Christmas Craft Link Party!

By Kate Riley December 6, 2010

Season’s Greetings, Ho Ho Ho, Happy Festivus, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Merry Merry Christmas friends !  ‘Tis the season for sparkle and shine, homemade treats, crafting, baking, decorating, and holiday cheer!  We’ve been busy around here with all of those delights, and I have just a few to share today.

The first is this little ‘Love Stitched’ ornament I made for my stepdaughter who is off at her first semester of college this year.  Living in a dorm, she needs something to keep it smelling fresh, so I stitched a sweet sentiment with red embroidery thread on linen, cut out a heart shape, filled it with a lavender and rice mixture, and sewed it all together.  I slipped it in her stocking, and I can’t wait till she finds it!

 love stitched ornament


Next, my littlest ones helped paint and glitter up some very merry MDF letters found at a craft store.

paint glitter staple

I stapled ribbon to the back and suspended them in our dining room area, how fun!  You can’t quite tell in the photo, but the white glitter adds more sparkle in the light.


merry hanging ribbons



Finally, I made this little lavender filled door hanger to keep in my room even after the holidays.  My good friend Cathe sent me some graphics earlier this year, so I added the font and printed it directly on linen with my home printer, the same exact way I printed the linen for these lavender eye pillows.

 joyeux noel


Here’s the printable PDF if you’d like to print it as art or recreate this at home.

Since it is the season of giving, I have a treat for you!  This summer I had over two pounds of dried lavender from my garden after harvest, so I’m giving away to ten readers two each of these little embroidered sachets filled with all natural dried lavender.  Yep, I’ve got plenty of it, so I want some of you to have it!   No, I did NOT stitch those lavender blooms!!  I bought fifty of these 3 x 5 muslin pouches online years ago, aren’t they sweet?

sachets of lavender


Slip them into your bureau for their aromatic scent or keep them by your bedside for aromatherapy healing!   Ten readers will each receive two sachets, winners chosen at random.  Simply leave a comment to win and I will mail them out next week!  No party link or blog necessary, just leave a comment to be eligible.  Giveaway ends Saturday December 11th at midnight PST.

Now it’s your turn!  What have you been up to ?

Time to show off your holiday creations, so let’s get started!

Bring on the ornaments, the wreaths, the garlands, the banners, the craftiness!

Please be sure to at a minimum visit the link in front and behind you to be kind.

Links will close Saturday December 11th at midnight PST.

cg holiday button

Link up your crafty goodness friends! 

Ho Ho Ho!



  1. g’day lovely

    all looks stunning and crafty, particularly coveting the crafty love hearts…

    and of course I’d be very happy to win a little package, that’s if they can wing their way to AUSTRALIA

    cheers, happy holidays


  2. How sweet to make ornaments for your stepdaughter….I was nice enough to just give old ornaments I was done with to my two girls out on their own. Love the letters too! Thanks for hosting, and I’m looking forward to all the inspiration.

  3. I wish I could grow lavender! I tried the one year and I didn’t get one bloom. Got my first anon negative comment tonight, it’s a little saddening at this time of year that some people get a kick out of being mean ;( Love your blog!!

  4. Lavender is such a soothing sent! I would love a bag to put in my nightstand drawer! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I really hope I win this one!

  5. I love that you got your kids involved. Everything looks fabulous…as always :)
    Really… I’m so happy to read your blog, every time you post. You never disappoint.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work, Kate.
    ~Shelley Smith
    PS. I’m still lovin’ this snow application on your blog. Such a cute addition, for the holidays!

  6. I would LOVE to win the lavender. It reminds me of England and a great, wonderful season in my life.

  7. I love lavender! It is great to see that you have your little ones included in the decorating craft. Enjoy these days of having your small children help. The time goes so fast and they are all grown and moving out of the house.

  8. I love the sachets!! And thanks for the printable and hosting this great party! Merry Christmas! I printed some Swedish words onto fabric and made some hearts, but LOVE the hand stitched ones! May have to try this as a keepsake for my little ones! Thank you!

