Michael + More Chalk Paint

By Kate Riley August 15, 2011

Hey y’all!  Happy Monday!  Summer has finally come to an end since the kids are back to school this week.  Knowing that, I made an effort to take some down time last week.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know the highlight for me was a Saturday date night where I was at the Michael Bublé concert in San Jose, having cocktails with my sweetie while my inlaws watched the kids.  Hello, it doesn’t get much better than that! 

My hub scored us some amaaaaaazing seats up front, and I was so excited to be just a few feet away from one of my favorite singers.  I do things I wouldn’t ordinarily do when in the presence of Michael Bublé, he makes me all teenybopper crazy.  He was wiping his perspiration all night on a MB Tour towel, then guess who he threw it to?  Don’t believe me?  All the evidence on this video. 


Can you believe it?  His sweaty towel is mine baby miiiiiiiine !!!! 

How much do ya think I could get for it on eBay?

Kidding!  I could never part with it.  Unless you make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Back to biz.  So I’ve had this little console table for like ever that I painted white over the weekend.  

console table before and after paint



This console is no antique, in fact it’s a mass produced hall table from Bombay Company and it has suffered some dents and scratches in the dozen years I’ve had it, so I had no issues with painting it. 

Years ago, it sat in my entryway, then I replaced it with this tall stained dresser.  When I moved the writing desk from my stepdaughter’s room to make an art gallery wall for my younger daughter, I moved the console table to my older daughter’s bedroom. 

You still with me?  Do you care?  


Mkay.  Well guess what.  The dark tones and traditional feel of that table weren’t working in the space, so I freshened it up with a little paint.  Hey white paint!  The cure for anything!  Vicki, a local stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint recently sent me some ‘Old White’ to try, so this little console table was the perfect candidate.  This shade is not a bright white, it’s really more of a vanilla or a cream in most light.

old white chalk paint


Ooh la la, here’s lookin’ at you kid. 

chalk paint console table


The thing I’m loving most about this chalk paint is the way it distresses around the edges with light sanding so easily and beautifully. 

old white chalk paint console


I also hung the scroll mirror that used to hang in my kitchen above the mantel, but now hangs above this console table.  It works well with the French inspired feminine aesthetic in the room. 

annie sloan old white console


Two questions for the day.  1) What singer makes you go gaga ?  2) Have you tried the AS Chalk Paint lately, and what were your results?




  1. Love your Michael Buble story!! Gary Barlow makes me like a schoolgirl. I went to see Take That in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and I had a very sore throat the next day from all the screaming I did!!!

  2. Although I’ve used the Annie Sloan paint (and like it) it’s overly pricey. I have found that using flat latex paint is just as easy to distress. Flat paint on furniture, you say? Yes! Once you finish it with polyurethane and/or wax, it does just fine. It’s when you use satin or eggshell latex that you get the rubbery-peeling problem when distressing. Sometimes you have to prime before using flat latex but not always. It just depends on what you’re painting.

  3. Girl, I would frame that towel and maybe secretly kiss it every day. Okay, kissing is going overboard, but I would admire it. I love Michael Buble, and I also go a little looney for Harry Connick Jr. I think that console table looks great in white…you are so good at styling your photos!

  4. mkay, seriously, you had me Michael! Love that man! and your story….too funny. oh yea, love the table too;)

  5. Love the table. I just went to Annie Sloan’s store in Oxford UK on Thursday. Love the paint. I have a couple of projects I’m working on with this stuff. Love it. Love it. and Love Michael Buble!

  6. Hey Kate!

    Back in 2008, I was caring for my sister Mary (she was battling cervical cancer) while she was in a Providence, RI hospital. I was sleeping in the room with her every night and not seeing much of the light of day (no complaints).

    The kind ladies over at the Dunkin Donuts Arena heard about my sister’s medical prognosis and wanted to do something for her. She was not well enough to leave the Medical Center to attend the Buble concert being held at the Arena, so guess who went in her place….ME!!!!

