Cement Look Tile for Less

By Kate Riley November 28, 2016

We began the install on the bathroom floor last week at the flip house in Vegas. I had been searching for a geometric pattern tile and found a great one at Home Depot. During my search I stumbled across a bunch of great porcelain and ceramic tiles that look like authentic encaustic cement tiles but for less money than you’d pay for the real thing.

We’ve seen cement tiles everywhere in recent renovations throughout the design world and I love the look of them all. These bold patterns look fab in a bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, sunrooms, you name it. Like a rug, there’s something really fun about bold pattern underfoot, it makes a statement but is less in your face then when used on the walls (although I love that look too.) I wish I had a dozen bathroom remodels on my plate because I’d be sure to use several of these cement look ceramic tiles on the floor!




pictured above: roll hex and twenties classic (black)

These ten patterns can be found at Home Depot:



1. Twenties Crest  2. Twenties Diamond 3. Twenties Petal  4. Twenties Circle  5. Braga Classic  6.  Berkeley Blue   7. Lotto Cobalto 8. Botanic Black  9. Atelier Antracita  10. Atelier Azul

These six patterns are available at Overstock:


1. Cavado Black  2. Thirties Classic  3. Somertile Art Black  4. Thirties Vertex  5. Thirties Corner  6. Thirties Vintage



cavado black and merola hydraulico

Note several of these are marketed as Merolo Tile at Home Depot and as Somertile at Overstock so you’ll see some repeats if you do a search on those sites. Many of these are less than $2 a tile, which is such a deal to get the look of encaustic cement tile for less!


  1. I love the patterns created using different designs and different shades of grey, that’s giving so much dimension to the flooring, looks stunning ?.

  2. Love the look and I am so happy to see more affordable options. What is your take on using these as a backsplash rather than flooring? I am considering something like that to add some life in my galley kitchen.

  3. We just put the Thirties Vintage tile in our master bath remodel! @anchoredhopefarm on Instagram ☺️
    It is beautiful! Highly recommend!

  4. Thank you, thank you for this post!! We are in the process of looking for bathroom materials and getting a plan in place. I love the look of cement tiles, but as a DIY dabbler, I thought installing would be too difficult. These ceramic tiles would be a better option for us. Thanks again!

  5. Hi long time reader first time commentator. We just renovated our bathroom and put the proper cement encaustic tiles on our floor. I am so disappointed they comstantly look dirty and because you can’t use bleach on them or any really acidic cleaning products Mould is building up on them in the shower. Does anyone have these tiles? What is the best way to keep them clean?

  6. It looks amazing. Would you be so kind to tell me the exact name of the manufacturer, as there is no such shop as Home Depot in my country. Thank a lot

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