Kitchen Range Hood Options

By Kate Riley February 9, 2015

It’s decision time with the kitchen remodel, right now my mind is focused on the hood above the slide in range. Currently, the duct for ventilation sits where it did in the old kitchen when a micro hood cabinet lived there before. I’m not installing a microwave over the range in this kitchen, just a range hood (there is room for a microwave in the pantry area).

vent in kitchen


My original plan was to install a chimney range hood and tile similar to this.

blue glass tile backsplash stainless chimney hood


A sleek stainless steel chimney hood with tile that goes up to the ceiling is a contemporary look that makes the range a focal point. 

stainless chimney hood

studio m interiors

stainless chimney range hood white kitchen

barbra bright design 

stainless steel kitchen range hood

awad + koontz

I learned when we tried to remove the ceiling soffit was there is a water pipe sitting just about where the new vent would go for a chimney hood and a structural beam in the way. We could pay to move the pipe and route it through the beam to get the duct where it needs to go but that will cost a lot of money and take more time. It can be done but it will be a headache so I’m looking at other options.

vent above range

Plan B would be an under cabinet range hood. The styles vary and the options on the table include an exposed hood or a hidden one with a liner and power pack combo inside a custom wood shape that we would build. One style I’m contemplating is something like this with the hood extending out at an angle beyond the side cabinets.

under cabinet hood white kitchen

barbra bright design

white kitchen hidden under cabinet hood

degraw & dehaan architects


A square box is another design option, we have one similar to this in the kitchen at our California residence

white kitchen under cabinet range hood

better homes & gardens


The design I’m most drawn to is the flared or angled range hood box like these below which may work with a ducting reducer and it’s a manageable DIY project.

flared range hood

terra cotta properties

flared hood

style me pretty

 flared kitchen range hood bhg


A final idea is to have an exposed under cabinet range hood in the angled design or attached to a cabinet we could order, here are a few examples of those.

white kitchen exposed range hood

home adore

black cabinet doors black and white kitchen

jennifer worts design

 exposed under cabinet range hood

better homes & gardens

They all look so nice, I welcome your opinion, which style do you like best?


  1. I like either the original plan which I agree probably isn’t worth the expense or the last idea (2nd and 3rd pictures from the bottom).

  2. I like either the angled hood or the square hood that blend in with the cabinets even better than the more expensive option! You always have such good ideas!

  3. A classic case of design dreams meeting reno realities. If only everything went to plan! That said, I actually like the under cabinet range hoods a bit better. I’m a simple gal, so the one from home adore is my fav, though I might be being swayed by the fabulosity of that backsplash tile. They’re all lovely, though, and the dramatic one from style me pretty is kind awesome as well!

  4. I’m surprising myself by liking the last option – hood attached to a cabinet – the best. Of course, they are ALL gorgeous, so you really cannot go wrong, but there’s something more structured about the cabinet approach that I think might look great in your room.
    No matter what – I can’t wait to see the result!

  5. I like the third option best- range hood with cabinets above. I find the others tend to overwhelm the room and become more of a focal point than I care for.

  6. Decision Time – can be scary. We are right in the middle of a mini remodel and we went with the stainless steel box style with a chimney up to the ceiling. I wanted more contemporary with clean lines. So I prefer the better homes and garden or home adore option for your project. Good luck and can’t wait to see the final product.

  7. I prefer the last and 2nd from last options. Theses are more integrated.

    It might help to use tracing paper or a did vital design program to see what proportions work best in your space…nothing fancy, just a simple outline diagram.

    Look at the positive and negative spaces created and aim for flow.

  8. I think I like the looks where the hood is less of a standout detail (Which may be the opposite of what you are going for, lol) But I REALLY like the first Plan B photo from barbra bright design. I think that one has just the right amount of “I’m pretty” without screaming “pay all your attention to ME.” And in the same way I like the one from jennifer worts design. I think the small straight edge of stainless steel is very classy. Just the right amount of everything.

  9. I think the “Flared” range hood in white to match the cabinets would be stunning. I can visualize how beautiful that would look with the backsplash tile peeking from behind. Painting it white would make it blend in with the adjoining cabinets and not become the focal point of the kitchen. I know I will like anything you end up doing. Vikki in Va

  10. I like the square box the best, especially with your ceiling-height cabinets on either side. I think it will make the room look taller.

  11. I like the options shown without upper cabinets incorporated with a range hood. So I am thinking the options shown with “degraw and dehaan architects” and “jennifer worts design” are options I would consider. I am truly loving your redesign in this kitchen. Great job and thanks for giving us updates and sources along the way.

  12. I admit that flared is my least favorite style, by far. For me, they become such a distinct focal point I can hardly look at the rest of the kitchen. I like the last option the best, or the box style second best and I think it would either option look lovely. So I vote no for the flared!

  13. The third option seems more universal specially when selling. Jennifer Worts Design is seamless and I like it. decisions, decisions, decisions!! i do not want to be in your place right now ;-)

  14. The very 1st one is so sleek. I like it, but then scrolling down the one with the stainless steel straps screams, “I’m so pretty, look at me!” But then if you don’t want your hood to be the focal point, I like “home adore”. And if you want something in between a focal and sleek I like jennifer worts design. So many beautiful choices, it must be hard to pick.