  9. Great ideas, Kate! That Joyeux Noel sachet is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the PDF. I’m excited to play around with some ideas for our house!

  10. Ooh! I love, love, love lavendar!! And my kids do make a lot of stink, so it would be awesome to balance that out. hehe!

  11. What nice ideas these are. The linkies look fantastic filled with ideas. Will have to come back and view more.

  12. I LOVE Lavender! I make ornaments each year with my children to give to grandparents & our tree. It’s something special we do and we get to look back each year when we decorate the tree =D

  13. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and crafts. I wanted to tell you that a girlfriend and I ran into each other unexpectedly at GW and we both had to talk about how we love your blog and we both are followers. Lovng the fun in North Carolina and sharing with the girls.

    Always, Teresa T.

  14. I love the embroidered heart..that it is so sweet and special..and will hold memories for years! That is such a great idea… Your sachets are so pretty too!! I am so uncreative… I find so much inspiration among fellow bloggers and after my ohhing and ahhing I’m thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”

  15. Hi Kate!
    Love all your special handmade decorations…especially the ones by the little ones. :) Wow, that’s a lot of lavender…how awesome to grow your own! Hope my wreath transformation works ok for a craft…it’s about as crafty as this girl gets. :) Off to add your link to my post. Thanks for the party! :)

  16. I just finished a complete bedroom re-do inspired by CG! :) Would love to have some lavender to add to it…

  17. Did you know that Eternity by Calvin Klein has lavender in it??? That’s my favorite cologne. And I love to put lavender sacrets in the linens when they are drying. You’ve got a great blog! Merry Christmas!

  18. Oh.. I love lavender, and those sachets are so lovely! I love all of your handmade decorations. I’m thinking of picking up some letters from the craft store too, and giving them a nice glass glitter treatment. :)

  19. I LOVE the Merry letters…and even more because your kids helped. What a great simple idea, I think I shall have to dream up a place to do something similar in my home. Thanks for sharing…and for hosting the party!

  20. I love the Merry and that the kiddos helped. The love sachet/ornament is such a fun idea. Thanks for hosting. I’m excited to get some new Christmas craft ideas.

  21. I just love lavender. The pillows are darling. I LOVE your website. Thanks for sharing! XO

  22. I love the font you used for your letters! So refreshingly different. But what am I saying here, I love everything you do, always.
    Thank you for this party, I am off now to go visit with some other party go-ers.
    Love, Marianne

  23. Wow, what a sweet gift! I’m still in the midst of decorating my wee shop for Christmas. I hope you are having a beautiful December!

    : )

    Julie M.

  24. Kate, you are such a generous blogger, both for including the pdf for the wonderful Joyeux Noel graphic and for offering to share your stash of lavendar.

    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  25. What a sweet Love ornament you made for your step daughter. I love the photo of your two little artists working away at their project. And, I love lavender! Thank you for the chance at your lovely giveaway, Kate!

  26. I love the little gift you made for your stepdaughter. I bet she’s going to love it. The giveaway is great! Fresh, homegrown lavender…who wouldn’t love the chance to have some? I love the bags too.

  27. Thank you for the giveaway which is very very charming! I love the links and am keeping it on so that I can visit each one slowly. These have to be savoured not rushed through!

  28. I enjoy your blog. My Christmas crafts for this ear have involved an explosion of glitter to the hanging balls for our tree and some jewelry making for gifts. Thanks for giving away the lavender bags you made, they are lovely!

  29. Thanks for being so generous with your lavender. I would love to own your sachets. How lucky you are able to grow and harvest so much of it. BTW, I have everything now to make the snow flocked wreath like yours…now to find the time!

  30. Hi Kate, I adore your handmade ornaments and am more than envious of your creativity (as well as the kiddos)! You’re always a wonderful source of inspiration. Thanks for hosting this fun holiday gathering and allowing me to share my Christmas dining room! I’m off to drool over everyone’s links. Happy Holidays, Becca

  31. I love all of your projects, especially the heart! I don’t have a project to share this time around but would love to win your petite sachets, they are lovely.