    They gave me fabulous tickets for my nephew (Mary’s son) and myself. It was incredible as you well know. Michael..yes we are on first name basis..puts on such a fabulous show.

    It was just the fun time I needed during that very stressful time in my life.

    Loved seeing you enjoy his show and catching that towel…Wowsa!!!

    Love the Annie Sloan table…beautiful!

    janet xox

    PS…just signed on for HAVEN…so excited to meet all you talented gals!! This is my very first conference.

  7. I think I have that exact table and several other mass-produced Bombay pieces. I’ve been wanting to paint them all, and now I know they will look great! Thanks!

  8. I’m jealous of your Michael Buble experience!
    I love Justin Timberlake, and had the fabulous experience of being plucked from the nosebleed section to go to the floor to dance and rock out! Swoon!!!!

    Love that table too – have never tried chalk paint, but will have to try it.

  9. Hmm. I’m not crazy about country music, but I would give anything (within reason…) to meet Brad Paisley. I’m crazy about him, his incredibly talented band, and his voice. And the corny humor in his tunes.

    Never heard of chalk paint…but that table looks like it was made for that spot now!

  10. Hi Kate! Congrats on the MB towel – the video was perfect! I am enjoying the chalk paint too… I like the old white, duck, and versailles ASCP….

  11. Wow!! Lucky girl! I LOVE Michael! I saw him last August and can’t wait to see him again. He is such a great performer and seems so genuine. Glad you had an amazing time. : )

    I’m in Canada and chalk paint is finally making it’s way here, but the price tag of $50 is WAY steep for me. I’d like to try someday though. From all the posts I’ve read around blogland, it sounds soo easy to work with. Oh, and your table looks gorgeous!

  12. I love that table! And I love the Annie Sloan CP colors! So did you sand first at all? Or just paint, wax, sand for detail? You made this look too easy. I’m thinking of trying it myself, is it that simple?

  13. Love the table! I really like the look of that chalk paint, I’ll have to look into that.

    About the singers…well…I’m kind of a rock chick, so Michael Buble, while lovely, wouldn’t do it for me. But I will say that if I don’t see Slash in concert before I die, I will die one cranky woman.

  14. Love love love me some AS Chalk Paint. Took my brandy new, unfinished nightstands to vintagey looking glory in no time. AND! No primer required….

    My preggers self loves the low VOC nature of it as well!

    Did you notice how much heavier the quart was than a normal quart of latex?!

    For those who think the pricetag is super steep – you are right. BUT! Did you know you can water it down (without any affect to performance) and make go even further? I recently did my entire bedroom suite on one quart (two nightands, dresser, chest).

    Man do I sound like a commercial….

  15. The singer that still makes me go gaga is Rick Springfield. Yep, I said it. I have met him multiple times over the years and have attended at least ten of his concerts. Looks like you had a great time. Love the chalk paint. I have tried it on a few projects. Looking to paint something else real soon. I’ve tried the old white and the duck egg blue so far. Love how easy it is to work with. I love how your table came out. Love the drapes in the background too…are those from PB or did you make those?

  16. Lucky you getting that towel!! I love Micheal Buble but have never been so lucky to see him in person.

    I recently got my hands on some ASCP and LOVE it!!! Painting up a storm but need more colors so everything is not Duck Egg or Old White. Can’t wait until the smaller sizes arrive so I can buy more colors!! Your console looks great!!!

  17. Hhhmmm, I love music, but sadly I don’t think there is anyone that would really make me swoon. Maybe I need to go to more concerts and find out.

    I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so far. I’ve painted one project on my own. And this weekend, I took an Chalk Paint class with our local stockist. It’s low odor and very easy to work with. A tip, from the class you don’t have to sand to distress. After the paint is dry, use an old towel that is damp and rub. It was very easy to control the amount of distressing and no dust. The hard part is trying to decide what other colors to add to my arsenal. I want to paint everything in my house.

