DIY Lavender Eye Pillows and a GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley June 18, 2010

Greetings friends, happy Friday !  You all know I’m on a lavender kick lately as I’m harvesting my plants in my garden.   I’ve made plenty of bouquets this week to give to all my neighbors and friends.  My entire house is filled with the scent right now.

Lavender is one of the most soothing herbal remedies, so much so it helps you sleep better !   So this week, I put my dried lavender to good use by making some eye pillows with linen fabric and simple embroidery.  


cg do not disturb pillows    


Here’s my step-by-step how I made these lavender eye pillows:

Supplies:  Fabric of choice; fabric lining (optional); dried lavender (approx 1.5 cups for each pillow); organic rice or flax seed; sewing machine; embroidery hoop & thread (optional); ink jet printer; scissors; masking tape; cardstock. 

First, I cut my linen fabric to approximately 8” x 10”, then used masking tape to attach it to cardstock.  Make sure your fabric is perfectly flat to the cardstock or it will cause a paper jam.   

tape linen to cardstock


Next, I centered this image below in a Word document, then ran it through my computer printer !     Printing with black ink comes out dark brown on the linen. 

do not disturb image

Note, the ink when dry is steadfast to the fabric and won’t run, but try not to get it wet, because it can bleed just a bit. 

I hand embroidered the details of the lavender sprig to the linen with a small hoop and some deep purple thread. 

hand embroidered detail 

Next, I cut some fabric lining to the same size as my linen, then sewed my lining and printed linen inside out on three sides.  The lining is optional, but I think it helps keep the outside fabric texture smoother to the touch, especially if using these on your eyes.   

sew together


To create lavender filling for pillows, combine 2 parts dried lavender to 1 part organic rice or flax seed.  You can use less lavender if necessary, but I have plenty so that’s my math and I’m sticking to it.   If you’re short on lavender, you can also use essential oils to enhance the scent of your flax seed or rice filling. 

lavender mixture


Fill your pillow with the lavender mixture, then hand sew fourth side together.

fill and sew


That’s it, easy peasy !

cg lavender eye pillows


Use them for relaxation, headache tension, or even tucked in your pillowcase or bureau drawer.   And did you know lavender is a natural moth deterrent ?  Place them in your closet as a repellant !  Or just leave them next to your bed as a soothing scent to drift away to slumber. 

  cg lavender eye sachets


Here’s the best part !  I’m giving FIVE of them away to you, my lovely readers, PLUS a bundle of fresh lavender, from my garden to your door. 

To be eligible, simply leave a comment – the FIVE winners will be chosen by  Giveaway ends Monday June 21st at 8 p.m. 







  1. Oh my – I DO love lavender. Can I come visit your house? To drink in the aroma would be heavenly!

    I splashed some hot food on my bare toes last night & after rinsing my foot, rubbed some lavender oil on it and the pain & redness were gone in no time at all.

    I’m baby sitting my daughter’s dogs & one has a horrible scab from a recent surgery & the other has an open sore from a cyst – once again the lavender oil to the rescue & they’re so calm, too.

    I hope I win the eye pillow & wand. . . I really do love lavender!

    Thank you for your generous offer!


  2. yay! we have two little lavender plants but they don’t seem to be producing enough to make even one of these adorable eye pillows. Still, I’ll probably try drying it and putting it next to my bed.

    ps: amazing giveaway!

  3. I’d love one! I wanted to grow lavender this year after reading your blog but it didn’t work out that way.

  4. Ah, lavender… So nice. I even bought lavender-scented dryer sheets and they make my dreary little laundry closet smell wonderful.

  5. Mmm, lavender. I could certainly use some help de-stressing and relaxing as I’m still in the process of moving into my new house in CO from VA. And I did while my husband was away for training, with a three-year old, and in my first trimester! I’m sure sleep will be getting scarce in the near future and I’ll take all the help I can get.
    BTW- how long does lavender take to start producing? I’d love to plant some at our new house, but being military means moving every three years and I want to enjoy it while I’m here!

  6. Those are adorable. I just love the smell of lavender. It’s something that I want to grow a lot of when we are in our forever home!

  7. Lavender is just so delightful and what lovely pillows. You are very talented. Thanks for the generous giveway!

  8. These are great! And since we’re in the middle of re-siding our whole house, they would be perfect after all the days of hammering!

  9. oh i love lavender… and it just doesn’t grow here as well. thanks for sharing your bountiful buds with your readers!

  10. OK, where have I been? I didn’t know you could put fabric through your printer!
    These are really pretty~the hand embroidery is a nice touch, too.

  11. Oh please pick lavender crop got recked with hail this year…big sad face for me :(

    your sachets are just lovely and what a great gift to give… soothing

  12. These are gorgeous!!! I love them, what an awesome idea!! I’m trying to grow lavender this year, but it’s been a little slow. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll win one of the beautiful pillows!! Thank you!!!


  13. Those are so beautiful. What a thoughtful giveaway! My best friend loves lavender and this would make a wonderful gift for her. Love your blog!

  14. i love lavender scent! Moonlight path from B&BW is my fav. I should grow my own!

  15. My only experience with lavender has been in some bath salt a friend gave me and it brings me such joy. I’d love to try an eye pillow to sooth away some of my terrible headaches!

  16. What an adorable pillow! Thanks for the tutorial on making these lovelies and thanks for offering up such a fantastic and personal giveaway. You never cease to amaze me with your creations. Have a beautiful weekend!

  17. These little pillows are the cutest! I love lavender and grow a couple plants each summer, but it doesn’t winter over very well here and the heat makes it too dry inside to live long. Sounds like you have an amazing harvest!

  18. Oh my goodness! They are adorable!

    I want one. …especially today when I’ve had a headache since I woke up this morning and all I want to do is crawl into bed and cover my eyes.

  19. You are such a creative inspiration! I would love one of these next to my bed!

  20. Ok Seriously I was a wee bit jealous when I saw those beautiful lavender plants last week… not your doing a give-away how lucky is that? I am keeping my fingers crossed for one of these for sure!

