FLOR Rug Giveaway

By Kate Riley January 14, 2015

I’ve been under the weather for the past few days, some sort of bad cold or flu, it seems everyone I know has had it too so I need another morning in bed and an afternoon of hot tea.

I welcome the break so it’s perfect timing for a sweet giveaway from FLOR, the masters of beautiful modular carpet design squares which allow you to create custom rugs, runners, or wall to wall designs in any space. I’ve used them many times before, most recently the laundry room refresh.

FLOR carpet design squares combine style with durability, they’re connected by adhesive dots so they stay in place, but can easily be swapped out if one gets soiled. Such a smart concept! FLOR offers so many patterns, colors, and textures in styles from modern to transitional, no doubt you’ll find something perfect for your home!

flor carpet tiles

Today FLOR is giving away to one lucky winner a $250 shop credit.

Eligibility to win the $250 gift certificate to FLOR:

1) Visit FLOR and pick a favorite pattern then name your choice in a comment on this blog post.

One winner chosen at random, giveaway ends Monday January 19, 2015 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

Good luck!


  1. I’m torn between a fun pattern like the Zebra Crossing, or something really plush like In the Deep!

  2. The Chenille Charade is so cozy. I love the Azure in the picture, but am also loving the bone and slate. I just bought a fixer home and can’t wait to start adding personality. I’m bookmarking this site. Thank you!

  3. Love the Suit Yourself in Pumice. Actually, I love FLOR generally…thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. I choose Something Concrete in Tan to complement my soon to be new hardwood floors and give some sound buffering. Ooh la la!

  5. I would pick HI-LOFI – FLANNEL BLUE. We installed flor at my office four years ago and they still look fantastic!

  6. Love the Turkish overdyed feel of the tidal remembrance. Would look great in several of our spaces. Great giveaway! Feel better soon!

  7. Hard choice as they are all so gorgeous and spawn an array of grand ideas. However, the winner for me is…. It’s Snow Problem (Pearl or Frost)! I know it would love to be snuggled on my living room floor. I love games and giveaways. Especially when they introduce you to new ideas and products.
    Thank you.

  8. I love A Tisket, A Tasket in Kelp. And it’s on sale! But I need around 3k worth for my basement :(

  9. I like Lasting Greatness, particularly in Teal! I’m so into Teal these days :)

  10. I love the Fall in Line – Terra Cotta. Carpet tiles are a great and versatile concept.

  11. I love a Tisket a Tasket…..I am redoing a floor in my family room and it would be perfect!!!

  12. Weave a story and roadside attraction would be great contenders for our covered porch. I had no idea that there were so many patterns and styles!

  13. OMGOSH! Spot On-Dark Brown is EVERYTHING!!!! Yes! :-)
    Neat product! Thanks for sharing the information.

  14. Mild Mannered is perfect for my entrance. We have been having such a hard time finding a rug that is the right sized for our oddly sized entrance. These are perfect!

  15. I really like In the Deep, in black – this would be perfect for my daughter’s room and protect the hard wood floors. Keeping my fingers crossed ;)

  16. Love, love, love Floweret in kiwi. Just painted our living room in a soft gray and this pop of color is just what it needs. Thanks for the chance!

  17. Flowerlet in Pink is to die for……. It would really perk up this 1965 mobile home of mine!! Love it! <3

  18. Love their website…and they ship to Canada…yay! Their Line, Please rug in Jade would look great in the sunroom in the new house we just bought yesterday.

  19. Hard to choose : Good Vibrations (Terra Cotta or mix and match)

    Lots of fun to look – thanks for showing us these things.

  20. Love the Line, Please Jade. It would be perfect in the reading nook we’re building in my son’s room!

  21. I love the Floweret or Heirloom patterns. I can think of several places I would put them!

  22. Love the like minded in grey! Would definitely use it in our basement workout room. Great giveaway!

  23. It isn’t my favorite of all, but the one that goes with my office redo is Fall in Line, Terra Cotta. It is perfect for that room!

