go. I have switched over to Feedly though and I like it so far. Everything is laid out easily so I feel like I can be a bit more interactive now than in the past when I just scrolled through the articles.

    Best of luck to all finding a new feed that suits them!

  28. I’m sad too. None of the alternatives seem to fill my very basic needs like Google Reader did. I’ve been trying NewsBlur the last couple of weeks (it’s what I’m using right now) and I LOVE the viewing choices — I finally get to see everyone’s beautiful blog designs again! I’m guessing that’s also good for bloggers who have ads on their blogs. But I’m not wild about the overall purpose of NewsBlur to “train” your feed to match with your preferences. Plus, there’s no way to search posts you’ve read (sounds like it’s a common problem among most Reader alternatives) and at least with the free version it doesn’t update quickly like Reader did. I also set up a Feedly account, so I’m going to try that out too, but I wish Google would just change their mind. :)

  29. Blovlovin would be fine if it didn’t crash all. the. time. It was super-easy to import everything from Google Reader, but now that it’s imported it takes a blue moon to get to it all! Still looking…

  30. OMG…..I am soooooo in the dark on this one. I thought I was reading Chinese in todays post!! LOL I must get to reading this and researching this whole thing in its entirety! I think I told you I was new to this whole blog thingy ~ but of what I know of you Kate…I must not miss this!! If you ever have time I would love a “whatchur talking about 101” email!!

    • We were all there once Ms. Lizzy!
      The RSS feed is an alternative way to read content rather than visiting the blog or subscribing via email.
      I love them and find a “feed” and easy way to read a lot of content at a time instead of visiting hundreds of websites a day.
      Email me if you like!

  31. I use Bloglovin’ and love it! Have NEVER had a problem with it “crashing”.

    I did have problems with Feedly… since they are “updated” as Google Reader is. Reader kept adding back on blogs I stopped following months ago, so Feedly would too. And Reader keeps dropping blogs I follow, so Feedly would too!

    I finally got tired of having all the blogs added back on at Google Reader, so 2 weeks ago I re-did my Manage Blog List there. When I was done, I had 179 blogs I follow. So that updated Feedly as well. BUT… the very next day they had dropped more blogs and my count was down to 162!

    Also had the problem of some daily posts not showing up, then one day I’d have 5-10 posts that were days behind! Never had that problem with Bloglovin’.

    And others have mentioned they could not group blogs into categories on Bloglovin’…. that’s NOT true…. I have ALL my blogs grouped together by the category I named and assign it to. Like I said… love it!

    • That’s terrible Paula, I’ll keep an eye out for that!
      Thanks so much for sharing!

  32. I tried both Feedly and Bloglovin’ after the announcement was made and didn’t like their layout and the fact that you can’t search on either service. I finally settled on The Old Reader which looks and feels the most like Google Reader. You can’t pin directly from Old Reader, but I don’t mind clicking over to the blog to pin something.

    If you really want the most similar experience to Google Reader, Old Reader is great and I didn’t have any trouble importing my blogs.

  33. I set up an ighome page and added a feedly gadget to that. I’m getting ready for Nov when my beloved igoogle page will be discontinued. Sadness. It’s always tough to learn a new way to do things. I am going to back up my reader data just in case!

  34. I tried Feedly, but just didn’t like it very much. I had also read in a couple of places that they might migrate to a paid version for some features; for that reason alone, I decided not to use it.

    After exploring what seemed like dozens of options, I settled on The Old Reader. Probably because the interface is almost identical to Google Reader, so it was very easy to use even the first time I migrated all my feeds there. It isn’t as fancy schmancy as some readers, but I like my RSS feed to be simple and uncluttered. And I get that with The Old Reader. I don’t use it on my phone, though, just on my laptop, so I don’t have any feedback about mobile use. :)

  35. I still haven’t made up my mind, also in denial! :)

    I have been using flipboard some already though and don’t have much trouble pinning things, you just have to click the little arrow button on the bottom and then “view on the web.” From there I use the Pinterest bookmarklet to pin. There are directions for that are on the Pinterest site, but it was fairly easy! :)

    • Thanks Rebecca, I haven’t installed the bookmarklet for iPad, will do!

  36. Digg just launched their reader and it’s quite similar to Google Reader. I haven’t tried the web versions of the other options, but I think I’m sticking with this one. The only unfortunate thing is that it’s still very new and the android app doesn’t come out til the end of July.

  37. I’ve been using Bloglovin’ for two years or so and I really liked it. But I find recent changes quite annoying. For example, it doesn’t count unread posts well, the numbers are almost always higher as if the counter was lagging behind all the time. Pinning works in post urls for me, but often I can pin just the first one photo. I’m a bit too lazy to try out other services, so I usually go to my Bloglovin’ account through the ipad Pinterest app instead of a browser, which works fine for me :)

  38. I switched to Feedly and love it. The best part for me, is that on my phone it doesn’t open a whole extra safari window if I click on a link or a truncated post. Soooo much better than google reader in that way!

  39. I was sad about my beloved Google Reader too. But I grudgingly made the change to Feedly and it’s been okay. I do love the ability to organize all the hundreds of various blogs I read into areas of interest. But I still signed the petition to bring Google Reader back. Guess the petition thing didn’t work, huh? Just happy I didn’t lose all the wonderful blogs that “feed” me — especially yours!

  40. I went to Bloglovin’ for my iPad and find it fairly convenient. I do have trouble adding comments occasionally but that’s my only complaint. I did love Google Reader.

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