    Great job they look beautiful!

  21. I am amazed at all you do! These look great and I can imagine the fresh smell of lavender filling my rooms! LOVE THE SITE, thanks for all the tips and inspiration!

  22. Very cute. Who doesn’t Love lavender, seriously.
    I have a bundle wrapped in jute rope, that sits on the back of my toilet.

  23. Thanks you for the tutorial! I never thought of printing on fabric this way and for sure will give it a try. I just planted lavender, so don’t have enough yet for making pillows/sackets, but I hope I”ll have enough next year!

  24. These are absolutely lovely. If I don’t win I surely will attempt to make these on my own.

  25. I love, love lavender so much and have a lovely pathway through it in my front garden although mine’s not quite flowering yet here in England – also love the pillows although I must admit I’m a bit unsure about running the fabric through my printer, are you sure it will be ok?

  26. Love the lavender…it’s essential oils help my kids with ADHD and Asperger’s calm down and go to sleep at night. I’m loving your idea for eye pillows and wnat to plant a whole backyard so I can harvest it next year and make gifts! I’d love to see exactly how you harvest just the good smelling part for pillows, sachet’s, etc. Otherwise I just make bouquets.

  27. I did not know you could put fabric through the printer either! How cute! I would love to win one!

  28. Beautiful. I’ll bet your house smells just devine. I could actually use one of those pillows today! :)

  29. I went to a wedding that that had the lavender color as their theme. Once we walked into the reception hall it smelled lovely. The cake had a hint of lavender and the favors were little lavender pillows, I left mine in my gym bag…I shock that thing till the smell ran out =/ kinda wish I would have taken all the ones the rest of the guests left at their tables. hahaha

  30. These are so sweet and relaxing just to look at, I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have the magnificent lavender aroma greeting me as well!! You are so sweet! (and crafty!) Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the chance to win a little piece of your garden!!

  31. Oh my wonderful! I have a lotion with lavender in it that I rub on my face and it puts me in such a deep sleep. This would be perfect. I need to grow some lavender in my garden.

  32. this is such a neat idea!! I have 4 guest rooms as we have a ministry house and these would be so neat to make for all the rooms!!

    bee blessed

  33. I love these! So lovely and can be used in so many ways. Thanks for the tutorial.

  34. GREAT way to use Lavender!!! where do you live? because I live in the lavender capital-where every July we have the Lavender Festival. Thanks for the tutorial, its always nice to find ways to use it.

  35. I’m so excited about this give away!! I’ve got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed until the winners are announced!! I can almost smell this lulling me to sleep at night…ahhhh.

  36. We love lavender! Patrick sprays his pillow with a lavender mist almost every night before bed. And, when we eloped (spring of 2009) at a vineyard in the Texas Hill Country, the lavender was in full bloom, which was unusually early for this climate. Despite the fact that I am highly allergic to bees (which LOVE lavender), we posed for some lovely photos in the beautiful purple field.

  37. Love this! Lavender is one of our favorite things! My son (I know, he’s a boy, but…. we let him make up his own mind!) LOVES lavender! We buy lavender soap from our local farmers market and he can never get enough!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  38. What a lovely idea! I made a little, hand-embroidered lavender pillow when I was about 10 years old–I think I took some sort of summer workshop and that was our assignment. I wish I still had it. Just seeing yours brings back the sensory memory of how wonderful it smelled!

  39. love, love, love the scent of lavender. did i mention i love lavender?? : )

  40. I love your idea! I don’t know how you get all of this done…you can’t possibly ever sleep!

    Thanks too for the info about printing on fabric; I’ve never thought of it.

  41. I LOVE the eye sachet! I would also love to hear more about how you use lavender (and grow it!) You are inspiring me to try growing some on my own:)

  42. those are beautiful! i can’t wait until i have a yard so that i can plant some lavender.

  43. I made some eye pillows as Christmas gifts. Yours are especially beautiful with the embroidery! I would love to win!

  44. I’m gonna make some of these for our Christmas Craft Market fundraiser at my kids school. Thanks for the great idea, I know it will be a winner.

  45. I would love one of these! I’m a headache sufferer, and I used to have something similar. But it was lost in a move. :(

  46. Hi Kate! Thanks for doing the giveaway! It is so tough seeing all your awesome lavender photos and not being able to take in the smells for myself. Have a great weekend!

  47. Those are so adorable. I suffer from horrible migraines, and I would just love to have one of these! If I don’t win, I’ll have to try my hand at making them!

  48. These pillows are lovely. I would love to win one! Smiles, Sally sjhackney (at) yahoo (dot) com

  49. How lovely! I’ve made my own Post-Its using the same method, but never thought of running fabric through…

  50. You did an incredible job with those pillows. I can’t believe you hand embroidered all of those…kudos!

    ~Meg @ “Through the Roses”

  51. I have never won any blog contests, but I hope THIS will be the day! Those look lovely!

  52. Oh, I love lavender. I plan on putting in a bed of it next year. Thanks for the post on making the sachet!

  53. Kate . . . you are one Inspirational, Centsational Girl!! Cerebral (attorney) and incredibly artistically inclined . . . you are so blessed . . . as are we . . . for getting to enjoy the visual display of your talents and learning to tap into our creativity. I’m definitely inspired not only by your talent, but your energy for all the projects you start and actually finish!!

    I love lavender . . . especially at the end of the day!! Quite relaxing. I used to have a lavender spray that I would spray on my sheets . . . sweet slumbers. I need to start doing that again.

    The “Do Not Disturb” is a nice added touch and the embroidery is the icing on the cake!!

    I would love to have one . . . ;-)

    I wish we were neighbors so I could work on some of your projects with you.

    Looking forward to your next post . . . as always! ;-)

  54. How do you find the time to do all these projects?! You are SUPER MOM! Enter me in this contest, I would love to win and send the pillow to my mom, I would keep it for myself but I know my mom would love this!

  55. Love your blog, love this idea!! I’ve always wondered how crafters run fabric through their printers! Thanks for sharing!

