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By Kate Riley April 21, 2018

Greetings from Austin! I’m visiting my cousin and exploring the city for the next few days, so far I’m loving everything! The barbecue, the breweries, and the vibe, so great. Austin is a beautiful place, those of you who live here are very lucky!

Favorite links below:

So relaxing! This black & white and plant filled home.

Well done! Another light and bright family friendly home.

I enjoyed browsing this Australian designer portfolio this week.

I love this breezy modern redecorated home in Toronto.

Eye candy for the open shelf lovers.

The 50 “most beautiful” cities of the world.

Men share the simple little things they love about their partner. Aw.




  1. FYI: Looks like you have to be a member to be able to see the “Open Shelves” story! ;)

  2. Welcome to Austin!!!! I hope you have a great time while you are here and enjoy the city! There is plenty to see (and eat!!!) and if you are into the music scene, there is a TON of great music. Thankfully, you had some fair weather while you were here. I live in the suburbs of Austin, but I LOVE it here and will never leave (my husband is born and raised here, which is very rare these days). Wishing you safe travels back home.

  3. They left Oia, Santorini, Greece off the list. It’s the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

    The open shelves didn’t do it for me in Domino, and I have a stove wall full of open shelves. Those either appeared cluttered or like they were just for display. We use ours truly as working shelves with the left of the stove for prep items and the right of the stove as plating items. We keep them orderly and cohesive in color with whites and blues, but they are useful. I’ve been pro-open shelves for a long time but only if you are actually going to use them and keep them straight.

    Hope you had a great time in Austin! So miss the food scene there!

  4. as usual, your links are terrific and I enjoy taking the time over the weekend to go through them. Sorry to be grumpy but the open shelves story requires member login and the article about simple things men love about their partner requires a page click for every item… which means I have to wait for ads to load before I can read the content… I gave up. Thank you for the info on AirBnBs and all the Before and After posts you provide to us. Your aesthetic and point of view are terrific; bravo to you!

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