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By Kate Riley December 1, 2014

Pantone is about to announce their Color of the Year for 2015 for interior design as they do every year in the first week of December. The announcement always generates excitement since the Pantone Color Matching System is used industry wide by furniture, textile, and wall covering companies across the globe.

The Color of the Year is determined by a secret group of industry professionals that gather in Europe, the winner is chosen as one that captures the spirit of the year, and includes a reason with it. “2013’s Emerald served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity; 2014’s Radiant Orchid encouraged expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.”

Trends in fashion, film, and art all contribute to the final selection of the Color of the Year, the final choice is a reflection of what’s happening in entertainment, the art world, travel destinations, and technology.pantone inspiration

Paint companies and textile designers make their own predictions as to what colors are the “it” color, Robert Allen has declared it to be Calypso Blue and Benjamin Moore has announced Guilford Green as their color for 2015.

Most of the Pantone winners from the past have been bold hues but neutrals and pastels have popped up as Color of the Year before.  Here’s a reminder of the winners from the past: pantone color of the year

I’m rooting for a shade of green. I have a crush on muted versions right now and I think deeper less saturated greens will continue to trend in 2015 for their earthy organic appeal. Of course I’d love to see any shade of deep blue too!

ling green wallpaper

graham & brown

For fun, I thought I’d ask you all to play along. Before the big announcement is made, place your bets! Take this survey below and vote for your pick, which hue do you think will be Color of the Year for 2015? Feel free to explain your choice in the comments, I’m curious what you think!

If you want an inside glimpse into how Pantone made the decision for the Color of the Year and how it will translate into fashion and home decor, they’re offering a webinar with VP Laurie Pressman of the Pantone Institute, happening on December 9th, details here.


  1. I voted for a neutral, but only because it’s what I’ve personally been loving lately. I’m typically way (way way way) behind current trends – according to the colors, I’m still back in 2006, haha! Maybe it’s time for a neutral resurgence? It would be nice to be “with it” for once! :) It would totally validate my desperate desire to paint my bedroom and bathroom in shades of grey!

  2. I’m going with Calypso blue. It seems to me that shade of blue has been growing in popularity in the last 2 or 3 years, at least in fashion. I’ve always loved blue so I would be pleased to see it be the color of the year. Vikki in VA

  3. My vote is for a neutral. I’m so loving all of the neutrals … Gray, taupe, cream etc. Look forward to seeing the color Pantone chooses.

  4. I think the dark navy blue that was hmmm not really like a pair of jeans but was everywhere the year of 1976. Dishes. Placemats. Clothing. Tops. Skirts. Purses. Jewelry. Placemats. How do I remember? I was 19 and choosing for my registry and what to wear as a going away outfit and my dishes and placemats and then a couch AND nothing!!!! It did not hit the couch industry!!!! So I sewed kitchen curtains and painted cabinets white to go with my dark blue and white color scheme but gasp!! Rust and brown reigned in couches. I thought them hideous!!!
    I’ve never had my perfect shade of a darker blue ( would love it in West Elms velvet but in a deep couch like a leather pottery barn style) so maybe once in my life, this color of a dream couch will be the Pantene color of the year. I did see the paint color on a recent cover of a Pottery Barn magazine!!

  5. pink or reds…we’ve seen a lot of green and blue over the last few years.

  6. Hello Kate,
    I have to agree, a shade of green is my choice also. I reluctantly got rid of a muted green sofa that I miss so much, so I have recently realized I must have this color around me. I recently restored and painted a vintage buffet a muted soft green color and have plans to yet again purchase a new sage or olive sofa. I am also a gardener and above all the colors in my garden, it is the various shades of green that bring life and movement into it.

  7. I would lie to see Indigo Blue. I’ve been adding it as an accent color and it seems to look good with most everything.

  8. I voted for a neutral but I’d love to see the surprise of a metallic! Even though I know that wouldn’t really be a “color.”

  9. Benjamin Moore color of the year for 2014 was Breath of Fresh Air (a beautiful blue) and I love it. I’m redoing the front door with this and bright brass. And trying to find more places for it.

  10. I chose green, HOWEVER, my own color of the year is somewhere between a seafoam green and acqua. I just redid my kitchen and LR/DR using that seafoam, taupe, white, and cobalt blue (all of my Danish and Dutch plates). Love it, love it.

  11. Just looking at the past years, I think we’re overdue for blue, and I’ve been seeing navy everywhere on design blogs lately.

  12. I’m going to guess a rich dark bark brown – mainly because it hasn’t been done yet. I would predict it won’t be a green, since Emerald won recently. I always look forward to their big reveal! Fun post :)

  13. I vote for some shade of blue because that’s my personal preference and because if you look at the previous colors of the year, all years divisible by 5 have been blue…so 2015 should follow that trend.

  14. My choice is leek, a soft yellowish green color, somewhere between Benjamin Moore’s seahorse and split pea. Very fresh and light!

  15. I vote for green too! I love all shades and hues of green. I must have it in every room.

  16. That guilford green is YOUR color! I voted for green, love it and have lots of it in our home. I also love that calypso blue and have been thinking about that for a wall in our house.

  17. I vote for electric yellow! It would shake everything up and inject fun in rooms, outfits and artworks. It’s also way overdue.

  18. Wow… I had no idea even such a thing existed…. so are they choosing what WAS the color of the year for 2014 or they’re predicting the color of the year for 2015? Because if I were to guess what the color for 2014 was it would have been grey or some shade of turquoise. I would have said some shade of grey but that made a joke and sounded punnish… :) I guess the fact that I just pointed it out negates the fact that I didn’t put it! Hahaha!

  19. I love the Guilford green but I’ve been crushing on anything indigo this past year.

  20. Laughing diabolically here. Guilford Green kitchen chairs are now cool. How did I know to paint them that color two years ago? Well. I never say so myself, but my friends tell me I am quite the trend-setter in kitchen chair colors. Sort of. Not really but, whatever. :)

  21. I’m so silly i didnt even know green was my favorite color for years until one day it dawned on me I’ve picked it out n so many things.

  22. i vote for beautiful Calypso Blue or any shade thereof. I see it everywhere…clothing, art work, furniture and feature walls. Tranquile and soothing. It reminds me of the Caribean waters.

  23. I’m seeing a very light green with a hint of blue that would look a little like seaglass… No wait, that’s not Pantone’s colour of the year, that’s mine! But I wouldn’t mind Pantone being inspired by my kitchen walls ;)

  24. Indigo would be my prediction. Such a beautiful color that has a place in almost any room. I’m loving the indigo textiles I’ve been seeing lately, like nankeen from China and shibori from Japan. Although it does seem time for a neutral. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a shade of gray lately, since that has been the “it” neutral for the past five or so years.

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