Laundry Room Refresh

By Kate Riley January 13, 2015

Every two months I partner with Better Homes and Gardens products for Walmart. Since January is all about a fresh start, it was the perfect opportunity to give the laundry room at the Las Vegas house a refreshed look for the new year. The makeover took only a few days, it was simple and budget friendly, but completely transformed the space from dingy and dated to fresh and fabulous!

Here’s the before and after, details on the makeover to follow.

laundry room before paint

laundry room makeover

This house has no hallway linen closet so these cabinets tucked in the corner serve the same function. The cabinets were in great shape, but the off-white paint had yellowed over time so instead of replacing them, repainting them made the most sense.

white painted laundry room cabinets copy

To refinish them, I lightly sanded them with a medium grit sanding wedge to remove any debris then primed with Zinnser’s oil based primer. I painted over them with two thin coats of ‘White on White’ semi gloss leftover from when we painted the home’s doors and baseboards. (For more in depth details on how to refinish cabinets, read this post). The wall color is the same as in the kids’ room (also leftover paint) and a pretty shade of pale aqua blue, ‘Melting Moment’ by Behr.

Hardware always makes a difference, these are simple oval knobs in brushed nickel I found at Home Depot.


Also there was the issue of the old wallpaper. Stripping is always the first and arguably better option, we dealt with that headache downstairs, but in this space I took a different approach. I primed and painted over it which you can do if the wallpaper is in good shape (no rips or tears).

Surface prep is the key to seal it and hide the old pattern. First, fill in any gaps with spackling, when dry sand any bumps or residue, then prime the wallpaper (I used two coats to hide the pattern) with an oil based primer. Here is a helpful video explaining the steps on painting over old wallpaper with greater detail.

painting over wallpaper

We added a shelf for additional storage above the washer and dryer, Matt cut 2 ½ x ½” boards to support the new 11” melamine shelf (supplies from Lowes) and attached it to the wall with wood screws and a brad nailer.

shelf above washer dryer

I accessorized with products from the Better Homes and Gardens line at Walmart, pictured are the wall mounted drying rack and the flip tight storage containers.

wall mounted drying rack

drying rack and storage containers

The flooring was poorly installed white vinyl, rather than replace it at this time I caulked the visible seams and covered it up with carpet tiles from FLOR. The drum semi-flush light is from Lowes. The space still needs a hamper and I’d like to add more hooks for drying pool towels on the right but for now it’s a huge change from what it was!

laundry room makeover


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  1. As usual, it looks wonderful! I might not even mind doing laundry if I were in a room like that.

  2. I really like that wall color. I keep trying different pale blues and greens in our bathrooms, but can’t seem to find one I’m really happy with. Maybe that one will work.

  3. What a terrific transformation! My laundry is in the basement. It’s dark and depressing. Love this room!

  4. Great job on the laundry room redo! It’s on my list to make my laundry room over this year too.

  5. We just moved in with my in-laws and their wash room is about a tenth the size of yours- but I think the bright white and the shelf above the washer is exactly what they need! Great job

  6. Looks beautiful! I love the crisp, clean color palette. Perfect for the room from which everything should come out clean :-).

  7. Love the shelf above the washer and dryer, very practical and pretty! Flor tiles are a great idea, wouldn’t have thought of that! Beautiful!

  8. Simply beautiful! Funny thing is I have the exact same cabinets in my laundry room. How did you deal with the exposed hinges?

  9. What an amazing laundry makeover! I could use a shelf or two in my laundry room and you make it look so easy.

  10. What an amazing difference!! I love the idea of carpet tiles over top a floor you didn’t like. And I definitely need to add a shelf like that in the empty space above my washer and dryer.

  11. Lovely :) you may address this elsewhere, but why oil based primer? Because it lays down better? Can you cover with latex or enamel?

  12. What a beautiful laundry room, we had to deal with a lot of wallpaper in our house too by far the best option was to paint over it (ours was applied to the drywall with no primer). Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  13. It looks so clean and simple, I’d want to do laundry if mine looked like that! And it could, if I win the gift card because my laundry room is designed exactly like yours so I’m pinning this post to copy this in my room. Thank you!

