Holiday Greenery Giveaway

By Kate Riley November 20, 2013

One of the most wonderful things about decorating in December is the scent from fresh evergreens on display in the home. When I come through the door, I pause and breathe in – it’s not Christmas without that smell! Fresh holiday evergreens are a wonderful gift for yourself or to send to someone on your list.

I’ve ordered evergreens for photo shoots from Lynch Creek Farm several times over the years and I love when the box arrives on my door a few days later filled with fresh greenery from the state of Washington. I ordered holly, a wreath, and garland in October to stage a few vignettes for the fabric and gift wrap lookbook and when I was done, I layered it in the living room – it lasted for weeks!

evergreen wreath and garland on mantel

This week, the kind people at Lynch Creek Farm are giving away three store credits for $75 so you can order whatever you please and have it shipped to your door in December. Winners will be announced on Sunday in time to order for holiday shipment.

lynch creek farm evergreens

Eligibility to win one of three $75 online shop credits to Lynch Creek Farm:

1) Visit Lynch Creek Farm and pick a favorite evergreen – garland, a wreath, swags, or a centerpiece, then name it in a comment here.

2) For a second chance to win, mention this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment sharing where you linked (FB or Twitter.)

Three winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Saturday November 23, 2013 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Winners: #217 Ashley; #679 Joanne B; #904 Wendy F.

Winners notified via email.



  1. LOVE all the wreaths and garlands on their website. Was surprised to hear it lasted several weeks for you. I wonder if they would in Southern California. Would love to order one and try!!!

  2. Such classic designs all warm and holiday feeling. Even though I live in the south I’d select the PACIFIC BAY CENTERPIECE in red.

  3. I like the plain wreaths- one for each window so that makes EIGHT for the front of the house and the Douglas Fir Garland for my fireplace.

  4. Any of the garlands would be awesome! I have a fake tree and ache for the sweet smell of pine in December!

  5. What a great giveaway! The three cedars wreath is great…..but so is the Hunters’ Hollow centerpiece!

  6. I love the Fresh Farm Basket or Holly Berry Centerpiece. I am hosting Christmas breakfast and those would look great on the table

  7. I’m torn between the Bah humbug wreath and the Victorian wreath; both are gorgeous!

  8. I love the mixed greenery garland and the bah-humbug wreath! Thank you for the chance!

  9. So many things to want! I love the Hunters’ Hollow and Burlap Basket centerpieces but I’m also in love with the Vintage Evergreen Sled since it could easily be used a decor later… so many things :)

  10. Seriously hard to pick a favorite – it’s all beautiful! But i am partial to the Bah-Humbug wreath.

  11. When considering the green and copper colors on the outside of my house, I LOVED the Magnolia Wreath. Everything looks wonderful! I also really liked the Blended Bay Wreath.

  12. Three Cedars and the Bah-Humbug, I can only imagine the amazing sent that would trickle throughout the house!

  13. I love the mixed green garland and the majestic magnolia! Thanks for the giveaway … may be a great alternative, too, instead of Christmas flowers this year for grandma on the other side of the country!

  14. The Jingle Bells tabletop tree would be perfect in our family room! Some mixed garland would also be nice on my mantel. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  15. Everything is so beautiful on the site so it’s a tough pick, but I just love the Majestic Magnolia wreath! The Jingle Bells table top tree is a close second! Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity!

  16. Obsessed with the bah-humbug wreath! Not only is the name fabulous but the simplicity of the bow and I’ve never thought about putting one on the side like that! So unique and beautiful. I can alreayd spell the sweet scent too!

  17. This Midwest girl has a soft spot for anything magnolia so that would have been my first pick if I hadn’t seen the show stopping Holly Wreath! Thanks for the chance.

  18. So hard to pick! I really like the Mixed Garland, and the Blended Bay wreath. I bet my house would smell amazing if this was in my home. Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. I love the mixed garlands. We just moved to a house that has 3 fireplaces. I have so many mantles to decorate! Garlands would be great.

