Blogging About Home Matters

By Kate Riley September 30, 2014

There’s something happening in our little home blogger niche right now. Call it an awareness or consciousness, a reprioritization or awakening, like something out of a Mary Poppins song…  winds in the east, mist coming in like something’s a brewin’ and ‘bout to begin…  Some are switching gears, slowing down, taking breaks, reevaluating their priorities and their work/life balance.

Anyone who works to create content for a blog, the DIYers and designers, alone or with a team, knows that blogging is work. From the research and creativity to execution to photography and writing and responding to readers and fielding emails from brands and running a website, yes it’s work. We’re not curing diseases or saving lives, let’s keep it in perspective, but we are spending our hours contributing something I believe to be worthwhile.

Despite how we go on and on about decor and trends, for me it’s never been about the things. It’s about the rooms created through hard work and the expression of creativity, and the value from what stems from those projects and spaces. Time together with family in a comforting place. A laugh with a good friend who sits on your sofa whether it’s old or freshly slipcovered. Blogging about home has always been about three things that started this journey and they keep me coming back.

autumn leaves bowl


Blogging provides a forum where we constantly share our ideas on making homes happier, livable, more organized, more stylish, more relaxed. They’re also an opportunity to put our tastes and personalities on display. Blogging about home is like having hundreds of friends to sit around and chat with about what works, what doesn’t, what’s new, what’s next. The conversation can be frivolous or it can be meaningful. The internet has created this place where we can meet and chat with like minded people and that brings us joy. We all crave something to talk about, blogging about home give us that.      

coffee cozy


We have a need to hear from each other and share our experiences, not in a businessy LinkedIn kind of way, but in a human heartfelt way. Poignant stories, craft fails, progress reports, tips on where to score great deals or the best source for this or that, we smile at our screens when we connect and feel the same or learn from each other’s insight. Blogging is this big piazza where we can join in on the people watching while in our pajamas or on a lunch break from work and live vicariously.

I read so many of your blogs too so know that when you write about your travels, your kids, your heartbreaks, your failures and successes, your favorite things, your new adventures in home improvement or otherwise, I’m along for the ride. I like hearing your voice and reading about your approach to life or design whether you write once a week or more. As a subscriber, I’m invested and you matter to me.   

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Each of us has an idea to contribute, a new approach to an old method, a little place of beauty we’ve created in the world. We inspire each other with our ingenuity and resourcefulness. Home bloggers create beauty inside their homes in authentic ways and for all of you I’m grateful for your contribution. We love the shelter magazines, but I believe the blogosphere brings a realistic imperfect approach to decorating that is personable and achievable. Cheers to that. 

As long as I have something to write about, I’m sticking around this little space of mine on the world wide web. I am thankful you stop by from time to time and I promise to (mostly) stay on topic. Know I truly love reading what you have to say and what you create in your homes too whether you blog yourself, leave an occasional comment, or share a thought in a personal email, it matters to me. 


  1. So well said, Kate! I imagine this is in response to the big YHL implosion. One of the (many) things I admire about your blog is that you keep it classy, your designs are always well thought out and elegant, and you stick (for the most part) to the home blogging, not using your family for fodder. Thanks for providing a great blog to read!

  2. Well said! Your blog is among the first I discovered and started following. I still remember the inspirational frenzy that set in, and the projects I tackled after reading through your projects and tutorials. You’re a big reason I started blogging, and here I am, almost 4 1/2 years later, still trucking along. I’m glad you’re sticking around, my blogging world would be different if your voice was silent.

  3. Very well written, Kate. My blog is a work in progress and still learning how to make it work and not just for fun, but I do agree that it is work. I’d love it if it would grow to be my full time job. I think it’s a dream for lots of people to call their own shots and to have a position where you get to do that as well as harness your own creativity – well, I think it’s an amazing opportunity. I hope some of those who have lost the bug return to us, but if they don’t I hope it opens up opportunity for the next wave of creatively inspired! Either way, I love your blog and I’m in it for as long as you are.

  4. Kate, this was beautifully said. You have certainly kept true to your purposes and I appreciate all of the ways that you have inspired me to make my home a more beautiful and meaningful place. Thank you for the work that you put into touching so many lives.

