Beaded Wrap Bracelets – Online Sources

By Kate Riley July 16, 2021

Hi all, how’s your summer so far? Mine is much better than last year! I’ve been doing a lot of exploring around Northern California and that’s been fun, I’ve enjoyed trips to the beach, the redwood forest, and of course lucky me, the wine country is all around me.

I bought a few wrap bracelets early in summer and I’ve been wearing them out. Today it’s a rare fashion post with sources for wrap bracelets to get that casual boho look. Some are leather, others are vegan, but they’re all so pretty.


Below find online sources for this style of bracelet in case you’d like to add one or two to your collection. :)

1. Novica

solola sunset / mesa in bloom

magic sparkle / country mountains



2. Cape Diablo


topaz / onyx

emperor jasper / rose quartz



3. Free Spirit

turquoise & jasper / love leather

quartz & opal / lava & hematite


4. Victoria Emerson

pink marble / addison

champagne crystals / pearl dorado


5. Earth Healing Stones

labradorite / purple jasper

white howlite / blue topaz


6. Plumiss on Amazon

blue amazonite / imperial jasper

rose quartz / jasper & turquoise


7. Bonnie on Amazon

tree of life – brown / tree of life – gemstone 

tree of life – pink / natural stone


8. Catherine Design on Etsy

labradorite / turquoise stone

druzy stonerhodonite

Are you a fan of this style? I love them so much!


  1. I love them. I have probably a dozen left after selling them in my store. We sold them and sold them. I closed the store in 2014 and am still wearing them. Love the look.

  2. I have been ordering from Novica for a few decades and I consider myself a connoisseur of jewelry. These pieces are handmade by artisans of these tiny villages, some still among them living and working with primitive and prehistoric things that makes quality. I’m sorry but Etsy just can’t come close. Another beautiful ( yet overwhelmingly overpriced) is Robert Redford Sundance

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