Top Ten: January

By Kate Riley February 1, 2012

Hey y’all, it’s February, how did that happen?  Crazy crazy how time does fly!  I decided to do a monthly recaps of readers’ favorite posts from each month so I have something to refer to at the end of the year. Here are the Top Ten posts of January not to miss! 

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1.  Stamped Tea Towels  2.  Chalk Painted Nightstand  3.  Installing Beadboard Wallpaper  4. Which Home Would You Choose?

jan top ten collage

5.  Powder Room Makeover  6. Lacquer Lookalikes  7.  Photos to Sketches  8  Choosing the Perfect Robin’s Egg Blue  9.   Lavender Sea Salt Scrub   10.  Love/Hate with Anthropologie

Also, for many of you who have written to me about posts and projects from summer 2009 where there are no images anymore, I am aware of the problem!  It has to do with pictures that were previously stored in a Picasa web album that I deleted *oops* assuming the images got rolled over in my WordPress move in September 2009 and I just found out they didn’t {thanks Google! insert swear word} – unfortunately they need to be rebuilt so please be patient, I’m working on it! 

Also, for those of you like me who love Pinterest, I’ve added more boards, so be sure to check them out, you may want to add them to your “follow” list!

new pinterest boards

I’m off to the sewing machine shop now, either Mr. Singer is getting a repair or I’m buying a new one… stay tuned.


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  1. This is great. I just did a post today too that has all the links to my posts from January with a picture from the post. I also organized them by what they were about cleaning, organizing or decorating. I liked doing it bc I like seeing all that I got accomplished too : ) have a wonderful night!

  2. I can’t believe it’s February already! When I was a kid I thought time went much too slowly. Now as an adult, the months fly by in the blink of an eye! Loved all of your January posts, Kate. The tea towels and chalk painted nightstand were beautiful, as all of your projects are. Happy February to you!

  3. Kate,

    You made me laugh out loud when you said your the string t-shirt called you by your full legal name from across the store. I hope you enjoy your new shirt. Thanks for sharing your trip to the City by the Bay. I used to live in the Bay Area and miss the funky beauty of it all.


  4. You had a busy January full of inspiring projects…thanks for sharing. Look forward to what February brings!

  5. I found your blog looking at painted furniture for inspiration and now I’m hooked – now if I could just get a Pinterest invite I could follow you there to!

    • Just invited you Jacki, welcome to the Pinterest world, but beware, it’s addicting!

  6. Kate, a friend referred me to your blog, and I’m *so* glad she did. You’ve inspired me in so many ways – I’m constantly saying to myself, “wow, how did she think to do that?!” But my biggest take-away from reading your blog is my new craving for teal. I spent all weekend in Lowe’s/Home Depot pulling every swatch of green/blue/teal to take home and dream on. Color crush? Color lust, more likely. Swoon.

  7. I realllllllly want to try the Tea Towels!! BUT where would I go to buy the towels : / is it something that I would find at Michaels?

    • Hi Sharlene, I found mine at a Mom & Pop hardware store, but you can also find them at restaurant or kitchen supply stores too!

  8. CG? Could you come over for a bit and fix up my place? We have the same style (if I had one, it would be similar colors to you). I am not good at deciding. sigh…envious of your mind and the way it is able to get this done. :)

  9. i just joined pinterest and you are my first “follow” thanks for all your great ideas!

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