  5. I think Tracy’s comment is a little catty, YHL wasn’t the only blog using their family as FODDER I for one miss them, they were very helpful in helping diyer’s with their own homes.

  6. Beautifully written. Those are the same reasons why I blog and I think that’s why we’ve hung in there :) The whole “get more of this” mentality can start to wear on me, which is why I guess I migrate more toward some blogs than others….

  7. Hi,
    Can you list the blogs you’re referring to by “Some are switching gears, slowing down, taking breaks, reevaluating their priorities and their work/life balance.” I’m only aware of YHL doing this recently and I’m curious which others are that you’re referring to.


  8. I recently wrote a post about why I love to blog. You describe in your post everything I love about blogging in such a beautiful way, I really took the time to read it thoroughly. Thanks for this amazing post.

  9. So nicely written Kate! We will continue to enjoy your blog as long as you enjoy providing us with the connection and inspiration and opportunity to share our homes too! You have to love what you do or it shows and then no one is happy. Here’s to a great place I look forward to visiting every day and I wish you more of whatever it takes to keep it going! You have a gift and as long as you are happy to share we will be happy to be your audience!

  10. Well done Kate! This perfectly describes why I am a home blogger too. It is definitely all about the community, sharing our ideas and gathering inspiration.

  11. For a minute I thought you were going to say that you were quitting. I thank you for not. I love your blog and appreciate all decorating blogs. They inspire me to try new ideas and I’m grateful the ideas are doable and not terribly expensive. Please keep doing what you so well

  12. I appreciate how much planning, time, and creativity it takes to keep running your blog year after year. Because it would be such a disappointment not to be able to be inspired by your work I hope you do take breaks and rest from time to time so you don’t burn out. I have followed your blog for several years now and love your point of view! Not only do I love your projects, but I love your philosophy behind DIY, yes sometimes you could just buy something but the whole process can be so rewarding. I also love your Alma projects. Providing beautiful and functional spaces really does help morale and improves the quality of life of the people living in these spaces.

  13. Love your blog. I don’t always like everything you do but I love majority of what you do and I always learn something from you. I am so glad you are staying.

  14. As a senior I don’t read many blogs. I do like your blog because you seem to create a balance between decorating, family, charity work, etc. I asked a question a month or so ago, and you answered me (about the mattresses for the bunk bed). I do thank you for that response. I loved YHL for sharing their children with all of us. I miss them. Please continue to blog because I am a FAN. My feeling is if I don’t like a blog or something on television, I know where the off button is located. Keep up the good work.

  15. Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. I read several blogs, but what I think one of the things that sets yours apart is what Francis alluded to – I think your blog comes across as very balanced. If your blog does cause you stress (as I’m sure it does ;)) that doesn’t come through in your posts and I appreciate that. I love that you took a few days off from the blog recently and that that is something that you regularly do and best of all, I love that you don’t apologize for it. :) Thanks again for being a sharer. :)

  16. Very well said! I’m always sad when bloggers I follow take a break or step away completely. I do recognize the work it takes and I think finding a good balance for yourself is important. But we read for a reason – it’s a big tease when you get me all addicted and then leave me stranded. haha!

    Also – when I leave a comment I have no expectation of being responded to unless I ask a question. I see some bloggers religiously comment on most people’s comments. Perhaps they are doing work they don’t really need to be doing. Sometimes considering how to cut back some of the load without changing the reader’s experience negatively is worth considering.

  17. This. Is. Spot on. I adore you and your blog and I have for 4years now. I too still enjoy the art do sharing and I get giddy to share with my readers. Keep on keepin on girly:) Great job! You will always be my fav:)

  18. Thank you, Kate, for the time that you spend creating and sharing with us. I don’t think I have missed one of your posts in a few years and it is always evident the careful attention that you give to every post, not to mention your excellent taste.
    As a young mother I was blessed to stay home with my children, and my community was all of the young mothers in my neighborhood. We talked about our children, school, decorating our homes and the challenges of young families. I am older now and don’t have that community any more. I live in a condo in the city and spend most of my day at work with people I don’t have that much in common with. I really enjoy the time that I have with the virtual community of bloggers that I follow regularly. You are inspiring and thoughtful and add a richness to my life – thank you!

