Color Crush: Sea Green

By Kate Riley February 2, 2012

I go through phases where I obsess over certain colors, and the color of the month for me is sea green – I’m totally crushing on it.  I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to paint my own walls or cabinets in this shade even though these spaces pull if off well.  Perhaps I’ll stick to fabrics and accessories, or even indulge in glass tile in a bathroom, but this hue is definitely on my mind.  

sea green walls and tile bhg

Better Homes & Gardens

design seeds matador tones

Design Seeds

sea green accentssources unknown

sea green building

M. Christine Duncan

sea green martha stewart

martha martha

pale sea green cabinets bhg

Better Homes & Gardens

sea green paint colors

Better Homes & Gardens


Sea what I mean?  What’s your latest color crush?




  1. i looooovve this color!! i’ve been considering painting a mirror this color for sometime now. I think we have the winter blahs, need some color asap! ;)

  2. My latest color crush is Robin’s Egg Blue. It doesn’t matter what I see that color on…it just makes me so happy.

  3. the sea glass/tiffany blue/aqua color palette has really appealed to me this year! We moved into a new home in August, and I’ve been incorporating this color palette into my living room. It works so well with my chocolate brown sofa and is a big change from the earthy colors I’ve used in the past.

  4. Yeah, I totally get this. I’ve been doing the same thing on a color that is somewhere between this and a more greyed version. I looooove that last BHG photo. I have an idea for painting a bunch of ceiling medallions (which actually also came from BHG via Pinterest) in similarly related shades for my living room wall. Yum.

  5. My latest color crush is MINT. <3. Its actually pretty similar to your sea green! I always have my neutrals gray and ivory to fall back on, but every once in a while a color will catch my eye and I'll be inspired for a month or so. :)

  6. I definitely understand your obsession with this color. I had this one myself about a year or two ago. This is my duvet cover, as a result, lol.

    I’m definitely still in love with it, and the sea green’s bright airiness makes me smile every time I go to bed or to put up the laundry. Currently my obsession is yellow. Everything about it screams, happy sunny days ahead. How can one be sad surrounded by colors such as sea green and yellow.

  7. This is the colour of my bathroom and it is DREAMY! I get soooo many compliments on it from guests. It was painted that when I moved in and I have no desire to change it!

  8. I’m completely with you. We just painted our master bedroom a very similar color, definitely on the bluer side but it has a lot of green in it and I love it. It’s so relaxing.

  9. I am loving it too. I painted my daughter’s big girl room this color with lots of pink accents and I love her room. I never want to leave it.

  10. I’m on an aqua kick. Maybe it’s the unusually warm weather here in the Midwest but I’m ready for a bright color that screams summer, so we’re adding pops of aqua in the master bath.

  11. I love your choice. Lately I have been loving “Sea Coral” That yummy shade that varies in hue from soft to vibrant! A wonderful color for accessories.

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    Art by Karena

  12. My kitchen is very close to this color and I love it! I was thrilled when I got my Ballard Designs catalog two weeks ago, only to discover that many of the walls in the photos were the same color, or close to it, anyway. It made me feel a bit more confident in my color choice. Now, seeing you highlight it makes me even more confident. Thanks!

  13. I LOVE that first room. Oh, my! I have so many rooms that need so much help. How can you go wrong ainting a room a restful beautiful color? I feel like repainting my office.

  14. I love that color, it seems to be making a comeback. I feel like in Chicago it may not look as good as in someplace in the Caribbean.

  15. I “found” these shades last spring and have been incorporating them with whites, ivories and tans thru my kitchen, family, dining rooms and now my study (against a beautiful light gray on walls in there)… All in our new home, too. I just LOVE them! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love love love this color! I have some sort of sea greenish frames that I painted for my gallery wall and they are so delightfully soothing. You found fabulous pictures! I’m totally crushing on the lamp (and everything else) in that second “source unknown.” And that office from martha- sa-woon! Also, the BH&G kitchen! I’ll stop rhapsodizing now but I do love this color :)

  17. Oh, I’ve been thinking about painting our master bath this color. It is in desperate need of some refreshing, and sea green is just that.

  18. my favorite color ever. My kitchen has these colors but it is so hard to accessorize because it comes in so many different shades! Love it – Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Love that color! Love the painted bookcases…that is not too much commitmet…more like going steady not quite marriage….

  20. Love all of the above images, pure eye candy. I am crushing on Kelly green right now. I have plans on incorporating it into my home this year in small doses! kathysue

  21. I am currently drawn to every color in that shell full of sea glass… so serene…love them!
    I guess I have always liked the sea green shade…my wedding colors were Pink and Sea Foam Green…20yrs ago!

  22. Your eye for color is impeccable, I have never seen sea green that way before, thanks for the discovery, it makes me feel good.

  23. I painted my living room a color called “sea anemone” by Martha Stewart…it’s kind of like a light minty green, but it also looks blue-ish in low light. I love it! It goes with so many different colors (pink, red etc), so I can change my accent decorations depending on the season.

