Girl’s Room Changes

By Kate Riley July 21, 2014

We decided two months ago to take the set of bunk beds from my daughter’s room to the Nevada house since I’m doing a combined kid room there that will sleep two and both my daughter and son will share when we’re living there. That left me with a decision about what to do to replace the bed in her room. She loved her bunk beds but we decided to substitute with a daybed this time, one with a trundle underneath for a second mattress or for storage. 

Birch Lane contacted me several months ago and asked if I’d like to feature any of their products in our home. Great timing since they happened to carry the perfect solution for our ten year old daughter in the form of the white Hampton Daybed.

lavender and white girls room

So many of the same decorative accents from when I featured the room last year are still present: the dresser, the bedding, etc. We did swap out some of the pillows and the artwork to arrange a new gallery above her bed, and also brought in a few touches of cheerful yellow. 

I think it’s important to let a child personalize their own space so we arranged a collection of artwork that she loves in a colorful gallery for her to admire. Kittens, puppies, horses, butterflies … oh to be 10 again.

wall gallery girls room

Little Miss Coco our kitty cat took an interest in the watercolor painting I found on Etsy, perhaps she sees herself? Which is why we bought it, it reminded us of when she was little!

coco and painting


girls room wall gallery

The remaining artwork is from a combination of sources, two prints from Minted (animal map / wreath print),  the butterflies are from IKEA bought years ago, the horse is my daughter’s own painting, and we framed the puppy and kitten prints from her old calendar.   

lavender white yellow girls room

The Starburst pillows are a colorway I created for her room (pattern available here). The criss cross ribbons pillow was an easy and fun DIY project that adds a colorful graphic element. 

diy ribbons pillow girls room

The project is simple, grab some skinny grosgrain ribbons (I found these three colors at Michaels) and some Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive (works great on fabric!)

fabritac and ribbon

Apply the glue to the back then the ribbons in a random abstract criss cross pattern to a white piece of fabric (cut to the size of your pillow form + allow 1 inch for seam).

criss cross ribbons

Allow the glue to dry for a full hour then stitch the design into a pillow using either of these simple sew techniques: envelope pillow covers or easy zippered pillow covers.

diy colorful criss cross ribbons pillow

The combination of grosgrain ribbon + Fabri-Tac turned out so well, I plan to try it again with a high contrast look next time. A quick Photoshop turned the pillow into this in black and white, so chic for a grown up space right?

diy ribbon criss cross pillow

To see the room before with the bunk beds featured last spring take a peek at this post and get the sources for the rug, bedding, light fixture, paint color, etc.  

lavender room hampton daybed

My thanks to Birch Lane for sending my daughter this beautiful Hampton Daybed, she loves it so.  

** This post was sponsored by Birch Lane, all opinions (as always) are my own!



  1. Love the peacefulness of your room. Your Jade Frost wall color reminds me of a soft Lambs Ear plant leaf. The beautiful bed is a very versatile piece. Add back & side pillows and bolsters (with or without the trundle), and it could work for any room as seating, too. I expected to see a higher price. Nice!

  2. We have the exact same daybed in our 11 year old daughter’s room, and it’s been perfect for sleepovers. I will warn you, however, one of the support slats broke and ended up ripping the sheets we still had on the trundle. The bed was less than a year old when this happened, and she does not jump or play on the bed. There are plenty of slats so it still seems very stable without the broken slat, and the bed was much sturdier to begin with than other trundles we looked at — but it was still disappointing to have it happen. It sure looks pretty in your daughter’s room! Great job!

  3. This looks so fresh and perfect for a 10-year-old girl! Where are the colorful frames from used in the agllery wall or did you just paint them?

  4. Love this! We were just chatting last night about replacing the bunks in my sons room with a Trundle, I will have to check this out.

  5. I love the daybed and the wall color as well! so cute!

    x Lily

  6. I love the color combination of frames on the gallery wall. Your daughter’s horse painting is quite impressive! Creativity must run in the family! :)

  7. My daughter has the Brooklyn pink bedding in her room. I really love the crisscross pillow; I think I may try to do that.

    I also love the picture of Coco checking out the cat :)

  8. It’s pretty creamy although it says ‘white’ on the site. Did you know the colour in advance or did you just guess that it would work because it actually looks cream and not white?
    Beautiful Kate! Love what you did and your starburst pillows are fab! x Maria

  9. What a beautiful room for your daughter to have now at 10 and to grow up with. I can see her changing younger accents out to more “sophisticated” accents as she grows older. My kitties were interested in the kitty on the wall too as well as Miss Coco. I’m particularly impressed by your daughter’s horse painting. I was crazy about horses when I was her age and did a painting of a rearing palomino for an art-to-music project at school (Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”). I hope you’ll keep that one even if she grows out of the animal interest.

    The daybed will last forever through so many room reincarnations and I love that ceiling fixture. Job very well done, Kate!

  10. Beautiful room. My daughter is now 17 and I replaced her bed with a similar one when she was 12. She loves it when her friends sleep over so they don’t have to sleep on the floor. She has now turned her bed into more of a sofa with lots of pillows surrounding it.

    • A regular comforter Harriet – we make the bed just like a twin with a headboard with the pillow on one side. But a daybed comforter would work fine too, it’s a personal preference :)

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