Let’s Greek Key All the Things…

By Kate Riley October 1, 2014

This week I started another project combining two classics: linen fabric and Greek key trim. I’m making window panels for my living room and I’ve been wanting this combo in there for some time after I realized with this project just how nice a strip of Greek key tape looks on the edge of a simple curtain.

greek key trim yardage

The application has been around forever and designers use it all the time because Greek key trim is a no fail way to add elegance to decor. The term “Greek key” is used to describe several iconic boxy twisting patterns. Historically, the motif is known as a “meander” which is a decorative pattern forming a continuous geometric line.  

greek key motifs

Let’s Greek key all the things! 

Like adding trim to window panels …

navy greek key trim traci zeller

greek key trim on curtains

panels with greek key trim

greek key trim curtains

greek key trim

traci zeller / amanda carol interiors / better homes & gardens / ballard designs / amy meier /schumacher blog / lonny 

Or displaying it with Rugs and Mirrors and Pillows and Walls!

greek key mirror pillow

greek key pillows

greek key rug

greek key trim on sofa

jonathan adler greek key wallpaper

rinfret ltd / source unknown / the zhush / emily gilbert photography / jonathan adler


Up for a DIY application? Use Sarah’s technique to map out this motif with ribbon. 

greek key sham pattern

Use O’verlays to jazz up a plain dresser with Greek key like Amanda.

amanda greek key dresser


Where to buy Greek key trim, tape, and ribbon? Try these: M & J Trimmings (my source); Samuel & Sons; Fabric.com; Craft Outlet; Designers Axess on Etsy; Tassel Outlet on Etsy; Buy Fabrics

Who else is in the Greek key fan club?


  1. Greek Key has such a simple but high end look. I added a tan/gold and white trim of it to my living room drapes and it made such a difference! I just found mine at JoAnn Fabrics. They didn’t have a very big selection but thankfully had the color I needed. I love the color you’re doing!

  2. Me! I made some pillows for my sofa and then liked them so much, I ordered more fabric and recovered some ottoman stools we have in there, too!

  3. Love it! I just finished some greek key applique pillows for my living room (photos on my blog) and I’m looking for any excuse to use some jacquard trim I have.

  4. Ooh yes, I love it too! I also added the black and white greek key trim to some plain white curtains for our bedroom and I can’t believe how much beautiful detail it adds to the room. The gray and white is really pretty.

  5. I am obsessed with Greek Key! Thank god it is so classic. I added trim to some basic Ikea drapes and it makes such an impact. Hobby Lobby also has really quality Greek Key trim in a variety of colors that I feel is of equal quality to M&J trim for less!

  6. i have always loved the Greek key design. I use only Greek key for my bed linens and my personal correspondence cards. However, my favorite Greek key motif is the Etruscan sterling pattern. It was my Aunt Marie’s pattern and I have added to the service at antique shows. The pattern is from 1913 by Whiting, then by Gorham. It has been a labor of love to recreate the simple, yet elegant table settings.

  7. How will you apply the trim to the curtains? Will you sew them or another method?

  8. Love the couch in the Emily Gilbert photo. How can I find out where to get it? Love the down cushions!

  9. I love this idea! I did something similar only with ribbon for my daughters room but I could fancy up my curtains with this trim idea.

  10. I like it best on the plain panels- so pretty! I might try it in lving room after my sofa and loveseat are reupholstered- thank you for sharing!

  11. I had greek key trim on the curtains in my bedroom when I was a teenager in the 60’s – my mother loved it – me not so much – but as they say, everything old is new again.

  12. I love anything and everything with the Greek key motif. It’s such a classic in design. Bring it on! Thanks for sharing all the beauty. I love that Greek key mirror.

  13. Hi Beth I inherited my mother’s Gorham Etruscan too and love it. Elegant and simple.

  14. I love it too. I’ve seen it in molding on a wall, and would love to do that on a big bare wall in my dining room. Would it look ok above chair rail? I could talk hubby into the trim, but probably not into taking the chair rail down first. I would love your thoughts on this. I’ve been a reader and fan for a long time. Thanks!

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