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By Kate Riley January 3, 2017

January greetings and Happy New Year! The past ten days have been really great, I took a break from the blog and most of social media and that felt so good. As a blogger I’m always thinking about new content, but I forced myself to step away and not worry about it until January. And here we are!

Stepping away helps me so much with clarity and setting new goals for the future. After taking a break and then looking back, I see that 2016 was very good to me in my personal life. I feel so blessed to have had a year filled with exciting travel and one spent making great memories. I flipped through all the snapshots on my phone and couldn’t help but smile at all those good times I had just living in the moment. My hope for 2017 is much more of the same!

I’ve been in Vegas for a week working on the flip house and reconnecting with my extended family. I had cousins from all over gathering in town and we spent days talking and playing games and it was the BEST!

I’m easing back into blogging with a flip house progress report. Yesterday we left the subcontractors in charge of finishing the two bathroom remodels underway. Here are a few cellphone snapshots I took before I left town showing the progress that’s been made so far. While in town we worked mostly on the hall bathroom and the fireplace in the living room.

I shared a picture of the hall bathroom here, now it’s looking very different. We removed the old tile in the shower and floor and replaced it with more modern choices. The new shower tile is larger in scale (link below), it still needs to be grouted. The floor tile is a graphic pattern I found at Home Depot, it also needs grout. I forget the name of it but I’ll share it when I photograph it and feature it next month.

I’m going for contrast in here, white walls and a dark wood vanity with a white quartz countertop. I chose this vanity and this tile for the backsplash behind the sink, it’s gonna be gorgeous when complete!

The master bathroom has been gutted and the walls retextured but still needs everything: new flooring, a new vanity, and shower tile. I’m ordering a custom vanity so this space will take a few more months to finish.

For this shower I’m also using the same calacatta porcelain tile as in the hall bathroom shower, it looks fantastic in person and is so affordable. Highly recommended!

The only thing that’s complete in the kitchen is the smooth textured walls and vinyl plank flooring. Right now it’s a blank canvas. I mapped out the measurements for the cabinet plan since I’ll be ordering those next week. I like the idea of using green gray cabinets in here with white quartz countertops. I’ll share more ideas on this space as decisions are made, catch a glimpse of the ‘before’ here.

The new Armstrong vinyl plank floors were completed a few months ago, I wrote about their installation back in August. We replaced all the old yellowed electrical plates with white ones, the baseboards are also new. The walls are painted Glidden’s White on White which I also used in the community spaces in the first Vegas remodel. We’ve measured for new windows and they will replaced in February.

We also finished up a remodel of the fireplace with marble stone tile and a DIY mantel. I’ll share the details and better pictures of the fireplace makeover tomorrow.

Fingers crossed we can finish up the bathrooms and kitchen by late spring since the plan is to stage it and put it on the market before summer. Much to do!  :)


  1. Oh my! Anxiously awaiting the link to that bathroom floor tile from HD. GORGEOUS and I want to use for our master bath reno. Keep up the lovely decorating!!!

  2. When I read the words “re-texturing the walls” I immediately wondered if you have the same problem as us. When we tried removing the wallpaper in the bathroom, it was immediately obvious that the drywall had not been primed nor had sizing been applied prior to the paper and we have an absolute mess. We are at odds about what to do with this problem. I’ll pay close attention to your future posts but am hoping you’ll reply with your plans. We are considering a ‘knock-down drywall mud application’ as a last resort. I wish you were here to advise us but must settle for your blog posts. Thank you.

    • We like the look of smooth textured walls – the old walls were beige knockdown and retexturing them to level 5 smooth and painting them fresh white makes the older home feel brand new. But we’ve also experienced drywall damage and had to texture in those circumstances too.

  3. So Gorgeous and I look forward to seeing the updates. I love two things about this post especially:
    1. There doesn’t appear to be a panicked rush to get the flip house done. You are taking your time to do it right and I love that it doesn’t appear to be a stress in your life. It should be a fun project and it sounds like it is fun!

    2. I’m grateful for the positive outlook on 2016. Everyone was so excited to bid 2016 farewell, but for me and my family it was a peaceful year with no unpleasant surprises. Yes, there were challenges, but at the end of the year we were all in tact and well. I got my 2016 Chatbooks and giggled and smiled through them all. I am grateful you showed 2016 the love that it deserved. Wishing you a blessed and happy 2017.

    • Nicest comment ever thank you! Yes I read a lot of grumbling about 2016 but had the opposite feeling about the year. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love how that flooring is looking! The geometric diamonds are so cool! Where are those tiles from? I must’ve missed the link.

  5. Beautiful bathroom Would you be able to share the link or more info on the gorgeous floor tile?

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