  19. Dear Kate, so well said. Your blog was one of the first i found and while i check in on several, yours is always where i start. Balance being key! You also bring another balance – As a mom who works full time i admit i would wonder when bloggers got their time-off. I think you all work so very very hard every single day. And i truly recognize and appreciate every word! For us amateurs, sometimes the little things are the most inspiring. And you bring it all home… Small, big, family, charity, literature, recipes, all of it. Keep up the great work! And know, your followers will always be there

  20. Thanks for this! Bloggers like you inspire me to keep trying new things around the house, and to write about it. I’ve always loved writing but struggled with getting myself to do it consistently until I started blogging. I’m still not the most consistent blogger, but I enjoy when I do post and I think that’s the important thing right now.

  21. I read many blogs but yours is my absolute favorite and the one I always read first. I have you to thank for the inspiration for several of the makeovers I’ve done in my house and for my discovery of several terrific artisans on Etsy.

  22. Well put, Kate. I’m so glad you’re not taking a break. I couldn’t agree more with what you said…I’d like to think what we do does matter in a small way. In this crazy world, home should be our touchstone, especially for our children. If we can do one small thing–and then another and another — to make our homes a safe and comforting haven for ourselves and others, then that IS important. Like you said, we’re not curing cancer. But it contributes something, I believe. Thanks for writing this post.

  23. Thank you.
    Well said!
    Your thoughtful insight is appreciated.
    Keep up with the delicate balance you have been able to achieve.
    Best wishes for a successful future.

  24. Kate I love your blog. You were the first blogger I added to the now defunct Google reader. Please continue what you do. It’s well done, classy and your approach always comes across as doable! Greetings from Oxnard: )

  25. Hi Kate,
    I LOVE that you said “it matters to me” – to hear from us. I truly believe that and I think that is one major thing that drew me to you-besides being separated at birth with our styles of course!! ;)
    This was a great “pause”.
    Thank you!

  26. Thanks so much for this great post. I really enjoyed reading it and I loved reading all the comments as well. What a wonderful community we all belong to!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    • Thank you everyone for your comments, and I agree Natasha, we do belong to a wonderful community :)

  27. Thank you for this post. I truly appreciate and understand the hard work it takes to keep a blog going and makes me appreciate your blog even more, which was one of the first DIY blogs I ever connected with and subscribed to. To this day, your blog is still one of my favorites and I enjoy and connect with you and your blog just as much now as I did when I first discovered it years ago. One of my favorite things is to have a cup of coffee in the morning and “catch up with Kate”. :) Thank you for inspiring us and connecting with us!

  28. this was such a great post. I am not a very good writer and I am kind of a.d.d so I find myself not always reading post on various blogs. But I love blogs like yours. They are written so well and seriously reach out. Have a good week:)

  29. Dear Kate,
    being a busy mom of four, a doctor, not only working at my office but holding lectures as well, I have wondered about what I like about blogs and blogging myself. You have put that into marvellous words and I am grateful for that: The realistic imeperfect approach – that´s it.
    Have a nice week!
    Yours Sarah

  30. I really have to ditto what everyone else said. But I want to say it again that it does matter when someone comments– it’s like “Is anyone out there?” You realize someone must be reading what you write but it is nice to know that it’s touched them somehow. Most of us enjoy what we’re doing. I’ve always loved writing and sharing thoughts and getting inspired from other bloggers. Honesty and a true love of what you’re doing does come through the Internet. Your three points are exactly why most of us blog. Thank you for putting it all into words.

  31. Excellent post!
    I’ve been following various bloggers for years. Even though I have never met, nor am likely to meet, most of these women (and a few men), they feel like friends. I’ve had a little window into their lives, have heard their “voice” as they share about family and home.
    We moved overseas 6 years ago and as I have struggled with learning a new language, settling into a different culture, and slowly making new friends, the blogging world has provided a way for me to still feel connected. It was a few of my new blogging friends who reached out and stayed in touch, even more so than close friends I left behind in the states. These women cheered my small successes in language and living. What a difference that made!
    I have been able to meet a few of my new friends, on various trips back to the states, and now we stay in touch via Facebook too.
    The blogging community has been such a blessing in so many ways. The inspiration, honesty and heart that are evident on the blogs I read are what keep me coming back.