  24. I love mod cow. It will look great for my office. I have been wanting to check out Flor square carpets for a while.

  25. my favorite is the Mod Macrame… The silver or gun smoke versions would look wonderful in my kitchen! It desperately needs something to protect the hardwoods from our pups’ nails, yet be easy to clean if something spills (because it is the kitchen after all!). The FLOR tiles would be perfect.

  26. I would love A Tisket A Tasket in Sand – it would look great in my Family Room. Get your rest & feel better soon!

  27. I love twisted spokes in kiwi! So fresh and perfect for continuing the ‘nesting’ in our apartment!

  28. I love Coming Along. It would be lovely under my kitchen table. Fabulous to be able to swap out a tile when needed. Thanks to you and FLOR for the chance!

  29. I like so many of them, but I think modern mix is my favorite! Thanks for the opportunity – hope you feel better soon!

  30. We love FLOR! I like the newer patterns, Reoriented and Remembrance….We have Urban Nature & Down to Earth in our home–Down to Earth in Lichen is SO much prettier than it looks on line. Really, a beautiful light blue with great texture. Thanks for the giveaway…{Feel better soon!}

  31. It IS difficult to pick just ONE! ^_^ But after much going back & forth…I feel that “Something Concrete” in Charcoal would best suit our living room with the medium traffic it gets and the design seems like it would hide a majority of the mess my kids leave behind, between vacuuming times! ;)
    Still looking at even more floor patterns for upcoming remodeling projects we have for the basement!! :D What a Great Site!! :D

  32. I am in LOVE with the “Spot On” style in either the turquoise color or black! We are going to be redoing my daughter’s room, and this style rug would be perfect!

  33. I would love to refresh my laundry room with Lasting Grateness! Hope you feel better soon; this flu is terrible!

  34. I have always wanted to try FLOR. so many blogs have featured it in the past.
    I love the tisket, a tasket… so neutral. Will go in any room!

  35. We actually just purchased some Upcycle tiles for our dining room floor, and are heavily considering using Rake Me Over in the new nursery.

  36. There are so many great options ut I would have to say that I love Good Vibrations the best!

  37. Better than sisal! Love this whole line but if I had to choose one in this category, it would be Coming Along.

  38. I love the twisted spokes in the light blue! Would love it in my laundry room or dining room. All of the prints really look amazing. I have already ordered the drying rack, which is on clearance! :)

  39. First off, I hope you start feeling better soon. Second, this giveaway could not have come at a better time. I was just on FLOR’s website yesterday. I woke up New Year’s morning and saw that the backing of one of our bookcases in our guest bedroom looked warped. As I stepped nearer, I felt the wet squish in our carpet. We had a leak in our upstairs AC and it was dripping down the wall and soaking the carpet. We ended up ripping up the carpet and pad and are now left with just subfloor (I can send you proof in a picture). I would love to do something fun in this room and I think the Chakra in Magenta would go perfectly with the pink and orange theme I started in there.

  40. In love with Heirloom, dusty blue. Having a house built and this would be perfect for our his and hers home office.

  41. This is a great idea. It was a difficult choice but Leaf behind would work great in my husband’s study.
    Hope you feel better!

  42. So hard to choose! I think may favorite would be reoriented. I could use it in my dining room.

  43. Twisted Spokes spoke to me :) I can see it in Tidal or Emerald looking lovely in my living room, or the Maize hue finishing off my currently under-construction bedroom.

  44. Jimdandy in titanium, slate or flannel blue. I am decorating my empty office space and I really need a statement piece to begin. I love the modern geometric pattern. Love it.

  45. I’ve been looking for a good deal on carpet squares for ages! FLOR tiles are great and they have a ton of fun patters. I think I’m digging the Jump and Jive today. :)

  46. Lasting Grateness in Clementine!

    How did I not think of using something like this in my house before now? Thanks for the idea!

  47. I love the Coming Along! we are in the hunt for a sisal rug that will be soft on our feet and this looks like it fits the bill!

  48. I love Follow the Herd for a nursery! I was literally just showing my husband Flor as we think about how we’re going to redo our basement.

  49. Coming Along in tan, please! Love the sisal look, love that it is a softer feel. Need to desperately replace the old mess of a rug in my living room!

