The Old White Piano

By Kate Riley September 21, 2012

Confession time.  I’ve always wanted to paint an upright piano!   It’s hard to find a good candidate because most upright pianos* I’ve seen are really nice and ones that I would hesitate to paint because of it. 

But fortune smiled upon me a few months ago when my friend and I were discussing sprucing up her new home.  She wanted to keep her old upright so her children could take lessons and learn to play, but she was not fond at all of the cherry finish, it just didn’t match her style at all. 

So when she mentioned she was torn about keeping or selling her piano because she didn’t like its dark and scratched surface, I casually mentioned to her that I could paint it for her – that seemed the perfect solution. 

After I got the thumbs up, I made a few visits to her house over the course of a week to paint it while she was at work, and she now has a freshly painted white piano at the base of her entry staircase.  And she loves it.

white painted piano centsational girl

*technically a “spinet” and not an “upright” thanks to a few readers letting me know!

I know there are a lot of people who consider painting a piano somewhat controversial but rest assured, this one wasn’t an heirloom.  I subscribe to the belief that you should make the things you own work for you, for your tastes, and for your lifestyle.  Life’s too short not too!   Since she wasn’t crazy about the cherry finish in her house, especially up against the oak wood stairs, I suggested a fresh coat of white paint.  Here is the piano before it was painted.

piano before paint


A fresh coat of white paint and a striped upholstered seat were the keys to achieving the coastal style she loves and the freshened piano now suits her tastes.   

painted piano centsational girl


I’ve mentioned before my favorite paints for furniture, and in this case the AS Chalk Paint was the perfect choice.  I could paint the piano indoors and skip the priming – the ‘Old White’ is a beautiful soft white and I’ve used on both a console table and night stand.  I have a local stockist, but you can also buy it online from Shaunna’s shop!

as chalk paint old white


No priming is a really nice bonus when painting a piano – you never want to damage the keys or the interior so I worked slowly with a good Purdy brush (and a small artists brush near the keys).

purdy brush paint inside piano


A note on preparation, I’ve learned the hard way over the years that skipping steps can backfire so when doing any painting project or furniture makeover, so be sure to follow the steps necessary.  Whether it’s wearing a respirator mask while spray painting or testing for lead before you strip paint off an older piece, taking those extra minutes to properly prepare for the next step in any paint makeover is so important.  Safety and preparation are always key to any beautiful result!

In this makeover, the pedals and the feet of the piano had a beautiful brass finish, so I used the 3M Edge Lock tape to protect them.  I’ve used this tape for the past six months (like on this striped dresser) and it’s a new favorite for getting crisp lines when painting stripes or protecting the details or edges of furniture you don’t want to paint. 

edge lock tape


painted white piano by stairs


On the top and the frequently touched surfaces, a coat of clear wax protects the paint. I apply it with a soft rag then buff it out for a smooth finish.

coat of clear wax


The final details included replacing the previous bright gold knobs with more delicate glass versions, and recovering the bench in an appealing stripe with a layer of 1 inch foam underneath for comfort. 

change knobs


striped bench


I snapped a few shots of it yesterday as my boy ran up to his friend’s room. 

painted white piano centsational girl

old white painted piano centsational girl


Thankfully the makeover (and especially the new cozy seat!) meets with the approval of the most opinionated family member, Sissy.  

sissy on bench


And that’s the story of how an old family upright piano became an elegant focal point for this sweet family! 


This post sponsored by 3M brand.  All opinions are my own. Build your safety toolkit by entering to win more safety products at the 3M sweepstakes.  



Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I like the piano itself both ways, but it definitely looks better painted in her home. The rest of the styling looks pretty as well. I always love a bouquet of sunflowers! I have heard so many people sing the praises of chalk paint. I have a few questions about it. The name makes me think that the finish would be rough. Is it a matte finish or does it come in satin and semigloss as well? How well does it hold up. I have 3 areas in my home where I need a paint that will adhere really well and not chip: my stair banister, a peg rack in my mud room and on my kitchen cabinets. Would you recommend it for those applications? I’m curious about that wax, too. Does it do a good job of protecting the surface from heavy wear? Thanks!