  14. haPpy to see an example of an all white laundry room! Thinking of doing something similar in our house! Looks great!

  15. Love this makeover! If I had the chance to build any room from the ground up it would be the laundry room…because I spend so much time in there!

  16. I need to update my laundry room and this has great ideas! Love the colors, the hanging rack and the rug on the floor. Now I just need to get started.

  17. This is almost exactly like my laundry and you have picked up some great Walmart items to use. The laundry rack is on order as I type. Well done!

  18. My laundry room is the first priority on my to-do list this year! The layout is a lot like this one. Hope my turns out half as cute. :)

  19. I have the better homes and garden canisters and they ROCK! They are easy to open, come in a variety of styles and are also pretty. I would by 10 more, if I could.

  20. looks great! i think i’ll have to pick up that drying rack – so useful and it’s a great price!

  21. Your laundry room re-do is super. I’ve really got to try your technique and paint a cabinet in my downstairs bath. I love everything you post. Vikki in Va

  22. How great! I love that color on the wall and I will be running out to get that drying rack asap! One day I will finally get it together, take some inspiration from you, and paint a few cabinets. One day soon…

  23. Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing difference. You’re so lucky to have such great light too. It’s beautiful. My laundry room is tiny and enclosed with no window. But you have inspired me to get to work and make it cheery!

  24. It never ceases to amaze me what a simple coat of white paint can do for a space. It looks lovely. I also love the laundry drying rack. I might just have to pick one up.

  25. Will definitely be looking for that drying rack at my Walmart! Aqua is always so fresh and clean feeling, nicely done!

  26. I am definitely going to get that wall mounted drying rack. Maybe even two. I have the floor type and they are in the way of our new puppy. Beautiful upgrades in your laundry room. Thanks for the ideas.

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  28. How fresh ! I will never tire of white and paired with aqua is fabulous. I love the Better Homes and Garden line at Walmart. I was able to recycle my November issue just today. Sept’s and Nov’s were really great issues this year.
    It would not be a chore working in that laundry room. Great Job!

  29. The laundry room looks amazing! I have years of experience helping my brothers paint professionally (interior/exterior) and it still amazes me what a little paint can do.

  30. WOW! Much easier on the eyes and way more functional! And with simple upgrades! Looks fantastic!

  31. Amazing what a very creative mind can do on such a sensible budget. The room really looks fab!

  32. I enjoyed the transformation, especially what you did with the floor and drying rack. Quite inspirational to save space. Thank you for sharing and this opportunity to win!


  33. I love this update – and it actually seems achievable. Everything looks great. My fave is the floor transformation – the Flor carpet tiles are so cute. Would love to know how they hold up, as we’ve been debating them for our laudry room.

  34. We recently moved into a new to us home and I want to freshen up our laundry room – love what you have done and I am going to have to use that Melting Moments color on the walls!

  35. I’ve been an avid reader and subscriber to your blog/emails for years. Simply said, I love your style – fashion forward with a clean, fresh, welcoming feel! You’ve been a terrific source of inspiration for me in remodeling some of my rooms. Still have a few more left to do. Your DIY instructions are clearly written and extremely helpful. I appreciate your talents and hard work. It’s so apparent you put your heart in all of your projects❤️ Thank you!

  36. You always inspire me to do get creative in my house. I love the light in the laundry room. I’m going to buy one for my closet.

  37. What a pretty laundry room! I especially love the Melting Moments paint, the Flor tiles, and the shelf.

  38. Another job well done! Thanks for the info on painting over wallpaper. We had the same thing done in our laundry room but apparently my painter did not prep correctly as I have a few seams showing through the paint. Nothing major but irritates me when I go in there to do laundry. I would like the walmart gift card to purchase the headboard you used in the master bedroom. What is your impression of the quality of that headboard?

  39. Thanks for telling me how to prep and paint over old wallpaper! Seems like every house I renovate has wallpaper-itis!