  56. Those are beautiful! I wanted to give lavender sachets away at my wedding, but I couldn’t find any lavender at the time. Thanks for the fabric/printer tip!

  57. Lavender is also a helpful for the doggies. When we rescued our second doggie she had really bad seperation anxiety so for a good year or so we put a lavender scented wall flower next to her crate and found treats with lavender to help calm her when we werent home. It worked great!!

  58. I love this idea!! The lavender reminds me of France and a little bed and breakfast we stayed in and just the smell was so relaxing.

  59. I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and I love it. I have done alot of DIY and crafting, but am just starting to rehab old pieces of furniture, so I have gotten some good ideas from you! Your lavender pillows are beautiful and I how clever a technique for printing on fabric! I can’t wait to try that. Hope I win one of your pillows!

  60. Another great project! I love this! Last summer I visited a lavender farm in Maui. It was so beautiful and relaxing I nearly melted! If you’re ever in the neighborhood (haha) you should check it out!!

  61. I have tried and tried and tried to grow lavender out here. Sadly, I don’t think it is warm enough for it to survive. I would love to win your giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  62. Kate these are wonderful. I hope to win one, such lovely scent.

    Giveaway is on my site from Pillow Mint!

    Art by Karena

  63. I wonder if one of these in my 2-week-old’s crib would help her get to sleep easier. Of course I might want to keep it for myself to let my husband know it’s HIS turn to sit up with the baby. :)

  64. What a great giveaway! I was scrolling through this post thinking, ‘man, I could really use one of those…’ :)

    If I do or if I don’t win, I’m making some of these. Great instructions!

  65. Such an awesome idea!! I have lavender that I just planted but with all the rain we’ve been having it isn’t doing that well. Hopefully it’ll be big and healthy and harvest-able by the end of summer! Please pick me…preggo needs an eye mask!!!!

  66. I LOVE the smell of lavender! What a great idea! You are so inspirational!

  67. Wow! this is so great! I had decided to use this idea for Christmas gifts this year, then I read further down and saw it was a giveaway too!! How wonderful!! I really hope I win!
    Have a great day!!

  68. What a great tutorial, I’d never heard of mixing rice in to give the lavender more mass. Thanks for the beautiful ideas, and the giveaway.

  69. I have to admit, I was a bit envious of your lavender when you posted about it the other day. Maybe I’ll win and then I can have some of my very own.

  70. I adore the scent of lavender! The sachets are so sweet and I love the added touch of the hand embroidery. You always have the most fabulous ideas!

  71. I love this idea! Years ago i used to sew lace sachets using very nice pot pourri I bought from Whole Foods. I would stitch a loop at the top to hang them in my closet. LOVE the scent of lavender. Thanks for the tutorial – I am inspired! (:

  72. This idea is SO perfect for my sister’s upcoming bridal shower! Thank you so much for sharing it. I hope I can do it right. It would be awesome to win so that I can have an example right in front of me… Hint hint hint. Just kidding. But, seriously, being that she’s all about health and fitness and not so sweet on sweets, this sort of thing is right up her shower alley. I love it!

  73. MMMM… yummy lavender. What a fabulous idea :) Who wouldn’t want to have their drawers scented with that delightful smell!

  74. What a fun giveaway! I LOVE the scent of lavender. This is such a cool project- who knew you could print directly onto fabric!!

  75. Gorgeous! Miss my lavender….just moved into our new cottage, and desperate to establish some plants. This is my 6th state in 12 years and I’ve managed to get it to bloom (with lots of blood, sweat & tears!!) in the last 5 states from CA to VA…wish me luck!! In the meantime would love to win some of yours :)

  76. So cool! I’ve been looking for one of these forever! Would love to win it!

  77. Oh. those look diving. My insomniac self is already coveting them :0 Nice job!

  78. These are adorable…and a great giveaway! I can’t think of a mom out there who wouldn’t love to win one of these!

  79. I can almost smell the lavender and feel the cool, soothing of your darling eye pillow! Thanks for the directions and the opportunity to win one of those sweet little pillows.

  80. It is so hard for me to grow “lavender”… it’s the soil, the wind, the heat
    not sure what but I’ve bought Miracle Grow everything…
    I would be so happy to win your giveaway! Thank you for
    this chance…

    [email protected]

  81. Thanks for the chance! The pillows are so sweet…what a great idea to print right onto the fabric! I never would have attempted that. I will definitely give it try though…the possibilities are endless!

  82. Ever since my sister visited a lavender farm in Hawaii and sent me lavender coffee, lavender pet shampoo, lavender soap, etc., I’ve loved the smell of lavender. I am so jealous that you can grow lavender in your own backyard!

  83. As I sit having my Friday evening sangria, I can’t help but think how the experience would be enhanced by the scent of lavender wafting around me….I even recently purchased some organic essential oil to spray my linens with! Would love to be one of the fortunate recipients!

  84. What a wonderful giveaway! I just bought some lavendar sachets in France to use as little gifts. . . they smell divine, but they’re not even half as pretty as yours! Oh, how I would love to be one of the lucky winners!

    Thank you for your generosity!

  85. I am obsessed with lavender! That was such a good idea to use your printer, hats off to you :)

  86. Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful! I love the relaxing scent of lavendar and would love to win this giveaway!! Thanks!

  87. I agree that lavender is sooo soothing. I love it and I love your pillows!

  88. I love this project! And the fact that you get to use material right out of your own garden. Fantastic!

  89. Love reading your blog and love lavender too!. I planted three plants last year and they are blooming and doing well, but aren’t big enought yet to produce enough lavender for crafting. I would love to win one of your adorable little pillows!

  90. Oh my gosh! Those are adorable! The lavendar I planted this year has no flowers yet, and I’m thinking one plant will not be enough for me to make even one of those pillows!