  2. Not an heirloom but actually a somewhat rare piano and one of the best small uprights ever made. We have one. :)

    • Wow Torey, glad to read there’s another out there just like it! Sadly hers is old and the surface up close was scratched in a lot of spots, I think that also added to her dislike but she loves her piano again not that it’s white, and her kids have started taking lessons too!

  3. This is the exact piano that my grandmother had at her house when I was growing up. I used to love going to her house in the afternoons to practice for my lessons and spend time with her as she patiently sat as I’d butcher every song! She has since passed and I cannot wait to move out of my tiny studio and into a home where the piano can find a permanent home. Thanks so much for bringing back one of my most cherished memories :) The piano looks absolutely amazing!

  4. I’ve been wanting to paint our old, scratched, chipped piano as well. I haven’t used ASCP yet, but it seems like a perfect solution so the piano doesn’t have to get moved outside, & no sanding. I’m thinking of doing it more of a robin’s egg pale blue, but this white looks beautiful. And, of course, I’ll practice on a few small pieces first. Did you end up painting two coats Kate?

    • Hi Melody, actually three coats in some spots, but two coats should do it, and a quart of the ASCP is more than enough for an upright piano.

  5. Question: has it been tuned since? I believe I was told that if you painted a piano, it would lose its tone. I don’t know whether this applies equally to all pianos, though.

    • The piano shouldn’t need tuned if it’s not moved The Misfit but I’ll have my friend ask the piano teacher if there’s any difference in the past two weeks, thanks for bringing it up!

  6. That looks beautiful! I would love to paint the piano we grew up playing. But the keys are so old and yellowed I don’t know if it would look right when playing. Maybe who cares?

  7. I just painted my bathroom cabinets with AS paint and I am now about to put the wax on them. The AS wax is so expensive that I decided to go with another brand – Howard’s Wax Paste – have you ever used it? What do you use to apply the wax? A brush or cheesecloth? Any advice would help! Thanks, from your fellow Petaluman.

  8. This is sooo inspiring, I have my Mom’s old piano which resembles this one but in black and it’s showing it’s years. Now I’m confident I could repaint the black and really make it part of the room again versus the “table” it’s become with a ton of picture frames. Glad to know about the wax. Wonderful job on the piano thanks for sharing.

    • Yes Darcy, I think painting your piano black would be gorgeous! You could make it glossy too if you used a Polycrylic on top – I’ve done that too on top of chalk paint and it works just fine.

  9. Just curious if you sanded? If so did you do it by hand? That sounds like so much work. We have an old upright that my husband plays beautifully. It could use painted!

    • No sanding Heather, that would have required I completely cover the insides because of sanding debris. To restain it that would be necessary. Chalk paint doesn’t require any sanding or priming which is why it was a perfect choice for this piano makeover.

  10. Hi Kate,

    You are a genius ! That piano looks amazing ! Another stunning make over !
    I always love how you DIYed things !!

    And the tutorials are easy to follow with beautiful pictures. Wish I had working room to makeover my furniture ! Oh well…..!!

    Thank you,

  11. I want to do this to mine! Does the chalk paint work well on stained cabinets too? I have builder grade yellowy oak cabinets which I want to paint white without stripping.

    • Hi Michelle, it would work on stained cabinets but I’ve noticed with heavily stained caibinets the stain can bleed through in parts with the chalk paint requiring multiple coats. I’d use a stain blocking primer in a kitchen for durability and stain blocking the oak – I love Zinsser Cover Stain for that very project.

