Weekend Reading 4.12.20

By Kate Riley April 12, 2020

Happy Easter everyone! Our Sunday will be totally low key for obvious reasons, it includes Zoom calls to family and ordering takeout from a local restaurant. I’m proud of myself that I’ve been keeping busy staying active! As hard as it is to only roam my neighborhood, I’m still feeling connected to people and I know we can survive this quarantine. I keep reminding myself it’s only temporary! I’m watching the changes in everyone’s yards, the trees and flowers in bloom and I’m grateful it’s spring!

I ordered some seed starts to plant and I’m doing some gardening this week. I’m going to build a minimalist trellis for a climbing vine with simple lattice, I’ll share that project soon. Are you all getting out into the garden too? Has spring arrived for you yet?

Favorite links:

This bathroom received a pretty refresh.

This kitchen renovation is beautiful, and that island? So good.

I love watching this botanical art take shape!

Indoor garden ideas for any size home.

Now available: every single season of Bob Ross painting.

Writers around the world share a glimpse of life in lockdown.

Personal essay: life in Paris in a time of quarantine.

There’s no debate: Dolly is a national treasure.

So creative: people recreating art with stuff inside their houses.

This frame by frame recreation of a Journey video made my week.

Underrated SNL sketches you maybe haven’t seen.

Stay healthy out there friends!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the final post on Pattern Making Basics. :)



  1. You’re lucky you can order food. All ready made food deliveries are banned, and all restaurants/bars/takeaways are shut here. And everything else. Nothing open except supermarkets and pharmacies. Another two weeks to go. Maybe….

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