  50. Leaf Behind in Chalk though really there are SO many that I could choose. I have been ordering FLOR tiles for years now for all my area rugs. I love them!

  51. I like the parallel reality pattern in seaway color. Centsational Girl has inspired me to do a laundry room makeover.

  52. I love the Floweret in Kiwi or Teal. It would be a lovely addition to my rather sad laundry area :)

  53. FLOWERET in teal for sure. I’ve been looking for a rug for my home office and this is perfect.

  54. Oooh, I love the “Familiar Chorus” in brown – that would jazz up my (sadly) boring living room.

  55. I love the Parallel Reality! Now, I have to decide on a color …. I think the pattern and the colors could brighten up even these drab Chicago winters.

  56. Love Heirloom! A rug would be perfect in my living room now that I have a baby who plays on the floor!

  57. Great Concept I really like the Parallel Reality an see it used in many different rooms and in endless combinations.

  58. Love, love Lasting Grateness in Titanium/Pearl! Would look beautiful in my living room! Thank you!!

  59. Carry a Torch is a unique neutral which would look great in so many places in my house!

  60. Loving Finer Things in cream. We have Flor carpet tiles in our finished basement in various shades of green, everyone who visits is so impressed, we love it.

  61. Suit Yourself- Raffia

    Love the simlicity and clean look of this, plus it is what I am looking for in the dining room!

  62. I am crushing pretty hard on “fall in line” for my awkward shaped laundry/storage room. Flor would be a perfect fit to go in my kitchen too, I just can’t pick one!

  63. I like the Interlaced Pearl and the Intricacy Red patterns. I really liked the picture that gave the inspiration for using around the island in the kitchen! I really like FLOR tiles.

  64. I really like Coming Along which looks like sisal. There are so many nice ones it makes it hard to pick a favorite.

  65. I have poured over Flor’s catalog many times and would choose “Coming Along” in tan. Just beautiful! Thank you for the chance!

  66. I love parallel reality in real! It would be perfect for my kids playroom. I also saw many other ones that I love for other areas of the house!

  67. The working class in warm grey would be perfect to cover the weird green floors in our kitchen!

  68. i love Heirloom in Dusty Blue. It would be great to win, we’re in the process of building a new house, and will definitely need rugs!

  69. I have a couple of Flor rugs already in my condo, and I love them! So versatile. Remembrance, their take on the turkish rug, would be a great addition!

  70. I’ve always wanted Flor tiles for my craft room in the basement! I like Morning Coffee in Latte.

  71. So many fabulous choices…I can’t choose just one! Upcycled Purple for my daughters room and Hey Jack in Red for my sons room :) Thanks for introducing me to FLOR!

  72. Like Minded in Teal! Would look perfect in our basement laundry room, which we’re currently DIYing!

  73. A friend of mine recomended this company for rugs because i have pets. I need an area rug in my living room and love the lacebark in pearl. It has just the right amount of pattern:)

  74. Oh, it was hard to choose! I’ll go with Floweret in Teal. Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. I really like the ‘coming along’ sisal look one, would love it fir our guest bath area rug…thanx for the giveaway opportunity!

  76. Love Lacebark in pearl! Love how you can put them together and create different looks with the same pattern!

  77. I LOVE(Cambium in Marigold). We have had our share of bad luck over the last few years. We just finished a bathroom redo- water got behind a cracked tile and well the rest is history. NOW we re redoing our living room I tend to go a little more contemporary then my husband but he ends up loving my choices (smart man) Hope you have a great day:)

  78. LOVE Cambium in Marigold (just like Sandy!). It would look great in our upcoming basement remodel. Thanks for showcasing this product… :-)

  79. What a great product! I like a lot of them! But I’d pick Positive Slant in titanium. Thanks!

  80. Oh My Gosh! It’s so hard to choose just one. I love the color of the Floweret in Clementine but also can’t stop thinking Carry a Torch in Cream cream is amazing! I think I would have to go with Carry A Torch just because it would be so versatile. :)

  81. I’m having a hard time choosing between Carry A Torch and Vintage Vibe. I love them both!!

  82. I love Coming Along in Pearl for its understated elegance. Just beautiful for my transitional dining room.

  83. I adore Modern Mix, and in red, the colors would really pop on my light wood floors. I need a blast of color as well as the ability to pick up and wash segments here and there. FLOR seems the ideal choice for me!

