Autumn Around the House

By Kate Riley October 9, 2014

October is here so I felt it was time to switch things up around the house and transition for the season. I follow nature’s lead when decorating around the house, in autumn it’s a show of golden color so I take my cue from those warmer tones. I crave bold bursts of color in spring and summer but fall has me settling into cooler days and darker evenings with textured earthy neutrals.

knit pillow and plaid blanket

I’m predictable in my approach: branches, leaf cuttings, touches of gold, scattered white pumpkins. I reuse favorite accessories or art prints because they make me happy.

manzanita branches leaf prints

autumn mantel

 art display

fall leaves faux bois vases


ikat pillow on sofa


living room autumn accents


art prints gallery wall

olive leaf branches green vase


greek key panels and mirrored chest

 deer head with leaves

My attempt to spruce up the front porch this year was equal parts hit and miss.

plaid fall wreath front porch

This wreath was in real life a #Pinterestfail. While the idea of a scarf wreath is cute and snuggly (a wreath form with 3 yards of flannel fabric cut into strips and pinned to the wreath form) I thought I was so clever and frugal to use a pool noodle which I’ve seen on Pinterest to create my wreath form so I connected the ends with duct tape and  wrapped the foam with batting and plaid fabric and hung it on my door and two days later after I took this picture it was sagging in a weird oval shape and embarrassing so I took it down.

I still like the idea of it but if you replicate be sure to use a REAL and STURDY foam wreath form and don’t try to cheap it out like I did which is what I need to go buy next week if it is to reappear with dignity on our front door ever again.

fall plaid scarf wreath

“Hi neighbors! Pay no attention to my sagging DIY scarf wreath. Let me divert your attention with my staged pumpkins and strategically placed fallen leaves.”

pumpkins on trunk


Creating a fall feeling indoors was slightly more successful. I think it’s all about easy transitions, swapping out your favorites and mixing up the things you love with small seasonal touches and layers of comfortable texture to create cozy warm spaces.

fall mantel


warm candlelight

knit pillow wine glass

I’m easy to please… pumpkin spice scented candles lit up in the evening and a nice glass of wine to sip and savor at dusk are all I need. :)

sources if available: rug / ikat pillows / tartan blanket / brass cake stand / green faceted vase / pierced candleholder: target (in stores) / art prints : feather & leaves from flat flower designs / gold marbled paper sourced here/ faux bois vases / knit pillows: bed, bath & beyond (in stores)


  1. Beautiful! Best fall decorating EVER. It’s so fresh, clean, and light but still warm. Love the touches of gold with the gray and white. The wreath is lovely.

  2. Where did you get those chairs if you don’t mind me asking? I love them!!

  3. As always a fabulous job decorating, Kate! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! My favorite parts are how the gold accents in your living room pair so nicely with your gray walls and accessories, your rug, and the botanicals you brought into the room. Such a cozy, pretty Fall space!:-)

  4. I love deep rich colors for autumn: scarlett;, rust; plum;teal, & gold. Your home is absolutely lovely, but I’d need something a little more lively. vive la difference!

  5. Fabulous fall look! I love the casual elegance and the warm colors. Agree that the wreath looks tricky to pull off and too many projects on Pinterest are harder than they look.

  6. Gosh, I have totally had that problem with pool noodles. Now I just buy wreath forms. Pool noodles are just too wimpy for the job!

    But your porch looks amazing. I love it!

  7. I made the pool noodle wreath form mistake too! I thought about attaching a flat wire wreath ring to the back to prevent sagging, but just opted to tear the wreath apart and start from scratch. Glad I did! Darn you, Pinterest!

  8. Beauty~Fall!!!! Just ordered the H&M brass cake stand! You are so FULL of inspiration Kate!! Even better, you make me feel like I can somewhat emulate this look, with what I have & maybe a few accessories to add! Thank you! I have company coming, and I want to fall~ify (just made that word up) my home! Thank you for always including your resources (btw I found an old wine jug & put my olive branches in it)!! Makes me H a P p Y!!!!

