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By Kate Riley January 18, 2023

Don’t you love starting the new year with a fresh and clean space? I was finally able to put the finishing touches on our living room on my last visit. I find myself drawn more and more to minimalist spaces with limited decor, I feel like I can think more clearly, is it just me?

We’re fortunate to own a single story home in an older neighborhood just a few minutes from the gorgeous Gulf coastline and keys. We fell in love with Sarasota when we visited last year. It was the white sand beaches, soft ocean waves, colorful sunsets, laid back living, and art scene that made us want to move there. Our plan is to make the full time jump from California to Florida at the end of next year once our son completes high school.

This room is the first thing you see when you enter the home so my intention has been to create a light and bright space as a place for guests or the family to relax. It’s coastal inspired of course with light wood tones, soft textures, and minimal decor. The faux fig leaves and the rug are from Target, and the silk tropical plant in the corner I found at Home Goods. The chairs and coffee table are from Wayfair and the sofa is from West Elm. Below are a few snapshots of the space.


This coral inspired bowl I sculpted myself, the white glaze was inspired by the the white sandy beaches of Florida. It’s a catchall for shells I pick up on walks along the beach. :)


As attractive as the sofa is, I’ve made arrangements to return it. The quality of customer service from West Elm’s representatives was the worst I’ve ever experienced in my 10+ years decorating spaces. Their customer service department made multiple misrepresentations over the course of 2½ months. Their furniture side of the company has lost all credibility and my business. My intention is to source a replacement sofa, so I’ll be sure to share updated pictures of this space.

If you want sources let me know and I’ll update in the comments! Oh and if you want a glimpse of what this room looked like when we bought the house, see this post, it’s the space with the navy blue wall. :)


    • Yeah it was really bad, multiple phone conversations, repeated misinformation, horrible customer service.

  1. Oh, I’d love to make the SoCal jump to Sarasota! Ty for sharing and I can’t wait to follow along.

    • We love Sarasota, it is such a wonderful city and we feel so fortunate to start a different chapter there when we finally make the big move.

  2. I love the updates!!! I’m sure appreciates being about to graduate with his friends and classmates. Your future location sounds wonderful so keep sharing ideas.

    • yes we originally planned to move last year but my son wanted to stay so we’re doing that to accommodate him. late 2024 or early 2025 is our move to florida timeline!

  3. I bought a sectional from West Elm in 2019 and waited a year (okay, 10 months) for delivery.

    It has failed so miserably in quality for price it is not even funny. I will also not be buying any furniture from them in the future.

    • agree with you, they made a lot of empty promises that they didn’t keep – really the worst customer service I’ve experience from any furniture seller

  4. Thanks so much for sharing!! Longboat Key is my absolute favorite place this side of Hawaii. But we are blessed to be moving to the St. Pete/Clearwater area next month & I could not be more thrilled! We are packing up our house & living in our RV until we find the perfect place to live! This will be our last home to purchase – so I’m excited to see what you do & get inspiration from your Florida home! It is beautiful!

    • good for you! we love the gulf coast and all the keys from Anna Maria down to Sanibel, so beautiful!

  5. would love to know where you got the sconces by the fireplace…..need something minimal but elegant and those would be perfect! thank you : )

  6. Unsure if you’ve already found a replacement sofa, but figured I’d throw this out there as an option to consider: We have a sectional from Maidenhome that we bought in 2018 when we still lived in Georgia. It made the move with us this year to Florida (we’re on the opposite coast from you) and survived without any damage. We were really pleased with the customer service and have been impressed with the quality and durability of the sectional. It’s really comfortable, too!

  7. oh yeah! West Elm is owned by Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn is also under WS. I had the MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE IN 20 YEARS WITH POTTERY BARN this summer. It was UNBELIEVABLE!! I ordered curtains and got them. Then their computer had a “glitch” and they took $350 out of my checking acct. WITHOUT my approval or anything! When I called them they said they couldn’t do a refund. But only a gift card that would come in the mail. I said NO, I want my $350 put back into my checking acct. They refused to do it. So I told my Bank, and the Bank immediately refunded my money and sent the issue to their FRAUD DEPT. I gave Pottery Barn ALL my contact info. The “Customer Service Rep” said his manager would call me the following day to talk to me about my refund. NO CALL EVERY CAME! That’s when I took action and went to my bank. I have loved and followed Pottery Barn for 20+ years but NO MORE. I will NEVER buy anything from them or ANY of their afiliate stores (and they are many, like 8 stores or more, under Williams Sonoma). Funny how they had the ability to take money out of my account without my permission, but somehow didn’t have the technology in 2022 to RETURN my money as a refund. Why would I ever want to do business with a company that is corrupt and does NOT take responsibility for their BIG mistake? No thanks. Goodbye Pottery Barn! Forever!

  8. I bought a media center from them, West Elm, for our living room. It looks like an Ikea piece.
    Not please with quality.

  9. Also, bought our sofa from Poly and Bark, love them and our sofa. Best thing I bought.
    And Article, is situated in Florida, they have great furniture, as well.

  10. Great post! I love the idea of bringing beach vibes into the home with the coastal living room decor. The furniture and accessories you’ve chosen really give the room a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. I’m definitely inspired to bring some of these ideas into my own home. Thanks for sharing!

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