  32. What wonderful ideas you have! Thanks for sharing them. I’m inspired to get busy! And the ideas on the links too. Oh my, my head is spinning! Would love to win the lavender sachets! Thanks for the opportunity. I’m so glad I recently found your blog.

  33. OMG! You just shocked me when you said you have a college daughter. Your profile picture looks like you are still in high school. Lucky for your kids with those genetics!

    All of your projects are darling.

    Take care,

  34. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! I love how you get your children involved too. Thanks for giving us a chance to win a sachet!

  35. LOVE your crafts. Sweet idea for your stepdaughter. I love lavender, too. Thanks for hosting!

  36. Those sachets are beautiful & I’m sure the lavender smell is, too! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  37. Love your Blog, and working on one for my shop. Visting yours has provided so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing so much.

    Now I have a use for all of that lavender I saved this year from winters blast. Can’t wait!

    Just For You!

  38. Ohhh, I LOVE lavender! I wish I could grow it here, but I just never have any luck! *fingers crossed*

    Happy Holidays!!!

  39. lovely! I would so enjoy having some lavender, I had my own few plants this year but went away and didn’t get them harvested in time. Thank you for considering us!

  40. I LOVE the smell of lavender. We have a lavender farm in Kula, which overlooks the bi-coastal view of Maui, and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I also wear their lavender lip balm every night before bed to keep my lips soft and kissable! I’d love to toss one of these sachets in my lingerie drawer!

  41. Love the Joyeaux Noel sachet!!!! If I win the lavender I am totally making one for myself!

  42. Lavender is my favorite smell ever!! Would love to be a winner :) Thanks for all the incredible ideas, you inspire me to keep trying new ideas!

  43. Oh I have a great item I need to link up to this party, I just have to go home tonight & finish it! :-) I’d love to win some lavender too! Thanks for hosting. :-)

  44. I would love to win these , I only had two lavender bushes ,planted a few more this year so these could hold me over a little bit longer ,lol .

  45. Beautiful homemade decorations. Thanks for hosting the party. Off to mingle at the party.:) Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. Oh my word, look at all this crafty goodness! Can’t wait to look around…I love your glittery letters and what a lovely giveaway! If mine isn’t considered a “craft” you can throw it out!

  47. First off, Merry CHRISTmas!!! Love, love, love your blog. We are trying to get moved in our new/old house so Santa can come down our new chimney this year. We are working out bootys off trying to make it work for our son!!! Wish us luck!! Gotta go, gotta get back to painting.

  48. You are so so talented! Lavender is wonderful to help relax and fall asleep, I found some lavender lip gloss and put it on before bed each night! The sachets would be a heavenly addition! You really should give some pointers on how you were able to grow so much lavender. I tried one year a failed, not sure what I am doing wrong, anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours! Love your blog! Candy

  49. It has been a little while since I sat and perused a blog party – but this one was definitely worth it. So many crafty ladies with even more crafty ideas! Thanks for hosting!

  50. Hi Kate!

    I think I’m party participant #260–what a great crowd you’ve attracted! I got waylaid in the making of my craft by cutting my finger last week–it’s hard to do much with stitches in the tip of your finger! But I’m finally here, and so glad to be here!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Advent season. I can speak from personal experience that your homegrown lavender is just sumptuous–I was a lucky winner of your lavender giveaway earlier this year. If I should happen to win again, I’d probably pass along my sachets to a couple of my best friends. Believe me, they’d have to be good friends for me to share such a sumptuous treat!

    Thanks for hosting a wonderful party!

  51. I would love the lavender sachets. It brings back memories of my girls being flower girls in their cousin’s wedding. The guests threw dried lavendar in the air around the couple as they left. The girls and I have wanted to make sachets too. Where would we be able to find dried lavender at a reasonable price?

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  52. I love lavender!!! Thanks for your generosity and the opportunity to enter such a lovely giveaway!

