How I Choose A Rug

By Kate Riley December 15, 2017

My stepdaughter lives in San Diego while she’s in nursing school. To soften the terra cotta tile floor in her rental and as a layer under her small navy blue sofa, I shipped her this simple coastal striped rug from Overstock.

Overstock has been a go-to site for me for years for stylish affordable decor, I’ve purchased soooo many things from that site over the years: rugs, light fixtures, faucets, kitchen hardware, furniture, etc.

I was happy to learn about Club O Rewards, the membership based loyalty rewards program offered at Overstock. Customers enrolled in the program receive free shipping on every order, and at least 5 percent in reward dollars for all purchases, and up to 20 percent in reward dollars on hundreds of select products.

Out of curiosity, I totaled up my purchases from Overstock in the last year, and the 5% I could have earned in rewards being a Club O member was way more than the $19.95 annual fee. So I signed up for Club O Rewards to not miss out on future benefits. If the total amount of my rewards for a year is not equal to the cost of the membership, the difference will be automatically added to my account when I renew the next year. But since I shop there so much I have no doubt I’ll get my money’s worth. :)

As a long time customer, today I partnered with Overstock to talk about how I choose the style of an area rug in a space. First, I imagine a particular style that will complement the décor. Next, I narrow it down to the rugs that have quality, durability, an affordable price, and a good review. I’m always looking for a bargain, but the rug has to look good, feel good, and stand up to wear and tear.

When shopping for a rug online, my rug choices default into one of three categories: a classic stripe, a subtle pattern, or a no fail neutral. If you’re ever nervous about what style of rug to buy, my advice is to choose one of these three.

Simple Stripes

I bought a wide stripe green rug from Overstock for my rear courtyard last year, I loved it! The rug was soft, the quality was excellent and the color divine. It lasted through two summers in direct sunlight, and at such a great price.

Stripes are classic and never go out of style. It’s a universal truth, you can never go wrong with a simple or bold striped rug !


melun flatweat wool stripe


Subtle Pattern

Earlier this year I pulled together a family room for veterans for my local Committee on the Shelterless, and in that space I added this gorgeous blue rug from Overstock because it provided a dose of deep blue and also a subtle pattern underneath.

This is one of the easiest ways to choose a rug: pick a color that you’d like to repeat a few times in any space and then find a rug with a subtle pattern in that color to add interest underfoot. I especially love rugs with mottled patterns that mimic the look of old world textiles.

vintage blue

persian pink

williamsburg distressed

Basic geometric patterns in small scale with a simple repeat are another great option in the subtle pattern category. On top you’re free to layer bolder patterns with textiles in larger scale or busier patterns.

flatweave cotton trellis



No Fail Neutrals

But who says you always need pattern or color? If it’s a practical runner or just softness you seek, a basic neutral rug is a no fail solution.

paris shag

mohawk cream


Hop on over to Club O to check out the perks of being a member. If you’re active or retired military, a student or a first responder like a firefighter or emergency medical technician, your membership is free! Club O rewards never expire, and are available to use toward any item on With your membership you’ll receive 5% rewards on all purchases, free shipping on all orders, and up to 20% rewards on select products. Check it out!

*This post brought to you in partnership with Overstock and their Club O Rewards program. I’m a long time shopper and love their products and service, all opinions as always are my own!


  1. What about weave type? In my opinion, that is the most important part of choosing a rug, as well as material. My searches always start with those (or one of those), as well as size, and then I see what’s available. I will say Overstock has great search perimeters, which I why I use that site for rug purchases.

    • Another important consideration! It depends on the texture you seek and also longevity. I rotate rugs in my spaces every few years due to wear and tear from family/pets/life so I’m always looking at them from a style/affordability perspective, but weave is also a relevant consideration. Sometimes the cheaper ones shed (ick) which requires extra vacuuming. More expensive weaves are an investment but often worth it if you find a rug you know you’ll truly love for many years.

  2. Unfortunately, you did not address the size issue in you post. This is really important I think. There must be some solid ground rules to follow in tying in the furniture to the room and making it all look “grounded” and cohesive. This post just reads like a plug for a certain companys products more than a helpful guide for others faced with multiple rooms of solid flooring and needng help (me) with potentially expensive decisions and feeling the pressure to get it right. You could have done both.

  3. Thank you for sharing this informative blog on how to choose a proper rug. Rugs are a essential for every home; it makes a home cozy and warm. I gained a lot of helpful information from this blog and I can’t wait to change my rug style. Please keep on sharing more helpful tips and suggestions in the upcoming posts.

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