  32. Thanks Kate for continuing to inspire me! I cherish all the design blogs I read. It is almost like a time of zen for me where I can sip a cup of coffee and relish over all the content. I often find Pinterest too overwhelming and Instagram just isn’t enough. Blogs truly fit what I am looking for – I hope they all don’t disappear! Thank you for all your hard work!!!

  33. Kate, I’m glad to hear you will continue your lovely blog. It is one of my very favorites! I’ve been sad to see some bloggers stepping away, but as a fellow blogger (albeit I have a tiny following compared to most), I do understand how much time it takes. Just know that you are appreciated. :)

  34. I believe if you are honest with yourself and blog for the right reasons for you, it’s possible to overcome the challenges. If you do it for reasons you at the core of you don’t really value, burnout happens. Sometimes that might require keeping a blog business smaller than it could have been, before it’s driven by these things.

  35. So timely Kate thanks :) Someone sent me the NYT article written about Young House Love so it is going around! And I love your space on the web! x Maria

  36. I just want to comment that I have learned a lot from the home blogging niche, tricks and tips it would have taken me much longer to figure out on my own. But the funny part to me is, even though the blogosphere has grown, I have less in my reader. So I agree with your sentiment, things have definitely changed (it is the only constant). I do enjoy your voice and what you share here. I am pleased you’ve decided to continue blogging, best wishes for your continued success.

  37. Very well written! I’m so glad you posted this :) I know so many people can relate and it helps to bring things back into perspective and remember whey we all started doing this in the first place! xo

  38. Thanks Kate for hanging in there. Your blog is my favorite, and I love your style. You amaze me with all the the things you do and the balance you seem to have in your life.

  39. Well said Kate! I feel the same way and I see that shift too. A perfect balanced life is not possible, but we can become more balanced by constantly evaluating the messages we take in and the ones we convey to others. Blogging is so much work but I have never loved a “job” like I do my blog. I blog about organization and although it is not saving lives, I do believe it is important to love the space you live in. The home is important, hearts are cultivated there.

    xo – Maria

  40. This was lovely Kate. Thank you for continuing to share, connect with, and inspire your readers. I’ve followed your blog for years now and I very much appreciate what you do.

  41. Wonderfully said Kate! Many thanks to you for all the years of creativity and inspiration!

  42. Hi Kate,
    You just inspired me so much! I will like to take my little blog back and write a few posts and get motivated to continue with my art. Yes, it’s a lot of work but very rewarding. I speak spanish so writing in english can be a challenge and then share it uff!! But why not? It’s not like climbing a mountain it should be enjoyable too.
    I’ll focus more on finishing some projects that gives me so much joy so I can share too.
    Thank you so much and I always look forward to your posts.

  43. “Blogging about home is like having hundreds of friends to sit around and chat with…” I absolutely love the mental image of this, Kate, and agree wholeheartedly. What a wonderful group of friends you’ve assembled for us to enjoy and learn from. As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.” As long as you keep inviting us over, I’ll keep showing up.

  44. Although I don’t really comment – it doesn’t mean that I don’t take the information and use it in my life and the lives of my friends/family. We really do appreciate your time to this blog! Keep up all the good work!

  45. Having grown up in the transistor radio-manual typewriter-black-and-white TV –but not on school nights — generation, I marvel at the opportunities afforded young homesteaders today via this wired-up, plugged-in new world. My first kitchen renovation was done by guesswork, without power tools or Pinterest or how-to videos. The thought of sitting in front of a screen and typing in a question about flooring choices never crossed my radar. Had anyone told me then that there would be a way to see pictures on a screen, in full color, that were posted there a moment earlier by someone 3,000 miles away, I would have backed away slowly and called the seven-digit number for the sheriff’s office. I am so impressed, so grateful, so inspired, so astonished and so blessed that those of you who have talent and the desire to share the fruits of your labor with all of us continue to do so. You owe me nothing. You have no obligation to open your home and expose your treasures. I thank you for your hospitality, for your insight, for your honesty, your humor, your generosity. God bless you for all of it.

  46. I don’t always comment but I do always read your posts and the way this one started had me worried. I’m not a blogger and I can only imagine how much it takes of time, thought and energy to keep a successful one going. I do know I enjoy all your topics, your pictures, your talent and I totally understand when you need to take breaks. I’ll follow you as far as the journey goes! Thanks for all it, CG!