  18. Kate, that video just made my day! Seriously, I cracked up! But I’m afraid I would be just that loopy over John Mayer (even though he can be a jerk) or, even better, Joshua Radin or Jack Johnson! Please, Jack, make me some banana pancakes!

  19. Love that Michael Buble! Did you know he is doing a new Christmas album? Can’t wait to hear it.

    I have a couple of old Bombay co. pieces that I wondered if the Anne Sloan paint would work on it.

    Questions: did you use the was too? What kind of prep work did you have to do?

  20. My favorite singer is Annie Sloan—–no, wait, it’s that band, Chalk Paint. No. Well, never mind. You got me confuzzled when you moved the writing desk to the foyer and the console table to the daughter’s room and the sweaty towel to the laundry room. I think.

    Love the console table in that color and, yeah, Buble is pretty good. Switching genres, Brad Paisley is the best entertainer out there and a ridiculously talented musician. Luciano Pavrotti was the greatest singer of all time, of course, and he did sweat alot, but never pulled out a towel during Violetta’s deathbed scene, so don’t bother checking eBay for that. Just sayin.

    It’s all good.

  21. That’s such an exciting story about Michael! In college I went to see the Bare Naked Ladies with some friends. At one point, the lead singer jumped off the stage and headed up to our seats and danced/sang/played his guitar right in my seat! It was a pretty exciting 30 seconds!

  22. I am so jealous of your Buble experience! That video was awesome.

    For me, I’m just going to go there. I love me some Neil Diamond. Can’t help it, I’ve been to all of his concerts in my area since ’92.

    I love seeing what people are doing with chalk paint. I am not crafty, but love to dream that I could be!

  23. i love love love kings of leon! and i haven’t tried the chalk paint yet but i will! i have bombay piece that needs to be lightened up also so the chalk paint is PERFECT for it! thanks for sharing =)

  24. John Mayer does it for me. I know he had his “weird with women” phase recently, but that voice can make you look past anything…That perspective is probably why dating in my college years got me into some trouble.

  25. Oh, I LOVE Michael Buble! Me and Mrs Jones makes me weak in the knees. How cool that you caught his sweaty towel….even though it doesn’t sound as cool when you say it out loud. I also love John Mayer. I got to see him live in Nashville last year and it was fabulous….not sweaty towell fabulous but still great! :)

    Glad you had fun!

  26. Sounds like such a fun concert!! Yes, I recently used AS chalk paint for the first time and just loved it! Not having to sand and prime is fantastic, and now I want to paint EVERYTHING! :)

  27. Love Michael! I feel he and I have a special connection, since we are both from Vancouver =)) He’s our Canadian sweetheart! I am going to try out my Old White paint on a table this week. I can’t wait to see what all the hoopla is about this paint. I love the result on your table. The distressing is perfect, not overdone =)

  28. Oh boy do I love Michael Buble! I went to one of his concerts a few years ago and got to touch his arm twice when he ran through the crowd. It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to.

    Now, on to the Chalk Paint. I redid my dining room table over the summer with Old White and Chateau Gray (which really looks green to me). The top and legs are Old White that I tinted with the Chateau Gray so it ended up a sagey green. The apron of the table is just Chateau Gray. I put 4 coats of wax on it and it turned out great.

    I’m working on a two tier Whitney side table now with the Chateau Gray. I plan to get a few more colors as I can afford it. Red will probably be next!

  29. I’m a huge Michael Buble and Harry Connick fan, too! That said, I just checked off one of the things on my Bucket List (okay, I’m only 36 and have plenty of time to get things done — hopefully — but I think everyone should have a Life List of Things to Do/See) and saw Tony Bennett in May. Wow! The voice is still there and I’ve never seen an artist who is so gracious and humble.