  12. I’m one of those people who cringe a little at the idea of painting a piano. Come to think of it, the response is kind of odd because I don’t cringe about painting any other piece of furniture, no matter its age or value. But pianos… my own piano holds a lot of sentimental value for me, despite its scratched up and rough nature, so I can’t imagine painting it. However, I will acknowledge that this is an absolutely beautiful makeover and it looks amazing in her home. I do wish you had preserved the name of the piano manufacturer when you painted it though. It’s an important piece of info should they ever decide to sell it.

    All in all, though, when I set my mixed feelings aside, it’s a beautiful makeover and if it’s write for your friend and her family, it was really the best choice!

    • Hi Jeanette, thanks for your honesty! Good news, I did photograph the manufacturer for her in case she ever wants to sell or give it away.

  13. Hi Kate,

    I want to repaint a planter made of thick heavy pottery. It is a creamy tan now and I want it all black and shiny. What do you recommend for painting pottery…that already has a shiny surface?


    • Hi Erin, shiny pottery is a more challenging surface and you need a good primer that sticks to a glossy surface. I recommend Zinsser Cover STain in the brown can, been using it for years.

  14. That is the most amazing transformation. The piano looks perfect. As always, a job well done. It certainly looks so much better.

  15. oh wow…total transformation! well done, i bet your friend is so thrilled. it sure brightens/cleans up that area!

  16. Absolutely love this white piano, terrific idea , it looks so much lighter and fits perfectly on the stairs white wall, your doggy should always sit there, he is adorable.

  17. Umm. Isn’t a piano a musical instrument, first and foremost, not just a piece of furniture? I have no qualms about painting furniture, but I’d never paint an acoustic instrument. Would you paint a violin? A saxophone? A flute?

    Pianos need regular tuning, once per year is usually good for those only used by kids, but more often for those used several hours per day. I suspect that painting the surface, even the outside, will have some effect on the sound of the instrument, because sound is vibration and different surfaces and materials vibrate differently.

    As a musician, I’m horrified.

    • Hi Sophie, I knew this would cause mixed emotions for some!
      I appreciate your opinion but I do think a piano is different than a saxaphone or flute which I totally agree with you, would not be proper to paint.

  18. [though I will say that if it was a piano that was ONLY meant as decoration, then have at it. But if it’s an instrument that’s meant to be played….]

  19. I’ve been trying forever to decide if I should paint our piano. My daughter quit playing so we don’t “need” it but, it’s the perfect size and shape to take up an empty wall in our great room. I think I’m totally going to go for it with ASCP – perfect solution! I had seen a post a couple years back where someone took the whole piano apart to paint it and it scared me off. Can’t wait to dig in! Thanks for sharing, this is beautiful!

  20. I’m kind of with Sophie. It looks pretty but I could never do it to my own instrument. I also don’t think of it as a piece of furniture, so there it is. On the other hand, if it weren’t a very expensive piano (and I’m guessing not), the damage to the instrument is probably minimal. I would say, as a professional musician, that kids learn best on good instruments, even when they’re beginners, so this might not be a forever option for them as they go forward in their music studies. And as for tuning, at least once a year, preferably four times a year with the change of seasons, if that’s in your budget. It can make a world of difference, even to older/cheaper pianos, if they’re tuned regularly.

  21. Beautifully done! I, too, have always wanted to paint a piano. The white is lovely and timeless. I am totally on board with your theory of making things work for you, without concern for what you think you “should” or “should not” do.

  22. Painting the paino was a brilliant idea. It looks amazing and fits in well with her home. Chalk paint!?! I am going to have to see if there is a dealer in my area that sells this…No priming, count me in! I have an old ugly dresser that needs a refresher and I have been putting it off.

  23. I’ve seen pianos painted many times before. For example, all black painos are painted. In fact, some of the very finest pianos are painted as part of their restoration. I just saw one about a month ago that had heavy sprayed on laquer and it was so lovely. It was not originally painted. You’ve brought an old lifeless instrument back to life. Well done!