  91. These are lovely! You have such creative ideas! Thanks so much for the giveaway :)

  92. So pretty!!! You’re very creative–I love them. Thanks for the idea and for the chance to win ;0)

  93. As I was reading, I was thinking how nice it would be to have one of those–and you’ve giving some away!!! I’d LOVE to win. :)

  94. Love, love, LOVE your blog! So inspired by the daily nuggets of great information! Many thanks!

  95. That is such a cute idea! I can only imagine how great your house smells with all that lavender. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  96. I LOVE lavendar. It’s always been my favorite fragrance. My 6 yo daughter and I recently made homemade playdough. I scented it with lavendar oil. It’s wonderful!!

  97. These are beautiful, if I don’t win one I may have to make my own!

  98. Great work, but you really put fabric through your printer? Amazing that it did not jam up!

    And please enter me in your contest!

    Merci. J

  99. I was reading this thinking, “I wish I were her friend, I’d love to get one!” and then – poof!- a chance. Thanks! They’re so charming!

  100. Oh boy would I LOVE to win this – I have always wanted to plant Lavender but never have and buy the oil routinely , put it in a spray bottle along with water and spray away. Love the soothing smell.

  101. What a sweet giveaway! I just found your blog and I can’t get enough~ Love it!

  102. It took me awhile, but I have learned to love lavender. I would love to try it to help me sleep better.

  103. I love to walk through a field of lavender and run my hands over the flowers and take a nice big deep breath…peace!

  104. You have taught me something today! I would much rather have lavender in my husband’s closet than moth balls! I would love to smell lavender instead!!!

  105. Beautiful pillows! I lost my eye pillow recently and would LOVE a new one :)

  106. These are beautiful! I can’t believe you are giving them away. You should get them up on Etsy. :)

  107. LOVE, LOVE these! We can’t grow lavender like that here in HOT AZ. Pick me, oh please pick me! :)

  108. Ohh I would love to have one!!! I haven’t had a goodnight sleep in about 3 years (my son will be 3 in august)


  109. i love lavender!!! lucky you to have it in your own backyard!!! thanks for the giveaway…

  110. There is nothing more heavenly than fresh lavender! I have a couple plants, but would like to have an entire bed dedicated to it next year. You did a beautiful job with the embroidery…just lovely!

  111. I’m so excited to try this, but will have to wait for my lavender to grow… My husband and I just left a small apartment for our very own house and we can finally get creative in the garden. Thanks for the wonderful idea!!

  112. Those are beautiful! I can almost smell the fresh lavender from looking at these photos :) I absolutely love lavender- the scent, the color…mmmm…. I can’t wait for the day when I’ll have my own garden where I can grow some!

  113. Who couldn’t use one of those right now- kids at home all day…all summer! Calgon take me away!

  114. Ooooh! I adore lavender and homemade things! What a great giveaway! I would never have considered just running fabric through the printer. Very clever of you!

  115. Beautiful and very lovely!! I would love to grow lavender, but I have yet to be successful.

  116. Simply beautiful. I buy lavender bags similar to these at the Farmer’s market. I stick them inside my sheets in the linen closet. Sadly, all my lavender died his year:(

  117. This makes me want to go out and plant some lavender in my yard. Love it!

  118. Love, love, love the scent of lavender! Those eye pillows are precious!

  119. I have always loved lavender and would enjoy one of your lavender eye pillows.
    Good idea running fabric through the printer. I am going to give that a try.

  120. Kate, my desperation is reaching the highest of the highs, I’m utterly psyched up for your sleep pillows. They are lovely and me, being a lavender fanatic, I feel like I have to have one. I’m growing my own lavender, the potted versions, but I’m afraid, I would not have enough tenacity to create such beautiful pillows for myself, let alone for a give away. You’re an angel, you’re incredibly talented, and generous to no end. Thank you!

  121. Kate,
    you have me looking at pictures of France where the lavender fields are just achingly gorgeous, after reading about your lemon lavender cake….. now the truth is I WANT THESE! That’s about the cleverest thing ever, and I want them everywhere! I love lavender linenspray on my pillowcases, lavender spray starch on my clothes, and now I WANT THese! PLease, enter me as often as you can!

  122. This is a really cute project, I love the smell of lavender. And I never knew you could put fabric through the printer…I can’t wait to try that. Thanks!

  123. I have three lavender plants now. I’ll have to plant quite a few more if I hope to ever get enough flowers for a project like this. The pillows look great!

  124. They’re so beautiful, Kate. I can smell them now. Hopefully I’ll receive one. What a wonderful giveaway.

  125. Those are lovely! I’m a lavender fan, as well. It’s nit blooming here yet though. Would live to win a bunch of your lavender!

  126. Oooh I love lavender! Thanks for sharing your talents (and plants) with us!

  127. Lovely..would be a nice little surprise for my birthday on Monday…

  128. I love those! I wonder where I am going to place them in my bedroom once I win! hehehe. I think I might just make some if I dont win.

  129. LOVELY! I want to make some for everyone I know! But I only have one little lonely lavender plant… I must get more! I hope I win so I have one until I can make them!

  130. So pretty! i would love to have one but I may just try and make one as well.

  131. I don’t know what I would be more exited about, the pillow or the lavender. I’ve been wanting Lavender to try and make your lavender lemon cake!

  132. I love lavender! I’m going to have to keep this little project in mind for xmas gifts. I’m hoping to get picked so I can get the CG original to keep :)

  133. wow, thats kinda neat. I just moved to a house with a giant lavender bush in the backyard, so Im going to have to try this…but if I win one I wont be too upset;)

  134. I too love lavender and plan on using your design as a gift for several people. Thanks – I love your blog!

    Pick me, pick me, lol.

  135. Since purple is my absolute favorite color (see my blog & website!), I’d love to have these. Beautiful lavender!!

  136. I LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for sharing! My lavender hasn’t bloomed yet, but I will be trying to make some of these for sure!

  137. As always a fab idea! I am off to plant more lavender! Well actually I am going to bed then tomorrow I will plant more lavender. :) I hope I win too cute!

  138. What a fantastic idea. I am kinda sorta totally obsessed with lavender. The scent was one of the few things that calmed my tummy during my 4 months of “morning” sickness (whoever named that was an idiot…all day sickness is a better name.”

