10 Ways to Mix Bed Linens

By Kate Riley September 16, 2019

A few years ago I wrote an article featuring 20 Ways to Make a Bed, so today’s post is a spin off that one. I was helping a client (and friend) pick bed linens for her queen size and she was asking for tips for a cozy + modern look, so I pulled together a few inspirational images for her, below are a few of them.

Since we spend a third of our life in bed, I’ve always believed your bed should be a really special space created by careful consideration of bed linens. The goal is comfort while you’re in it, and some sense of style when your not. (Although if you’re like me, I don’t make my bed on the weekends, I like to leave the linens unmade and all bunched up, inviting me crawl back in.)

Here are ten different ways to mix linens for a modern cozy and inviting bed!

Monochromatic Palette with Layers of Soft Texture

emily henderson


White Duvet & Shams + Textured Accent Pillows + Decorative Throw

parachute home


Neutral Duvet + Patterned Euro Shams + Complementary Coverlet

laura cambell architecture


Neutral Basics + Alpaca Throw + Colorful Accent Pillow

architectural digest

Neutral Basics + Large Pattern Deco Pillows + Elongated Lumbar

jean stoffer design


Washed Cotton Layers + Chunky Knit Throw + Velvet Accent Pillow

immy and indi


White Cotton Duvet + Textured Cotton Quilt & Shams




Hotel Linens + Quilted Coverlet + Mixed Accent Pillows

kelley nan


White Sheets + Black & White Striped Pillows + Black & White Decorative Blanket

kismet house


Matching Quilt + Shams + Colorful Pillowcases + Linen Throw + Fur Blanket


oh eight oh nine


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  1. I love this! It makes it a lot easier to tackle bed linens when you break it down like this. Have a great week!

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