  53. I love lavendar! When I was a kid my mom took my brothers and me to a lavendar farm near the beach and we bought lavendar tea and lavendar honey. It was soooo good. Kind of a boring visit when you’re a kid, but I’m sure I would love it now. I’m loving all of your holiday craft ideas too!

  54. So, it looks like I’m incredibly late for your party! I can’t wait to see all those fun crafts everybody has posted and find a couple to add to my already long list of to-do-things-before-Chrsitmas. :)
    Love the sachets!

    Marry Christmas!


  55. Love your blog… you have so many good ideas and creative techniques to offer. Happy Holidays!

  56. Wow! Thanks for all the great inspiration, especially in the holiday season! I love how you really do it all up for Christmas!

  57. Your blog inspires me daily. Even when I wasnt crafting due to going through a hard time, I always read your blog. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

  58. Love your ideas…I used to embroider back in my hippie days and seeing all your little crafts brought back lots of fun and relaxing memories. Maybe I will find the time to do it again. Love, love, love those lavender bags!!

  59. Hi,
    been enjoying your blog for a month or so now. wake up to read this one weekdays. lively & full of ideas. Also those lavender bags look great. Lucky you to live in CA.

  60. Stopping by the craft store today after my volunteer time in kindergarten. We will buy letters and sparkle up Merry and hang from the mantle of son and future darling-in-law….they will be greeted with such festivity when they return from business trip to China! Thanks for the great idea!! I love lavendar!

  61. I love all your crafty ideas and you have gathered an enormous crowd for the Holiday link up! I was curious where you get your MDF and is it reasonably priced? I’ve wanted to make monograms or phrases/sayings for awhile now but didn’t know what to use. The letters I find pre-made in our area are quite small, something for a scrapbook. Thanks a bunch and keep up the awesome work! You are an inspiration!

  62. I love the smell of lavender. It is really soothing. We use it in my yoga classes to relax at the end of the session.

  63. I’d hang them both on my husband’s side of the bed…. Maybe he’ll snore less!?

  64. Enjoying your website. Thanks for sharing. I’ve several ideas for new Christmas decorations for this year. Thanks!

  65. Kate, you are so generous! Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway! Also many thanks for sharing your craft projects – love being inspired by you! Off to check out everyone else’s links – I could be here all day! :)

  66. I love lavender and those bags are just darling. You must have a green thumb for growing lavender.


  67. How lovely of you Kate! Such a sweet giveaway. Those pouches are so darling! Great find.

    Thanks for hosting and thanks for the chance at the giveaway!


  68. Soooo many great craft ideas, so little time! I love what you did with the mdf letters :)

  69. Wow! I just found your site and need to spend some time looking at all the crafts at the end of this post!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Thanks so much for hosting this party – there are so many great crafts! I can’t believe you grew that much lavender – amazing!

  71. I love the lavendar! We just found a lavendar farm near our wedding site where we’ll take pictures between the ceremony & reception. I’m looking for a nice guest bag item that incorporates lavendar!

  72. Would love to have the lavendar bags!!!! Would make this apartment feel more homey!!!! We live in Tennesse but are in Price UT because of my husbands job. We brought only cloths with us and furnished the apartment from DI. The lavendar bag would smell so good in here. Can’t waite til I get home to plant some of my own……………….

  73. Wow Look at you so crafty. Love your blog. Became a fan about 2 months ago and you have inspired me ever since.

  74. That is a serious number of talented crafters!!!

    And I love what you made your oldest…I mostly love the relationship you seem to have with her. The ‘step’ dynamic is a tricky one, and you seem to have mastered it beautifully. What a blessing your friendship must be to her!

  75. Hi Kate, I’m Irene from Greece; I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I’m really amazed by all these lovely things you make, I find you really inspiring! And don’t these lavender pouches look lovely or what? I just hope I’m not too far away to be sent a couple if I’m lucky enough to win :) Lavender is my favourite!