  20. Hunters Hollow is lovely, it makes me think of Christmas for all creatures great and small.

  21. They are all beautiful! I’d love the Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece. So pretty! It looks like it would attract kids’ attention to it. :)

  22. I love the classic look of the Douglas Fir Garland :) I bet it smells fantastic and Christmas-y too! :)

  23. Everything is just so beautiful–but I think the Burlap Basket would look darling on our hearth…

  24. Oh, now I’m really itching to decorate! I love the Douglas Fir garland and the Blended Bay wreath…

  25. Thanks for the give away. I really love the Red Deluxe wreath. Would look great above my fireplace. Happy Holidays!

  26. I love the douglas fir garland! It’s our first Christmas in our house, and the garland would make the mantle look (and smell) so special.

  27. I have the perfect spot for for the Platinum blue centerpiece. The three cedars wreath is lovely too.

  28. WOW!!! I have never been Lynch Creek Farm’s website. I loved the wreaths, beautiful. My favorite was the three cedar wreath with a simple bow. I need four wreaths so I hope I win. $75 dollars will go a long way.

  29. The three cedars wreath is gorgeous! And I’m partial to the mixed garland. So pretty!

  30. That cedar garland is to die for, it would be perfect for my new white built in cabinetry!

  31. I live their mixed green garland and their magnolia and greens wreath! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I deliciously red centerpiece is beautiful. The burlap bow goes with the burlap garland in my tree.

  33. My choice is the Mixed Garland. So simple, unstructured and versatile! Keeping my fingers crossed…!

  34. I liked the Wildlife Centerpiece, my wife decorates with red cardinals around the holidays & she would love it.

  35. The mini Washington Winter wreath would be just perfect for the door on our front porch. Love the Cascade centerpiece as well!
    Thanks for the chance ;0)

  36. I can smell them just looking at them!!!! My favorite? The Bah-Humbug for sure!!! I hope, I hope, I hope….

  37. The burgundy delight tabletop tree and/or the Holly bouquet would be perfect gifts for my elderly aunt who is spending her first Christmas in an assisted living facility. I would love the Deliciously Red centerpiece for my house! Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. I would love to be able to hang their Cedar Garland on the fireplace mantel at our new house – for our first holiday season in our first house! I bet it smells incredible… Thanks for the chance!

  39. Every year I buy greenery, and it is never as beautiful as this!! I love the cedar garland, it has such a beautiful drape to it!!

  40. Oh, If I won, I’d have to get the blended Bay Wreath AND the Vintage evergreen sled – No question!

  41. The Christmas cedar garland is beautiful and would go great on my mantle or in the plant ledge!:)

  42. So many beautiful ones to choose from…the burlap basket centerpiece would look so nice on my side table so I would go with that! Thanks!

  43. I really like the Three Cedars Wreath. So beautiful and simple. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  44. I love the Bah Humbug wreath! I love the simple style and the striped bow…It puts me in the Christmas spirit, despite the name :)

  45. Hard time choosing just one thing! I love the Red Deluxe Wreath, so I will go with that!

  46. I would love to try the Mixed Garland draped over my mantle that I just painted white.

  47. I love the blended bay wreath. Bay is another scent that always makes me feel festive. And I’m such a sucker for cedar I would have to have some cedar garland as well.

  48. My favorite would have to be the mixed garland! I would love to have the real stuff in my house. Just you said that smell always reminds me of Christmas. Thanks you for the chance!

  49. Love the Golden Magnolia…and the Cascade Centerpiece. Can’t decide which I like better. :)

  50. I love the Burgundy Deluxe wreath and the mixed garland…………….the fragrance would be lovely!

    Now I will share on on FACEBOOK in hope to win….fingers crossed!

  51. Great website and lovely stuff! If I won, I’d treat myself to the luxury of fresh garland. But I’ve also picked out a few gifts, too. I love that Autumn Harvest centerpiece for a Thanksgiving gift that can last on into Dec.

  52. Love love love the “Bah Humbug”. It will take the Scrooge out of anyone. Grinch beware!!

  53. My favorite is the traditional wreath. Simple, but beautiful.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  54. Myoh my, so hard to decide! The Bah Humbug, Three Cedars or the Blended Bay- I want them all! So pretty!!

