Corkboard turned Card Holder

By Kate Riley December 6, 2010

I’m always looking for easy creative ways to display the Christmas cards that come to our home every season.  Last year, I used a white chain + jingle bells.   

This year, I decided to repurpose an ordinary corkboard I had sitting in the back of the closet.  It was the perfect size for hanging in the foyer, so I made a simple tree with ribbon, fabric, and nailhead trim.  It sits in the perfect spot in the entry where we can enjoy our cards all season long!

 cg green ribbon card holder


If you’d like to turn your corkboard into a similar card display, here’s what you’ll need:


cg holiday card holder



Corkboard (mine is 2’ x 3’)

Fabric to cover your board

Scrap of fabric to form base

Decorative ribbon for both tree and trim

1 package of 20 nailheads (two more packages if you want to create the trim around the base)

Staple gun

Fabric glue

Mallet (or strong thumbs!)





Layer your fabric over your corkboard, then use a staple gun with lightweight staples to hold your fabric in place. 

staple to corkboard

Start at the top and cut your ribbon to specified lengths.  Secure with nailheads (found at fabric stores). 

nailheads and ribbon

Roll the edges of the fabric and use a mallet (or strong thumbs) to push your nailhead trim around the perimeter of your fabric to form the base. 

nailheads one by one


Add decorative ribbon with fabric glue around the corkboard to frame your design.  In less than an hour, a custom card holder that you can reuse again in the New Year by simply removing the fabric.

  green ribbon card holder


cg card holder in foyer


The best part is come January, the cards go in the scrapbook and the corkboard goes . . . I dunno, maybe back in the closet.  


Need more inspiration for your own card display?  Here’s a roundup of some great ideas from last year.


There’s a bit more seasonal decorating going on around here . . .

foyer wreath nativity


bowl of ornaments


Plus the Holiday Home Craft link party will post later this evening so get ready!  If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll let you know when it’s live.

Here’s your handy button . . .

cg holiday button


See you then ~




  1. This is very cute, and if I had more wall space, I would be sure to try it. I have a skinny Christmas tree that I put in a corner in our dining room, and I hang the cards on the tree with a few sparkley ornaments. This way the cards are all displayed, and my kids love to take them down, look at them and hang them back up and I don’t worry about the kids breaking anything.

  2. Very cool crafty idea! Love it :) This year I am going to make an old vintage book into my card holder.. fold all the pages outward from the center and it makes a pretty little accordian like mail sorter, card holder, thingy.. only cause I don’t wanna put nails into my freshly painted walls ;)
    (that’ll probably last a week!)

  3. I love the tree card holder. The silver studded details are a great touch (: All your decorations look fabulous…I can’t wait to get home to put ours up!

  4. I’ve been writing about ways to be more humble this holiday and this is an excellent eco-friendly way to highlight holiday cards! I made a similar card holder with a straw wreath and some old fabric. Thanks for the great idea–

  5. Cute! I love it! My parents have this really old fabric santa that is extra long and they pinned cards to it, this is a great substitute!

  6. I love it! Very clever. I am in need of something to put our cards on, taping them to the door looks awful but since we get so many it’s the best place!

  7. What a fun idea to show off the cards. I love sending Christmas cards out. It’s a tradition I hope to always continue. That’s a beautiful wreath in front of your mirror, Kate. I like the simplicity of it with the pine cones and that great bow.

  8. Simple and elegant….my favorite combination! I’m always looking for new ways to display xmas cards. I love that it’s also something that could be used year after year. :)

  9. OMG, THANK YOU! What a brilliant idea. I wish I weren’t so behind in my RSS and had seen this when you posted it, but better late than never. The cards have been piling up on the mantel, driving me nuts. I’m pulling out an unused bulletin board tomorrow and doing a version of this. Thanks!

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