  24. When is says no prep required does that include no sanding? I’d love to paint my piano (and some other things).

  25. Kate, my sister just last week asked me to paint her piano! It is not a pretty site in its current state. I will have to share your transformation with her so she can get an idea of what it will look like painted. I think we will go for it! The chalk paint is a wonderful idea for this. Gorgeous job Kate, and as always your photos are amazing.

  26. I have never seen a painted piano withe the keyboard visible. How did that turn out? Were you able to get into all the nook and crannies? I love this piano!

  27. You’re such a good friend to do that! Now…I have an upright piano in need of an update, so just head south! :) Seriously, so glad you posted this! We have one in our Dining Room that is just not our style, but love having one. Hubs wants to go jackson pollack on it….I’m thinking white. :) Yours looks grand. har har #sopunny

  28. Some things can be painted, this wasn’t one of them. Not a fan, sorry. In a few years after the “paint everything white” craze is over, everyone will be stripping everything again.

  29. Hi, great job on the piano. I have been looking around at other furniture pieces you’ve painted and they all look wonderful. I have to paint a desk I have for my daughter’s room. The sad part is, someone else had already refinished the desk and it’s an adorable light purple, but just doesn’t match. Do you have any advice for a newbie like myself? Thanks!

    • Hi Nikki, browse around the Furniture projects in the Project Gallery, there are several tutorials/ideas for you there, thanks!

  30. I love what you did with the piano! So much pretty. There is a very similar piano in my Nannie’s house, and I am so wishing we had a larger home to accommodate it. Sissy stole the show with that last shot…adorable! :) Do you know if the Annie Sloan wax works only with chalk paint?

  31. Okay. Just a few small housekeeping items.
    1. Yes this is an upright piano, but in the biz, we call this a spinet. Spinet refers to the overall height of the piano, which is what another commenter meant about it being the smallest of the upright family.
    2. If I read the tiny print on the before pic correctly, this is an Acrosonic piano, made by Baldwin, a very popular and well-made piano for home/family use. They were built very solidly, lasted a good long time, and have a reputation for staying tuned better than other spinets.
    3. A piano’s sound stems mostly from its sound board, which is inside and is what shows on the back of the piano, which you did not paint, so I doubt you will hear much difference in the sound quality.
    4. YOU ROCK!! I’m a professional musician, singer, AND a piano and voice teacher, and I think it looks FABULOUS!
    5. Next: DECOUPAGE!!!! Who’s with me?!!

  32. BRAVE – that’s the word I would describe you right now Kate, you and the owners, only in with you magic touch will something be executed so beautifully! I too have an old piano, bought for $500 from a church not long ago, it is sort of a darker honey oak finish, would love to re-paint it someday, but thinking glossy black, not sure. I love the white though that you did here. Good job as always!

  33. I’m surprised by all the negative comments. As much as I hate to see any piece of cherry furniture painted over, I have to say that if your friend likes it better, how could it be wrong? I’d love to see you try the decoupage idea someone suggested!

  34. i am THRILLED to have found this post!!! I received a lovely piano a few years ago that was painted this deep red and I have adored it! But for the last year i’ve had this deep desire to paint it white!! I’ve had no idea the “proper” way to go about it, so i’ve just tried to ignore the constant thoughts about it…but now, NOW i can do it!!

    seriously. so excited.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  35. OMG i love this post! i always wanted to pain an old piano (they are usually cherry or dark or oak or something that does not match more modern? furniture@@) i was not sure what to use! spray paint? hm…regular paint? hm…just thoughts and thoughts…THANK YOU!!!! you are so brave!

    how many times did you paint? no prime is the best!! yes!!! did you paint only once? few times?

    how about the wax? should i apply only once?

  36. Thank you so much for this post, I love love love it, it GORGEOUS. I will paint my daughter piano one day. Would you please tell me how many time did you paint and soft wax on this piano.

  37. Incredible. What a transformation! I sold my upright piano not too long ago and now I have some major regrets. Hahahha…great job. You are one great friend!

