Glitter Letters + Fabric Trim Trees

By Kate Riley December 1, 2014

Christmas is different for us this year, it’s the first time we’re spending it away from our home in California and instead in Las Vegas with our extended family. This year I’m focused on simplicity over excess. The holiday season is better when it’s about making memories instead of killing ourselves with all the decorating, only to have to take it down in a few weeks. I’ve decorated my entire home top to bottom in the past because I love this season so much, but I’m taking a break from it this year and it feels really nice.

Before we left Las Vegas on our recent visit I pulled together a simple vignette in the living room with a wreath and two easy-as-can-be crafts to welcome us on our return in a few weeks. I spent maybe an hour on both projects combined! Together they make a fresh and festive vignette for us and our future guests.

merry letters and trim trees


I spray painted 12" paper mache letters (find them here) then sprinkled white glitter on them before the paint dried, the paint acts as an adhesive when wet and holds the glitter to the cardboard when dry.

spray paint


sprinkle glitter


I love their large scale and how they sit independently, spelling out the holiday sentiment.

merry glitter letters up close

The trio of trees are made with a few yards of fabric trim hot glued to cardboard cones, and accented with vase filler "ornaments" from a craft store.

yards of fabric trim

I used ruffled, sequin, and fluffy snow like fabric trims found on Etsy and at Joanns. I didn’t take a picture of the process, but it’s nothing more than spiraling the fabric trim around the cones and using hot glue to secure it every few inches.

fabric trim tree trio


Put on a Christmas movie while you make them; they’ll be done before it’s halfway over, they’re that quick and easy.

merry letters and trees


Today is Cyber Monday! I do half my shopping today to take advantage of all the sales, share any good ones you know about from your favorite stores! .


  1. thank you for these great ideas. i myself is taking the route of simplicity this year as we are still finishing the master bathroom renovation.

  2. We’ve been through a trying year and not that I don’t love Christmas, but it might be a good idea for us to scale back, too. Thanks for the idea! I was wondering where you got the gold design on your dresser? It looks so nice!

  3. Simple and beautiful! I love you sentiments about how making memories being the priority. BTW these would make great craft projects for kids- thanks for the inspiration!! I love the side table, did you refinish it yourself?

  4. With two active toddlers, we’ll be scaling back a bit this year too. Mostly to keep them from breaking our breakables lol. Love the letters and the trees. Gold and white are so classic. Pinning!

  5. These are so great-I never thought of looking in the fabric store. “Brilliant!”, as my Irish cousins would say. : )

  6. Love the simplicity! Did you ever do a post on the dresser? I just went back 33 pages and didn’t see anything! Any chance I missed it? I’d love to know what color you used…it looks very AS Paris Grey!

  7. Hi there. I am currently swamped with work and home life so I took a little break this morning to scroll through some DIY Christmas projects. Coming across this post reminded me that this is something I’ve always wanted to do but just never have and I don’t know why. I’m glad I took a break and came across your post. Those letters and trees look great and that is exactly what i want this year in my home. Thanks!

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