  9. Beautiful. Total eye candy. It’s so warm and cozy. I loved that you used the framed marble paper. Still one of my favorite projects.

  10. Your house looks beautiful Kate. Beautifully decorated with your Fall touches. I like your scarf wreath! Also love your white deer vase.

  11. Kate you did it once again!! A beauitfully soft side of Fall. I pinned away for my pin board named, you guessed it, The Softer Side of Fall!! You have showed us how to do seasonal decorating with a beautifully restrained hand!! This is the kind of seasonal decorating I can get on board with!! Thank you for always inspiring us!!


  12. Your home is beautiful and I love the way you write your blog! Quick question: Can you tell me where you purchased the beige linen settee/loveseat if you think it would still be available. It is just what I am looking for to use in my kitchen and have been unsuccessful in finding. Thanks so much!!!

  13. Love everything you’ve done! I saw a pic earlier of the mantle with two framed marbled pieces on it? I came back to have another look and now can’t find it. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!!

  14. Pool noodle outside gave me issues as well. However, after using floral pins, then duct tape, I had success. The front if my house gets sun the hottest part of the afternoon, so I thought it was melting, if you will, the tape adhesive. ;)

  15. You have a beautiful and welcoming home, I just want to step into the pictures! We don’t get a Fall here or even much of a change of season but I sure do enjoy the colouring of the leaves and dropping temperatures when I am in the Northern Hemisphere. Season envy perhaps?

  16. Just beautiful, Kate. Everything looks so cozy and inviting. This is the perfect season to bring the outdoors in, and we love all the nature-inspired touches.

  17. I always love how you decorate for the seasons! Your rooms always look so cozy and comfy but simple and elegant with a touch of natural. I find myself going back and forth between all the photos trying to figure out which vignette is where. I would LOVE to see a video that shows the whole room! You know like they do for real estate listings? And quite frankly, would love a video tour of your whole house!! I’m always trying to figure out the layout of your house by the photos you post… not weird at all, eh? lol And love the staged leaves, too cute.

  18. Cozy and beautiful! I read your blog daily and find you very inspiring! Where did you find the fabulous wood mirror with the arched top? The one that’s sitting on top of the mirrored dresser. Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa I found that mirror at World Market last year, I used it once before but felt like putting it up again :)

  19. Lovely accents, but most of all, I love that you shared a fail with us! It made me laugh because it’s so much like my real life.

  20. Where did you get that deer head with the leaves coming out? I have the exact same one I received as a wedding gift that I LOVED until just two days ago, my husband knocked it off the console table while carrying a bag and broke off his ear. I am going to attempt to glue it on, but I don’t even know where it is from. Mine does not have leaves in it though, it has some faux wheat grass.

    Anyway, if you can tell me where it is from, I would appreciate it!

  21. I love your home! Would you please share the source for the chairs in your living room? Are they comfortable? Thanks you so much!

  22. So warm and cozy! I love how you have transitioned for fall. So subtle and natural! I love your honesty in admitting your Pinterest fail. It happens to everyone!

  23. Your home has just the right touch of fall! I was wondering who the maker of your chairs is? Your drapes came out beautifully!!! Great job!

  24. I was so happy to see in a few of your photos, the wool cushions. They have been my latest obsession – I’ve been crocheting up cushion covers like they are going out of style. They scream fall (and winter) to me – I just love the warmth and cosy feeling they bring to a room.

  25. Love the ikat and “sweater” pillow covers. Where can I find those? Also the plaid throw on the chair, beautiful, soft and subtle colors? Where can I find that? The space looks warm and timeless.

    • The sources for the pillows and gold table are listed at the bottom Desi and Linda!

  26. Always love your fall inspired looks Kate – I always love how you use the natural elements too. Enjoy fall in your home – I also love to burn my Harvest candle each day.

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