  55. I actually love Christmas so I was surprised this wreath was my favorite considering it is named the BAH HUMBUG……I think it is the cute bow :-)

  56. I can’t decide between the three cedars wreath and the bah-humbug wreath. Both so lovely!

  57. Love the Bah-Humbug wreath, but the Vintage Evergreen Sled is a close second.

  58. I have always loved the graceful feathers of Christmas Cedar Garlands. That would look lovely on my banister! :)

  59. The burgundy deluxe wreath is so gorgeous. It would be perfect for my front room, and make the house smell delightful!

  60. I like the wreaths with magnolia leaves in them…girl from the south loves a beautiful magnolia

  61. Love the Douglas fir garland reminds me of my childhood with it hanging along the front railing and on the staircase inside.

  62. I love the Majestic Magnolia wreath, although they are all so beautiful, it’s really hard to choose!

  63. The wreaths are gorgeous and full! I’m not a huge lover of cedar ordinarily, but the Three Cedars has won me over! The Bah Humbug name made me laugh, too. It’s too beautiful to be called Bah Hum-anything!

  64. My favorite piece from Home For The Holidays site is their 20″ Home for the Holidays centerpiece.

  65. Love the Mixed Garland! Since I’m doing apple green and silver this year, fresh garland wood be perfect!

  66. The Burgundy Deluxe is lovely and would brighten up my Mom’s front door! Thanks for the contest!

  67. I have several favorites — the Home for the Holidays Centerpiece and the Keepsake Centerpiece are my top favorites.

  68. The home for the holidays center piece is amazing :) I shared this giveaway on FB :)

  69. All their products look so lush and fresh. I love them all, but especially like all the wreaths and cedar garland.

  70. I’m really loving the mixed garland. Thanks for this chance to actually get it!

  71. I love all of it ha..but my fave is this:(only because we have a TINY apartment ha..and this will still look awesome!)

    Premium Tabletop Christmas Tree

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!! Your pics are gorgeous!

  72. I looove the Wildlife Adventure Wreath. I also loved the Wildlife Centerpiece. Annnnd I loved the wreath holder on their home page.

  73. Love them all, but especially like the Red Deluxe wreath and the Hunters’ Hollow centerpiece. What a wonderful giveaway!

  74. I log the cedar garland and the blended bay wreath! I just love the smell of these items at Christmas!

  75. They are all GORGEOUS! One of my favorite things about the holidays is fresh greenery all around the house. I would choose a holly wreath and the Winter Berry … just to start. ;)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  76. Love love the MAJESTIC MAGNOLIA wreath and the cedar garland. Very hard to choose from such a great selection!

  77. love them all! but if forced to pick, i’d probably go w/ southern magnolia–I am a southern girl, after all…

  78. Good Morning!

    I have never seen such beautiful wreaths, garland or trees! They are gorgeous and I can imagine just how lovely they smell of Christmas! I love the Classic Tabletop Tree, as due to health issues I have not had a tree in a few years now and the Classic Tabletop Tree would be lovely to display and enjoy the wonderful scent of Christmas! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a special gift!

    Pat Frank

  79. I’ve been obsessed with small size trees this year. I’d get the Burgundy D’Light tree!

  80. The blended bay wreath is absolutely gorgeous! I would look so lovely in my home! I have the perfect spot for it!

  81. I love the simplicity of the 3 cedars wreath! It is so very pretty and would look great in my entry!

  82. Love the Blended Bay wreath! It’s very hard to choose when EVERYTHING on their site is so pretty!

  83. The scent of fresh evergreens is so inviting. I would like to decorate my front door with two Traditional Corner Charms swags and the Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece would look perfect in my study which has a nature tree. Thanks to Lynch Creek Farm and you for this wonderful giveaway.