  76. I’ve been wanting to make some lavender sachets myself but don’t have any lavender. How lovely these are!

  77. aww it’s snowing on your blog! :)
    love the crafts you made, and the help from the kiddos! i love the smell of lavender – reminds me of my grammy

  78. Kate – I love the crafts. I thought I saw something moving on the screen and then I finally figured out it was snow. lol.

    I love the lavender bags. They are cute.

  79. Lavender is by far my favorite scent of all time. You are so fabulous for growing your own! Thank you for sharing it with your adoring fans :)

  80. I love lavendar! Thanks for the chance to win :-) I haven’t done a darn thing yet, including sending the invites to our party in less than 2 weeks! Eep! I NEED to get on the ball…

  81. Oh to have an apartment filled with the relaxing scent of lavender…how delightful! and These are so very cute! Thank you for this opportunity!

  82. Lavendar is one of my favorite scents for sachets. I would love to slip one into my closet to scent my sweaters.

  83. Love, love, love lavender! Love the “Merry” craft too! My kids are gonna be doing that this afternoon!

  84. I LOVE lavender and these sachets are so cute! I had fun checking out all the products, what great inspiration! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  85. I am crazy about lavender. Is it fairly simple to grow? I’ve always wanted to try, but my thumbs are as black as night. Maybe if it was easy…and I remember to water…

    Can’t WAIT to dive into all these craft ideas! Getting a cup of coffee now…thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I’m done with my decorating. Now I want to focus on some new DIY projects, thanks to the link up love you’ve got going on. Happy Holidays.

  87. I was just thinking as I was reading your blog that the heart would be so cute just to hang on my grand daughters door and maybe fill them with lavender. And here you are having a give away I already won cause I’m stealing your idea ;)

  88. Thank you for hosting. It’s so fun to see all the creative ideas! That heart satchel is such a sweet idea – I’m sure your stepdaughter will love it. I think a lavendar satchel would find it’s way into my laundry room – it would make that chore way more plesant! :)

  89. You’re so sweet to have a giveaway right here at the gift giving season! They are oh so cute BTW! I’m going to leave you a few links, thanks for the FUN! :)

  90. I absolutely love the smell of lavender. I have some sachets that are a bit older and losing their scent and would love to have some new replacements, especially if they came from one CENTSATIONAL girl:) LOVE your blog!

  91. So many fabulous ideas, far too little time … maybe I’ll stop sleeping this month! Thank you for the great ideas and opportunity to win the lavender sachets – they’re just lovely.

  92. I would love to win the lavender sachets. They would be perfect in my linen closet.

  93. I love the “MERRY” craft. Looks like a lot of fun, and it really looks nice on display. Just letting you know this is the FIRST linky party I’ve posted to. I’m kind of excited!! It’s so great to look through all the crafts that have been posted. I’ve come away with tons of great ideas to try. Thank you!

  94. Kate,

    Once again, you have made something so lovely!

    And then to have taken the time to hand-make such a thoughtful ‘little something’ for your stepdaughter. You are an amazing mom!

    Thank you for generously offering such lovely gifts to 10 lucky ladies (of course, I am keeping my fingers crossed);) LOL

    (It’s a treat to know I am not the only one thinking of a ‘restful’ scent today. I just finished making some lavender sugar scrub. Ahhhhhh…)

  95. Oooh…10 winners! That makes me feel like I actually have a chance! And now I can’t wait for the kiddos to go to bed so I can browse through all the links!

  96. O Holy Crafts…my eyes are brightly shining….it is the night of the glue gun’s great work…

  97. I would love some lavender! I must say, this is an impressive turn out for a link-up…it makes me feel better about not contributing:)

  98. LOVE this link party! I’m having fun checking everything out! The lavender sachets are wonderful… I’m brewing up my own hair conditioner at the moment (chamomile and lemongrass with essential oils added).

  99. I love lavender! I used to have some growing in my yard, but Georgia is just too wet most years. Your website is so enjoyable – a daily read for me.

