Best of July + August

By Kate Riley September 1, 2014

Greetings and Happy Labor Day everyone. It’s September y’all – wow, so hard to believe. And the last four months always seem to go the fastest right? I’m headed home to California tomorrow but wanted to pop in and share the not to miss posts from July and August, including a few DIY projects and the highlights from our ongoing home renovation. 

best of july august 2

The Nevada home makeover began by removing the popcorn ceilings; two great topics took place in the comments, first 2) counter vs. bar height in kitchens and then 3) disappearing microwaves. A few DIY projects 4) quotes with watercolor paints, 5) decorative box charging stations and 6) a new wall gallery and daybed in my daughter’s room.

best of july august 1

7) We finally finished the porcelain wood plank tile floors, 8) thoughts about installing an outdoor shower, 9) the new teal blue sectional and 10) favorite contemporary fireplaces.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!


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  1. I cut down my raised portion of the counter top when I got new counters. When I wash something in the sink it does sometimes splash onto the counter, I could have minimized that by putting in a deeper sink, but I went with what was cheap…. Over all I would never have it any other way because I find that I sit there all the time, I eat there, I have my laptop there, I do projects there. It’s functionally much better and, he…. it’s not too late for me to get a really deep sink, I might just do that. I love fiddling with the faucets underneath sinks (not.)

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