  84. Love the Mod Cow! I have always wanted a hide but my issues hold me back! This is guilt free! Thank you!

  85. Down to Earth will be perfect for my son’s big boys room! He will love his very own “soccer field like” rug….

  86. This product is so cool! I’d love to use the Mod macrame in my laundry room.

  87. Chenille Charade – We’re moving in 2 weeks, and this would look beautiful in our new home. Thanks for the opportunity, what a great win!

  88. My favorite is the Point of View in Titanium. Need this for the guest bedroom!

  89. Mod Macrame in Harissa! Would love a rug in my living room to cover my hardwood & protect it!

  90. i loved Point of View in Pearl. What a neat concept with the carpet squares! With 3 teenage boys this could be a life saver in my home!

  91. I really like Sew What in pearl. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great giveaway!

  92. I like the interlaced pattern… what a great idea for carpeting! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this before!

  93. I’m smitten with the chakra in red! Perfect for warming up my basement.


  94. mild mannered in hawkeye – my parents need some love in their dining room and i am helping to design their decor … this would be perfect! :-)Thanks for the giveaway.

  95. Like Minded in any color… for the laundry room! because my laundry is currently at a level of hideousness that no man should face!

  96. It’s a tie between Twisted Spokes and It Snow Problem. I am forver debating between graphic and neutral rugs. I have been coveting FLOR for a long time.

  97. Positive Slant. Putting a “positive slant” on your situation, get lots of rest.

  98. I love the “Carry a Torch” pattern! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  99. I am redoing my bedroom and Made You Look in aquamarine will look awesome on my floor. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  100. I just spent the last 30 minutes looking at the FLOR website. These are all great. Ill change my favorite to the Follow the herd pattern. I don’t know why I haven’t seen these wonderful carpet tiles before. Thanks for sharing.

  101. This looks like a great product. would love to have Weave a Story

    Color: Eggnog

  102. Love a good, textured carpet and wish I would have known about Flor when I choose my bedroom carpet 4 years ago. It’s such a weird sized room, that one side of the bed hardly has any carpet to stand on. Luckily that isn’t my side! Would love the Sew What in pearl.

  103. A tisket a tasket is neat! We are going to need rugs in our new house. This is a neat idea!

  104. I love the Parallel Reality series! My daughter has these Flor tiles in three different rooms in her home and they are all beautiful.

  105. I have always loved Reoriented. My sister has it in her kitchen (per my recommendation :))!

  106. Love Intricacy….may pick up when floors are refinished. Would love to apply a $250 gift certificate to my purchase! ;-)

  107. Coming along in Chalk would look perfect in my brick-floored dining room (used to be a pass through from kitchen to garage).

  108. I lived in Japan for five years thanks to my military husband. I was able to buy a few pieces of old, disheveled, Japanese furniture with the black, metal hardware and beautiful wood pieces at flea markets (Shrine sales). I love the Chenille Charade Tangerine which would go perfect with these rustic, antique pieces.

  109. I love “A Tisket, A Tasket”. Such beautiful basket weave texture! It could be used in any room.

  110. Love FLOR! I think I would go with Positive Slant, but it’s so hard to choose. :-)

  111. I love the Swing Beat in Cream and the Suit Yourself in Pumice. So many great choices!

  112. I think this color and scheme would look great in our nursery.

    Style: In The Deep

    Color: Frost

  113. Love the Boost pattern. It reminds me of the Flying Geese quilt pattern. I also love your laundry room rug. Love all the Flor rugs.

  114. The diagonal stripes in Made you Look are amazing – I know because I have it already in my dining room. FLOR is amazing. Would love to add another rug to my living room!

  115. I have been eyeing these for years, great concept and choices! I can’t decide between roadside attraction or point of view. Thanks CG and FLOR for a giveaway!

