September Porch Scene

By Kate Riley September 20, 2012

There’s a fall outdoor decor party over at Rhoda’s place today which was the perfect kick in the pants I needed to spruce up our porch for the season.  I wanted something  simple, but then foolishly declared I was using only white and green pumpkins on the porch this year.  Then I was told after a dozen phone calls to vendors that “there are no white or green Cinderella pumpkins this early”.  So then I just used faux instead and it all worked out. 

fall porch mums centsational girl


Shades of purple and green dominate with scattered potted perennials and purple mums, I also added tall willow branches inside the mums for height.

sept front door centsational girl


This year’s fall wreath is an adaptation of my spring willow wreath – I recycled it and wedged in some preserved green oak leaves from the supermarket, white berry stems, and a few pinecones.  Boom.  It’s what I call my “ten minutes because I’m tired and the kids have soccer practice” fall wreath. 

fall wreath centsational girl


Tall purple fountain grasses sit next to purple mums filled with tall willow branches.

purple mums and willow branches




To get a faux white pumpkin to look real, I used Susie’s trick and substituted a real stem on top I had saved from last year.  Can anyone tell me the name of the variegated leaf plant?  I’ve forgotten its name, but I’ve had it for months and it just thrives!  The purplish one at the bottom is Loropetalum.  

stacked planters on porch cg


The planters I found on clearance the other day so I stacked them on top of each other for height.  

planters and branches cg


And as I was snapping a few pics yesterday, our cat had to take a big whiff of the new flowers because she’s inquisitive like that whenever anything new is happening.

coco smelling flowers


I’ve reused this rug year after year, and I love it on last year’s harvest porch.  You can view all seasonal porch scenes from the past right here

fall porch left side barrel cg


Linking up to Rhoda’s Outdoor Decor party today…

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… be sure to stop by to see all the inspiration!



  1. Wow, I love the purple!! A different take on fall decor, but it totally works.

    Are you okay with people pinning your blog? I didn’t see a “Pin it” button on down by your social shares or any preference in your blog policies, so just wanted to double check. :)

    • HI Marissa, thank you so much! I’m always flattered when poeple pin, so yes of course, pin away!

  2. Sigh. I just moved into a new house and the porch – now that I have a real one – is very low on the list of things I need to work on. This is just lovely!

    Is the variegated plant coleus? Always a favourite of mine, not that it would grow at my old house…

  3. Oh this is fall perfection at its finest! A truly cozy vignette.

    While we don’t have much fall here in Phoenix I would love for you to stop by to see where I did find a bit of fall.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. That plant is Coleus !! I had one last summer and it survived the heat and long into the cold months (i am in sc). Didn’t get one this year – we had a baby in june so i decided no new plant life till next spring!

  5. LOVE love LOVE your porch! Wish I could put together something so FAB…Guess I’ll just have to look at yours :) BTW ~ Where did you get that versatile rug?

  6. Love the look! I don’t have a porch anymore and I miss it. Fall definitely has a different feel in Las Vegas than it did in SE Michigan. But, I would like to “create” Autumn here soon.

    I actually like your last year Autumn porch better just because of the colors. They seem more Autumn-y. You always do a great job with any of them, though!

  7. Really beautiful Kate. I love the vibrant purple mums. Looks like your sweet kitty does, too. Coleus is another of my favorites. I think it’s a plant that adds a big impact to gardens with it’s bold colorful leaves. Your porch is very welcoming for your Fall guests.

  8. Love your porch designs for BOTH years! I like the branches to give the mums some height and will remember the tip about saving the real pumpkins stems — you had me fooled!!

  9. I love how the you incorporated only one green pumpkin, and what a beautiful shade it is, into the entire scape with the pillows and planter. Subtle, yet speaks volumes. Lovely!

  10. Love your fall front porch, and love the purple! Someone probably already answered your question, but I think that plant is a coleus. I did our porch in purples also, glad I’m in good company! :)

  11. Your pumpkins look amazing! I put my fall decorations out last weekend and the squirrels already started nibbling my pumpkins. I sprinkled some cayenne pepper on them and they’ve left them alone since!

    • Wow, great tip about the cayenne pepper Nina, I never would have guessed to use that!

  12. I love the purple! The branches are nice too for height. I can’t have mums on my front porch because it gets absolutely no sunlight, but I’m going to plant some in front of my porch. I may have to mix in some purple, too.

  13. Really lovely colors. Coleus is one of my favorite plants because there are so many varieties to the colors and patterns. Although it’s an outdoor annual, if you bring it indoors over the winter, it will live again the next summer. That’s what I’m going to try and do here in NY anyway :-)

  14. Coleus really last way into the Fall season which is always great. Kate I love your front porch this year. LOVE the colors!!! I really love the white pumpkins too. I just started to fixing up my front stoop yesterday and I want some white pumpkins so bad. I wonder if they are out yet in NY. But hopefully I will get them at some point. ;) Now I’m headed over to check out Rhoda’s link party. :)

  15. Great job! Such a lovely scene. And coleus is the one plant I do well with every year no matter what. It grows like a beast!

  16. Love the colours! LOVE love the rug — is it an outdoor /all weather kind and where did you get it? I just bought my house so front entrance is a slow work in progess, but I would sure love to put down a nice, welcome mat.

  17. Yes, that beautifully variegated plant is a Coleus and yours is an especially lovely specimen. Very lovely porch and though tranquil, very welcoming. Nice job.

  18. Love these! just makes me wish i had a porch!! But i am the director of an assisted living community, so it gives me loads of ideas to choose from for the entry way!! Thanks for sharing

  19. Kate, could you tell me the name of the supermarket where you found the green preserved oak branches? I live in No. CA also, but haven’t seen these anywhere. Thanks!

  20. Hi there! Are all of your pumpkins faux? I’m wondering because I would love to get my hands on a faux green-blue one!! I love your porch…beautiful colors!

  21. Tee Hee! The white and blue and green pumpkins have arrived in my neck of the woods! I love your fall porch ideas. Very pretty.

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