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By Kate Riley April 19, 2018

Just yesterday I booked my two Airbnb apartments for my two week trip to Europe in June. I’ll be in Belgium for four days then I’m off to the Czech Republic for five days. In Belgium, we will see Brussels, Brugge, and Ghent and in Czech I’ll be in Brno and Prague. I’m so excited to be exploring two more European countries that I’ve never visited!

I’m a huge fan of staying in an Airbnb apartment instead of hotel for all of these reasons. While I do love tropical climates and sandy beaches, in summer, Europe is my most favorite destination. There is so much to see and do, I love meandering the streets, hearing the different languages, learning about the culture, eating the local food, and relaxing in the biergartens and piazzas and cafes while people watching.

I always look for a place with style, comfort, great reviews, and in a central location. If you don’t share a desire to visit Europe, you can still enjoy the eye candy of these well decorated (and budget friendly) apartments of Europe.

Explore Edinburg, Scotland by staying in this chic 2 bedroom apartment.



Want to see Portugal? Relax while in Lisbon in this airy duplex.


Soak up the sun on the deck of this ship with a view of the harbor in Amsterdam.


Dive into Germany’s history in the capital of Berlin with this contemporary studio.



See the beauty of Stockholm while resting in this modern loft.


Explore Bordeaux while staying in this central modern apartment.


Discover the charm of Vienna while staying overnight in this sun filled apartment.


Take in water views of Venice by staying in this contemporary apartment.


Explore Barcelona by day while spending nights in this studio in the heart of the city.


Relax with a lake view in this apartment in Italy, available in summer.



If you like this series, I can round up some more, just name the city you want to explore!



  1. Ireland (Dublin + maybe another smaller coastal community like Dingle?).

    Love this!

  2. Have you ventured to any countries in South America yet? I highly recommend Punta Del Este and Colonia (two gorgeous cities in Uruguay) and Buenos Aires in Argentina. That’s just the beginning. Brazil, Chile, Peru are fantastic too!

  3. Watch out for Airbnb rentals. I just got stung. I had booked an apartment in Seville, Spain for 5 nights. The owner cancelled a week before. The Feria de Avril was going on and I ended up having to pay double what I had been paying to get an apartment. Airbnb said they would give me $48 towards a new unit , but when the new owner gave me a $65 discount, they cancelled their $48. With Airbnb you have no recourse with a cancellation. I like Homeaway much more.

  4. Hi Kate, we to love Europe in the summer. Planning a visit to Nice France any recommendations?


  5. I’m looking for a place in Munich that sleeps 4 right now! Any personal experience there or suggestions for cool places near Marienplatz? Thank you!

  6. Innsbruck, Austria, Bastogne, Belgium, Strausbourg, France – would be lovely!! We’ve been looking at rentals thru HomeAway, but would love to see more of what you’ve found above (as they are wonderful!)

  7. I’ll be in Prague on Wednesday, July 4th. My choir is singing in the American Celebration of Music at St. Nicholas Church at 2pm. Come see us!

  8. I love the suggestions! Thanks for a great post! I would love ideas for Southern Italy!!

  9. We’re going to Copenhagen and Amsterdam for Christmas. Currently searching Home Away but love to see what you find!

    I have to admit, I want to stay in every single one of the ones above!

  10. I’d love your Airbnb recommendations from Belgium. We are going this fall and I’m already starting to see what good options are out there. We will be in Bruges & Brussels with day trips to other cities. Hope you have a great time!

  11. I second the request for London. I’m headed there in September and haven’t booked a hotel or a flat yet.

    Thanks for the link for Stockholm. That is on next Spring’s agenda. I’ve never been anywhere in Scandinavia.

    P.S. I think you’ll love Bruges.

  12. I love the idea of an AirBnB, but someone pointed out that when you stay at hotels, they pay taxes, they support tourism, they belong to the local Chamber of Commerce, etc etc, and when you rent someone’s house in a tourist area it changes the landscape of locals and tourists-the locals rent their places, move out of the city center and there you have it-a ton of “authentic” apartments with tourists living in them, and then the local groceries and businesses cater to tourism and not locals, thus negating the reason why you wanted to stay there in the first place! This friend was talking about Venice in particular. Do you think all the tax stuff is true? I never thought of these issues but wonder if what she said was true…

    • Each city/country has its own regulations, I’ll do a little research and find out!

  13. Thanks for the info! We have our first Airbnb’s rented for Germany and Italy in the fall. Would love some recommendations for Paris!
    I saw someone’s comment on your earlier related post that they ended up in a tiny hotel room in Paris but I couldn’t tell if that was through an Airbnb booking? I came across some “hotel rooms” when researching Munich on Airbnb – evidently hotels let people rent out rooms as Airbnb’s?? Seemed sketchy and I avoided these thanks to the reviews. But along those lines, would be really great to have some user tips on negative things to be on the look out for and red flags when researching listings before booking!! Thanks!

  14. Another vote for Greece and Croatia. We are trying to decide now whether to see that area on a cruise, or fly in and stay in airbnb’s like we do when we go to Italy. We love the flexibility that a rental car gives us for seeing more of the real life in an area. Do you think Greece/Croatia are safe for driving and home rentals?

  15. I am from Czech republic , living in Canada ??. You will lov it ! Prague is full of history and beautiful architecture . Go for lunch to Cafe Imperial , great menu ( need rsv ) and Czech specialties are the top . Cafe is in art nouveau style . There is bistro Next door right next to Imperial . Both places are run by popular chef Zdenek Polreich . Service and quality are the top an prices good . Need to try beer U Fleku and you will figure out the rest :-) Enjoy your trip , btw I love your blog ❤️

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