Forever Classic: Blue Kitchen Cabinets

By Kate Riley August 14, 2018

Because kitchens are the place where we spend the most time, they’re the most important space in a home. The cabinets and fixtures need to withstand daily use and a lot of wear and tear, and the design should stand the test of time. Because of this, most people opt for neutrals when designing their kitchen: white and wood, gray and white, etc.

A few years ago I chose a blue gray color for cabinets in a kitchen renovation and I’ve never regretted it. I like to see all shades of blue in kitchens (and bathrooms) and in the past year, we’re seeing more blue hues in kitchens, especially navy. To follow are a collection of modern kitchens incorporating forever classic blue kitchen cabinets.

This model home kitchen built by Cedarglen Homes is done in navy blue, the appliances are stainless steel but note the touches of brass throughout. More images here.




This is a beautiful mid tone slate blue in a kitchen designed by Brooke Wagner, the natural wood tones look especially good with this blue hue, as does the black hardware. More images here.





Will Taylor opted for a deep navy on his custom cabinets for his beach house kitchen, find the full tour here.



I’m crazy about this deep moody blue cabinets and the coordinating herringbone tile backsplash, isn’t it stunning? Kitchen design by Jenn Feldman, color unknown, more images here.




Province Blue by Benjamin Moore appears on these cabinets in a kitchen used in partnership with Kohler products, image from Benjamin Moore.



Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue is featured on these kitchen cabinets, design by The White Arrow, more images here.



A rich deep blue appears on these cabinets in a kitchen designed by Jean Stoffer, the brass pulls look amazing with navy. I don’t know the color, but you’ll find the full kitchen tour here.




These cabinets are Philipsburg Blue by Benjamin Moore, a classic slate blue color, design by Buckenmeyer Architecture, full kitchen tour here.



If you don’t want to commit to all blue cabinets, consider a shade of blue on just the island or the lower cabinets. I love the Providence Blue by Benjamin Moore that Sarah from Life on Virginia Street painted her island. Gorgeous! Tour the full kitchen here.


What are your thoughts on blue kitchen cabinets, would you choose them for a kitchen?



  1. I really, really like all the darker blue kitchens here. In the right house/right layout I would do all the lowers, or the island, in a hot minute. In my own house I’ll be making do with painting a small cabinet by the reading nook navy blue instead – I love the recent move away from dull blackened navy blues to these much more vibrant shades of bright navy as it were.

  2. I think navy and most blues are classic colors that I wouldn’t tire of. I could do it on all the cabinets, but I probably wouldn’t. I like the idea of a blue island. Those kitchens are all beautiful though!

  3. I have been seriously considering painting my kitchen island a match for AS Aubusson Blue. It’s a big change but these images may have just convinced me to go for it! Thanks Kate!

  4. Hi Kate,

    I swear you can read my mind! I’ve had blue cabinets on the brain, so I was excited to read this post.

    I’ve been a bit tired of all the gray and white I see everywhere. (And I LOVE neutrals.) So, when my sister asked me to help her paint her kitchen cabinets and help choose the colors, we opted for a deep navy blue on the bottom cabinets and white on the top. But I went back and forth about the navy. This post makes me think we made the right decision.

    So far I’ve only painted the bottom ones. Do you think white uppers will look good?


  5. I’m a Fusion Mineral Paint retailer and Midnight Blue is really “hot” right now! Hope you don’t mind if I share this post, with my customers!
    The Treasured Home

  6. I love a blue and white kitchen and dream of having my own some day. These are great idea and inspiration pictures. I like the blue cabinets!

  7. Blue is an accent color in my house, but in a kitchen, a warmer color is best. Blue is known to not excite food or eating.

  8. In my previous house I had a blue kitchen. It always looked fresh and I never tired of it. When we built our current house I debated white or colour and white won. It’s nice but not knockout. If there is a ‘next time’ I will go back to blue cabinets. I am loving the Jean Stoffer kitchen with the brass pulls.

  9. I love blue cabinets! Such gorgeous photos in this post! Thanks for sharing :)
    In my own kitchen I used more of a teal/gray (Ben Moore Stratton Blue) for our lower cabinets while I painted the upper cabinets Super White. I contemplated navy lower cabinets, but knew it wouldn’t work quite as well with our existing orange-hued tile floor (that I’m stuck with for awhile!)

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing a link to my kitchen Before/After photo:

  10. I am completely obsessed with these blue cabinets! The dark, moody ones and the deep, rich ones are stunning! We are having our cabinets painted in a few weeks and I am totally sold on blue. So so glad I found this blog!

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