    As for the chalk paint, you totally made my day! I have Bombay’s square version of your console table, even down to the hardware. I’ve been wondering whether I should just get rid of it since I no longer like the dark wood. This is great! Also, chalk paint has worked wonders on the ugly, builders-grade, built-in linen cabinet in my house.

  30. Love the video, cracked me up! Can’t think of who might make swoon…………………..Saw John Mayer in concert (on PBS), sounded awesome and looked like great fun.
    Love the table.

  31. My hubby surprised me with Michael Buble tix too! It was so sweet! But I was not lucky enough to score a sweaty towel…sigh. ;)

  32. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now….and I LOVE it! I was wondering if you could give me your paint color on the wall behind the table. I am in love with it!!!

  33. So love your table transformation. Visiting via Julia’s Sew.

    Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY thru the 18th, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored. Help me spread the word.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  34. OK – I give up! I’ve got a few “nothin’ special” bits of furniture that are going to be getting the white paint treatment!

  35. Love that transformation!! Michael Buble lives (or at least has a home) in my neighbourhood and I sometimes run into him at the grocery store. Yes, he does his own grocery shopping!!!

  36. Love Michael Buble as well. How lucky are you….

    I also love what you’ve done with the console table. I have never used Annie Sloan chalk paint but your console transformation has convinced me to try it on a small little console I currently sitting in my garage. Thx so much…

  37. The distressing is a really nice touch. It adds an authentic and “much loved” feel to the furniture. It lets the owner add their own touch to a piece without having to do too much.

  38. What a fun evening you had and amazing seats! I love Michael Buble. Your console looks beautiful. I have not taken the plunge yet into chalk paint but always love the results I see. Hope your week is off to a great start! I guess school starts earlier than when I grew up….that dates me a bit I guess! We would start right after Labor Day.

  39. I MUST KNOW the fabric for the curtains. They are beautiful, simple. They match the sheets in my sons room, but in a perfect good way. I need them! :)

  40. question did you sand the piece down or just paint over and distress with the chalk paint

  41. ok and last question to anyone who has used chalk paint, do you finish it with something or can it just be as is.

  42. Ooooohhh! Lucky girl! Love that you got that on film too! I have a current “teenage” crush on Adam Levine from Maroon 5! I have not tried Chalk paint and I love how your table turned out!

  43. Love the table. Would like to work with some chalk paint as soon as I find the time and the money :)
    The singer I that I swooned over – this will tell how old I am – was Bobby Rydell. Big star in the early 60’s. Spent hours dreaming over him. Last year I finally met him at a small concert in AZ. Got my picture taken with him. Can’t say that at my age I was star struck. It was just a pleasant thing to have life come around full circle.

  44. First of all I have that same Bombay table on my upstairs landing and I wanted to take the plunge to paint it ASCP. I have the old white and love it but I was holding out for the pure white or whatever it is called to be released next month. I also have what looks like that same mirror (but it is my powder room-I guess great minds think alike.

    I love love love John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls and I just saw Journey and Foreigner this past Sat.

  45. Buble does it for me too. um….. so jealous !

    I have never used chalk paint as I have never seen it in canada but it seems to be to just be like any old flat paint. I am not a fan of the distressed look so though I love the table in white the distressing does nothing for me.

  46. ok, so there’s nothing like the classics, right? I am secretly in love with Luis Miguel, a Mexican singer whos amazingly sexy voice has brought back the classic romantic Mexican ballads from my parent’s era. : ) just don’t tell my amazingly handsome hubs : ) haha, he also enjoys Luis Miguel : )
    I’ve had one crazy summer (turning 40 and all) but can’t wait to get back to my paint projects. I think I’ll try that chalk paint! thanks for the tips!!

  47. You made my Monday! I really needed a laugh after cleaning all day and tripping over my daughters 60 lb puppy I am babysitting every time I turn around. I swoon for Brad Paisley. Seen him in concert three times. I don’t even listen to country much. Must be the Levi’s!