  139. Wow, you can use an ink jet printer on linen? How neat!! This looks so awesome, I may try it soon. I also love to make rice pillows that can be heated for a couple of minutes in the microwave and used as a heating pad. This works especially well when my young sons have growing pains in their legs at night… And you’re making me think I should try growing lavender! It is lovely!!

  140. Just darling…I think I mostly just like the fact that you made it yourself! So fun and functional…

  141. I found your website via TipNut. Surprised? Probably not today. ;) But I do love the cement planters, so I posted about it on my blog. Then I started browsing your site and I just have to say that everything you touch turns to BEAUTIFUL! Amazing! I will be ‘stealing’ some of your projects for my home….my kitchen window is screaming for a roman shade, then the planters of course, and, well, maybe some of these lovely lavender eye pillows….though it would save me a little time if I were to win them (hint. hint.) and since my garden didn’t do so well this year, I’m fresh out of lavender (another hint. hint.) ;) Anyway, keep up the beautiful projects, and maybe if I keep following your blog, my home will look half as pretty as yours.

  142. I reallllllllllllly want those pillows, this would be such a great feature on my bed, I have purple and white throughout and I know those pillows would be sooooooooo good with the scheme

  143. I saw these little pillows and thought they were so beautiful. I’m not a good sleeper and I do get migrane headaches. I love the added touch of the embroidery. I’m a first time viewer to this blog and love it already.

    Betts~~~~in Ohio

  144. Oh, these are a lovely idea!!! I will have to make some for my mom! I just hope my lavender survives until the herb garden is ready. Sadly, mom can’t seem to get lavender to grow in FL – and it’s her favorite!

  145. I am nuts about LAVENDeR….any form or fashion……..Trying to catch up some blog reading…….
    Love your blog..

    Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a guest post from my son this weekend…

  146. Me! Me!! I’d LOVE one of your lovely lavender pillows… it was relaxing just looking at the pictures!

  147. What a lovely idea! I never even thought of putting it through the printer…see ya learn something new everyday. Thank you for posting this…brilliant!

  148. Wow, that is so creative! And beautiful design…even that is soothing and calm!

  149. Gorgeous! I can practically smell the lavender through my computer screen!

  150. Oh, these are so sweet. I love lavender and hope I win one of these cute little pouches. I follow your blog by email and look forward to all your creative projects.

  151. These are great! I have been trying to find something fun to do with my lavender. Now my only problem is that I don’t have a sewing machine!

  152. Please, please, please pick me! I would love, love, love to win this!


  153. How beautiful. You are such a gifted person. One of these small pillows will be a blessing to whomever is choose.

  154. I love lavender! I never thought of growing it myself to do this. How smart of you!

  155. Is there anything more soothing and romantic then Lavender? Love this project!

  156. oh these are so pretty and I bet smell so good! I would love to grow lavender but down here it is hard for anything but tropical plants to grow!

  157. I can smell the lavender from here! Tell me (or I guess I could search the site) – do you provide a DIY lesson on growing the lavender? I don’t have much of a green thumb but would be willing to try!

  158. I love your idea for the lavender pillows! I haven’t had any luck growing it up here in Canada. Love your blog, keep up the wonderful work!

  159. Wow! These are great! Thanks for the step by step process. I think I might have to make some of these for Christmas.

  160. Oh so pretty! I love the soothing scent of lavender and your pillows even *look* serene.

  161. This is too lovely not to enter for! I LOVE lavender, though I am not sure your give-away is open to bloggers in Australia? Am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I could be a happy winner.

    x Charlotta

  162. Beautiful eye pillows. I had no idea you could run fabric through the printer! Thanks for the tutorial. Now, I hope I win this since I can’t think of anything better than lavendar and sleep!

  163. lavender has got to be the most heavenly scent created! love your new eye bags-thanks for sharing. that recipe could be used in a number of ways.

  164. I have been wanting to grow lavendar f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Many years ago, I saw a Martha Stewart article about growing lavendar along the posts of your clothesline and then while your sheets are drying they pick up the wonderful scent. (Of course, first I would need to have my hubby install a clothesline, and then I would actually have to hang the sheets, etc, etc :) But a great idea, don’t you think???

    Great post!

  165. Oh my goodness! These are fabulous…makes me wish I had some lavender growing in my backyard..but then the Texas sun might be a bit too much!

  166. A fantastic idea! This would be perfect for a bridal shower gift for all the lovely ladies. I adore your blog!

  167. You are just amazing-with all the projects/crafts/things you accomplish! And your lavender pillows are beautiful.

  168. After the lemon lavender cake and then this, you make me want to grow lavender myself now.

  169. What an amazing idea! I’m loving seeing what you are doing with the lavender – I *must* plant some next year!!

  170. I hope I win, but if not, I’m going to have to make some of these on my own. Perfect for the guest bedroom!

  171. I love lavender!!! I have never even thought of making something like that on my own… can I be one of your neighbors. LOL

  172. Kate, I love your blog so much. Thank you! The lavender eye pillows are lovely. I need to send you some of my handmade lavender soap…you would love it. I wish I could grow lavender myself. How special to offer something made and grown by YOU!!

  173. How beautiful! I’ve always heard about lavender and do love the smell. Thanks for this – you are so talented.

  174. Oh, these are beautiful. What a great idea – no surprise with you!

  175. The pillows are absolutely charming! Anyone would be thrilled to receive one…

  176. Love the blog. Love the pillows. Love the giveaway. Thanks for everything!

  177. I love your eye pillows. They are adorable. Most companies use scented oil I think because the scent does not stay. Also, I love your cute saying. It’s true….they should not disturb.
    You are sweet to give 5 away. I love that they are so fresh. okay….I’ll stop talking now!

  178. I am 7 months pregnant and could use a little relaxation and extra shut-eye right now. Thanks for the chance to win this adorable gift!:-)

  179. How pretty are those…and how sweet are you to do this giveaway! You always have the best ideas.

  180. I love this idea! Especially now that I’m pregnant, I need more sleep! :) So cute.

  181. These are beautiful! I love lavender and I would love one of your pillows. I really need to learn to sew!
    You are too sweet!