  40. A Walmart gift card would go a long way in my laundry room. Nice job, Kate.

  41. I like the simplicity of this room…in my opinion, a laundry room should always be a light color…

  42. i love the crisp white cabinets and that fabulous shade of blue on the wall – such a difference!

  43. Beautiful. I’m sure as easy as you make it sound it was still a lot of work. Great job.

  44. so bright — I have been thinking about painting my shelves in my laundry area as well — you have inspired me to do so!

  45. Great job!! Everything looks so fresh and bright. I could do laundry without any problems in that room. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. The laundry room looks great! I appreciate your review of the better homes & garden line at walmart & becuase of you I’m interested in purchasing the headboard you featured. If I win the giftcard, I’d definitely make that purchase!

  47. I really love this. A practical re-do of a room that won’t break the bank or require a professional to implement. Thank you so much! I was in need of this “can do” boost.

  48. I’m getting ready to do my laundry room and I love the simplicity of your room! The light colors make it so bright! Thanks for sharing :)

  49. Great transformation…who wouldn’t want to do the laundry now…it is so pretty! On my way to Walmart for a drying rack now…thanks for sharing!

  50. I’d love to win…love all the products you highlighted. The laundry room looks great!

  51. This entire home transformation is fun to see and read about. Thank you for sharing these updates with all of us. I love what you did to transform the laundry room. If I were to win the $100 gift card, I would transform the storage options in my closet.

  52. Your blog is great. You do so many things I would like to do in my house. I have saved your blog posts for future inspirational ideas when the time comes to doing things in my house. THis is the exact laundry room I have. I was looking for some inspiration as to what to do with my room for some time now. I am going to do the the shelf but make so that it folds back on top of itself and open it when needed and use it as a folding shelf when folding clothes. The Drying rack I have even saved the site so that I can purchase this. The Drying rack is exactly the one I was looking for and yet haven’t found it but today I did from your site. Also. I wanted this paint color, but didn’t want to have to go look and guess and try a bunch of colors to find the right color. Now from your blog I have written the name of the paint and know the exact color I am going to purchase. Your blog is great and shows me that little ole Mary can do this or that too.
    I have been following yr blog for years now and have never stopped being inspired by all you do. keep up the good work.

  53. Beautiful room..Love what your doing on the flipper..After all that work l don’t think l’d be able to sell it..

  54. Great transformation! I have a laundry room with a similar configuration and is painted light green. I prefer the color you chose and white cabinets. Thanks for the idea!

  55. Love the laundry room makeover. I was recently discussing, with my husband, the need for a wall mounted drying rack. Gotta check out Walmart. Thanks for the inspiration!

  56. What a beautiful transformation! I need to do this to my laundry room. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  58. I want the wall mounted drying rack – but I do not know where I could put it in our laundry room. The shelf is an idea I may use.

  59. Love the flooring carpet tiles & the drying rack which I think I’ll add to my laundry room. Maybe that will eliminate the problem of the shower curtain rod always falling down when I’m drying my clothes. Lol

  60. Love how fresh and bright the space looks now! I’ve had my eye on FLOR tiles for awhile now but haven’t figured out a way to use them that’s not super expensive. This alternative is such an affordable idea and in a room that might have clorox spills at some point, it’ll be nice to have the option to just switch out damaged tiles! Nice work! :)

  61. I love when some small changes have such dynamic results. I want the wall mounted drying rack – it’s perfect for my space.

  62. I really love the carpet tiles! The whole look is very fresh and inspiring. Great job!

  63. I’m moving on the 28th of this month and am definitely going to brighten up the laundry room. Thanks for these great tips!

  64. Great room redo! I love the (affordable) BHG line at Walmart, that drying rack is awesome!

  65. what a great example of a budget friendly makeover & i love the added shelf over the appliances!

  66. It is looking great and so much more fresh! I, too, am working on a redo of our laundry room. I have been trying to find a rug and was thinking about using the FLOR tiles. Are yours an indoor/outdoor variety?

