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By Kate Riley January 16, 2015

There are few things I like about January besides awards show fashion and the NFL playoffs. It’s so gloomy and cold I have a hard time staying cheerful. Between being sick this week, gray skies and the unending chill, all I’m thinking is spring cannot come fast enough!!

I want to catch up on a few movies we’ve missed, the only film I’ve seen that’s nominated this year for Best Picture is The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was quirky and fun. Which films do you recommend as a must see?

flowers in tray


Here’s the roundup of favorite links from the week:

A beautiful beach house tour.

Box it up: one smart way to become a minimalist.

I want to road trip with a tiny heirloom home.

So cool, a 3D printed dress (and it’s pretty too!).

36 questions that lead to love. 

Weight loss: why habits trump willpower.

Target is closing all stores in Canada.

Unexpected scented candles.

More honest cards from Emily McDowell.

Will and Kate are now on Instagram.


I’m off to buy tulips and fake spring indoors until it comes…

Have a great three day weekend!


  1. Hi Kate! I’m a new subscriber (as of yesterday :)! ), and I’m digging all your furniture makeovers, and paint colors.

    The only film I’m wild about this season is Interstellar. It’s pretty lengthy, but it doesn’t feel that way. I think the score alone makes it worth seeing! I haven’t seen Grand Budapest Hotel, but I’m a Benedict Cumberbatch fan, and I saw that it was nominated in nearly every category, so I probably ought to catch it :)


  2. Love the last line – “fake spring indoors” HA! We are having a day of sunshine here in Georgia and I am sitting outside enjoying it because it won’t last I know.

  3. You should see “Big Eyes.” They both got nominated as they were wonderful in their roles. Also see “The Theory of Everything.” Very good (and true) story.

  4. Hi Kate. We have Target here in Aus and I could not imagine it closing down as it is hugely popular. I think it is similar although we don’t have a furniture line. Mind you we don’t have the choice for stores that you do in North America. Like you I have only seem The Grand Budapest Hotel as the others are not released here yet.

  5. I was absolutely elated whe Target came to Canada in 2013. Can’t even tell you how disappointed I am to see them go not 2 years later :(

  6. Disappointing about Target. I’ve been around longer than they have and I can remember when they appeared in Houston, TX as general stores then the sudden expansion to huge all-in-one with a full grocery store side then the disappearance of the huge mega stores. When I moved to Phoenix in 2003, the stores were just general merchandise but recently added in a beef-up grocery section (not anywhere as extensive as Wal-Mart). My biggest disappointment with them was that I loved to shop there for home goods and there RE (Room Essentials) brand of furniture was relatively expensive but well made. When they brought in Threshold, everything was cute and colorful but Threshold is more expensive and not as well-made or long-lasting. Unfortunately I’ve had a bad experience with their online ordering and the massive computer data breach and their attitude about it hasn’t helped. Really too bad.

    I’m sending good energies to you. Hope you get back to normal quickly and that your efforts to fake Spring work so well, you think you’re really having it. Here in ever-sunny Arizona, I descend into the depths of depression the minute I wake up in the morning and don’t see sun. With our unusual recent rainy weather, I’ve been in the depths of depression a lot. Your plan to buy tulips is perfect. They are my favorites and some yellow ones would work perfectly in my office. By the way, some pennies dropped into a vase of tulips really will cause badly drooping stems to improve their posture. Happy weekend!

  7. If you want to see a great film, you must see Begin Again. It’s a gem!!! I hope you love it as much as I do.

  8. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your weekend reading selections! Thank you for all your wonderful insights and sharing.

    • Thanks Sherry – I saw The Imitation Game this weekend – really wonderful !!

  9. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I saw Gone Girl (kind of creepy) and can’t wait to see some of the others you’ve suggested !

  10. I love your lists – it’s always nice to sit down and spend some time learning something that I didn’t catch yet – but now I want a beach house.

  11. WHOA! That DRESS!!!! Super cool :) I haven’t seen any good movies lately either. Grand Budapest was my most recent and we enjoyed it as well!

  12. I live in Canada and for me, Target was my happy place – waaaaaay more than Disney. I can’t imagine not having target to shop at – I keep hoping they will change their mind. Sigh.

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