  182. Thanks for this opportunity to win! I love the scent of lavender!
    Joanne B.

  183. What beautiful little pillow sachets. You are sooo talented!! I’d love to win one. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  184. I just found your blog from 320 Sycamore. Love it. I really love lavender. What a wonderful scent and so relaxing. sign me up.

    The Library Lady

  185. I Love Love Love lavender! I only wish I could grow enough to make my own pillow! It may take a couple of years, but I’m so making one!!

  186. I love these great pillows you made. You are so creative and have such great ideas. Thanks for sharing, maybe this time!!

  187. These are precious!! Your home must smell as good as it looks! Thanks for sharing…

  188. I love this idea. I have lavender growing in my yard but I am not sure when to cut it for drying. Please help!

  189. Your pillows look so cute, I would love to win one! I only have a balcony and not enough room to plant lavender.

  190. I was just thinking how much I love your little pillows, but I would probably never get them made myself… maybe I’ll win them!

  191. I just love lavender and your little pillows are adorable. Who knew you could print on fabric directly from your printer?! I’ve got to try that.

  192. What a lovely website and lavender!!! would be wonderful to get one!

  193. Very very wonderful! Lavender is the most amazing scent. I have a home spray that I picked up at Matanzas Creek it’s lavender and cedar. I use it in my closet and can’t get enough of it!

  194. These are adorable, I wish I had some Lavander to play with as well..maybe I will soon!

  195. I have a yardful of lavender and am always looking for new ways to use it. I love this! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  196. These are a fabulous idea!!.. Just think how perfect to give as gifts
    for a bridal shower!! I’d love one myself — just to close my eyes
    and completely relax!..
    Thanks so much…

  197. What a great idea! I wish I could grow lavender in AZ, but right now it’s so hot I’m lucky my drought-tolerant trees and plants are staying alive! LOVE your blog (a friend told me about it).

  198. Lavender…my favorite scent!! My husband and I dream of someday owning our own lavender farm. Thank you for the DIY and the giveaway!

  199. even if i don’t win, this is going to be my next diy craft. i adore the smell of lavender.

  200. I love your creativity and i would love to win your fabulous pillows mayb they will soothe my puffy eyes!!

  201. I have a large box of lovely old handkerchieves given to me by a friend. They belonged to his 97 year old aunt who recently passed away. I also have a large bowl of dried lavender (purchased at an antique store). This idea will work for me!! I want to win one of your pillows, too.

  202. What a fabulous gift! Your lavendar post was soo gorgeous! I would the opportunity to have some:)

  203. Love these. I just found your blog and I love, love, love it and you’re creative ideas!

  204. These are lovely and I would love to win one! What a wonderful treat that would be!

  205. These are lovely! In a home with 3 littles, I try to keep my bedroom a serene, restful place for adults only in order to keep my sanity! These totally fit that philosophy! Beautiful!

  206. Those are lovely! Thanks for the how-to so I can go ahead and make my own if I’m not so lucky as to be one of your winners!

  207. Pretty! Maybe the kids would let me sleep a bit longer with this on my eyes. :)

  208. Just looking at these makes me calmer. They are precious. It’s the little things…

  209. what an amazing gieaway…a lavender eye pillow would just be lovely on a summer evening :)

  210. S-o-o-o pretty! As usual, your great taste and spectacular talent shines through…Love it! Thanks for the give-away and tutorial for the “unlucky” who must have.

  211. Your pillows turned out gorgeous! Who knew you could run linen fabric through a printer? Brilliant idea.

  212. Love the Pillows!!!!! I had no idea you could stick fabric in your printer! I will be trying this for sure!

  213. These are beautiful! Is there anything you CAN’T do? :] I think HGTV should give you your own show.

  214. With so many entries my chance of winning are slim to none, lol..but I always try! I would love to own one of these, I have fibromyalgia and a lot of pain, sleep is fleeting and one of these would be sooo soothing…thank you!

  215. Oh man, these look lovely! With two kids under two, I could sure use all the relaxing help I can get. :)

  216. I love lavender. One of the best smells ever to get you all relaxed and ready for a good sleep.

  217. Love the pillows they are sooooo Cute! I also love your blog have been following for a while this is my first comment. Love all your projects!

  218. I could almost smell the sweet lavender scent as I was reading this post. I SOOOOOOO would love to win this :)

  219. They are incredible, can’t wait to fragrance my home with the smell of lavender. Thanks for sharing your great DIY with your readers.

  220. I love lavendar and a dream pillow would be wonderful! Something to help me with those ‘hormones’ that keep me up some nights! Thanks for the tutorial also!

  221. I love lavender. It is so soothing. The pillow is wonderful and I would love to have one!

  222. I love how this time honored lovely still has the impact of making you relax, feel relaxed and rejuvinated. It’s made even better because it’s hand-made and has all these great details. Love what you have done!

  223. I LOVE these!! Thank you for the instructions on how to make them. Such a lovely gift idea. I would love to win this fantastic prize. I could smell it already in my home.

  224. if only i had a sewing machine! i would be doing this project tonight. <3

  225. That’s wonderful! I’ve made larger pillows filled with rice to heat up for cold nights or achey joints, but it never occurred to me that I could make my own lavender pillows. Thanks for posting!

  226. I L-O-V-E lavender! Wish I could get it to grow here in the South. I’m determined to try again, though!

  227. this is so kind and creative of you!

    i use socks filled with rice when i have a headache :p haha this would be quite the upgrade lol

  228. I would love to know you in person, so if I didnt win the giveaway I could beg you to give me one anyway!
    So pretty

  229. Now this is so ADORABLE! I so love the scent of lavender! Please enter me for a chance to win one!

    Your tutorial is terrific, but I’m not very good at sewing ~ More of a stitch-witchery kind of gal!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  230. Ooooh, I’ve always wanted to try this! But of course I never thought of printing something on them – that’s great! I hope I win!!