  15. Have you considered down draft? My mom had a jenn air stove that had to be vented outside so it was put threw the floor and out threw the basement. You might be able to still use the hood you want but down vent it instead. But if that’s not an option, then I would go with the cabinet vent option if you don’t want to spend the money to move the pipe. But I always seem to kick myself later if I don’t do what I truly wanted in the first place.

  16. I love the Angled or Flared design for the hood range, it stays in the same them as the chimney and it adds so much interest to the kitchen!


  17. My favorite is the Barbra Bright design. It seems to give you the angled look you are after and you would not need to extend your backsplash up higher. I’d want to spend more money on beautiful backsplash tile and when you need less, you can get the best.

  18. Barbara Bright Design is my favorite. The tile helps too as I find the tiles in the first photos to be close to becoming dated. Terra Cotta Properties would be my second.

    I have a down draft – not my top recommendation. It is not a low cost way to go. Then the replacement has to be a down draft or more remodeling cost. Location of the kitchen and having no outside wall in my kitchen were my reason for having a down draft. It soon will need replaced and the options are small or expensive.

  19. I like the last two with the stainless hood and the cabinet above. It would be easiest to clean, easiest to replace if necessary, and it just looks like a real hood should look– not being hidden or anything. Would you consider a retro NuTone type of fan? My daughter did this in a house in Burlingame, CA. If you look on the RetroRenovation site, you can find out where to get the Chrome covers. House of Fans in SF went out of business, but plans to sell some remaining stock on Ebay.
    My daughter used the fan with a Viking induction range. The range does not generate a lot of heat. The duct work runs through an adjacent laundry.

  20. I like the Barbara Bright design. I wonder, will the flared design work with the duct placement? I still like the cleaner appearance of Barbara Bright.

  21. My personal favourite is the flared range hood in the Style Me Pretty photo. Very elegant, but glam. I wouldn’t use subway tiles with it, but then I dislike subway tiles. Glass tiles would look simply fabulous with that hood.

  22. I like them all except the flared or Angled one.
    As a previous comment said, it becomes too much of a focal point and to me, it looks old and not in a good way. But that’s my personal opinion. I love your taste so I’m sure it will end up looking beautiful!

  23. Degraw & Dehann design is my favorite. I think it looks clean and seamless. Good Luck and no matter what you choose, your kitchen will be BEAUTIFUL!!!

  24. So many choices, so much beauty. However, right now I’d pick those under Plan B. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  25. I’m going through this too- I’m in the middle of big remodel in my kitchen and I realized that my awesome vent hood (from IKEA, with the spice rack on it, which I love!) would need to vented outside or through the ceiling. Duh! But then we read through the manual and there is a third option- using a charcoal filter to recirculate the fumes. It’s $50 and requires no extra construction! So, you might want to look at some of the vents you were originally interested in to see if they also work that way. Good luck to you!

  26. Because the kitchen is so small, I would focus on making the hood the least obvious thing in the kitchen. Otherwise, it overpowers that small space. The last option or the one like you have in your CA home would work best, in my humble opinion.

  27. One more option would be to use an integrated range hood that is completely hidden in the cabinet above. Only the thin panel is seen from below the cabinet. We recently did this in a kitchen remodel and it gives a nice seamless look across the front of the cabinets.

  28. If you can still order another wall cabinet, Broan makes a cabinet depth vent that virtually disappears underneath a cabinet with it’s 1″ profile. It slides out to use, then tucks back under the cabinet when not in use. Brian Model 15001. my girlfriend has one in her kitchen, and it’s virtually invisible.

  29. I just did a post on this same issue. When we took down our upper cabinets last summer, we discovered an exhaust and I was thrilled with the possibility of having a euro hood. The placement of the exhaust was not aligned with our stove, we have low ceiling height, and we also have soffits. I’m doing my kitchen remodel on a budget (painting cabinets, open Ikea shelving, etc.) so we decided to cover the exhaust vent hole for now and go with a ventless option in favor of open shelving. I know you have a bigger budget and are looking for a vent hood, but just wanted to give your readers another option.

  30. I’m all for the last option – the simpler the better. I agree with other posters who feel they don’t want the hood to force them to look at it first, especially in a small kitchen . In all three of the last example (Home Adore & BHG – my favorites – and Jennifer Worts Design), the hood is practical and functional but it ties in so well one hardly notices it, which means the entire kitchen comes across as open and airy, and it charms me and draws me in. The Barbara Bright design which is similar to your kitchen setup is very claustrophobic with that big stainless hood squeezed in between the tall cabinets and that dark grey backsplash – I would never feel comfortable working in that kitchen.

  31. Well now you have a zillion opinions! I like the boxy one (BH&G pic). I have that in my kitchen with a very narrow shelf that is SO handy to easily reach for a bottle of olive oil, or S&P cellars.

  32. The flared or angled range hood design is one that I hadn’t even considered before. My husband and I are currently in the process of remodeling our kitchen and we are looking at some new range hood designs. I will have to share these range hood photos with my husband.

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