Favorite Christmas Card Displays

By Kate Riley December 18, 2013

The cards are arriving each day, three or four, and it’s always a delight to open the envelopes and see what everyone has been up during the year and how the kids have grown. In years past, I’ve used both jingle bells and ribbon attached to a corkboard to display the cards but the past two years, I’ve just taped them to the windows on our French doors so we can enjoy them as we walk by. At the end of the season, they find their way into a big scrapbook to look back on years later.

I’ve spied some fresh and fabulous ways to display cards around the web, enjoy the list of favorites! (Sources for these creative ideas below the images.)

gold chain card display

gold chain on canvas


plywood card holder

plywood tree card holder


cards in tree shape

cards arranged in tree shape


cards around doors

around the door display


door garland with cards

garland card display


window card display

yarn + ribbon window display


washi tape and card display

washi tape frame wall display

     ribbon card display

looped ribbon door display

    card tree holder

horizontal tree card holder

starburst mirror card display

starburst mirror prong display 1 + 2


branch card display

branch card holder

branch card display  1 + 2


shutter christmas card display

salvaged shutter card display  1 + 2


What do you do with the cards that arrive in the mail? Tape them to cabinets or doors? Clip them to a unique hanger? Do you have a special spot or way you display them? I’d love to see!


  1. I just posted this question on my facebook page the other day. I’m sharing this post with my readers on FB. Thanks for the round up!

  2. All of those are so pretty, but I don’t get that many “pretty” cards as most of those displays show. Don’t get me wrong, I love every single card I receive, but if I got nothing but those pretty ones, I would come up with something creative like that to display them. I just use my the wire on my hutch to hang my cards, nothing fancy :)

  3. What clever ideas! First I loved the chain-shaped tree! Then I loved the contemporary tree shaped plywood with the simple ribbon! But I LOVED the garland with the ornaments and cards tucked in! Perfect for my family room, around our wall unit- especially since I was one of your lucky Lynch Farm Creek winners! I chose a wreath for the back door and 18 feet of douglas fir garland! I will use that for displaying our cards this year! Thanks again to you and Lynch Creek Farms for your generous giveaway! It brings such a nice touch of Christmas to our home! Blessings to you and yours!

  4. I’ve been getting Christmas cards like crazy and have need some inspiration to figure out the best way to display them. This post was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

    Put A Bird On It

  5. we clip them with mini clothes pins to a twine cord i’ve stretched across the front of the mantel.
    it’s perfect!

  6. We tape ours to the pantry door where they’re front and center so we can see them all the time! These ideas are all great, thanks!

  7. Last year we used mini clothespin to attach cards to red ribbon around one of our doors. The ribbon would not stay no matter how we tried to attach the ends. We wrap our column with red ribbon and this year we’re placing cards between the ribbon and wall and so far it’s working great!
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  8. We love to hang them on the tree with everything else as they come in the mail. When it is time to take down the tree we cut out any images we want to keep and either frame them or put them in the photo box to be scrapbooked and those without images we cut the fronts off to upcycle as name tags for the next years batch of presents.

  9. we have a very large mirror in the front hall and we tack them into the frame. Great idea you had to keep the cards from former years in a scrapbook to look back on. Wish I had done the same especially from those who have passed on and also to read past notes. Always enjoy your blog. merry xmas!

  10. I have always displayed my Christmas cards the same way my Mom did. I hang two long pieces of wide red velvet like ribbon on each side of the door frame that goes into my dining room. I use a straight pin and just pin them down the length of the ribbon. They always look very festive and it shows them off nicely. Love your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  11. Teresa (above), we stick our cards in the tree, too!! They are great for filling in “holes” and I always get so many compliments when the tree is full of ornaments, lights, and beautiful cards from friends and family. Ever since its become the “norm” to send cards with photos of children or families, my tree has been filled with precious, smiling faces. :) I love it!! And I love these additional ideas… thanks, Kate!

  12. Here’s what I made: heavy-duty embroidery hoop with clothes pins glued on facing alternately in and out, then spray-painted silver. It hangs from a wide ribbon on the door to upstairs kind of like a wreath. So fun to watch it get more crowded as the month goes by!

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