  38. I just pick up some of this tape yesterday. I a so glad to hear that you like it. I will be experimenting with it soon. I am not sure I am brave enough to paint a piano….but this looks fantastic!

  39. How true Kate. If you’re really not happy with something the way it is, you should always change it, weather it be paint, fabric, hardware or re-purposing. Make it the way YOU like it and the way YOU would use it.

  40. Kate!! Oh My Gosh!!!! First we visit Petaluma, then I find out you have your own vines, now this! It’s Karma….I have a Kawai upright piano that’s about 13 years old. It’s in perfect condition, but hasn’t been tuned in years and I haven’t really played it for 3 or 4 years. But I don’t want to get rid of it. My decorator/business partner says it needs to go, it will look awful in our living room redo. It’s a nice piano, but the finish is that hideous shiny burgundy…..She wants me to paint it. And maybe then glaze it to soften with something because flat white won’t work in my house. Can you put a glaze over chalk paint?? And then the wax?? HELP!

  41. I’m trying to be brave enough to paint a Standard Grand piano. The walnut finish is peeling, and I cant decide between white or black….. By the way, I hate to nitpick but what you have there is a console or a spinet, not an upright which would be much taller.

  42. This post is perfect timing! I’m about to buy an old German schrank with beautiful hand carved nature scenes. Love everything about it, ‘cept the color. A little research and there’s a retailer less then 10 miles from my house.

    Do you have any tips for white washing with this paint? The schrank is oak. I’d like to show the gorgeous grain and not have the paint pool too much in the grooves of the carvings.

    Thanks so much. Your blog rocks!

  43. Oh my goodness! I am so excited to see this post Kate. My mom and I just had a conversation about painting my old childhood piano (that has certainly seen better days). She wants it out of her house, but in the state it’s currently in I’m not about to put it in mine! We just had no idea how to go about it. I like the idea of chalk paint since it doesn’t require priming. How exactly did you paint the piece that covers the keys? Since it lifts back into the piano did you have to remove it to paint? Also, do you have any tricks to restore spotty brass? My piano’s brass fixtures are not so pretty either. Thanks so much for the tutorial, I’m planning on putting it to good use!

    • Hi Amber, I forgot to add a shot of the keys, I’ll go back and add one after I take a picture… I used the same tape to protect the keys and and artist’s brush to paint in the crevices… it’s time consuming but you have to be careful not to get paint on the keys!

  44. That’s exactly how I want my old piano to look, including bench cover. I don’t think I could get such a smooth finish. Wish you lived in Illinois!

  45. Yay! Just the post I’ve been waiting for! I’ve been trying to convince my husband that it’s possible (and will look beautiful) to paint a piano. Awesome work! Like other posters, I’d love a bit more information on how to paint around the keys (particularly the cover for the keys – did you paint underneath the cover as well? Did you depress the end keys to paint the wood sides that would show when playing the piano? How far down/close did you get to the whole key and cover area?).
    Thanks for continuing to WOW your readers with daring and gorgeous decorating makeovers!

  46. Amazing!! It is so gorgeous now and fits in perfectly with the style and design of her home. How wonderful that now she is happy with how it looks AND her children can still enjoy playing the piano and keeping music in their home. A win-win for sure! Great job Kate!


  47. If it reassures anyone who still thought you painted over an antique, from looking at your before photos I think the original was merely cherry stained, not made of actual cherry wood. I’ve worked with cherry many times on woodworking projects and its grain pattern is distinctive. Cherry stain has masked many an imposter.

    The white piano looks fabulous.

    However, seeing the white piano against the striped stool makes me long for a bit of contrast on the piano. How would you feel about using one of the cool blue or teal tones from the fabric as an accent color on the decorative elements of the piano?

  48. Wow! The piano looks beautiful and I agree with you have to live for the your likes and tast or what the heck are we here for if we are not enjoying ourselves :) Great Job!