  48. Towel down your shirt! OK, that is seriously one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while!

    I like the table too!

  49. Almost missed the table ;)… so enthralled with the thought of catching Michael B’s sweaty towel!!!!
    Oh, the table looks great– Michael even better!!!!!!!! hee hee!!! :) So fun!

  50. I love Michael Buble. I tell everyone my dog’s vet, Dr. Brooks, looks like Buble. Check him out in the this photo http://www.towncentervet.com/ He is super sweet and so good with my Golden Retriever, Scout. Anyhow glad you had a fun night out. Love the table. I will have to try that chalk paint.

  51. You go girl! Love your energy at the concert, what fun! You SO scored!

    Bombay Co, wow I haven’t heard that name in a long while. Used to shop there allnthe time.

    Haven’t tried the chalk paint, but it looks like a great product.

  52. Juliana, I did not sand the piece at all, I simply applied the paint right on top!
    Chrissy, I am a HUGE Sting fan, too, he got me through college, that voice, those lyrics!

  53. Hey Suzanne, yep, the chalk paint is easier, no sanding or priming. I’ve read mixed reviews about durability, mostly good though. Time will tell! The chalk paint needs to be waxed to be fully set though.

    Wow Carol, you see MB at the grocery store? Fantastic!!! I might be stalking him in your neighborhood someday . . .

    Juliana, those curtains are from Target, bought them last year, they are the blue/brown chenile stripe, but sadly they’re not available anymore, but here’s an eBay link:


    Amy, the paint color is ‘Blue Green Gem’ by Kelley Moore. So pretty, like a pale Tiffany blue!

    Oh and Heather and Mary Catherine, I’m with you. I don’t care about the press he gets, John Mayer’s lyrics are just about my favorite too, and the way he sings them. Heart!


  54. I love Michael Buble too, he has a great voice, jealous you got to see him live!!! when you use chalk paint, do you use the expensive Annie Sloane wax or some other brand? Do you think it would be ok to put minwax polycrylic over it? I really want to try chalk paint since it gets so many rave reviews but the price tag is deterring me, if I have to buy the special wax I may not do it at all because that makes it even pricier.

  55. What kind of wax did you use? When I used Miniwax, it turned my cabinets yellow. Which is a shame because it was beautiful beforehand!

  56. Amazing makeover, love it! I have a dark wood toned table from bombay as well, sitting in my entry way that I’ve been thinking is not quite working. I’ve been thinking about painting it. Did you have to prime before using the milk paint?


  57. I was at the concert too it was amazing, how about when he introduced his band, what a funny guy, never would have thought he would be so funny and the opening band was unbelievable I was 30 rows behind you what a great concert.
    Your table, looks good too!!

  58. Hello Brianna and Ashley! I haven’t waxed it yet, I’m on the hunt for some Fiddes Wax recommended by my friend Marian, Ms. Mustard Seed. I don’t want it to discolor. I do not want to use the Minwax Polycrylic on this piece, I want more of a hand rubbed finish.

  59. Ok, Kate…..I need your honest opinion. Yesterday I painted 1 coat of Old White onto a curio cabinet and I’m worried it’s too creamy. Your photo and so many I’ve seen makes your piece look quite white. Is it because you’ve edited the photo? I’m not sure if I should bother with the 2nd coat or just order the new “white” that Annie Sloan just released. Will a second coat make it more white? I’m torn.

  60. Do you have any recommendations for those of us who can’t get hold of chalk paint? I live overseas and can only get the more “boring” and usual paints – think gloss and flat in cans!

  61. Glad to see what you did with the paint I sent you! I was at the concert last night but you certainly had better seats than I did!! Great concert!!

  62. Hi Kate,
    I was at the Michael Buble’ concert last night (Fresno). My husband’s work has a suite so I wasn’t on the floor right in front to catch his sweaty, yummy towel (so jealous), but I had a great seat (I blogged about it today too!)
    http://www.projectqueen.org He pretty much makes me swoon. Love that sexy, baby making music!