  24. I love this color. I agree it would look great as a tile in a bathroom. The office with the touches of sea green is beautiful though and I love the kitchen with the cabinets painted sea green. I am pinning it because I had never though to use that color before in the kitchen but I think it would really open my tiny space up!

  25. I have that same crush… going into my kitchen reno in the next couple of months… I can hardly wait and you’ve made me even more anxious!

  26. I will always love sea green. I had it in my room at my parents’ house, moved to a grownup house, thought about painting my room other colors, and still ended back at sea green. It just makes me happy. But lately I’ve been using raspberry pink to punch up the blue. So I guess you could say I crushing on color combos right now. I even painted our TV stand pink. Good thing I live with three other girls!

  27. I have also been crushing on this color!! I have recently been adding pops of this color and shades of this color to my living room/kitchen. I’m pretty obsessed with West Elm and if you have seen their latest catlogue, then you see that they are lovin’ this color too!

  28. It IS beautiful! And it’s been around for a while now too, so maybe it’ll stick around for a while longer. I’m crushing on the new Tangerine Tango orange that’s out this year!

  29. Love it…After seeing these pictures and seeing your homes pictures you just made me hate my dark living/dinign room I was trying to go to the drak dramatic elegant feel but without crown modling and those basic things it doesnt look elegant lol I think I will re paint my rental home with lighting shades..And save the elegant/dark feel to my future home…
    it is funny yesterday i spent the whole afternoon searchingonline for tops with this color I want to wear it with pink pastel skirt :D
    if you have time can you check out my bedroom and living room posts unde the home tour ( i know it is not your style at all ) and tell me truth what you think about them :))

  30. Proper peacock blue! I am in love with it, I’m wearing it, styling with it and soon going to re-cover our sofa back and seating cushions in it (velvet of course)!

  31. Almost bought a lamp this shade today at Marshall’s with no earthly idea of where it would fit into my home. I just wanted it, darn it. That’s how pretty this shade is right now! Love it, and I’m thinking I may have to go there one day.

  32. Loving these Sea Greens! They’re a great contrast to my latest CORAL color crush (similar to the swatch in your post). I took the plunge and painted my whole bedroom coral. Turned out much better than I expected and I’m bringing in a lot of whites and pale blues. Makes it feel like summer all year around!

  33. Wow that is a beautiful colour! I know that greys are very popular just now and I like them, but I’m very over them. Time to bring back some spring colour!

  34. Hi Kate: My color crush right now is lavender. I just love it. I have accents throughout my house in lavendar. When I get tired of it, I can switch to something else.

  35. Yellow! Maybe because it is winter and I miss the sun….. But I am considering using a lot of yellow in my basement family room.

  36. Loving peacock blue/teal shades! Your inspiration pics in this post remind me of a lil vase I saw at Anthropologie this weekend…have u seen it? It’s sea green glazed ceramic with a coral flower on the neck. It would fit right in those pics. U need it! I bet u saw it when u nabbed that amazing sweater. I was kinda broke myself but I did snag two monogrammed mugs. Can’t leave without buying SOMETHING, right? :D

  37. Loving peacock blue/teal shades! Your inspiration pics in this post remind me of a lil vase I saw at Anthropologie this weekend…have u seen it? It’s sea green glazed ceramic with a coral flower on the neck. It would fit right in those pics. U need it! I bet u saw it when u nabbed that amazing sweater. I was kinda broke myself but I did snag two monogrammed mugs. Can’t leave without buying SOMETHING, right? :D

  38. I have always crushed on turquoise. Some of your pictures above are pretty close to the shade I like. I’ve started adding little accessories in turquoise. I figure if I’ve loved it this long, I’ll keep loving it!

  39. This color green is DEFINITELY what I am feeling! Actually, anything turquoise-y green. Check out my blog– I found the perfect buffet that I am going to paint in this color. My bedroom is Sherwin Williams “Rainwashed,” which is the most beautiful shade of greenish blue ever!!

  40. I have the same crush! I love it, just something about all your pretty pictures makes me happy, so happy I’m starting to bring that color in to my own house!

  41. Kate – I’m crushing on this color too. We currently are planning out our nursery (due in August) and I think I might paint the dresser a shade of this.

    We did paint our laundry room this color a few years back. And, we’ve loved it ever since! You might as well have a bright color to lift your spirits while doing laundry. :) Plus, we get tons of compliments on the bold color!

  42. I love the blues that you have pictured, i have been staring at these shades for a couple of.months trying to figure out where to use them!

  43. We are in love with it too! Hubby and I are incorporating some accessories in the sea green. Our living room already has aqua, teal, olive green, and some lavender. The sea green just naturally fits right in!

  44. Kate, When I quickly glanced at the first picture, I actually thought it was your living room adn thought, WOW – she got daring with a new color. It would look great in your home!! xo Jenna

  45. My kitchen and family room are this color right now… sea green with a hint of grey undertones. I’ve loved it but I feel ready for a change (we’ve had them this color for about 2 1/2 years). I’d recommend it though!

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