  49. What a beautiful job you’ve done; absolutely darling, and the cute little doggie makes it even cuter.
    Have a great week and a festive autumn,
    Jenah xo

  50. This is gorgeous, Kate! It looks so much better white and almost disappears against the white wall. At first glance, one might think it was actually desk. Brilliant!

  51. Thanks, Peggy, for the clarification on the sound board. The effect on sound quality was the only concern I had when I saw this article, and you cleared that up nicely. I think it looks great, too, although I’m not normally a fan of painted wood furniture.

  52. Oh my friend – you have now made my decision more difficult. Just yesterday at my Becoming Conference, I was talking with the Annie Sloan ladies about how I am going to tackle my piano. My 9 year old was cute and brought our bench to paint in their workshop. She choose white, but I was leaning towards Paris Gray. NOW that I see the white, I am back to square one.
    LOVE IT, but I HORRIBLE at making color decisions. :)
    Miss you and SO wish some of our blogging things would cross paths. Thinking of Haven this year. We are having our conference in August next year, so I think I might be able to swing it.

  53. I swear that is MY piano! Only mine is a lot more dinged up! So now you’ve got me thinking…paint it white! Brilliant! I have tan walls with white baseboard and white lace curtains at the front window, so I think the piano would really look great if it were white!

  54. You did a wonderful job on this piano, which, I think, may be a spinet, not an upright. Looks great.

  55. What a transformation! Its amazing what paint can do. We often go back and forth on whether a piece of beautiful wood furniture should be painted or not. If the piece will be loved for years to come with a fresh coat of paint, then by all means, paint it! Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us, once again!

  56. I have an old (OLD!) upright I’ve been dying to paint, just can’t figure out the color. It’s a full size upright, and it just feels too big for white. I’m thinking dark, which it is now, but it might just spruce it up. Black?

  57. Too bad you’re not in the Atlanta area. I’m giving away a perfectly good upright piano because we’re moving ourselves more than 1000miles away and do not want to handle the piano. I’d planned on painting it myself, but it just hadn’t happened yet.

  58. As a serious piano player, in a home where all 5 of us play, I applaud you!! There is nothing worse than an ugly piano. Well, maybe ugly music coming from the piano,but that’s not really possible is it? Spinnet pianos are very inexpensive so it’s not like you ‘ruined’ a Yamaha. I hope your friend LOVES it. Gorgeous work.

    • Thanks so much Cynthia! The homeowners love it and that’s most important, and according to the piano teacher, it sounds just great!

  59. Oh, and it’s not like you painted the soundboard. That indeed would ruin a piano. Boo to the naysayers! It’s gorgeous and on an item that is worth maybe $100-500 what’s the beef?

  60. Hi Kate. I love the piano. White doesnt work with my decor so i would love to do black. But do you think it would look like a chalkboard since its black. Love to kniw what you think

    • Hi Dori, black certainly works! I’m not sure I’d do chalkboard paint, since IMHO a piano is a musical instrument not a canvas, but hey, if you’re feeling it, then go for it! Or simply paint it black and give it a satin or gloss finish for a classic and timeless look!

  61. Growing up, we had a baby grand piano in our house. My Mom and older sister played. There were 7 children in 11 years and one day my Mom didn’t have enough to do (hahaha) so she painted the baby grand….wait for it….wait for it…pink! It was the talk of the neighborhood and all the holiday parties. I never played well, but I loved our pink piano!!

    • wow Joan props to your Mom, pink is brave! What happened to it? Does she still have it?

  62. Love your mantra of life being to short and don’t live with things that don’t work for you. the transformation is beautiful I have a few heirlooms etc that I have felt bad about painting but I am sure our “ancestors” would want us to be happy and not have things in our homes that are not us that we do not love. Love what you did it looks lovely

  63. FYI, Many pianos have two sort of spring-loaded releasse at the top of the long, flat panel behind the pedals that will release it so you can pull it out to paint it (look under the actual keys). No need to protect the pedals. Nice job, btw. I have one I want to paint too.