  116. I love style and practicality and better than sisal FLOR tiles are perfect. I love Coming Along in Pearl!

  117. Tisket a tasket! Is my favorite. It goes with anything! I’ve encouraged others to follow you. You have great inspiring ideas!!!

  118. It would be a toss up between a tisket a tasket and coming along. It would be great in my sun room.

  119. I love Flor rugs and have had several over the years. We really need a rug in our bedroom and I think one of the vintage rugs would look great. Love the Interlaced.

  120. What a fun giveaway!! I was just perusing their website after you linked to them in yesterday’s post! I LOVE the Floweret pattern!

  121. It was hard to decide, but I guess I’ll go with Butterbeep. Thank you for the giveaway, I hope you feel better.

  122. That was really easy…Chakra in indigo, it is gorgeous…my favorite color combo, blue/green.
    Thanks for having the give-a-way.

  123. I really like the Roadside Attraction pattern, and the nice, neutral colors it comes in

  124. For now, if I were to win the gift card, I’d choose Coming Along in tan because it appears (in the pic) to be the color tone of the wood-look porcelain tile I’ve chosen and if so, it would be enough to cover my tiled foyer or a section of my kitchen so I could get used to the color. I have a couple of boxes of sample tile but those don’t work too well to walk on, and my ship (a small lottery or contest winnings) hasn’t come in to afford to tile my 1350 sq ft house yet.

    What’s even better is the inspiration, once I do the tile, to create my own area rugs in the specific size I need and with the ease of replacing any FLOR tiles my 3 cats get overly attached to.

  125. Oh, I would love to win this!! Vintage Vibe is something that would work beautifully in my home.

  126. My favorites for my sunroom would be Familiar Chorus or Full Kit.
    My kitchen would like Roadside Attraction or Weave a Story.

    Some many, it is had to choose.

  127. I think I would go with the Tisket a Tasket. Gosh, I’m not sure…there are so many I’ve been wanting to try.

  128. Jump Jive is my favorite! I have been lusting after a FLOR rug since I found out about them in design school. Love Love Love their products!

  129. I have a FLOR runner in my foyer and I need one for my living room. I would love to try In the Deep (Slate/Bone)!

  130. I kind of like the In the Deep. I’ve been wanting a new rug for my entryway, so that might work to hide the dirt. :)

  131. Made You Look Tidal would look great in my bedroom! I love that you can replace damaged pieces.

  132. I’m a sucker for anything animal print so of course I think the Spot On tiles are so cute!!

  133. Remembrance in teal for my new sewing room. Thanks for reminding me about Flor carpet tiles for my new house. Can’t wait to decorate!

  134. I actually liked the Cambium Color: Geranium. It was earthy with a splash of color to mix thing up here and there.

  135. Parallel Reality – Scarlet… would love to use this in my Laundry Room – Washer & Dryer are red; Refrigerator is black… PERFECT!

  136. Hi-LoFi is definitely my favorite. It is a beautiful mixture of browns, creams, and blues which would look stunning anywhere in my house!

  137. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE morning coffee espresso for our basement work out room. I have 3 boys who love to work out in there and right now there are ugly grey matts on the floor. It could use a touch of class!

  138. There are some really good flor tiles right now! I like positive slant and like minded! But there are ton more that I am still looking at- Thank you for such a great give away!

  139. Flor’s Chenille Charade is my favorite, but if my daughter is able to purchase the house she’s eying I’d swap it out for Ambrosia in heart beat.

  140. We just purchased our new home and it has hard wood floors. My mind is spinning with ideas for rugs. What a generous giveaway. I love the Mod Cow Faux Hide ! Thanks for the chance.

  141. I really like the “Just Plain Folk” ones – especially now that I lately seem to be crocheting cables all the time. Would look great in my office/crochet room!

  142. Interlaced in “Pearl” is a great tone-on-tone neutral rug! I love this site! I’ve never heard of it before this post

  143. I love Lasting Greatness (in Indigo or Titanium)! Blue in the living room, gray in my home office/guest bedroom.

  144. I really love the Carry a Torch pattern in cream. They have so many beautiful things!

  145. I love the “Down to Earth” in Grass! So many great patterns to choose from!