Tortoise Shell + Amber Glass

By Kate Riley October 1, 2019

This time of year we take a cue from nature and seek out warmer tones, and for me it’s my collection of amber and tortoise shell blown glass. Amber glass possesses light protection so it makes sense that it’s used for storing beverages like whiskey or ale or liquids and solids for apothecary reasons.

Tortoise shell was originally made from the animal itself, but thankfully the trade was banned in the 1970s. In modern times it’s made from blown glass and is recognizable from its mottled brown pattern. Wouldn’t you agree there’s no smarter pair of eyeglasses on a handsome lad or lovely lady then tortoise shell spectacles?

It’s October, so I was pulling out my collection of amber and tortoise glass as I do every fall season to display them around the house, filling the vases with viburnum clippings and the vessels with vanilla candles. I found some styled images from the past in my archives and they were so pretty I had to share them again!




One place to look for amber glass is at the thrift or antique stores, I’ve picked up several from my collection there. Also eBay and Etsy sellers have some great vintage pieces. And of course at this time of year, you’ll find more for sale in retail stores for obvious reasons, they’re the perfect vessels to mix into your decor to capture the essence of fall!


amber glassware / tortoise shell hurricanes

tortoise tray / medicine bottles set / circle and stem vase

candleholders / water glasses

tumblers set / amber hurricane


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