Wallpapered Laundry Rooms

By Kate Riley October 6, 2015

I spied this wonderful white laundry room over at Style at Home this week and was reminded of the fact that laundry rooms are just the perfect little spot to decorate with wallpaper.

equestrian wallpaper laundry room

I love a beautiful grasscloth in a living room, office, or dining room, and a punchy paper with panache in a bathroom, but how fun are these wallpapers in laundry rooms too!

hamptons laundry room

rikki snyder via houzz

bold blue wallpaper laundry room

arkansas life

nicole gibbons wallpapered laundry room

nicole gibbons

gray white wallpaper

atlanta homes mag

eskuche wallpaper laundry room

eskuche design

laundry room

the pink clutch

   teal geometric wallpaper

 eric aust architect

   blue white anna spiro wallpaper

carla lane interiors


 blue geo wallpaper

spaces interiors

  zebra wallpaper laundry room

suellen gregory

I’m seriously considering adding a wall or two of bold wallpaper to my own laundry room with these as inspiration!

** I’m in the middle of a full website makeover with a lot of housekeeping that requires my attention before making the big change so forgive my slow blogging this week and next. :) Thanks so much for your patience!


    • Yes! That horse wallpaper! So amazing. Living in a tiny apartment I have no square inch left over for to wallpaper, much less for a mud/laundry room, but a girl can dream.

  1. Can’t say I’m a big fan of wallpaper, especially not most of those. Too loud for me but i will say the first picture is my favourite.

  2. This is such a fabulous idea! I still have several rooms to tackle in my home and the laundry room is one of them. When we moved I knew I wanted it to be fun so I will definitely be doing some fun and bold wallpaper in there!

  3. My current fav with paper on the laundry wall is Meghan’s at The Homes I Have Made–pink flamingos, and I LOVE them!

  4. I really like the Arkansas Home one with the blue pottery paper. And they’re all beautiful. But the vestiges of my formerly teen aged, formerly liberal brain rebel against what seems to be incredible self indulgence. Thousands of dollars spent on washers and dryers, space enough for a family to live in, marble counter tops & floors, more cabinets than most people have in the kitchen to store who knows what. No criticism of you, Kate, or the blog (I read and love it every day) but somehow this post made me sad. Guess I’m in a mood to think about people who live in cardboard boxes and wash clothes in a polluted river. I’ll get over it; there have always been have’s and have nots.

  5. And furthermore, Kate, I know you work hard in your community for people who are undergoing hard times. I’ve seen the posts for the homeless shelter and the ‘closet’ for work clothes. So . . . again no criticism. Not even sure why I felt compelled to express myself over a couple fancy laundry rooms. :-)

    • No offense taken Paula, yes I feel the same too sometimes, knowing there are people who have absolutely nothing and then looking at spaces owned by people who are truly wealthy can certainly bring those feelings to the surface. It’s hard to sometimes justify all the stuff, the pretty, the money spent on luxuries knowing others go without. I do know that when those who have been homeless have a space that is comfortable and welcoming and nice looking, it is life changing, so there is a purpose served in creating lovely spaces that lift the spirits. :)

      • Thank you Kate. You’re a class act. And you’re right, living in a clean, pretty, safe environment can’t help but raise spirits.

  6. Wow Paula silence is golden,really did you ever comment on “Young House Love” they shut down their blog because of negative or not very nice comments but that’s what the comment section is for I guess good or not so good. Sorry just my opinion also I just have to say I love this blog I have gotten so many ideas, and what I can do to my home. Thank You Kate

    • Hi LuAnn. I’m truly sorry that I offended you. No, I don’t know anything about House Love. You’re right, probably should have kept my mouth shut. I read blogs to stimulate & expand my thought & creative processes and in this case, my thoughts prompted a comment. I suppose there’s a fine line between feeling free to express oneself and coming off as obnoxious. Never want to cross over into the latter. Thanks for your comment.


  7. Laundry spaces are so forgotten about. It’s incredible how a bit of wallpaper can change it up. Those laundry rooms look like places I’d actually enjoy being!

  8. My favorite is the Atlanta Homes paper. It looks resembles a stencil but – after an attempt at stenciling in my current home – wallpapering is MUCH easier. I have always loved wallpaper in powder/guest bathrooms. It adds a lot of pizzazz and is so much more durable than paint.

  9. So excited to see your upcoming site re-design! I’ve always love your site but it’s always great to see something fresh and new!

  10. These laundry rooms look amazing. My laundry room is 5th on my list of rooms to decorate so it probably won’t happen till next year. But this post cured my need for pretty laundry rooms for the mean time. LOL

  11. Those are great!! I love these wallpapers and if only I had a laundry room to do it in! They add such character and fun to any room and I know if I had any of those up I might actually enjoy doing laundry ;)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

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