  47. Beautifully written, Kate! And I couldn’t agree with you more. I have a full time job but couldn’t imagine not having a blog on the side as a place to share my soul and creativity. It’s a TON of work but it’s so fulfilling. BTW, I always tell people that I started my little slice of the web after having only read one other blog in the past… yours. I enjoy checking in once a week and seeing what you’ve been up to. While I don’t comment as much as I used to, I’m still a lifelong fan who is ever so grateful for your inspiration. Keep it up, girl! I’ll always be here.

  48. I love your blog. Thank you for all the work you put into making it a pleasure and inspiration to read. :)

  49. Kate, I’m not a blogger. I’m a wanna be DIY’er who loves your blog. I’m going to tackle painting furniture soon. Starting small, but with your furniture painting details and tips, I know where to start and what paints and tools you recommend. If you weren’t going through the work in advance for us, it just wouldn’t be happening in my world. Thank you for all the work that you do. You are truly a sharing, inspirational, and connecting person.

  50. I’m not a blogger, but just wanted to say thank you for all the effort that goes into keeping your blog going. I used to love shelter magazines and home store catalogs, but DIY and decorating blogs help me achieve in my own home what I always admired in those beautiful pictures from the magazines. I’ve had such inspiration from following along with all your projects!

  51. I don’t blog about home matters, but blogging for the past 9 months or so has helped me explore a new passion, connect with new real life friends in a new place, and given me a new found confidence in my personality and unique “voice.” I started this journey by being a reader first, and I’ve been following Centsational Girl for a good while now. Thanks for the valuable content you provide, and I’m glad it gives you such joy to do so! A very insightful post.

  52. Kate, I have enjoyed your blog from day one. I started reading blogs about a year ago and enjoy home décor/diy and fashion most of all. Yours is one of the amazing blogs and some not so much. I have learned a tremendous amount from my favorite bloggers and I’m sure I will in the future as well. I’m on this crazy ride with you as long as you feel passionate about it. All the ones you do are excellent. I have always wondered how in the world you (bloggers) have the time and energy to care for a family, have a beautiful home and write a blog. I know it’s got to be a lot of work but you seem to balance everything so well and God Bless You for that. I, as a reader. do care about you and your feelings. I sincerely appreciate all your hard work and the great info I have learned from you.

    Thank you and take care.

  53. Wonderfully summed up! I am a blogger of crafts , home décor, cooking etc. Love creating! But most of all love visiting all the wonderful blogs, that includes yours. Happy Fall! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  54. So nicely written Kate! I enjoy reading your blog and get inspired by your posts. I myself am struggling with content, layout, and how I want to proceed at this point. Feel I have too many thoughts and ideas that get jumbled and are not posting the way they should. Just by reading this you have made me feel focused and I thank you for that!

  55. Well said. I follow about 15 bloggers and your blog is by far my favorite. You always have such fantastic ideas. You inspire me. Thank you for not taking a break like other bloggers I follow although I am still in amazement at how many projects you are able to tackle! Your love of design really comes through. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration.

  56. What a thoughtful and poignant post. I am a relatively new blogger and there is sooo much work that goes into it. Just one post on a DIY from conception to photography takes more time than people realize. But, it is so much fun and so addictive. The type of work I would do for free (and do!)

  57. Thank you for so perfectly articulating the many reasons for, and rewards of blogging. I started blogging just under a year ago and I can tell you I had no idea of the work involved. I have an abundance of projects and creative ideas in my head that I may not get through in this lifetime and sometimes, not always, that in itself creates stress. But The creative ideas spirns a desire to create which then pushes me forward to completion, which produces the satisfaction and joy I feel when I’ve made my home a little more welcoming and a little more of a safe haven for my family.

    I certainly haven’t been around long enough to notice trends or shifts on the horizon, but I will continue to create and blog for all the reasons you mention. Right now, that may only be a post a week but Imalso trust that more of the path will be revealed as needed.

    If you or anyone posting is interested in giving me feedback, I’m certainly open to it. You can read my little blog at

  58. Beautifully said. I read your blog because I can. It inspires me to try things, think of ideas, and find ways to create what works for me in my environment. I am always amazed at how much you have going on and wonder how much sleep you actually get. I’m not one that usually comments, but wanted you to know that I appreciate all the time and effort it takes to share your thoughts, ideas, photos, mistakes, products, and everything else that you put into your blog. You are a Centsational Girl!