  100. You gotta gift my clever & crafty blogger firend!
    Love your lovely lavender sachets! Thanks for hosting! It’s been fun to see what everyone has been up to for the holidays!

    :D Lynda

  101. First time visitor. Wow, what a talent. Thanks for a chance to win the lavender sachets. Adorable.

  102. I love the “merry” letters and those lavender sachets are adorable! Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting!

  103. Hi Kate, I love your beautiful blog and your lavender sachets are so pretty, I can just imagine how nice they must smell. Thank you for hosting such a fun party. I’m happy I was able to join in the fun!

  104. These are so pretty. I remember seeing you show off some of the ones you made in the late summer (I think) and I’ve bookmarked it to make eventually. In the meantime, I’d love some of the ones you’ve made!

  105. I love the smell of lavender! I am really hoping to put in some of my own as our landscaping progresses. Thanks, Kate!

  106. I love the lavender sachets!! & I have several places that could use a little ‘smell good’ added to them! :)

  107. Those are so beautiful, I’d love to have one to put next to our bed or in my undies drawer! How lovely!

  108. I discovered your blog months ago from Made by Girl blog. I really like your style and reading the blog on a daily basis, and let me tell you what a nice giveaway!

  109. ooh ooh! i’d LOVE some lavender!! at yoga the other day i tried out a lavender and flax seed sachet you put on your eyes and i’ve been *dying* to make one myself :)

  110. A lovely sachet. Thank you for the opportunity to be embraced by lavender. Just perfect for the wintery days ahead.

  111. I love the scent of lavender! Just what is needed to help relax after chasing an 18 month old all day long@@@

  112. the merry letters are so cute, I think I may eb trying that one, and I love the idea of lavender on the door knobs very cute
    Merry Christmas!

  113. I have lavender planted in my backyard, but they did not bloom this year unfortunately!

  114. I wish I could grow some lavender. I seem to do a great job with weeds and ivy but not so well with anythin I actually want. :) Love the letters! What a great project!

  115. I love that you include the kids… So many times blogger posts are too perfect and not about the real meaning of the season!

  116. I love all the crafty things you have been up to! I think the door hangers would be a good idea in my house, my two little girls probably couldn’t destroy that. :)
    I love lavender, grew up with a lot of it and visited a gorgeous lavender farm many years ago. Unfortunately I think it’s too darn cold to grow lavender here in chilly central Canada! Send some my way! :)

  117. I love lavender….I’ve never tried drying it but this sparks my “want to”. Your ideas are so unique!

  118. I’ve tried again and again to grow lavender and I have always failed. I’d love to win these darling sachets! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  119. What a beautiful site. I stumbled upon it recently and have moved it to the top of my list of favorite sites to visit. I was in Paris this summer … your sachets remind me of that wonderful trip. I’m so envious. I grow lavender here in Texas but it does not do as well as yours seems to. Thanks for the inspiration.

  120. The sachets are beautiful, and those colors would look perfect in my baby’s room. Coincidentally, that is where the diaper pail is… ;) Thanks!!

  121. My friends daughter used lavender at her wedding in November, and I just wanted to have a bunch to take home, it smelled so good. Thanks for a chance win such a beautifully presented gift!

  122. These are tooooo cute. I also cannot grow lavender where I live. would love these…thanks for the chance…

  123. Love the ideas…love lavender..yum…and would luuuv these sachets. Merry Christmas!

  124. Hi Kate-

    It’s snowing – how festive to have your very own holiday snow. Lots of inspiration, too. Great turn-out. I believe there is a lot of Christmas craftiness going on.

    My best- Diane

  125. Those lavender sachets brought back memories of my husband’s great grandma. She grew it and often put together small bundles for us to bring home when we would visit. Oh, how I miss that lovely lady.

  126. I bought the same letters that you used in your “MERRY” project to cover with red glitter and hang with everyones stocking as a way to personalize. :) Can’t wait to dig into all of these linked craft ideas! :) GG

  127. I would love to win! Thank you so much for the chance.

    I’m having a giveaway on my blog as well. It closes tonight – feel free to stop by and enter if you’d like to!