  231. I never thought about taping fabric to cardstock to be able to print on the fabric. Clever idea!

  232. Oh my goodness, these are amazing. I love the smell of lavender, and I love the professionally rustic way these awesome eye pillows came together!

  233. Sheesh! I have lavendar eyed envy. Just try and grow that gorg stuff in Chicago. Just aint gonna happen. Too freezing or humid.
    Lucky you!

  234. Pick me! Pick me! :)
    I LOVE these pillows!! Your blog inspires me to make my home beautiful….and I am so grateful for your step by step instructions!

  235. Yum! I can smell the lavender from here. I carry lavender oil everywhere I go and could really use a fresh new (and extra cute) eye pillow

  236. I can never resist the smell of lavender! Love the tutorial and the eye pillow–so creative. I didn’t even know that you could print on fabric using your regular inkjet printer!

  237. This is such a nice idea!! Now I’m going to have to plant some lavender when we move into our new place!

  238. I miss the lavendar plants in the UK and am envious of your garden, but in a good way. The pillows and tutorial are lovely.

  239. I love the smell of lavendar and miss the plants I used to see and grow in the UK. The pillows and tutorial are lovely.

  240. 487 comments above me already, but I can’t resist a try. :)
    I love lavender and these are beautiful. Thank you, a lovely giveaway!

  241. Perhaps one of these pillows will keep postpartum blues away this time? I’d love to be a guinea pig for you!

  242. I have lavender in a pot on my patio next to the kitchen window I love it I was in Santa Rosa a couple weeks ago and wated to buy a bunch of lavender but the price was a bit to high.

  243. Lovely idea! I will try it out, when my lavender plant is ready for harvest. Probably in July or August, because I live in Sweden. I would love to win one of yours! Thanks for all your lovely ideas you share in your blogg!

  244. They look adorable! I sure hope I win,
    I’ll consider lending it to my husband for his migraine… :)

  245. 0h i love smelling lavender…..i have some spray oil that i spray on quilts and pillows in guest room and my great room due to company stopping in is a quick freshen up process…so i would love to be so lucky to win this wonderful gift. ty for the chance

  246. They are gorgeous! What a wonderful idea. I’m always up for anything that can help me sleep better and I love the design. Very clever!

  247. You are beyond talented Kate! Please, put my name in the hat! With 3 young kids, 2 cats and now a hamster (!) I could use some lavender to keep me sane, relaxed and beautiful!

    Gorgeous sachets! I had to scroll back a few times.

    Ox, Mon

  248. I love lavender! And I can’t believe so many ppl entered this giveaway….crazy!

  249. I love these! They look so professional ~ you did a wonderful job. Lavender is so soothing and yes, I love it in closets as a moth preventative.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win ~ and the tutorial.

  250. I want one I want one!! I always wanted to have one and my birthday is in just a few days! That would be a great birthday present for sure!!

  251. Oh how I would love to win this gorgeous lavender eye mask! It would be perfect timing too as my birthday is Friday. Not to mention, I’m absolutely obsessed with all things lavender. I just started following your blog & am really enjoying it. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures you post.

  252. How sweet and generous of you to offer your precious lavender to some of your readers. Thank you for giving me a chance. Love your blog.

  253. OH what a dreamy giveaway! & seriously, how generous of you!!

    I just added this project to my ‘someday’ list as well as planting lavendar next year! Thanks for the step-by-step!

  254. I’ve been browsing your blog and enjoying seeing the pretty things you make. I’m planning to make some of them myself!

    Please enter me in the giveaway. thanks!

  255. Wow what a wonderful giveaway…love the embroidery the most :D So sweet of you to give them away and I’d love some lavendar as well. It makes me think of the french widowsills with the lavender placed there as bug deterents…especially scorpions! Have a great day, fondly, Roberta

  256. Those turned out SO cute, Kate! Thanks so much for sharing your secret to printing on fabric. I had no idea! Thanks, too, for the giveaway. :) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  257. These are beautiful! I have loved seeing your lavender–but would love having some in my home even more–thank you for a great giveaway.

  258. I love the scent and beauty of lavender but I’ve never had much luck growing it. I am so impressed with your garden. You have the touch! Thanks for offering your readers the opportunity to share some of your beautiful lavender.

  259. Love this! What a simple and great idea. I never knew you could print on fabric with a regular printer. I’m going to have to try this out!

  260. They look fabulous and relaxing. I love everything lavender! (Even my bedroom and bathroom are shades of lavender).

  261. Oh, the smell of lavender! How absolutely relaxing and calming. What a sweet giveaway!

  262. What a cute idea! I love the rustic yet chic look of the burlap material!

  263. These are lovely! I love the smell of lavendar – I used to have lavendar in my herb garden, until the frost got it last year . . . . hopefully all will get replanted this year! Thanks for the chance to win!

  264. Long time reader, first time commenter. Love these…almost as much as I love sleep. :)

  265. What a beautiful item! Thanks for the opportunity to win a lovely gift. I just love handmade things!

  266. I love English lavender but don’t see the plants when I quickly peruse through nurseries. Any tips on where to buy plants/how to grow your own?

  267. I love your blog. I visit everyday and look forward to what cool idea’s you come up with! Thanks for the inspirations!!

  268. What a wonderfu idea! I absolutely love using lavendar oil. This would be even better! Thank you.

  269. So glad you posted a link to your blog on a parenting forum we both happen to be on! I have gotten lots of inspiration from you! We are getting ready to move and I am excited to use what I have learned here in the new house.

    From Middletown to the Wine Country! :)


  270. Oh I love the scent of lavender, unfortunately I can’t seem to grow it in my garden here in Georgia! Also, made you Best Marinade EVER recipe with chicken this past week and it was an absolute hit, it is my go to recipe from now on! Grilled it this time, but can’t wait to try it on the stove top with the amazing sauce!