  59. I have loved reading your blog for quite a while now, I’m glad you’re sticking around. :) For me, blogging is a really fun hobby and a place to share and be shared with. No one in my real life is interested in these things! I plan to keep it up until it stops being fun.

  60. Whew! When I first read the headline I thought “Uh-oh..another bites the dust AKA Young House Love”. I was relieved to read on that you are sticking with blogging and for all the reasons you mentioned. I have been a blogger for myself as well as a paid blogger for others in the design field for many years now and have followed your blog for almost that long. I do not think it is a dying art and I do wonder about the burn-out many are expressing. That being said, I, too, am sticking around because while design is a lifelong passion of mine, blogging or reading or talking about it in whatever form is my job. Good days and bad days, like all jobs, it is a job I am passionate about and I am happy to hear there are others out there in the design blogworld that feel the same. I was beginning to think I was going to be all alone!

  61. Very lovely post. I love that you seem to strive to personally connect with your readers, despite being a very popular blog. I’ve popped in here from time to time over the years, and actually came to this post after reading that it was quite well written in response to other bloggers making major changes. So with that, I’m officially an occasional reader no more, and now a new feedly subscriber. :)

  62. Well said Kate! I love reading your blog and have for a long time. I’m so glad you share because it does inspire others and me! I’ve always loved your style.

  63. Always a day late and sometimes a dollar short…but here it goes! I am a garden designer and a long-time DIYer (before nails were invented) and have just recently gotten into blogging. I have been studying the “business” of blogging and have had my own struggles with many of the trends and the frenetic pace that I have observed in so many blogs. In my mind there is this tremendous noise in our lives that has been created by technology (more so our use of technology) and this perception that we are in competition with everyone and therefore have to outpace the world. It’s all very absurd, and as the NYT article mentions, a hamster wheel. Worse yet, it becomes inauthentic.

    I started blogging because, in my industry, there seems to be a huge gap between everyday folks who just want a pretty garden and those who can afford to plunk down bazillions of dollars to get those crazy outdoor spaces and still those who are horticultural snobs. I blog for the everyday person because I just want to share the joys of gardens. It’s all about sharing your passion, connecting with real people, and sparking some inspiration of which you so eloquently speak.

    Thank you for your blog. ~Julie

  64. My heart skipped a beat when at first I thought you were going to say you were planning to quit blogging … WHEW! Your blog is one of my daily 5 reads. Your projects inspire me to tackle things I never even dreamed of doing. Keep up the great work! I love it!

  65. First off let me say that I and so glad you are not leaving, I love reading your blog! I wonder sometimes shaf the point of blogging is, if my projects are the same as everyone else’s what is the point of sharing them? I think the point is that we all work tirelessly to make our homes beautiful and when we complete something we want to share it with our friends in the blogging community. Everyone thinks differently, we may all paint a dresser but I bet each one would be different and unique from the one standing next to it.

    I love reading blogs from all different people, but not just for the decorating advice. I like to read about people’s lives, their kids, their pets, their husbands, their wives and personal stories. If I wanted to read straight up decorating advice I would grab a magazine or a book, I read blogs for the sense of community. I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way! Either way, as long as all of these fabulous blogs are around I will keep reading them!


  66. As a newbie to the world of blogging (in a different genre), your words today especially resonated with me. Having a full-time job and other life commitments often times competes with the voice that wants to write my blog. I get befuddled, can’t concentrate, or have no time to do the necessary research, read other’s blogs or find the right words to convey that voice inside me that so wants to say something. I’m buoyed by your lovely and balanced tone in actually believing that maybe I can do this and take a deep breath and try again. Your beautiful designs, kind words and calming tone give me hope to speak again. Thank you for that and for showing such beautiful places–the internal ones within each of us and our families as well as the external ones where we actually live.

    • Again thank you so much everyone for your very kind compliments and comments, I am glad you were encouraged. :)

  67. Very Well said.. Specially the paragraph of connection. I really felt something deep in my heart and this is the biggest award that a blogger can get and You deserve this. Keep writing and keep inspire me as you always do :)

  68. Thanks! Your blog was the first one that I found myself checking for updates…and now I’ve started my own. Hi from San Jose.

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