  84. Love the Blended Bay wreath with the chartreuse bow! That would certainly make my home feel like it’s Christmas! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  85. I love the smell of evergreen in the house. When I was growing up my Mom would put pieces of our Christmas tree on all of the floor heat registers so when the furnace came on the smell would fill the house. I don’t have floor registers in my house but I have to have to have some kind of evergreen in my house to make it Christmas for me. I fell in love with the Wildlife Centerpiece, would look lovely on my entry table!!

  86. I’m just starting to look for this year centerpiece idea and find the Northwest Pillar would look great on our Christmas table, without being obstructive for guests to converse with each other or to see what is happening in the room.

  87. I love the Red Deluxe Wreath and Vintage Evergreen Sled. I can’t decide between those two!

  88. I love the wildlife centerpiece with chickadees. Thank you so much for sharing their website – all of the items are beautiful!

  89. I love the simplicity of the Douglas Fir Garland. It’s beautiful and I could decorate the garland any way I like.

  90. I loved all the wreaths, but being from Florida I would love the Sandals and Seashells wreath! Beautiful! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  91. Blended Bay Wreath and mixed garland would be my choices, however a few centerpieces caught my attention too.

  92. I love the Christmas Cedar Garland! I can picture it elegantly draped down my stair rails! Devine!!!

  93. I love the 3 cedars wreath – what a great product and would be nice in-advance hostess gift for those we visit overnight this year.

  94. The Majestic Magnolia wreath is beautiful! And I love the Cedar garland! What an amazing link! Thank you for sharing! I just LOVE your blog! Posted the Link to FB.

  95. I love the window wreaths. I would purchase some of them for windows and they can be placed on mantles, etc.

  96. Those little miniature trees would be perfect in my house and the garlands are fabulous. I”d order the most fragrant…I just love the smell of Christmas! thanks for the chance.

  97. Love the Three Cedars Wreath…love it! So easy on the eyes, soft, loose, and simple~

  98. I love the Christmas Cedar Garland – – – that woul look divine in my living room!

  99. i love the wreaths! the bah-humbug is adorable! i also love the washington winter one and the olympic mt berry. so beautiful!

  100. Posted my love of Lynch Creek Farm Douglas Fir garland and Winter Holiday wreath on my facebook page.

  101. I love the Christmas Cedar Garland! I was thrilled to hear that the greenery from Lynch Creek Farms stays fresh for several weeks. Last year I purchased a fresh garland at a big box store, and it dried out and fell apart in a week. Thanks for the tip and the generous give-away!

  102. The Wildlife Adventure Wreath is gorgeous! I would have a hard time choosing since everything is so beautiful! I am going to relax with my coffee this morning and look at everything on the Lynch Creek website!

  103. What beautiful greenery! I love the Country Christmas wreath! Would love to order something Lych Creek Farms!

  104. I love the cedar garland! Growing up, we always had fresh cedars for our Christmas trees. The smell is incredible and the branches are lovely.

  105. What beautiful greenery! I love the Country Christmas wreath! Would love to order something from Lynch Creek Farms!

  106. Despite the temptation to choose the chocolate truffles, I think I would indulge in the mixed garland. Love it!!

  107. Love almost everything, but especially the Majestic Magnolia wreath. I have ordered from Lynch Creek several times and have always been very pleased with their freshness and designs.

  108. So many pretties! I love the Southern Charm and Hunter’s Hollow centerpieces and the Southern Magnolia wreath.

  109. I love when you post about this each year! This year I’m loving the Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece as well as the Country Christmas wreath (maybe it was your post about plaid, haha). Thanks!

  110. So many beautiful items, I want them all, but I know the Jingle Bell Table Top Tree would be perfect for my mother who loves to have decorations out but can’t manage the big tree any longer.

  111. I would love the beautiful mixed garland and a Wildlife Adventure wreath. I bet it smells yummy!

  112. I love the jingle bell table top tree! We have a tiny place, so often have to get really little trees. Plus, we are moving, so if I don’t have to break out the ornaments that’d be even better!

  113. I had a hard time deciding a favorite but I really like the look of the Bah Humbug Wreath.

  114. So beautiful! I can practically smell it!! Garland for me. Lots of garland! That Christmas Cedar Garland would be elegant!

