New Confetti Fabric + DIY Pullover

By Kate Riley January 23, 2020

Oh hello! Today I’m introducing another fabric print I designed, a playful painterly pattern I’ve named Confetti! It comes in three colors, blue + green, blush + turquoise, and olive + apricot.

I turned one yard into a cotton pullover with a few simple cuts and stitched it together with my sewing machine.

I didn’t use a pattern, instead I used a plain sweatshirt as my model and made the cuts using the shape of the sweatshirt as a guide.


This is the most informal way to fashion a pullover out of a yard of fabric but here’s how I did it. First I cut two pieces for the body and two pieces for the sleeve out of one yard of cotton knit fabric.

I chose organic cotton knit but you could also use fleece for a thicker pullover.



Next I used the neck of the sweatshirt as a guide for the opening and cut a semi circle of fabric.


I trimmed the fabric to form the bottom of the body as well.

I cut a slight angle at the same angle as the shoulder.

I trimmed the edges of the body so it was more fitted and less baggy.


The only slightly tricky part is making cuts (and attaching) sleeves. Cut ¾” below the top of the shoulder and ¾” inside the armpit to mark the opening along the side of the body where the sleeves will attach.


Sew the neck by wrapping the fabric around and stitching it so it has a finished opening.


Turn both pieces inside out and pin the shoulders and body together. Sew together allowing for the sleeve opening.



Sew the sleeves by turning the pieces inside out and creating a two tubes.


Again, turn the pullover inside out, pin and sew the sleeves to the sides of the body.


Celebrate because you’ve attached the sleeves! Now you’re in the home stretch.

Trim the length of the sleeves. I suggest trying it on first to get the length right!


As a final (optional) step you can add cuffs and a band at the bottom if you want a fit that’s more like a sweatshirt. I did this with 1 foot of sweatshirt fleece I bought at a fabric store. Flip a 5” band inside out, sew the length, flip it right side out and attach it to the pullover to create cuffs and a band around the waist.


If you can sew a straight line you can also make your own pullover shirt out of any fabric you choose!


This Confetti Print comes in three colors:


I think it’s especially fun as a kitchen accent, bed shams, and as dinner napkins or placemats. Also I’d love to use this print as curtains in a child’s room or a craft room!

flang pillow / dinner napkins/ tea towels / placemats




  1. Hi Kate,

    You are really doing amazing work by sharing these type of posts, Looks very true and your new fabric is awesome!

    Keep up this type of good work.


  2. You are amazing and So creative! I like your fabric and your simplicity. It looks so easy and I’ve never bought fabric online before, but it’s getting more and more that way!
    Your showing the way and I love it!!
    Thank you!

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