  64. That is the EXACT piano we have!!! I decided the day we got it that I want to paint it… BUT what color? I can’t seem to decide what color to go with! Thanks for the inspiration!

  65. Someone is giving away a Piano that need 30 body builders to move.I think I’ll be painting that sucker what ever my heart desire..THANK YOU for this post.

  66. Years ago my daughter needed a piano to continue her lessons on. We couldn’t afford a new one but found found a VERY ugly old upright at a piano store. When we asked the clerk for recommendations, he asked if I was artistic. I don’t have a musical bone in my body, but I am artistic and not afraid of hard work. The clerk showed my husband how to take that old piano completely apart, suggested we use oil based paint, sand between coats and finish with paste wax. A neighbor (painter) recommended filling in dings with auto body filler and using ultra fine sandpaper. It was a lot of work, but 10 years later my daughter still plays “her” piano, and the finish still is smooth as satin.

  67. Did you take the piano apart? I have a baby grand that is green -and I love that it’s green- but it is in horrible shape. My technician said to paint it I’d have to pull it all apart to make sure the moving parts don’t get painted shut. Very terrifying idea with a toddler in the house.

    • Hi Jules, no I did not take it apart, it wasn’t necessary especially with this paint. I also used a small artists brush to paint around the keys that were protected with the painter’s tape.

  68. Too bad I did not see this before now. I had a good spinet and sold it because I thought I would have had to take it completely apart. You were brave enough to do it!! I think the piano’s new look is awesome. kudos

  69. This is so beautiful! I want to do this so badly! May I ask how many coats of Old White you had to use? How many quarts would I need? Hope it’s not an imposition….

    • Hi Patricia, one quart, two coats, and sometimes three in places. The ASCP goes far!

  70. Did you have to sand the piano before you painted it?? I want to get a piano and paint it, but I don’t want to take the time to sand it….

  71. I, too, have a piano I would NEVER get rid of but I really am unhappy with how it sticks out like a sore thumb in my house. My mother purchased my Yamaha upright piano in 1972 and it still has beautiful instrument today but it is an ugly piece of furniture! I think I may one day paint it but I dread the day my mother would walk into my house to see the maple finish painted over! She is definitely from the wood is better no matter what era!

  72. I’m a decorator and a pianist. My husband is a Registered Piano Technician and we have a grand piano in the shop right now that he’s going to overhaul. We have painted several old pianos to give them new life after he’s overhauled them.

    To answer Jules above and to you too …. YES DO have a piano technician remove the ‘action’ of the piano before you paint it! There are parts that will be badly affected if you get paint into/on them. Even getting paint onto felt in areas where you don’t even see it, can be a very bad thing. With around 10,000 parts in a piano, it’s well worth hiring a qualified piano technician to take your piano apart and put it back together after painting ….especially if you have a more expensive piano. It’s not hard to do, doesn’t take long but it does have to done correctly. And it makes the painting much much easier!

    While I LOVE your piano painted, and I found your post while googling ASCP painted pianos, I cringed when I saw that nothing was removed before painting. Hopefully everything is working well ;-)

    I’m always in a quandary when it comes to pianos. From a decorator’s point of view, I like them to work with the other elements in the room. From a pianist’s point of view, they are first and foremost an instrument :-) My own grand needs something done to the cabinet and maybe someday I’ll paint it too :-) Thankfully hubby will remove all the necessary parts to not only make the job easier but keep the working parts safe from any errant paint ;-)

    I’m very happy I found your post. I’ve bookmarked it for future use.

    • Yes, you must respect the instrument Connie! Good news, my friend’s piano is working beautifully and I took great care to make sure the paint did not come in contact with any of the working pieces, thanks so much for your comment!

  73. Hi,
    Did you use any thing to keep the dark cherry color from coming thru? Or simply the chalk paint.

    • Hi Jami, the chalk paint covered sufficiently in most spots, I did have to add a third coat in a few others though. No priming this time, the coverage was great!

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