  115. Shared this on Facebook! Fun giveaway to get us in the spirit of the holidays! Thanks!

  116. My absolute FAVORITE evergreen is the Country Christmas Wreath. This would look fabulous on our front door.

  117. I love the mixed garland….perfect when you don’t have a live Christmas tree and you want the wonderful scent to greet your guests at the door!

  118. I loved the blended bay wreath. It is nothing like you see at the stores! Thanks for the chance to win! I would get one for us and one for grandma!

  119. Love the holly wreaths! They’re classic and modern at the same time. Can’t decide between the all green and the variegated though.

  120. I love the Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece. Wonderful giveaway from a vendor with fabulous Christmas greenery.

  121. I would ABSOLUTELY love to win the Christmas Cedar Garland for our fireplace! Gorgeous….and as you said, smells sooo good. We don’t have room for a Christmas tree, so we want to really do up our mantel! Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  122. I always have fresh greenery in my home during the holiday season too! I agree that the smell alone is refreshing! I really love all that Lynch Farms has to offer! I chose Santa’s Sleigh centerpiece and the Sweet Magnolia wreath as my favorites! Also love you site!

  123. I would love the Classic Christmas Tabletop Tree…..soooo cute for my small apartment!!! ;) thanks

  124. So hard to choose. Everything looks gorgeous. I would probably get the holly wreath since that is so unusual. Thanks for the chance.

  125. I would love the Douglas Fir garland for either my mantel or staircase. Love the smell of real garland!

  126. I love everything but would probably choose the Christmas Cedar Garland – so pretty! Thanks :-)

  127. I have always gravitated toward mixtures of textures and colors. For that reason, the Blended Garland, and Mixed Bay Wreath really grabbed my attention. So many beautiful arrangements, and I’m sure the smell would be amazing. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  128. I would order the corner greens – they’d be great around our front door! Thank for the opportunity to win!!

  129. What a beautiful collection! I have a whole list I could choose from. Some of my favorites are the Blended Bay, Three Cedars, and Holly Wreaths.

  130. Everything is so beautiful! I can almost smell it through the computer. I love the simplicity of the three cedars wreath. :)

  131. I wish I had known about Lynch Farms sooner. I would have the “Bountiful Harvest” wreath hanging on my door. Awesome resource. Thank you for sharing!

  132. I’ve always wanted to have fresh garland for Christmas! What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  133. The blended bay wreath is lovely as are many of their products. Hard to choose with so many wonderful selections! Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. I love the wreaths. I visited their site and love the The Bah-Humbug wreath. Thanks for the chance at this lovely giveaway.

  135. Any of their items would be such a gift, but I’d love the Jingle Bell tree for my kitchen island!

  136. The garlands are the stuff of dreams! I can picture the 72″ cedar or Douglas fir draped over my 2 sets of side by side french doors. It would be hung inside the living room so the entire extended family could enjoy it while opening gifts and celebrating Christmas day. Ah, yes!

  137. Because of your posts, we’ve sent Lynch Farm wreaths to family for the past few years, and they have been beautiful. I would choose the Holly Wreath as a new look for our front door this year!

  138. I fell in love with the wildlife adventure wreath! But Sandals and Seashells also won my heart :)

  139. Love the Nautical Centerpiece – would look lovely in my Florida home!! Happy holidays!

  140. I love the Christmas Cedar Garland! It is my first Christmas in my new apartment, and this garland would look perfect on my spiral staircase.

  141. I wondered where you got your beautiful garlands all the time-they make the mood just perfect for the holidays. I would love the Christmas Cedar Garland-so beautiful!

  142. I love the cedar garland!! Cedar always smells so amazing and Christmas-y and for some reason feels more “southern” in my Alabama home than fir does. Great site, thanks for introducing us!

  143. I love the Southern Charm centerpiece. It’s the perfect mix of all things Christmas – pinecones, cranberries and lovely greenery!

  144. Oh dear, how can you pick from all those lovely items! I love the Hunter Hollow centerpiece and the Country Christmas wreath; it would be hard to pick just one!

    Thanks for offering the opportunity!