Brass Wall Sconces: 1, 2, & 3

By Kate Riley April 6, 2021

I’m nearing completion on my bathroom remodel. I’ll be featuring that next on the blog after I finish the grouting then install the new light fixtures. I spent a lot of time in my search for the perfect bathroom vanity fixtures comparing styles, finishes, and prices.

The lighting and the hardware is the jewelry so I had to find ones that complemented the style of the space. I settled on these brass vanity lights, they are traditional but elegant too. You’ll see those in the refreshed bathroom space when I feature it!

In my search I found many beautiful brass wall sconces. These versions are hardwired not plug-in sconces.


fluted / abbey halo / sculptural faceted

cyprus / essential tube / haleigh wallchiere

block bar / milano led / exposier brass

louis oval / beckham square / swing arm




celeste / jerdore  / antique brass kaylin

mod turn / clinton / midcentury

forum double / mod creation / double curve

antique glass / riverbend two light / tara pillar



milk glass / leigh curve

buckingham swing / vega

scuptural faceted / frosted aged brass

angler / pearson

branch prism / hudson valley


  1. How did you plan lighting not just around design, but around lighting quality needs? Our currently bathroom and bedroom are TERRIBLE…the bedroom is unforgivably dim and the bathroom the lights are all coming from way too high. It makes applying make up the morning a huge challenge.

    How do you plan for that?

    • Great question! First, you can always buy the quick fix, the lighted round regular and magnifier mirror. Then check makeup in sunlight before you head out. For design, I actually prefer sconces on the sides of mirrors but this space wouldn’t allow for it because the sink (and mirror) was too close to the wall so I didn’t move the electrical. Overhead lights are fine too like in this space, choose one that can use a higher wattage like 60W for vanity mirrors. And there’s always the option of adding overhead lights too, depending on whether your space has little or a lot of natural light. Whenever possible, I like to add lighting to spaces overhead and on the walls, but it requires a professional electrician, but I think they’re worth it because if you’re living in that space every day, you should love it.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I find searching lighting online so frustrating and just give up for another day. This information is so helpful when trying to design updates to my home without having a designer provide me with choices. I love your style and have followed for a long time because I have been so inspired by your choices. Keep it up!

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