  67. Kate you do have great vision. Not necessarily a plus for a lawyer but definitely the key to your new passion. Great redo.

  68. Great job! …. Such a clean and bright room, I love how the shelf ties it all together.

  69. I’ve been looking for a drying rack like that! And great tips on painting over wallpaper. I need to tackle that myself!

  70. Wow, that is like daylight and dark! Love it, sure could use this one! Thanks for the chance!

  71. My laundry is in the garage how nice to have a laundry room! It looks amazing!

  72. SO fresh!!! And lovely – plus, showing how a limited budget (i.e. not replacing cabinets and doing a complete overhaul, etc) can still totally transform a room. :-) Thanks for the chance to win!!

  73. What a difference that shelf makes, while adding storage to the room it also adds character. I didn’t know Walmart carried this drying rack, winning this gift card would help me to purchase it. I have cupboards similar to these except there is about 4 inches of empty space on each side between them and the wall, I have been looking for ideas of how to make them look more like built-ins. I am loving finding the quality home decor items at Walmart in the Better Homes and Garden line.

  74. Wonderful transformation! My laundry room definitely needs updating and this has inspired me.

  75. repainting the yellowed cabinets made a huge improvement. Love the fresh paint too.

  76. Thanks for your breakdown. Going to implement some of these in our laundry room…they are very similar!

  77. We’re currently reorganizing our pantry, and $100 would buy a lot of pretty supplies! :) The laundry room makeover looks great!

  78. Beautiful! Our laundry room is the only room in our house that hasn’t been painted since we moved in; it could definitely use a refresh!

  79. I love how fresh and bright the laundry room is now! Thank you for showing us what a little work and elbow grease can make all the difference.

  80. My laundry room, which is also a mudroom entry from the garage, was refreshed 4 years ago. But, the refresher …needs a refresher.

  81. It looks great, so fresh and updated! Love that wall drying rack, going to check that out.

  82. I love it!!! It’s always great to have a fun place for all of lifes little chores!! Thanks so much for all of the inspiration you share!

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  84. Wow, painting the cabinets white really brightened up the small space. Great job turning the laundry room into a place someone might want to be in ;)

  85. The light & airy effect is perfect & necessary for any laundry room. Not only does it give off that ‘Fresh & Clean’ feel ,but it also helps cheer you up when actually doing laundry , because lets face it who LIKES doing laundry most of the time ! Such a great makeover !


  86. WHOA! Love that color for a laundry room. The white cabinets alone seriously changed the look but everything else you did makes that space much more inviting. I thing laundryrooms are a MUST for making over. If they’re dirty or dingy I feel like the clothes never get clean!?

  87. Wow! What a huge difference. I love that drying rack. I have got to spruce up our mudroom now that you’ve inspired me. :D

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  89. It looks so bright and clean, awesome job. I don’t see any natural light and am wondering if that pretty light fixture provides ample lighting.

  90. Definitely so much fresher! As always, the speed at which you do these makeovers amazes me!

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  92. This looks so great!! I’m gearing up to do a laundry room overhaul as well so found his very inspiring. I need that drying rack!

  93. It looks so nice. Your recent posts are timely for me. I’ve been wanting to paint my bathroom cabinets, so it’s nice to see your beautiful, finished products. Thanks!

  94. These small changes (lots of work though, I know) made a huge difference. It looks so fresh & organized. Great job!

  95. It’s amazing what a little paint, new fixtures and a colorful rug can do to a laundry room. Love your color combinations.

  96. Thank you for sharing. I now feel confident to make these changes myself!
    Walmart and Home Depot here I come….

    I look forward to my next Better Home and Gardens mag…they always published great ideas as well.

