Stripes in the Shower

By Kate Riley January 26, 2018

I still haven’t remodeled the master shower in my investment property yet, it’s one of the last remaining projects to do before selling. While looking for inspiration, I stumbled across showers that go beyond one color subway tile and incorporate stripes with tile installed in both basic and creative ways.

It’s a universal design truth: stripes are classic and never go out of style. I’ve seen my share of showers with a singular accent stripe of tile, however these examples show stripes symmetrically balanced throughout the space.

Horizontal stripes widen, while vertical stripes elongate. These showers take on a variety of personalities, from happy to dramatic depending on the color and size of tile used. Her are examples of basic stripes on the wall, but also some creative applications on the floors and walls beyond the shower.


Horizontal Installations

subway tile with dotted liner

style at home

creative pattern with hexagon mosaic


gray marble and white subway tile


the leslie style

smaller scale navy and white mosaic penny tiles


eclipse design

glass subway tile in four colorways


reiko design

penny tile mosaic stripes

house beautiful

yellow and white subway tiles


alys design

large scale glass tile


butler armsden

stacked subway tiles

young house love

legacy cdm

black and white rectangular tiles


bradley e heppner

polished ceramic tile

izabella widomska

black and white subway tiles

calvis wyant

black and white porcelain tiles

Vertical Installations

stripes created with textured tiles.



small scale hexagon mosaic

unknown source

planete deco


  1. We are beginning work on an investment property mid February. This is great inspiration for the bathroom remodels. Thanks!

  2. Interesting to see. But as a buyer, I would reject many of these bathrooms – the ones with bold color or wide black stripes – because they limit decorating choices.

    • I agree. There’s only a couple I would choose to live with. And some of those would make me think I needed to gut and re-tile the bathroom asap. A couple I could live with in hotel rooms where I only have to be there a couple of nights. One stripe of tile, or maybe three horizontal above a vanity, but these are much too full on for me.

  3. I miss seeing your design projects, and the before and after pics with your commentary. More of those please! : )

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