    I have used the chalk paint on several projects of mine (works great on laminate!). I used the wax (all 3 coats like Annie says) on my laundry room cabinets, unfortunately, you can see water streaks in front of the sink. I was pretty disappointed. Annie says that it is water repellent, not water proof and she just touches her cabinets up every now and then (but I don’t want to do this). With that being said, I love the way the waxes look – that hand rubbed look. I would not hesitate to use it on a piece of furniture that wasn’t going to be near any water.

    Love, love, love the paint. I use glaze over it. It’s so nice and easy. No priming.

    I’ll have to include Steven Tyler to my list of singers that I swoon over :-).

  63. I feel the same way about Michael..silly how we turn into teenage girls all over again isn’t? I went with a few girls a couple of years ago and he touched my hand..and I was all giddy about it for days. My kids teased me about not washing that hand ever..haha!

  64. It looks great, but I’m not as taken with Annie Sloan’s paint as the rest of blog world is. I find it dries way too fast, so I get ridges (and I’m moving as fast as I can go). I’m very disappointed for the price.

  65. I will be trying chalk paint soon. Just got a dresser at an estate sale. I have to say John Legend does it for me.

  66. Now I’m going to do it!! My mother in law gave me a little table from Bombay and same thing, I wanted to do something with it since it’s dark and kind of drab. I too was thinking of the off white chalk paint and found a distributor here in Ontario, Canada. After seeing what you did…Perfect!!
    Gotta love Michael, cause he’s Canadian and need I saw more! You are lucky to have caught his towel. It could have turned into a brawl!! Keep the towel safe!!

  67. Brandon Flowers! He is swoon-worthy. I love him with the Killers and I love him solo. I mean, he’s attractive and all, but it’s his voice that really gets me…and the way he writes songs that make my soul weak in the knees. If that’s possible. I think it is.

    I can’t wait until I live in house and I can paint all my bedroom furniture a soft, milky white and have teal accents. *sigh*

  68. Im so jealous I can barely appreciate this fab little table makeover!! Buble is one of my favorites, i was actually listening to Best of Me when I was reading this…makes me cry every time!!

  69. I got to see Harry Connick years ago with my husband on V-Day in Pensacola, it was great, but we were nowhere near as close as you! I love M too! That video is awesome. :)

    Love ASCP. I can get soooooo much mileage out of one lil quart! I love to dillute my paint to the consistency of pancake syrup and in a lot of cases can get by with 1 coat coverage! It’s done so much for me I’ve been able to take my hobby and make it pay thanks to ASCP! Favorite colors: Old White, Paris Grey, Chateau Grey, Graphite, Old Violet, Arles, Antbes, Aubusson, Olive…oh heck…they are all AWESOME!

  70. I was at the same concert! My hubby used some free plane tickets to fly us to San Jose to see the concert because Michael wasnt’ coming to Phoenix. He knew that Michael is my swoon-worthy singer. We had the same seats as you on the other side of the stage, but I didn’t catch a sweaty towel….so now I am jealous of the towel and the beautiful table! Keep up the inspiring work!

  71. That video made my day! Michael Buble does it for me everytime! I’ve seen him twice in our area now and cant wait until he comes back. What did you think of the opening act?

    I love the table makeover! I think I need to go find something to redo white now….

  72. I get all sweaty just watching him!! I LOVE Michael and have since I saw him on 60 minutes about 9 years ago. Lucky girl! I’ve seen him twice and loved him…

  73. So jealous! I heart Buble! I also love Harry Connick Jr, and Bono! Just saw U2 in Pittsburgh, and the man’s voice just gets better in person. Otherwise have seen celebrities and no star struck problem. But those three! Woo woo seems to come flying out of my mouth!