  97. So much brighter! I love the carpet tiles. Everyone needs a cheery place to do their laundry :)

  98. Great makeover….love the new FLOR tiles! I wouldn’t mind doing laundry in that space. :)

  99. I just updated my laundry room as well… a little bit of paint and a few accessories goes a long way. Great job.

  100. Such a beautiful and affordable refresh!! Kate, I wish you could come decorate my house!

  101. This looks great!! it always amazes me what a difference paint can make! It is a fresh and bright space now!!!!

  102. Amazing what can be accomplished with just a few basic supplies and some elbow grease. Looks great!

  103. Looks awesome! I like the clean look of the white cabinets with the brushed nickel hardware.

  104. I absolutely love every room you have done!! Your laundry room is also beautiful!! I love the simplicity of each of your designs. I look forward to each of your rooms!!!

  105. What a beautiful transformation! It’s amazing how paint and lighting can update a space. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years, Kate, and appreciate your talent.

  106. This looks great. I have been toying with the idea if painting the wallpaper in our dining room to hold us over to a re-do. Thanks for the tips! I also love the shelf and decorative Home and Garden accessories.

  107. love love love the budget friendly updates! the pale aqua and white are perfect for a laundry room :)

  108. Love the BHG line at WalMart…was just checking out their lampshades to fill a lampshade emergency :) and was impressed with their affordable lamps and mirrors…lots of look for less. Beautiful makeover ….I’m going to check out the drying rack next!

  109. Awesome transformation! I am always amazed how small updates can have such a big impact! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

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  111. Never gets old, how paint transforms a space. I love how you do budget friendly makeovers for real folks out here like us. I love the drying rack, I’m not DIY & can’t afford pricey $200 options, definitely will be picking this up!

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  113. Love the blue and white, so calm and relaxing which is great for a room that can be all about the mess and chaos in our family of 9.

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  119. Always enjoy posts with the Better Homes and Gardens line. I haae a hard time finding the items at my Walmart though.
    Whoever winds up buying/renting this Vegaas house was sure lucky to have you fix it up!

  120. What a difference! I love your site; you inspired me to do a DIY renovation of my kitchen. I learned how to paint cabinets from reading your posts! Our kitchen has truly been a labor of love, as it is our first attempt at a project of this scale, but it is really coming together and I’m happy with the results! And coincidentally, we chose the same oval knobs that you used in this laundry room project :) Thank you for your keen eye, clear instructions, and ability to make us feel that we can do it!

  121. Such a pretty makeover! I used almost the same colors in my laundry room remodel this past year. Looks so clean and fresh. I found a drying rack from Ballard but it costs almost $200! I love the little rack from Walmart you used and didn’t even know they carried that product. I just ordered the drying rack from Walmart. Excited to put it up in my laundry room.

  122. Love the transformation! I have a mudroom which contains a laundry area and have been wanting to redo that space for quite some time. There are existing cabinets on the wall that are not wood and appear to be Formica. They are dated and a very ugly yellowish green color. I really want to change them, but wonder is ther a way to paint formica? Thanks…best wishes!

  123. I love the paint color and the cabinets look brand new with that bright white paint.

  124. this looks amazing! I also love how you use what’s left over from other paint projects….so economical

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  133. Wow, it’s amazing what some cleaning and paint will do. I like the simple containers you used. I think I’ll check them out the next time I’m at Walmart. Thanks for mentioning where everything came from–nothing is more frustrating than to find a picture of what you want, but you don’t know what it’s called or where to find it. You do such a great job, always fun to see what you’ve been up to! thanks for sharing

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  139. What a beautiful transformation! You made smart choices that made a big impact in a short time. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  140. Looks amazing! :) What can you do with mobile homes? ;) You’re welcome to work on mine!
    Really, great job :) :)

  141. Beautiful remod…looks fresh and clean just like a laundry room should! Great job :)

  142. Such little changes and the space has a whole new life! That drying rack is a great idea, way better that the one I have, where you have to pull it out each time, put it away and hide is somewhere (in a small place that could be interesting)

    Thanks for sharing! Great turnout!

  143. Love how you updated your laundry room! I don’t think I would mind doing laundry in there!! Well, maybe…..

  144. It looks so bright and fresh! This is my dream for a laundry room, but for now it’s in the dungeon part of my basement.

  145. This was perfect timing as we are right in the middle of planning our laundry room redo! Cute drying rack! Does it hold things on hangers?

