Bone Inlay Inspired Dresser {Featured in HGTV Mag}

By Kate Riley May 19, 2014

Greetings all! This week we’re off on a family vacay in Kauai so this week will be light on posts, but I do have a few scheduled. Today I wanted to share a DIY project I completed as part of a painting challenge for Glidden for HGTV Magazine.

I mentioned last year how much I wanted to try this project and when I was asked by the Glidden team to come up with a something creative, this bone inlay inspired dresser came to mind. I borrowed accessories from the guest room and family room to style it up for the magazine, here is the piece that is featured inside the cover.

bone inlay inspired painted dresser


You’ll find the feature alongside fellow My Colortopia contributors Nicole and Eduardo, we each shared an inspirational idea completed with paint from Glidden’s line and they’re included inside a peel back wrapped cover in the June issue.

power of paint hgtv feature


The process was simple but time consuming! I started with the $99 IKEA Koppang chest and a Nagoya stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. The color on the chest is Glidden’s “Rich Navy” and partnered with handcarved knobs from Anthropologie. koppang chest to inlay lookalike


I was inspired by the geometric design on this table and the Serena & Lily Leila inlay table. I used the same process of stenciling that I used for the bone inlay inspired tray from a few months ago.

stenciling steps

The photography for the magazine was a “just enough to get the photo” process so I didn’t have to style an entire bedroom. To photograph the dresser, I propped up a partially painted $10 thrift store headboard on two gallons of paint and made up our raised inflatable bed with basic white linens. Navy Greek key trim from M&J Trimmings added a nice edge to a plain white window panel from Target.

styling 1

I borrowed the pillow covers from our guest room; the rug I bought last year from Joss & Main for our family room. The coverlet on the bed is simply a folded up shower curtain from World Market, trick of the trade :) The Samba Double Gourd Lamp is from Lamps Plus.

bone inlay inspired dresser

Like I said before, this was a very time consuming project, not complicated, it just took three days! I had to come back to it repeatedly over the course of those days to apply the stencil but in the end I got the bone inlay look I was going for.

Thanks so much to Glidden for initiating the creation and for including me among the three to be featured inside the cover of HGTV Magazine!

power of paint glidden feature

june magazine

Be sure to pick up the June issue, on newstands now!



  1. There are so many possibilities with that IKEA chest. I just love what you did (and a great pattern mix with the rug!). Congrats on the feature :)

  2. The dresser is awesome Kate. It looks very high end. Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes staging. It’s great to know that I’m not the only one who does nutty things like this. Not that you’re nutty…just the things we go through to get the money shot!

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and have never posted, but I am always so impressed by your talent and cleverness. Thank you for sharing it with me. I love this and it inspires me to try so many possibilities!

  4. Congratulations Kate. Another masterpiece….you are just too much…in a good way, of course!

  5. Yay, Kate! Love it. I just don’t know if I have patience to try it myself!

  6. Congratulations, Kate! And thank you for sharing your styling secrets. Enjoy your holiday. Well jel! (as they say in the South East of England!) I totally love Kauai :-)

  7. Kate- Love the dresser. I have a few questions. Did you prime first or paint the navy directly on the piece? Are the center dots a pearlescent like the tray you did or just a white? The fronts of each drawer are stenciled but how did you treat the top and side edges?

    • Great questions Jamie! Yes, prime first! I used Glidden’s Gripper formula. I painted the white first, then the Rich Navy over the top. I touched up wherever necessary, there were a few less than perfect spots – a small artist’s brush works for that. No pearlescent paint, only the white paint to create the dots and touch up. The sides are not stenciled, I still have to finish the one visible side! You can stencil them too if they’re seen or leave them one solid color, your call :)

  8. This looks absolutely stunning! Beautiful job, beautiful piece and perfect styling. I love that you gave us a sneak peek behind the scenes of how you set up for that shot. I’m forever staring at photos trying to dissect and analyse the styling behind them, so that was really fun! Congratulations on the well-deserved feature!

  9. Thanks for telling us the process to achieve this bone inlay look. Your photo turned out great for the HGTV Magazine. So glad your were featured.

  10. I love this! I sooo want to do this to my bathroom cabinets but I have never stenciled so it looks intimidating.

  11. I love the dresser! It looks fantastic! What I love more are the styling tips! Thayer are so creative!!!

  12. It’s gorgeous! Just like the inspirations! Okay, you’ve inspired me to do this. I’ve wanted an inlay table to sit between two Chinese chairs. I’d love to pick one out in Morocco, India or Egypt OF COURSE. But not planning that soon, I’ll look for a table with the right shape and stencil it. I do even have pearlescent paint. And thanks for the funny peek behind scenes! Totally understand, I’m the proud owner of a sitting nook you cannot even sit on yet! :)

  13. Would love to know your thoughts on the inflatable bed. How does it hold up? Comfortable? Standard sheets?

  14. It works great for one person Yvonne, we’ve heard nothing but good things from guests. It’s a queen size and uses queen sheets, we make it more comfortable with a layer of foam between the bed and sheets. With two adults it’s fine too but it can get off balance if one of them is a restless sleeper, they wouldn’t fall off it just moves a bit when there are two adults sleeping on it since it’s an elevated air mattress.

  15. I love the styling secrets! Love the “coverlet”…a bit disappointed to learn its a shower curtain. This probably explains why you can’t always find a source in a magazine…things aren’t always what they appear to be. :)

  16. I have been reading your blog for years and am always amazed with your projects!! I want to try this one!!

  17. So I know this is an old post, but I was browsing your site and just absolutely fell in love with what you have done with the dresser! Absolutely in love, I tell ya!! I actually have a piece of vinyl in my home that has a ‘busy’ repeat pattern like that, and you have really inspired me to see if I can do something unique with it. We have tray tables as side tables and I think this might just really elevate them.

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