Black Stoneware for Fall

By Kate Riley August 11, 2023

If you watched my Instagram stories yesterday, you saw I’ve moved to working with darker clay bodies for autumn and winter. I do love whiter clays, they’re a perfect foundation for colorful underglazes. When seasons change, deeper colors and darker hues fit the mood, so I’m working on some new designs using blacker clay.

Everyone uses ceramics in their everyday life, namely our plates and planters. Much of the ceramics on the market you buy in retail stores is mass produced. No shade, it’s a big world, we need those products and having a set of everyday plates that are the same size, color, and shape matters. But we all know there’s something special about handmade versus factory made. I feel this more and more as I advance in my own ceramics practice. Every time I sell one of my pieces in my shop it’s like parting with a baby, something I invested my time and creative energy into.

That’s what I love about the community clay studio where I create and the local shop where I sell, it’s where one’s creativity meets the marketplace. Every time a person makes a purchase from a potter, they support a maker in a studio living their passion and bringing their vision to life.

I am inspired by ceramicists who create unique pieces whether formed by hand, thrown on the wheel, or made with slip casting. Today I’m giving a shout out to fellow makers and their unique black stoneware pieces, just in time for fall’s arrival.


espresso cup and saucer / kari ceramics



footed bowl / clay bee hive

black leaf plates / laima ceramics


asymmetric plate / black stoneware

serving bowl / cinder ceramics


contemporary bowl / massaa studio


wave tray / mua studios


platter with legs / mr bowl ceramics


textured bowl /  clay & wood designs


large matte porcelain bowl / 1220 ceramics studio


black and white tumblers / clay by dannah


fruit bowl / mr bowl ceramics



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  1. I searched for this article when starting short clay class at for life long learning – nice way of saying 55+ classes. I am just learning and I love it so much! We worked with Cone 10 clay and am very curious to try black! I am also in touch with Kickwheel and I hope to take a class up there as well! and lastly, trying out the decoupage oyster shells with my friends in a few weeks. Thanks Kate – you have been my inspiration for a long time.

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