Wallpaper in Small Doses

By Kate Riley April 25, 2018

I do this to myself every time I travel, I bring along my laptop with every intention of blogging, then I get caught up in where I am and the laptop never gets opened. I suppose that’s healthy, one should enjoy one’s travel adventures without worry of work, right? Still, it nags at me, then I pinkie swear I’ll work on the plane ride home, but then I see the movies I haven’t seen yet and ignore the work again to watch them. :)

Anyway, I’m back from Austin, it was amazing, I’ll share some pictures soon. On the journey back I was thumbing through Pinterest and inspired to write today’s article. How many of you out there are still dying to add a little bit of pattern to your home but you’re nervous about the print being too bold in a large space?

Powder and laundry rooms are perfect candidates, pantries too, simply because they’re smaller spaces by nature. Also consider unexpected places too! Think closets, dresser drawers, niches, inside frames, or behind shelves. These ideas just might inspire you to add some pattern in smaller doses to your life.



via domino



decor 8


amanda barnes



lauren leonard interiors


denton developments

inside out


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crazy wonderful




sarah wittenbraker






via wallpaper safari




source unknown


a cup of jo



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  1. These are mostly all wonderful – I especially love the first and last ones.

    I think of the room (closet) under the eaves that Nicole Balch did in Making It Lovely for one of the One Room Challenges – looks a bit like one of the photos here.

    That bathroom in the first photo is just so whimsical and darling!

  2. Gorgeous! I love wallpaper in powder rooms but some of these ideas had never crossed my mind. Such inventive uses! Love it!

  3. I so love these fun wallpapers, I just can never seem to pull the trigger and put some up in my own home. I think it is my fear of mixing and matching patterns badly or “incorrectly”. I do like those dresser inspirations though, just a fun pop of color and whimsy poking through isn’t so scary, hahah! Plus then if I ever wanted to change it out it wouldn’t be such an overwhelming project. Thanks for the great post!

  4. that goldfish wallpapered bathroom and the tiny little toilet room have been made so much more appealing with the decor that was chosen – they would in most houses be gloomy little rooms but with that decor they look so stylish :)

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