  128. What amazing things to make for the home! I am bookmarking so many of these projects to make throughout the next year for next Christmas!

  129. I think all of your ideas are amazing, and I love checking in every few days to see what is new. Thanks for the inspiration!

  130. What a great post…. love seeing all of the crafts – this time of the year is so much fun!

  131. Okay, that little heart and the “merry” decorations—adorable. Saving both ideas! And lavender would be heaven to have….when we bought our house the former owner had nasty old lady smelling perfume crystals in the linen closet and even after repainting the closet and new shelves we can STILL smell the scent. Gross.

    Off to visit my comment neighbors!

  132. Oh I love your ideas – the Love ornament is so cute! I’ve been spending all my crafty time on a LARGE cross stitch project for my mom, but Sock Monkey Saturday is this weekend at the American Visionary Art Museum here in B’more, so I’ll be making my annual monkey!

    Count me in for a sachet! :)

  133. The lavender sachets are so pretty!
    I love your graphic you shared, I think it might be a craft for me tomorrow :) Thank you!
    Happy Holidays!

  134. How wonderful that you harvested over 2 pounds of lavender – and how sweet of you to share it with us!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  135. Wow! Awesome Xmas Craft Link Party. Thank you – I am now overloaded with inspiration. I love lavender -both smell and color. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  136. Lavender is my favorite scent!! I just incorporated it into my September wedding after falling in love at a lavender farm over the summer.

  137. This is the kind of thing I give for gifts but I don’t think to treat yourself with. I would love to have one just for me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. So many cute projects. I was up way too late last night, when I should have been working, checking them all out. Have several ideas bookmarked too. Thanks for host/hostessing.

  139. This is the BEST website. I am obsessed and come back several times a day. I am so glad I found you. Keep all of those ideas coming. I especially am enjoying all the linkies.

  140. Thanks so much for hosting this great party! Thanks for being a part of this fun Holiday Link Party!!!

    BTW I STILL use your Spray Paint post when I spray paint. My hubby does too!! :)

  141. Wow thats a lot of links.
    I would love to have one of your sachets! Merry Christmas!

  142. I love reading your posts and seeing all the eye candy; also enjoy the scent of lavender it is so relaxing. Thanks for the chance to win a couple of your lovely little sachets.

  143. How adorable the little sacks are with the lavender. Would love to find a place for this special item. Also, since this is my first time to comment, I must say your web site brings me enormous pleasure.

  144. My daughters are named Joy and Noel; consequently, I always love Christmas decor with the Joyeux Noel motif!

  145. In the spirit of the holiday season I would like to share a cute song that describes the meaning of Xmas.
    What is Christmas? Christmas is Love.
    What is Christmas? Christmas is Love.
    Angels flying up above.
    Merry Christmas, I Love You!
    Merry Christmas, I Love You!


  146. I loved your reference to putting your lavender and rice filled bags into your “bureau”, I haven’t heard that word for quite awhile and it brought back some lovely memories. Thanks!

  147. So glad that I found your site. I’ve bookmarked it because your craft projects look like fun. I plan on doing the letters with my stepdaughter this week-end!

  148. will be working on some of these with my mother as i go home for christmas! great ideas and she loves the smell of lavender!

  149. You are so very talented and have such a kind heart. Your page made me smile, thank you. May God continue to bless you and have a very Merry Christmas. (Or Hannukah if that applies)

  150. saw your stuff thru Pinterest!!! and my room is purple, so Lavender would be a beautiful addition!!!

  151. your crafts are addicting! those satchels are so super cute. i love lavender and will plant my own as soon as i get my own dirt. :)

  152. Hi I came across your blog and I loved it!!! I was wondering if you remember where you purchased the lavender bags from, they would be perfect for my best friends bridal shower and I can’t find them anywhere. Thanks so much :-)

    • Hi Bonnie, it’s been years! I wish I had a receipt or could recall, all I know is I ordered them online…..

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