DIY Paper Treat Boxes

By Kate Riley February 2, 2012

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s not a holiday I decorate for but my elementary school kids look forward to it.  Apparently, word on the playground among second graders is the passing of the valentines is kind of a big deal.

Typically I buy those store-bought packs of kid Valentines and attach a lollypop, but my daughter was asking for something a little more special for her besties.  I came up with this inexpensive paper treat box made from cardstock scrapbook paper and embellished it with washi tape.



They’ll be perfect for inserting a few sweet treats and a Valentine too.

treat box open with candy


To recreate, here’s what you’ll need:  11 x 11” cardstock scrapbook paper, scissors, double sided tape, measuring tape, pencil, washi or decorative tape, embellishments (optional).

First, fold your 11” x 11” scrapbook paper in half and cut into two 5½” x 11” strips.  With a measuring tape and pencil, mark the points 2”, 3”, 6 ½” and 7½” on the strip.

mark with pencil


Cut out the 1” x 3” section then fold at the four horizontal marked points.  Next, cut the box tabs at the 6½” and 7½” folds and fold the vertical sections to form the shape of the box as seen below.

cut tabs and fold

You can also refer to this diagram.

box template

Download a copy here!

Once you’ve made the cuts and folds, your paper treat box will come together like this.

box shape final


Use double sided tape on outside flap to secure sides of box.

double sided tape on outside flap


Embellish with washi tape or other appliques.  (The washi tape adds a decorative element and helps keep the box together so nothing spills out).

heart and button designs


That’s it!  How cute, right?

diy sweet treat boxes cg


And who says these boxes are just for kids… make some more grown up versions for your adult friends or office mates.  These will be filled with chocolate and handed out to a few deserving mom friends of mine!

grown up version favor boxes


The same design works just as well for cute gift or favor boxes too – think baby or bridal showers, kids birthday parties, etc.  Inexpensive too, since most cardstock scrapbook paper is around a dollar or less.

diy gift or favor boxes


Have fun creating some of your own!


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  1. You are amazing! I just made the lavender sea salt scrub and it’s going to be my go-to gift for the girls.

    I also wanted to let you know that someone posted something inappropriate on your page. It’s just under today’s blog.

  2. Thanks, Kate. Without your creativity and your diagrams for the craft-challenged, I wouldn’t even think of doing things like this. And :) you should really get commissions from Michael’s and Joann Fabrics; I never went in those places before I started reading your blog!

  3. Super cute! And I can see them using them to store all kinds of cute treasures well past Valentine’s Day! Happy weekend!

  4. Love these! There must be numerous occasions to make them…weddings, showers, birthdays, gift card holders….I shared it with the pinning world!

  5. I just hand out dollar bills these days to the kids – it’s just easier (wink). But seriously, those are adorable and I would like to order 10 please…..

  6. I love the boxes. You must be the cool mom who makes the best valentines! I never heard of washi tape before, just had to google it and it is amazing. I’m going to need to get some of that!

    • Ha! Maybe the cool mom to a few friends, but I don’t think I’d have the patience for boxes for two entire second grade classrooms! They are super cute, my kid is already stuffing the few we made for her best friends. So cute!

  7. They are so easy and so cute! I have a big hunk of scrapbook cardstock upstairs, and I’m going to make some of these for my mom friends for Valentine’s Day. Fun!

  8. Love this idea! A fun and easy project to do with my 4th grader to send Valentine’s with to school. Great idea with washi tape as well. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Such great ideas. My daughters teacher has requested a Valentines Day card only and 1 candy for each kid in the class. I say, “boring”. But I’m following the rules. She has been invite to a tea party? Valentines Day get together with some friends ans that’s where I will use your great ideas.

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