DIY Fall Fabric Planters (No Sew)

By Kate Riley August 12, 2022

Hey friends! I’ve got a quick and easy way to give your plant babies a different look for the season! This simple DIY project can be recreated in any season with fabrics that match the weather and you don’t need a sewing machine.

Autumn fabrics in botanical patterns and plaids are now available at most fabric stores. I found four seasonal cotton fabrics at Joann’s and bought 1/3 a yard of each one which makes this an inexpensive project too.


How to make them? Super simple! Instead of sewing you use an inexpensive grow bag as the base!

Gather the following supplies: 1 gallon grow bags for small plants and 2 gallon grow bags for medium plants; scissors; iron on fusible bonding web; iron & ironing board; hot glue & glue gun.

I bought my fabrics and the fusible bonding web at Joann’s and two pumpkins too. :)


Step One: cut off the grow bag handles and cut the top of the grow bag to the height of your existing ceramic planter. Cut a piece of fabric that is 1 inch taller on top and allowing for 3 inches extra on the bottom.

Step Two: Following the instructions for using the fusible bonding web, first secure the fabric to the grow bag around the perimeter of the top. The steam from the wet cloth activates the bond from the hot iron.

Next, secure the fabric to the vertical sides of the grow bag by forming a vertical seam with fusible bonding web from top to bottom. It helps to place the grow bag around the narrow edge of the ironing board when creating the vertical seam with the fusible web and iron.



Step Three: Cut slits in the excess fabric on the bottom, and secure the flaps to the bottom of the grow bag using a hot glue gun.

Place your existing planter inside your new fabric planter. So simple right?

What makes it easy is using the plant grow bags as a base. Each one takes less than ten minutes once you get the hang of it. :)



Use the same technique to make the same fabric planters in spring or summer!


  1. How GORGEOUS!
    I can’t wait to get started on this, thank you!!!!!!!!

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