    I just love your style and clean approach to your designs!


  146. Wish my laundry room had storage like this! I really like the air-tight containers used here. We have them in our pantry for dry goods–don’t know why I never thought of them for laundry supplies!

  147. Love how bright and clean it looks, bought that drying rack and waiting for my husband to install- hope it looks as seamless as yours!

  148. You always inspire me with your “afters.” I love to see how you totally transform and update a space. Using Better Homes and Garden products from Wal-Mart allows ALL of us an opportunity to update our homes with a smaller budget.

  149. It always amazes me when I see how paint can make all the difference in the world. Love all the changes you made – very fresh and clean.
    Thanks for the give-a-way.
    Barbara in TN

  150. The white paint made it look like a completely different room. I had to keep comparing and contrasting the pictures to make sure it was the same room. Fantastic job.

  151. Kate,
    You are an inspiration. Now I’m Looking at some of the ways I can incorporate your ideas into our laundry room makeover!

  152. What a difference paint can do. I have been wanting to work on my laundry room but I feel that project always gets put on the bottom of my to-do. I definitely will be taking some inspo from your room!

  153. This looks great! You always do an amazing job on your projects. Excited for this giveaway!!

  154. That made a huge difference. It looks great. And thanks for reminding me of the Flor carpet tiles. I’m trying to do something in my family room that the dog and the kids can’t ruin. Hopefully.

  155. Love your blog – what a difference in the laundry room! Thanks for the details re painting over old wallpaper.

  156. What a fresh and pretty makeover. Aqua and white is such a winning color combo. Well done!

  157. Nicely done! The area is so bright and cheerful now. Flor carpet tiles are a must on my next project! Off to update my dingy laundry room now :-) Thanks for the great ideas….

  158. I really like that drying rack – that would be handy in my tiny laundry nook. Very pretty rug, too! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  159. Love the dryig rack! I will definitely be looking for that during my weekly trip to Walmart! Did you adhere the carpet tiles in any way or are they just laid on the floor? If they aren’t adhered, do they move around at all?

  160. The laundry room looks great! I’m amazed by your transformations no matter how small and budget friendly they may be.

  161. Maybe if my laundry room looked this good, I would do laundry more often. Laundry is my least favorite chore…

  162. The laundry room looks so clean and bright! What I love about this is how simple and budget friendly these changes are and they made such a huge difference. It looks fantastic!

  163. I’ve been looking for something like that drying rack! Not sure if this will take me out of the running for the contest, but could you comment on how you installed it and the sturdiness? There is a pretty critical review on the Walmart site regarding the quality of the rack. Just interested in your opinion before I consider ordering.
    Love the subtle blue on the walls!

  164. What a delightful makeover and on a budget that is manageable! Great job, it looks fabulous! Love the drying rack and the shelf too, and of course, painted cabinets make such a huge difference!

  165. Love the use of the drying rack! The step by step on covering wallpaper was super useful. You definitely have one of the best blogs that always draws me in!

  166. Very inspiring! I could really make use of the drying rack-off to Walmart to check it and other BHG products!

  167. It looks great! The wall-mounted drying rack caught my eye; that’d be so much handier than our current setup!

  168. What a bright and fresh makeover. You’ve inspired me to do something about my dingy laundry room!

  169. I have my laundry room in an unfinished utility area of our otherwise finished basement. I would love for it to look like this!

  170. This is lovely! I too am in the midst of a laundry room refresh, but ours is also our mudroom, so the challenge is having it do multiple things! I like the shelf and the overhead light!

  171. Just sent my hubby a screenshot of the shelf-been meaning to do that! And I need that hanging drying rack!!! Glad it’s on sale! Looks great!

  172. Just the inspiring pictures I need to clean out, redecorate and make my laundry “spiffy”.

  173. Love the simple changes that make a big impact! Looks like I need to add my laundry room to my “2015 refresh” list (:

  174. I love the air-tight containers for the laundry soap – just a great idea and much prettier!!!

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