  271. Aaahh, lavender – it’s my go to stress reliever, relaxation inducer and insomnia remedy!

  272. ooh. yummy!!lots of entrees here but i will try anyway.

    tahnks for great instructions too.
    your embroidery is sooo perfect!!


    barbara jean

  273. These eye pillows are lovely and yet so simple. Wonderful how-to with detailed instructions. I am thinking I may have to learn how to grow lavender. :)

  274. I am so crazy about lavender! Just threw out my old eye pillow, and so I would be so thrilled to have a new one, LOVE YOUR BLOG! Thanks! :)

  275. What a great idea & such a great gift! I bet it smells heavenly! :-)

  276. I love your website. I read it first thing every morning. And I love these lavender pillows! Thanks for all your great ideas.

  277. I recently discovered your website and I cannot tell you how much happiness it brings to my day to see all of your creative and inspiring ideas. I absolutely adore your blog and this giveaway is fantastic! I would LOVE to win this contest because I am dying to make the lavender lemon cake that you posted a few days ago. :-)

  278. These make me swoon! Love them! Very insightful to see the fabric run thru the printer – can’t wait to test that trick! My Monday is now a little more inspiring… :)

  279. Oh, I love this giveaway! We had potted lavender at our wedding 12 years ago! It smells so wonderful! My husband secretly LOVES lavender scented lotions! Shhhh, don’t tell him that I told you! I would love to surprise him with this amazing prize on our anniversary next month!! Nice work!

    mypatzer at yahoo dot com

  280. I planted two lavendar plants this spring. they are still tiny but hoprfully in a few years, and with a few more plants, I can harvest my own too!

  281. I love these, they are so beautiful and simple. I love the smell of Lavender. Growing up in Scotland, my grandpa had a massive lavender bush outside, so it always reminds me of home. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to grow it here in Florida without killing it. :o(

  282. Would have NEVER thought to put linen through the printer. Can’t wait to try that. The little sachets would certainly make lovely little gifts. Thanks for the nice tutorial!

  283. Those look so sothing! I love lavendar and I’m inspired to try this project. Thank you for sharing.

  284. These are perfect – their beauty lies in their simplicity!
    Thank you for the tutorial :)
    I love love love Lavender!

  285. Oh, how lovely! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I love your blog, by the way :)

  286. Oh, lavender is so good for falling asleep! I have tried to grow it,but mine always seem to die! I would truly love a pillow, and always enjoy your tutorials. I am going to try to find a “diamond in the rough” this summer and re paint it, just because you have inspired me!

  287. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! Love the color of these flowers and the smell is awesome. Would make a great present for my birthday, which is today :-) CJ

  288. LOVE these. I have made rice heat packs in the past, but this is such a lovely alternative, and I bet they smell amazing. You are so clever to print on linen! Thanks for sharing :)

  289. These are sooooo pretty and I could drift off to sleep just reading about them. Perhaps I should plant lavender next year?? Great ideal using the card stock to run the linen through the printer! great tip!

  290. Those little pillows are beautiful! A little piece of luxury for sure. I’m so excited for our upcoming lavender festival this July.

  291. Love lavendar and just tried my hand this year at growing it. I’ve planted 6 plants … they are SO pretty!

  292. Wow, what a wonderful idea. I’ve been trying to grow lavender, but it doesn’t seem to agree with this south texas heat this summer. It’s all dried out :P

  293. Okay, so… there’s almost 600 comments here. The chances that I’m going to win one of these things is slim to none.


    They are absolutely adorable. I love lavender. And I’ve had you added to my feed reader and have been quietly reading for about a month now.

    I figured… why not come out of hiding and say hello? Especially when I could MAYBE win an adorable item in the process lol.

    So… hello there! :) And… please add me to the Random Counter Thingy! =)

    Also: Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your posts!

  294. Such a great idea. I love it! Now, if I could only find the time to try to make one for myself.

  295. I wish that I was a talented gardner! However I seem to kill every plant I get, including the lavender one I got as a gift earlier this year. What a fantastic idea. Very Cute

  296. These are so cute! I should really put Lavender on my “To Grow” list.

  297. Oh how I love your blog and all your great ideas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  298. Lovely! I recently came across the lavendar bar soap at Trader Joe’s and am in love. The scent is wonderful and it got great scrubby hulls in it.

  299. What a fab giveaway!! I would love love love to receive a bunch of your lavender!!

  300. I haven’t had any luck with these giveaways yet. With my DH out of town for bit, flying solo in the parenting dept., a tall glass of relax & refresh sounds good about now.

  301. oh! I need an eye pillow like this, since at 33 weeks pregnant my eyes are aching all the time!

  302. Love this idea! I don’t have as much lavender as you, but I think this is the perfect way to use my dried lavender.

  303. Oops! I did something wrong. Just want to say I love these! and love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  304. I grow so much lavender and never know what to do with it all. I had no idea you coud print on fabric like that. Was it laser or ink jet?

  305. have you ever put in some dried spearmint with the lavender and flax? It is so fresh but deeply relaxing, the perfect combination! Some one gave me one and my 4 year old and I are always trying to sleep with it and have worn a whole in it already. He calls it his snuggy and loves the smell. If you are a fan of lavender there is no doubt you will love this.

  306. These are beautiful and useful as well. Where did you get your font? There are so many out there wouldn’t know where to start.

  307. I adore lavender. I grow two kinds in my garden here in Georgia. Would love to visit a lavender farm. I have migraines and the scent is soothing to me. Thank you for the post.

  308. I love it! My name is Carol and I live in Brazil. Lavender reminds me of my childhood with my sister, who now lives far from me in Los Angeles. I would love to win this gift just to send her home so she can remember me too. Awnnn …

  309. Wow. What a genius idea, my jaw was on the floor when I read that you printed these on a printer! Who woulda thought?!

  310. Love this tutorial! Great Sunday morning project! My printer didn’t like cardstock+tape+fabric so I ironed the fabric on freezer paper…worked great. Thank you for sharing your pattern; it makes this project so beautiful! Loving your blog…I must go get another cup of coffee!

  311. Love your post. I was wondering, when you harvest your lavender, do you wash/rinse what you cut before you hang it to dry?

    • No Marcie, no rinsing, just cut it at the base of the stem and hang it upsidedown to dry in bundles.

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