  74. I wouldn’t part with that towel if my life depended on it!!! I LUV LUV LUV Michael…he is one yummy piece of eye candy!!! Lucky Lady…

  75. I absolutely love the look of this chalk paint I am seeing all over the blogs, my question is when you paint with it what do you put over top of it? It looks like it has a very matte finish…
    Also if I were to paint it over top of another paint and sand lightly is that how you get the 2 tone distressed look?
    p.s I love your blog :)

  76. Well, I love the paint, and I will request some, same color. Kate, could you please tell me where did you buy your mirror?, I´m looking for a good cheap option, and if you painted, how did you do it? LOVE YOUR WORK!!! Inspirational….

  77. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with your blog since I stumbled upon it a few days ago. It’s sooo informative and in a really fun and inspiring way. I went out today and made the drive up to Malibu to a stockist and bought my first Annie Sloan Chalkpaint in Old White and the Wax in Clear. I got so excited that I raced back and painted an old wooden jewelry box as a test run for my bedroom furniture and I LOVE IT!!!

    You’re right, it’s quite pricey. But it’s SO WORTH IT that I don’t have to sand and prime, or lug my furniture down three flights of stairs to the garage for a few days. After I’m done painting everything in Old White, I’m going to go back and get the Paris Grey for accent pieces and my accent wall.

    Thanks for your blogs… they are so inspiring!!
    Regards, a first time DIYer.

  78. Just LOVE ur’ blog! I really like Mr. Buble & am proud that he is a fellow Canuk! Its priceless that u caught his ‘sweat’ cloth….sum’thing U will cherish! I caught Wynonna Judd’s & Jason McCoy’s (The Road Hammer’s) ‘sweat’ cloth’s….I will always treasure them!!! :) I went gaga over Shawn Cassidy & Leif Garret in highschool!!! (swooooooon)….Today, Jon Bon Jovi does it for me!!! Also, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins & Adam Lambert!!!!! I have seen Bon Jovi & Alan Jackson a number of times & can’t wait to see Trace & Adam sum’ day!!!!! Ur’ table is just gorgeous!!!!! I haven’t tried A.S. C. P. yet, but am dyin’ to…..I live in Ontario, Canada (near Niagara Falls) & can’t find it anywhere! I read above, that Sharon found a dealer in Ontario….if U see this Sharon, could U pleez’ tell me where? Thanx’ so much!!! I have an antique dresser that was given to me that is already painted white (needs redoing)…..can I paint on top of the xisting’ white paint with the chalk paint? Keep up the great work Centsational Girl!!!!! :))))))

  79. I am going to be doing a coffee table and end tables from my living room in the “Old White” chalk paint as soon as it arrives. I also ordered the wax so I hope they turn out. They are a basic dark wood, some type of laminate, not real wood for sure. They were not expensive to start with so I really don’t have much to lose. I want to distress them a little but can’t sand down because of the fact they are not real wood. Can I just basically wipe off the chalk paint at some of the edges
    Sherida…I ordered the AS Chalk Paint from The Melon Patch online. Check them out. It’s not cheap but if you can re-do three table for a living room for $45.00 I think it’s not to bad.

  80. Kate!!!!!!!! My sister has this exact table in her front hall. It so needs updating (looks more like an apartment table) and I told her about the chalk paint and your insanely awesome ideas!!!! We are planning on attending an Annie Sloan workshop next month. Will keep you posted. You are the best.

  81. Hello! Hoping one of Kate’s readers or Kate heralded could weigh in. This weekend I worked w chalk paint for the first time. I was painting a MDF black shelf from crate and barrel that I had added moulding to. I used CeCe Caldwell paint and her soft wax because I can’t get Anne S. in my ‘hood. I was told not to prime, so we put the paint on and let it dry for two days. It hit the fan when we applied the soft wax. It didn’t distress it, it make it look like it was dirty w the black muddling w the gray chalk paint we used. What do you think I did wrong? Thanks so much! Gina

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