Simple Projects Made With Autumn Leaves

By Kate Riley September 24, 2019

Oh autumn, you’re so seductive. With your crisp mornings, alluring colors, turning leaves, and pumpkin everything, you entice us every time! I write this post as I start my afternoon ritual of lighting a three wick pumpkin vanilla spice candle to fill the air with its scent. :)

Soon there will be an abundance of leaves on the ground, and a shame to rake them into piles without making artistic use of them! These projects are all easy and require minimal supplies.

Fall Leaves Streamer



Decoupage Autumn Leaf Pumpkins

Fall Foliage Stencil Collage


Fairy Light Strand

 Autumn Leaves Bowl

Clay Leaf Bowls

Pressed Framed Fall Leaves


 Stamp Pillowcases



Wax Preserved Leaves



Mantel Garland


Fall Leaves Window Display





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